Under the Stars

Author: lillypuff

LiveJournal: http://lillypuff.livejournal.com

Characters From: Saiyuki

Pairing(s): Gojyo x Hakkai (aka Gideon x Harold)

Rating: NC-17 ish

Written For: kink_bingo

Kink: Historical Roleplay or AU

Word Count: 1,344

Warnings: AU, m/m smut (of the oral variety), light language, a bit of fluff

Summary: Wild Wild West AU, pretty much a PWP.
Disclaimer: Saiyuki does not belong to me
.  This is most likely a good thing because nothing -- with the exception of man-sex -- would ever get done if it did.

Random Notes:  This takes place in the same AU-verse as my 7thnight_smut fic Heaven's in the West.  This is just a random PWP.  I'd say it takes place before the original fic but I don't think you need to have read it to be able to follow along.



The Holy Moses Saloon never really closes, but it does have its off hours, and Harold knows they are approaching, fast.  Frankly, he can't wait to go home.  It's been a long day of bartering with traders and checking inventory at the general store. 


Around him, small groups of townsfolk are still chatting and finishing up their last, hard-earned drinks before heading back home to rest and start the daily grind all over again.  Most of the gamblers have gone home for the night, some with full pockets.  He knew Deputy Hart is going to be one of them, as he'd spent plenty of time at the tables, and had been smiling a winner's smile all the while.


When Gideon had appeared to have had enough poker for one night he'd made his way to the bar and a saloon girl, Izzy, had eventually found her way into his lap.  It was pretty normal; the deputy seemed to have his own little following of women from the group that Harold employed.


Idly, Harold listens to the conversation that Gideon is halfheartedly involved in, as he tidies up the bar.


"…and why is it that we don't see you down at the church very often, Deputy?"


Gideon snorts and Harold can tell without looking up from his cleaning that the man is rolling his eyes.


"Well Ike, guess my family just didn't raise me right and proper.  Pa was never around, Ma never really took stock in all that stuff, and my brother was too busy teachin' me how to survive.  I guess he jus' didn't have time to teach me about the Lord."


"Well, it's never too late to start," Ike replies, ever the devout man, though Harold assumes he's mostly joking around with the deputy.  "A little prayer does a person good."


"I dunno, Ike.  All that genuflectin' can't be too good for your knees." Harold can hear the grin on Gideon's lips.  "'Sides, there's only one Mary I'll get down on my knees for."


Harold practically chokes on his own breath.  Izzy chuckles shyly on Gideon's lap and Ike goes uncomfortably silent, though from embarrassment or sudden realization, Harold isn't sure.  He can only hope it's the former.




"That was less then subtle," Harold says when he walks outside the saloon and finds Gideon sitting on the front steps smoking and staring up at the night sky.  More often than not, the deputy is waiting for him when he leaves the saloon for the night.


"Ahh, come on," Gideon replies after a snort.  "Ol' Ike's not the brightest star in the sky.  He probably thinks I was talkin' about that blonde that works for you.  She follows me around enough.  Come to think of it, I think Izzy's getting a little jealous of her…


Harold shakes his head and sighs.  For someone who has no interest in the farer sex, Gideon sure seemed to enjoy seeing the ladies quarrel over his attention.


"Now those girls, they're not so dull in the head.  One of these days they're gonna figure somethin's up if I keep turnin' them down."


Harold chuckles quietly before making his way down the stairs, past Gideon.  When he hears footsteps behind him, he knows the deputy is following.  "Well, you could always tell them you're saving yourself for the right person."


"Ha!  I doubt even Ike would believe that," Gideon replies through a laugh, then quieter, "'sides, I though I already found the right person."


Harold stops in his tracks, everything eerily quite around them; even the crickets weren't playing their usual song.  Slowly, he turns around to look at Gideon.


"Do you mean that?" he asks, barely above a whisper.


Gideon grins, "Of course I do, you silly ol' fool.  I wouldn't have said it if I didn't."


Harold smiles at that, and when Gideon reaches out and grabs him around the wrist, Harold lets himself be pulled around to the back of the saloon.  When Gideon's lips meet his and his back flattens against the wall behind him, Harold can't seem to find the words to protest.  He's too caught up in how warm Gideon's lips are, and how intoxicating the taste of whiskey and nicotine is.  Harold purrs and kisses back, nibbling at Gideon's lips as he pushes the deputy's hat to the dusty ground so he can run his hands through the man's long hair.


Moaning himself, Gideon begins to kiss his way down Harold's neck and begins to fumble with his belt.  To that, Harold does find the words to protest.


"Gideon, someone will see us."


"You worry too much," Gideon replies as he quickly works Harold's pants open, "it's just you and me, and the stars in the sky."


Harold opens his mouth to protest further, but then Gideon is sinking to his knees and pulling out his already hard cock and everything but the word yes dies on his lips.


Harold moans and tangles his fingers in Gideon's hair as a calloused hand works his erection with slow strokes and the occasional application of extra pressure.  He tries his hardest to keep his eyes open, to watch and make sure no one is about to stumble upon their little scene, but it's a futile effort.  Eventually Harold succumbs to the sensations and his eyelids flutter closed.


When Gideon's other rough hand slides between his legs and palms his balls, Harold muffles his moan the best he can, biting on his lip, as if the pain would help.  In reality, it only made things worse. 


Using his grip in Gideon's hair, Harold pulls the man's head forward until the head of his cock is brushing up against the deputy's lips.  For a second, all Harold can feel is that slight contact and Gideon's breath against the ultra sensitive skin, and then Gideon is taking his cock into his warm, wet mouth and Harold's eyelids snap open for an instant before they close tightly in pure ecstasy.


Harold's fingers tangle harder in Gideon's long hair as the man slides his lips slowly down his aching shaft, his tongue tracing the underside of his cock as Gideon takes it all in.  Harold squirms and tries his hardest not to thrust into Gideon's mouth.  He's usually such a patient man, but he's found that Gideon often destroys that part of him, in more ways then one.  After a few moments of agonizingly slow sucking and licking, Gideon finally decides to pick up the pace, much to Harold's delight.


Too lost in the sensation, Harold no longer remembers to stifle his moans, and no longer cares.  His balls are tightening with every suck and squeeze and lick that Gideon lavishes upon him and every time the man flicks his tongue across sensitive skin or squeezes his tender sack, Harold wants to scream with delight.  Somehow he manages not to, even when he finds his release, his warm spend nearly being sucked out of him by Gideon's hungry lips.  The white specks of light that flash behind Harold's eyelids are brighter then any star in the sky.


For a second after it is all over, Harold leans limply against the wall behind him, but when a cool breeze passes over his softening cock, he suddenly realizes where he is, and that he's flopping in the wind, for all to see.  Shaking his head, as if to clear his haze, Harold quickly stuffs himself back into his pants as Gideon rights himself, laughing.


Before Harold can say anything, though, Gideon his pressing his lips against his again and Harold can taste himself mixed in with the omnipresent flavor of tobacco and whiskey.  Its refreshing, in a strange way.


"Shall we finish this elsewhere?" Gideon asks when he pulls away from the kiss and Harold can only nod in response.  "Your place, or mine?"


For a second, Harold considers this, then manages to work out a response.  "Yours," he says, smiling, as he runs his hands along the curve of Gideon's waist and down over his ass, "it's closer."

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