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Author: lillypuff


Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden

Pairing(s): Kenren x Tenpou
Rating: PG-13

Written For: teru_bozu_ebi

Prompt: wardrobe malfunction

Warnings: implied sexuality, language

Summary: When Goujun arrived at the marshal's door he stood and waited before knocking, trying to gauge if perhaps he should return at another time…
Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.


Random Notes:  OK, so this is more a wardrobe mix-up then malfunction, I hope it still works.  Sorry this is so late my dear; the muse has been a bit difficult lately.  Hope you enjoy this silly little fic. =)



Goujun walked down the hallway that lead to Marshal Tenpou's quarters carried by his usual long strides that had taken him many places throughout his long years.  In his hand and held close to his body, the dragon king carried a thin folder containing the reports and breakdowns from the Western Army's most recent assignment below, a folder which had sat far too long on the corner of his desk waiting for a certain signature.


The dragon never really understood why it was so difficult for Tenpou to do something as simple as scribbling his name on a piece of paper.  He also never understood why he could not seem to find a messenger when he needed one.  He really wasn't suited to playing errand boy for himself, especially when his destination was the marshal's personal rooms; lately it felt like every time he visited he was walking into a den of iniquity instead of an officer's quarters.


When Goujun arrived at the marshal's door he stood and waited before knocking, trying to gauge if perhaps he should return at another time, but when he heard no disparaging noises coming from the other side of the door he raised his fist and rapped it firmly against solid wood.


For a split second there was no response then Goujun heard the muffled voice of his next in command.


"Who is it?" Tenpou asked sounding slightly out of breath and that was all the dragon needed to hear to know he had come at a bad time.  Usually Tenpou just told his visitors to enter.


Straightening himself, Goujun stepped closer to the door, "It is I, Goujun.  I have papers that need your signature…"


"Fuck…"  Goujun knew that could only be Kenren.


"Just a minute sir."


"Of course," Goujun replied through a quiet sigh as he tried not to listen to the bits of conversation he could hear from the other side of the door…


"Tenpou, where're my…oh…"




"But, those…"


"Just put them on…"


…all the while Goujun stood there, quietly and patiently.  He contemplated telling the two officers he could return at a better time but his thoughts were disturbed by the sound of locks clicking and suddenly the door before him was swinging open revealing a slightly flushed but pleasantly smiling field marshal.


"Ah, sorry to keep you waiting Goujun-sama, please come in."


"Thank you Marshal," the dragon replied with a slight bow before stepping over the threshold and following Tenpou further into his quarters. 


When he entered Tenpou's personal study Goujun was met with the sight of Kenren sitting on the edge of the marshal's desk, legs dangling; a cigarette perched between his lips, as was often the case.


"'Sup Goujun?" Kenren greeted with flick of his hand and the dragon king would have reprimanded the general for his casual behavior, would have put the man in his place as he often had to do, but instead he just stared; the general was out of uniform -- sort of.


Kenren still wore his coat almost fully unbuttoned as always, and his gloves were on, as were his boots, though they were untied and loose on his feet.  But it wasn't untied laces or unbuttoned coats that had caught Goujun's attention; it was instead Kenren's pants, or more correctly, Tenpou's pants on Kenren's body.  He had noticed right away, loose khaki where tighter leather should have been -- though he had no idea why that sort of thing would make an impression on him.


"Commander?" Tenpou's voice pulled the dragon from his half-dazed state and Goujun quickly turned to face the man that addressed him, "Is there something wrong?"


"No.  Nothing," Goujun replied with a shake of his head, trying his best afterwards to keep eye contact with the marshal as he handed him the folder he carried, "If I could just get you to sign these I can be on my way and you two can go back to your…duties."


With a smile, Tenpou took the proffered folder, "Of course sir."


Goujun watched as Tenpou began to leaf through the pages until his gaze began to drift ever so slightly downward coming to a rest on leather pants that seemed to hug all the right places on Tenpou's legs.  To his surprise, Goujun had to suppress both a laugh and a groan at the sight of Tenpou in what he assumed was Kenren's uniform pants.  The black leather look utterly ridiculous with the lab coat, button up shirt and tie, but that didn't take away from the fact that Tenpou was well suited for uniform leathers.  Well suited indeed.


For a brief second, Goujun let his eyes flicker back towards the general who was grinning and puffing away on his cigarette as if it were the best thing on earth.


"All finished sir," came Tenpou's voice a few moments later, once again rescuing the dragon from his inner musings.  Goujun quickly turned his head to find the folder being held up rather close to his face. 


"Thank you Marshal," Goujun replied as he took back the paperwork with a clawed hand.  He should have left then but for some reason he didn't.  He wanted to say something, but he didn't know what.


"You sure nothin's wrong commander?" Kenren asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence around them.


Goujun turned to face the General, the words he wanted to speak at the tip of his tongue and retreating fast, "Nothing is wrong General, except for the fact that…" Goujun paused and glanced back at Tenpou before sighing, "…your boots are not properly tied."


Kenren snorted, "Thanks."


"You are welcome General," Goujun replied with a nod, "Thank you for your time Marshal."


"Anytime, sir."


Without another word Goujun walked quickly but calmly to the door that would lead him from the Office of Awkwardness and into the Hallway of Normalcy.


Leaving Tenpou's quarters and closing the door behind him, Goujun once again tried not to hear what transpired on the other side of the door...


"See…I told you he would notice…"


"Oh shut up, Kenren…"


"Make m….woah!"


Goujun winced as a stack of books -- and probably two bodies -- collided with the floor as he walked away from the marshal's quarters; one long stride after another.


He tried to ignore the sound of Kenren's laughter which seemed to follow him down the otherwise quiet corridors…


He was starting to think he really needed to do something about those two.

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