Author: lillypuff


Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden

Pairing(s): Kenren x Tenpou
Rating: NC-17

Written For:, Challenge: Games

Warnings: solo!Kenren, m/m smut, language

Summary: Tenpou goes down below and leaves Kenren to deal with messy offices, grumpy dragons and the general's own raging libido.
Disclaimer:  Nope, not mine


Random Notes: This is based on the theory that if you are playing Solitaire, and you're stuck, someone will be along shortly to point out the move you are overlooking. XD



Kenren stares at the cards laid out on Tenpou's desk with equal parts disdain and frustration.  He'd forgotten how annoyingly difficult Solitaire could be.  Twenty games, and he still hadn't won a single hand.  The fact that he was still playing was a true testament to how bored he really was.  He hadn't realized, until a couple of days ago, just how dull things were in Tenpou's absence, and how amusing stories and a good bottle of sake seemed less exciting when you didn't have the right person to share them with.


The marshal had been away for nearly two weeks on a diplomatic venture of some sort with Kanzeon Bosatsu -- but Kenren knew the real reason Tenpou had agreed to go was so he could snoop around down below when he had some spare time -- leaving Kenren in Tenkai to battle boredom, grumpy dragons and messy offices.


It hadn't been so bad at first, at least until he realized that while his subordinates were great drinking companions, they lacked the knack for stimulating conversation that usually helped pass the more relaxed hours of the nights that he and Tenpou shared together. 


After a few days had passed, Kenren had even made an attempt to persuade Goujun into joining him for some sake, but he'd been met with only a sour, grumpy looking dragon, annoyed by all the paperwork left to his care in Tenpou's absence.


It was then that the boredom had really begun to set in, and Kenren had done the one thing that always happened as a result of it, but even he could only clean so much of Tenpou's office before it became a bit overwhelming.  Especially when the mixed scent of stale smoke, incense and dusty books was a constant reminder of his absent companion…


Kenren sighs and breathes in the scent he'd been trying to eradicate over the last few days.  He hates the way the scent lingers in every nook and cranny of Tenpou's office; the way it sneaks up on him when he least expects it, reminding him of nicotine stained fingers and unkempt hair, and soft skin under his talented hands.  Sighing, Kenren sinks into Tenpou's chair and kicks his feet up on the desk, careful not to disturb the unfinished game of Solitaire, determined to finish it when he is less influenced by the scent that lingers and the images that it conjures.


Two weeks wasn't, by any stretch of the imagination, the longest Kenren had gone without, but he was starting to find that time really was relative.  Up until Tenpou had left, the span of time between their sexual encounters could be better measured in hours instead of days, and in that case, two weeks felt like a lifetime, and a lifetime was too long to go without hearing Tenpou's voice, or seeing his sly smile and feeling his often deadly hands tracing patterns down the lines of his chest.


Idly, Kenren can't help but wonder how and when he'd become so attached.  Years ago he was free as a bird, flying here and there, nesting where he pleased.  Years ago, the thought of being secured to one spot, the thought of being caged, would have terrified him.  It should have terrified him now, but it didn't.  Now that he'd found his place, he realized he'd never felt so free before.


Kenren laughs at the thought, knowing that if Tenpou were there, he'd understand.  Backwards logic seemed to be Tenpou's specialty, after all.  If the marshal were present, he'd nod his head in understanding before sliding a cigarette between his soft, pink lips; lips that would later form the most delicate and sexy sounds Kenren's ever had the pleasure to hear.


The thought of Tenpou writhing and moaning from the touch of his fingers, his lips, his tongue, sends a shiver down Kenren's spine, and he can feel himself hardening under the confines of his uniform leathers.  If he was a different sort of man, he'd vacate Tenpou's quarters and go elsewhere, hopefully escaping the memories brought on by the lingering smells, but he's not a different man.  He's Kenren Taishou, and he's fucking horny.


Closing his eyes and leaning his head back against the chair; Kenren slowly removes his gloves and drops them to the floor before sliding one hand down his body, until it comes to rest over the bulge in his pants.  Kenren lets out a quiet, breathy moan at the contact and squeezes his erection firmly as his body begins to tingle all over.


For a brief moment, Kenren contemplates finding Tenpou's stash of lube, but he has no idea where it is.  Considering their last fuck had spanned several hours and just about every corner of Tenpou's quarters, it could be anywhere. 


Resigned to make do with what he's been given, Kenren undoes the buttons and buckles on his pants and slowly pulls out his aching cock, the cool air in the office making the sensitive skin tingle.  Kenren shivers and releases his erection, bringing his hand up to his lips so he can lick his palm and the length of his long fingers, all the while thinking of what Tenpou would do if he were there, how he'd take Kenren's cock into his mouth, the way his lips would wrap around his width…


Kenren moans, louder then before, and moves his hand back to his erection, griping it as he thumbs the tip and feels the leak of pre-cum from the slit.  It's nothing compared to the feel of Tenpou's tongue flicking against the sensitive flesh, but for the time being, it'll have to do.


Slowly, Kenren begins to slide his hand down his hard shaft, his body shuddering when he squeezes the base, all too aware of what a poor substitute his hand is when compared to Tenpou's wet mouth, or his tight ass.


Kenren can picture Tenpou on his hands and knees before him, waiting for him to slide inside of him, as Kenren begins to stroke himself with greater speed, his entire body tingling, his breath coming in increasingly shorter breaths as he works himself towards orgasm and Tenpou's name escapes his lips…


"You can put that five of hearts on the six of spades, you know."


"Holy shit!" Kenren barks as he bolts upright in the chair, his eyes wide and his hand still firmly gripping his cock, unable to bring himself to turn around and face Tenpou; all thoughts of orgasm completely erased from his tense body.  "How…long have you been standing there?"


"Long enough," Tenpou replies and Kenren can here the lust in the marshal's voice.  "I was wondering if you would miss me while I was away..."


Hearing that, Kenren slumps back down into Tenpou's chair.  "Well, you know.  I was just bored. I can only clean your office so many times, and…"


Before Kenren can finish, he feels Tenpou's hand weave its way through his short black hair and he closes his eyes when he feels Tenpou's lips on his neck, making their way up to his sensitive earlobe.  When Tenpou's free hand wraps around the hand that is currently gripping Kenren's cock, the general gasps in pleasure and pulls his hand away.


"It's okay," Tenpou whispers, his warm breath playing against Kenren's ear, "I missed you too."


Kenren purrs at the confession and leans his head closer to Tenpou, grateful that his game of Solitaire had been suddenly interrupted.


He liked things much better this way.

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