Odd Bedfellows

Author: lillypuff

LiveJournal: http://lillypuff.livejournal.com

Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden

Pairing(s)/Character(s): Kenren x Goujun x Tenpou, Kenren x Tenpou
Rating: PG-13

Written For: saiyuki_time

Warnings: more or less work safe, nothing graphic, just post sex chit chat, a naughty word or two

Summary: Goujun is curious about Tenpou's post-sex behavior.  Can Kenren explain?  No…but he tries anyway…
Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.

Notes:  Prompt - Post Coital, Time Taken - just a smidge over an hour.  I have no clue where this idea came from.  If it's not obvious, this is a 'first time' fic as far as the trio goes, but it should be pretty obvious that 10k had been going on before this particular get together.





Kenren twitches at the use of his rank, not wanting to wake from his half-sleep; usually he'd be allowed to drift off into peaceful slumber when things were said and done.




Kenren groans something unintelligible as his brain tries to figure out why Tenpou is addressing him in such a manner.  He can't remember the last time the man had addressed him by rank, outside of official duties at least.  And as far as he could recall, Tenpou had never used such a scratchy, growl-like voice before…


Kenren's eyes are open in a flash.  Oh yeah


With a grunt and perhaps an excessive display of effort Kenren flips onto his right side and takes in the sight of a man that sure as hell isn't Tenpou, not by a long shot, though he doesn't necessarily believe that is a bad thing.


"I have a name you know," he remarks casually as if speaking about the weather.


"Yes.  What is your point General?"


Kenren sighs.  Somewhere in the excitement of the night he'd forgotten how difficult Goujun could be.  "My point, Goujun, is that at the moment I'm not a general but just a man, sated and satisfied from a good fuck.  A man, mind you, that would really like to fall asleep."


"Not one for pillow talk?"


Kenren snorts, "No.  And I hadn't pegged you as the type either."


"I cannot say I am."


"Then why'd you wake me?"


"I am curious."






At that, Kenren rolls his eyes.  Tenpou was Tenpou but he was merely the General.  Go figure.  With a sigh, Kenren flips back to his stomach to reach over the edge of the bed for his coat, or Tenpou's, which ever is closer.  Either would have the pack of cigarettes he was looking for and he had a feeling he was going to need them.


When he obtains his vice of choice Kenren fishes a cigarette from the half crushed pack to the sound of a dragon clearing his throat.  The general arches an eyebrow at his impromptu bedmate.


"Want one?" he asks, grinning.


"Hardly," Goujun replies, glaring rather hard.  "I do hope you aren't intending to smoke that in my bed."


Shrugging Kenren peers at the nearest drapery covered window in the dragon's bedroom, "I could sit at the window but I get the feeling you'd rather not share the sight of me naked and in your bedroom with everyone and their uncle."


When Goujun frowns at the thought but makes no further protest Kenren's grin grows and he reaches for an empty sake bottle that sits on the nearby night stand, "I promise no ash in the bed."


When Goujun doesn't say no Kenren takes his silence as permission and lights up, waiting for the dragon king to elaborate on his earlier comment but instead the man merely glances over at his bathroom door which is currently closed tight against the outside world.


Kenren rolls his eyes; apparently this wasn't going to be easy.


"What's it that you're curious about?" Kenren asks for his curiosity is now piqued as well.


"Is this normal behavior?"


"Is what normal?" Kenren replies; at the moment he can think of several things that could be considered questionable as far as the normalcy scale went.


"The way he hides himself away like that."


Oh right, that.  He was so used to it that he hadn't really noticed.


Kenren takes a deep drag on his cigarette which he exhales slowly as he speaks "For him, yeah, I'd say it's pretty normal.  In general post-coital practice though, no, I don't suppose it is."


"What is he doing?"


"I dunno," Kenren replies honestly with a shrug, "I'm usually well on my way to the land of nod by now."


"And this odd behavior does not bother you?"


Kenren laughs, smoke trickling out of his mouth, "Tenpou is nothing but odd behavior…and no, it doesn't bother me; not anymore."


"I see," Goujun replies somberly.


"Look," Kenren begins as he drops his spent cigarette into the sake bottle before setting it back on the nightstand, "Tenpou is just being…Tenpou.  After sex I like to fall asleep, you seem to like to talk, contrary to what you say, and he likes to shut himself up for a few minutes while he contemplates the meaning of life, or whatever.  It'll drive you nuts if you let it get to you."


For a moment there is silence and Kenren takes the opportunity to settle himself back into the very comfortable, very large bed that he and the dragon occupy.  He lies closer to the dragon now; not close enough to be intrusive but not far enough away to make his royal bedmate feel unwanted either and it is not until his eyelids start the flutter that Kenren hears a slight chuckle from the dragon.


"He is quiet different then any of my wives have ever been," Goujun remarks.


"I can't say I'm surprised by that," Kenren replies with a laugh of his own.


"I dare say I am like anyone's wife," a third voice chimes in -- one which belongs to neither general nor dragon, "Besides, I'm not the one who plays maid all the time."


Hearing that Kenren tries to bury himself under the pile of blankets on the dragon's bed as the dragon himself laughs quietly beside him.


"Perhaps Kenren will be kind enough to clean my office one of these days," Goujun remarks and Kenren isn't sure which bit he finds stranger -- the fact that dragon just addressed him by name, or the fact that his office would ever be messy enough to warrant his cleaning 'talents'.


From below the blankets Kenren snorts as he feels Tenpou settle into the bed, "Only if you let me mess it up first."


"Now that," Tenpou replies, "could be a lot of fun."

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