When the Levee Breaks


Author: lillypuff 

LiveJournal: http://lillypuff.livejournal.com

Characters From: Saiyuki

Pairing: Sha Gojyo x Cho Hakkai

Theme: (30Kisses) Kappa List (Water) - #09, Flood

Completed: 11 of 30

Rating: NC-17

Warning(s): graphic male/male sexuality, PWP and a curse word from an unexpected source

Summary: It had been too long since they last had a chance to be alone together…

Disclaimer: Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me


Random Notes:  Apparently a bit of smut is good for the soul, I am feeling a bit better now lol  Apologies for the terrible 'punny' title, the song by the same name came on while I was writing this and well, I had to do it ;)  Enjoy!





Hakkai's muscles twitch as he tilts his head back, burying it deeper into the pillow that surrounds it.  He lets out a low purr as wet and warmth envelope him from somewhere below his line of sight.  A tongue laps at his most sensitive flesh and he squeezes his eyes shut, gritting his teeth in pleasure, almost having to hold back a growl.  His own tongue is becoming dry from rapidly increasing breaths, but never would he call a halt to this, not for all the water in the world; nor all the gold.


Slowly he begins to snake his hand under the thin blanket that covers his lower body to run it through a mess of tangled hair; hair he needn't see to know its color, to know its warmth.  Using his grip, Hakkai holds Gojyo's head still under the blanket as he begins to thrust slowly and gently into his lover's mouth, electing a pleasant moan from his companion that reverberates around his unbelievably hard erection.  It had been too long since they last had a chance to be alone together; too long since they were last able to share the privacy of their own room instead of being crammed four to one in the last room available; or worse, in that dreaded tent.


Hakkai tries to murmur something that might sound like Gojyo through his moans, but the name catches in his throat as the red head sucks forcefully on the sensitive head of the healer's cock.  Now he can feel all the weeks of sexual tension that had built up inside of him like rain building behind the flood gates, waiting patiently for its chance to break free.


Frustrated at only being able to see a Gojyo-lump under the bed linins, Hakkai takes the blanket in his free hand a quickly pulls it aside, revealing Gojyo's long hair and longer limbs -- tanned and shining with the faintest glimmer of sweat -- as he moves between Hakkai's own twitchy legs. 


Propping himself up on one elbow, hand still entwined in Gojyo's fire red hair, Hakkai watches as his erection slides deep into his lover's mouth, lips and tongue working together nonchalantly, as if they were merely sucking on a soda straw and not some needy, wanting part of his body.  Hakkai moans through a smile; Gojyo really did have a talent for this sort of thing and the healer was not one to let talent go to waste.


A few moments later, when Gojyo lets Hakkai's cock slid from his mouth, the healer almost moans in protest, at least until he sees Gojyo insert two of his long, agile fingers between those perfect red lips, his eyes closed and enjoying every second of the little display.  Hakkai moans again, able to do little more then watch and wait for what would come next.



And all the while, the water level is rising behind the flood gates…


When Gojyo pulls his fingers from his mouth, he quickly slides the now wet hand underneath Hakkai's body, his fingers sneaking up towards the healer's entrance, his thumb traveling light circles on the healer's extra sensitive sack.  Hakkai moans and purrs until Gojyo slides his two wet fingers inside him, then all Hakkai can do is shudder as he closes his eyes and tilts his head back in pleasure.


After likening his own sexual turmoil to a flooding dam, Hakkai is pretty convinced that Gojyo is much like a monsoon, adding a most welcome fury to the flood. 


Hakkai tightens his grip in Gojyo's hair, pushing his head back towards his waiting erection and with a moan and a chuckle Gojyo complies as he runs his soft, wet tongue along the underside of Hakkai's cock before once again taking it fully into his mouth.  


Still with the slightest amount of grace, Hakkai falls back against the bed, his eyes now open wide in pleasure, his muscles tense, his limbs rigid.  Everything together -- the sucking, the fingers pushing deep inside him, the thumb that caresses his swollen sack -- is about to drive him mad, at least until he feels that familiar tingling sensation deep inside him. 


It all seems like too much, until the flood gates finally break and Hakkai is moaning and tightening his grip even more.  He'd be afraid of hurting his companion if he was in any state to think about those things, and he wasn't, but Gojyo doesn't seem to be bothered by it anyway.


So lost in the pleasure of a release he'd waited far too long to find, Hakkai doesn't notice when he moans out a string of sensually slurred words that might have sounded like "Oh…fuck…Gojyo…" though he does register the sound of a choked snort coming from Gojyo's vicinity.  He makes a mental note to ask Gojyo about that later as the last of his spend trickles into Gojyo's mouth like the last bit of water to escape the broken dam.


When the last of his tremors subside, Hakkai feels his now soft member slide from Gojyo's mouth before his lover begins to rain a trail of kisses up along his body.  When they are face to face once more, Gojyo hovering over Hakkai like a protective shield, Hakkai smiles before lifting his head to meet Gojyo in a lazy, sated kiss, one that lets him taste himself as their lips linger, never wanting to part.


Eventually they do though, as they always have to, but it's ok, because Gojyo is smiling like the devil now, and Hakkai knows that smile…


It would appear their night alone had only just begun…

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