Midnight Snack

Author: lillypuff

LiveJournal: http://lillypuff.livejournal.com

Characters From: Saiyuki

Pairing(s): Sanzo x Goku
Rating: PG

Written For: moshesque

Prompt: sleepwalking

Warnings: just language really

Summary: Sanzo wakes in the middle of the night to find Goku is missing…
Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.

Random Notes:  I picture this taking place towards the end of the journey.  Hope you enjoy Mosh =) 




Sanzo awoke with a start.  He was suddenly sitting up in bed and for a moment he didn't know where he was -- not because he thought maybe he was back at Chang'an -- but more so because every inn was starting to look like the last.  When your vantage point was a shitty bed in a small room, every city looked the same.  He couldn't even remember if he had asked Hakkai what the name of the town was when they'd arrived.  What he did know was that they weren't in India, and really, that was all that mattered.


Pushing thoughts of location aside, Sanzo glanced about the room for signs of anything that would have disturbed his slumber, but all looked as it should under the glow of the full moon outside; all was still and quiet around him, and yet, that was wrong.


It was wrong because the room should have been alive with the sounds of snoring and mumbling and muttering.  It was wrong because he should have felt the occasional kick of a twitchy foot or the thwack of a wayward arm from the body that should have been lying beside him.  Instead there was only the slightest indentation of where a body had been lying on the flimsy bed mattress.


"Fucking monkey," Sanzo muttered with a roll of his eyes as he leaned back against the headboard, arms crossing his chest, and almost as if on cue, the door to the room began to creep open.


In a flash, Sanzo had his trusted gun in hand.  He's seen too many years of ambushes and hunting parties not to instinctively go for his weapon when the door to his room begins to open in the dead of the night.  He's seen too many close calls to let himself become lax now, especially since they were getting so close.  And even when it was Goku who appeared at the threshold between room and hallway, Sanzo still did not lower his gun -- though he sighed inwardly with mild relief. 


Sanzo watched intently as the young man began to take slow, awkward steps towards the bed, closing the door behind him.  The blond snorted when he noticed that Goku seemed to be in the process of devouring a popsicle of some sort.


Arm extend, gun in hand as if he's prepared to shoot, Sanzo fixed Goku with an annoyed look, "It's oh god thirty in the morning Goku, what the fuck are you doing?"


Goku however, made no response, instead he merely stood at the foot of their shared bed, licking, sucking and occasionally biting at the quickly diminishing desert and all Sanzo could do was watch Goku stare back at him with half lidded eyes and an expression that made the young man look like he was off in another world, thousands of miles away.


It wasn't until Goku finished the cold treat, leaving only a wooden stick remaining, that Sanzo began to lower his outstretched arm while he watched, fascinated, annoyed and curious as Goku tossed the stick in the trash can and then walked to their bathroom and began to wash his hands and face.


Sanzo was dumfounded; still not willing to stow his gun back in its hiding place.  For all he knew, Goku was under some sort of spell and he wasn't yet willing to leave himself open to attack.


When Goku finally exited the bathroom he still had that far away look on his face as he stumbled towards the bed.  Sanzo tried to think of something to say, but words failed him as Goku silently hopped up on the bed and made his way back to his usual spot.


Sanzo blinked hard as Goku curled himself up in his customary sleeping position without a word and seemed to easily fall back into sleep, if he'd ever been awake in the first place. 


Still not sure what all had transpired, Sanzo stared at the gun in his hand for a moment, then stowed it away in it's secret hiding place, so similar to all the other hiding places it had had in all those other inns.


Settling himself back under the blankets, Sanzo inched closer to the now snoring, twitchy body beside him, letting one of his arms drape over Goku's waist as if that alone would keep him from making another trip out that night.  The monk took a deep breath, taking in all of Goku's scent, along with the faintest smell of orange left over from the young man's midnight snack.


Shaking his head, Sanzo closed his eyes and smiled as two mumbled words fell out of his mouth before he found his way back into sleep…


"Fucking Monkey…"

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