The Square Knot That Binds Us


Author: lillypuff 


Characters From: Saiyuki

Pairing(s): Sanzo/Gojyo/Hakkai
Rating: R

Written For: springkink

Prompt: Sanzo/Gojyo/Hakkai, "all tied up and nowhere to go,"

Word Count: 1,584

Warnings: threesome (m/m/m), bondage, language, adult humor

Summary: "…But while you're just sitting around, you can think of a safeword." "How about 'fuck off'?"  "Now now Sanzo," Gojyo replied in his best Hakkai voice, "if we used that we wouldn't know if you were wanting us to stop or if you were just being cordial."
Saiyuki doesn't belong to me.  This is most likely a good thing because nothing -- with the exception of man-sex -- would ever get done if it did.
A/N: Thank you to ­sho­­_sick for the Beta!  I touched this last so any remaining mistakes are my own.  And once again I've written a fic with some sort of kink in it and somehow managed to keep it from actually containing sex.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad. lol





"Gojyo, the knot is supposed to tie in front," Hakkai instructs having looked up from the small tome in his lap to Gojyo who is busy securing rope around Sanzo's wrists.


"Oh," Gojyo replies, staring at the priest's bindings. "Wait. His front or my front?"


"What the fuck is that supposed to mean dumb-ass?" Sanzo asks as he tries to struggle under Gojyo who has his lower body pinned to the bed.


"It means should you be able to see the knot, or me," Gojyo replies, frustrated. "Now stop fuckin' moving or I'm gonna tie you up, drag your holy ass down to the lobby and leave you there for all to see."


Sanzo snorts but stills his movement.


Hakkai sighs and runs a hand through his hair, "Gojyo, bend his arms so they are against his chest…"




"Can you see the knot?"




"Then that means…"


"You did it wrong you dumb fuck."


Gojyo bites back a direct response to Sanzo as he reties the knot properly and turns to look at Hakkai, "'Kai, where'd you put that ball gag?"


Hakkai laughs, "Now now Gojyo, that won't be necessary, right Sanzo?"


Gojyo can feel Sanzo tense underneath him as Hakkai's words trickle out in that silky-smooth, scary as hell I'm losing my patience voice of his.  For most people, that tone kick started their sudden need to disappear, but in Gojyo's case the words usually bypassed his instincts and went straight to his groin.  Gojyo hums to himself as Sanzo shakes his head in response to the healer's question.


"I didn't think so," Hakkai replies as he stands, book in hand, smiling like a kid in a candy shop. "Now, the book says that trust, patience and practice are keys to making this work…"


"Oi, we're screwed then…"


"Yes, well that's why I thought this little practice session would be a good idea Gojyo.  After all practice…"


"Makes good bedfellows?" Gojyo finishes through a grin.


"I was thinking more along the lines of perfect, but I guess that works too."


Sanzo snorts, obviously not buying, well, anything.


"Got a problem, cherry-chan?" Gojyo asks, annoyed.


"Only with your idiocy."


"If I recall, this was your idea, priest Sanzo," Gojyo half-whispers as he pushes Sanzo flat against the bed with one quick movement.  Sanzo makes no reply but instead stares back at Gojyo with icy violet eyes. "Figures, you always clam up when it's your turn."


Hakkai sighs. "Are you two finished yet?"


"Hey, he's the one who…"


"Oh shut up kappa," Sanzo barks, turning his attention to Hakkai, "Just get on with it already."


"Very well," Hakkai replies with a soft, creepy smile, "Gojyo, help Sanzo sit up again."


Gojyo rolls his eyes but complies.


"Now we are going to try a simple ankle wrap," Hakkai continues as he hands another length of rope to Gojyo.  "It's just like the wrist wrap, except…"


"Yeah yeah, except it's on the ankles.  You don't have to spell it out for me, you know?"


"You sure about that?" Sanzo mumbles.


With great speed Gojyo slides off the edge of the bed then grabs Sanzo's ankles and forces the blond to bend his knees, "You know what, Baldy? I've had enough of your shit."


"He's just doing it to irritate you Gojyo," Hakkai replies in his fatherly you-two-are-nothing-but-oversized-children voice.


"Yeah, well, it's working," Gojyo replies as he begins to wrap the rope around Sanzo's ankles in a fashion slightly rougher than when he'd wrapped the man's wrists.  In a matter of moments Sanzo's ankles are neatly bound; a rodeo calf-roper would have been proud.  "Now what, 'Kai?"


"Now," the healer continues as he skims the pages of the book, "Sanzo, slide your arms over your knees.  Gojyo, take a third length of rope…"




"…slide one end behind the knot on the wrists and do the same with the other end and the knot on his ankles.  Then pull the rope taught and tie the two ends together."


Hakkai watches as Gojyo ties the ends together and once he is finished both men stand back to admire Gojyo's handy work.


"You know, he looks pretty hot," Gojyo remarks casually as if Sanzo isn't sitting right in front of them, "if only he wasn't wearing any clothes."


"Yes, well I thought that might be too much of a distraction," Hakkai replies seriously.


At that Sanzo snorts, "Not a very practical position."


"For intercourse, I wouldn't think so," Hakkai replies, "but there are plenty of other things that can be done."  For a moment the room is silent while each man ponders Hakkai's statement.  Clearing his throat, Hakkai continues, "Now, Gojyo, if you'd be so kind, please kneel on the bed facing Sanzo."


"What for?"


"I'd like to try a different technique on you."


"Oh," Gojyo replies with a grin.


"Can you at least untie me first?" Sanzo asks as Gojyo settles himself on the bed.


"You might as well get used to it now, Sanzo," Hakkai replies matter-of-factly.


"Ch.  I can't smoke this way."


"Well, I guess you might as get used to that too," the healer adds smugly.  Sanzo rolls his eyes.


"Ok Gojyo put your arms behind your back.  Fold them so they are parallel with the bed."


"Alright," Gojyo replies, turning his head to try and watch over his shoulder, which of course proves difficult.  When he faces forward again he notices Sanzo seems to be far more entertained by his own 'submission' to Hakkai.


Turning his attention away from the monk's gaze, Gojyo closes his eyes and pays attention to the feel of the soft rope against his bare arms.


"I think you're enjoying this far too much, Kappa," Sanzo remarks, breaking the pleasant silence.


Gojyo mumbles incoherently at Sanzo's direction then purrs slightly when he feels Hakkai tighten a knot in his bonds.  He is starting to find that he really enjoys the way the rope pulls his shoulders back.


"How does that feel Gojyo?"


"Great, babe," Gojyo replies.


Sanzo groans.


"Ok, now I'm going to bind your ankles and connect the bindings, just like you did to Sanzo."


"Have at it," Gojyo responds with a sultry smile in Sanzo's direction before once again paying close attention to the feel of the ropes as they are spun around his ankles.  It was starting to look like Hakkai was quite a natural at this sort of thing.


After a few more tugs of the ropes, Gojyo feels positively delighted by the way his upper body is pulled back towards his ankles.


"Still feels alright?" Hakkai asks.


"Yup, feels nice."


"That's good Gojyo," Hakkai purrs as he runs a hand through the red head's long hair, "What about you, Sanzo?"


"I want a cigarette."


"When we're finished."


"Well, what the hell else do we have to do?"


"It's a good idea you get used to being tied up Sanzo."


"What about you, babe?" Gojyo asks.


"All in good time Gojyo.  I'll let you try later."


Gojyo grins.


Sanzo groans.


"If you two are done acting out a paperback romance novel, can we get on with this?"


"Well, there's not much left Sanzo.  You just need to get used to these positions.  But while you're just sitting around, you can think of a safeword."


"Heh, yeah, just in case you need us to go easy on you," Gojyo croons. "You can pick it if you want, something easy so you'll remember."


"How about 'fuck off'?" Sanzo replies through an icy glare.


"Now now Sanzo," Gojyo replies in his best Hakkai voice, "if we used that we wouldn't know if you were wanting us to stop or if you were just being cordial."


Sanzo rolls his eyes.


Hakkai sighs.


"Seriously Sanzo, it's important."


Sanzo says nothing and Gojyo shakes his head, "Fine, I'll pick…how about cherry-chan?"




"Or Baldy…"


"Bite me."


"No, that would sound like a request…wait, I know…how about 'monkey'?"


At that Sanzo tries to fight against his bonds, but instead he only ends up falling against Gojyo, pushing the redhead further back into his bindings.


Gojyo half laughs, half moans.


Hakkai rolls his eyes.


Sanzo tries to right himself but fails and Hakkai, tempted as he is to let him stay like that, gives the monk a hand, "You two are going to give me a migraine.  Why must you always make things so difficult?"


"What're you talking about 'Kai, I'm having a blast."


"Ch.  Simple minds…"




The words out of Hakkai's mouth, both men fall silent.


"I am going to go brew some tea.  My temples are pounding."


Gojyo sighs, "Sorry 'Kai, untie me and I'll give you a hand."


"No, I don't think so Gojyo."




"You two are going to stay here."


"You're gonna untie us, right?" Gojyo asks with a bat of his long lashes.  Hakkai only stares back silently.  "'Kai?"


"While I'm gone, you two can come to an agreement on a safeword."




"Hakkai, don't you dare leave me tied up in here with him."


"Perhaps you both can learn to be more civil to each other, especially when sharing the same bed."  With that, Hakkai struts out of the room.


Sanzo stares at Gojyo.


Gojyo stares back at Sanzo.


Both men turn their gazes away from each other.


"Damn it, now I need a smoke."


"Sounds like a personal problem."


"Shut up Sanzo."


"Make me," Sanzo replies grinning.


"Gods, when I get out of this the first thing I'm doing is finding that fuckin' ball gag."

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