Lights Out

Author: lillypuff


Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden

Pairing(s): Kenren x Tenpou
Rating: PG-13

Written For: lyradaemon

Prompt: Tenpou has insomnia

Warnings: not much - the obligatory cursing and of course some implied yaoi situations

Summary: When their slow progress finally brought them to Tenpou's bed, Kenren gave the marshal a soft look, then grinned, "Strip please"…
Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.


Random Notes: Ah, not being able to sleep…something I know a lot about.  The muse really really liked this prompt.  Enjoy =)


Sleep well tonight,
I'll wake you at the first sign of light,
If you make sure you sleep well tonight.


- Fightstar, "Sleep Well Tonight"



Kenren thumbed through the well worn book that rested on his knee.  He wasn't sure exactly what he was looking for, or if he'd know it when he saw it, but he had to do something; Tenpou would be no good to anyone if this kept up any longer.


When his eyelids began to flutter Kenren shook his head vigorously and thumped it gently against the bookcase behind him.  He was starting to think that maybe he should have Tenpou read the medical book he was skimming through; it sure as hell was putting him to sleep.


Kenren sighed, frustrated.  He could really use a drink…


"Hey," he called out as he looked over to where Tenpou sat crumpled in his favorite chair, "Did you try a night cap?"


Tenpou stared back at Kenren for a moment before nodding his head slightly, pointing in the direction of his desk with an arm that seemed very heavy.  When Kenren noticed the now half empty bottle of whiskey on the marshal's desk he whistled, then smiled, "Mind if I have one then?"


Tenpou shook his head slowly, "Go ahead."


Still smiling, Kenren rose from the floor as he tossed his reading material aside and headed for the messy desk of his field marshal.


"What about a warm glass of milk?" he asked as he glanced around for a glass of his own.


"After whiskey?" Tenpou asked, eyebrows raised; his voice sounding slightly amused even though it also sounded far away and alien.


"Oh right," Kenren replied having given up on his search for a glass, "Bad idea.  Curdling…yuck."  He grimaced, then took a swig from the bottle as if it would wash away the thought.  He pondered other options as he relished the burn that crept down his throat; he was starting to feel out of his league.  He'd never had any problems sleeping before and all he could think of were stupid home remedies that probably didn't work anyway.


"Did you try countin' soldiers?" Kenren asked as he set aside the bottle and walked over to where Tenpou sat.


"Soldiers?" Tenpou replied through a half laugh, half groan.


"I have a hard time picturin' you countin' sheep."


"Hnn.  I tried counting lotus petals and they fell into a pond."


Kenren raised an eyebrow at the remark as he squatted down before Tenpou, resting his chin on the man's knee, "Aw, now that's fuckin' poetic."


"Mmm.  I thought so."


For a moment Kenren just stared up at Tenpou's slumped form, his eyelids barely open slits on his face, the lower lids slightly baggy and bruised looking.  It bothered Kenren to see his marshal look so tired and weary.


"Tenpou, what do you normally do when you can't sleep?"


"Nothing," Tenpou replied, his voice slightly slurred, almost as if he were drunk.  Kenren thought he might be a bit tipsy judging from the amount of liquid left in the bottle, but he couldn't imagine the marshal being drunk enough to slur.




"I just go on until I can't anymore."


That right there explained a lot, especially from days passed when they hadn't been so close and he'd walked into Tenpou's quarters to find the man asleep and almost falling out of his chair.


"Well," Kenren began as he rose to his feet and extended a hand, "you can't do that anymore, the army needs you.  You gotta get some rest."


For a moment, Tenpou only stared back at the general, looking over his glasses with eyes that said so much but still managed to give away so little, then he was reaching out and taking Kenren's hand in a grip that was incredibly fierce despite his exhausted state.


Supporting some of Tenpou's weight, Kenren began to lead the man to his quarters, careful to warn him of assorted obstacles along the way.  The last thing he needed was Tenpou being injured by his own fucked up version of organization.


When their slow progress finally brought them to Tenpou's bed, Kenren gave the marshal a soft look, then grinned, "Strip please."


Tenpou groaned, "I don't think this is a very good…"


Kenren snorted, "With the condition you're in I don't think I'd have to tell ya to strip if I wanted to fuck you.  Now, down to your boxers please."


Eyebrows raised, Tenpou did as he was asked as Kenren undid the one fastened button on his uniform coat; he shrugged it off his shoulders and let it fall to the ground in a heap.


When Tenpou had removed all of his clothing except the boxers, Kenren couldn't help but take in an eyeful before addressing his companion again, "Turn around."  Hearing that, Tenpou fixed him with one of those looks that said the fuck? and Kenren had to hold back a laugh, "Just turn around, Tenpou."


Tenpou complied once more, taking a few lazy steps to turn his back to Kenren.  Slowly, for he was tired himself, Kenren removed his gloves and tossed them behind him then placed his hands on the marshal's shoulders.


Carefully he began to knead the twitchy, tense muscles that lay below Tenpou's skin as the marshal himself made little mewling noises mixed with the occasional mumble.  Kenren smiled and breathed in deep the smell of the man who stood before him as he began to wonder how in the hell this he'd ever survived as long as he did with out anyone keeping a constant eye on him.


He hated to think ill of the dead, and that included those who were half dead on their feet from exhaustion, but Kenren couldn't help but wonder how Tenpou had made it as far as he did without someone hovering behind him reminding him to ash, or to empty the damned ashtray, or to eat or sleep; basically anything that wasn't strictly military.


Kenren slid his hands further down Tenpou's back, kneading and rubbing where he felt taught muscles, petting and soothing along the way and when Tenpou leaned back against him he stopped his massage and wrapped supporting arms around the marshal's midsection.


"Kenren?" Tenpou mumbled, barely above a whisper.


"Yeah?" he replied as he pressed his face into the spot where Tenpou's neck and shoulder met, that perfect place he loved to kiss and caress.


"I'm tired," Tenpou added, as if it wasn't completely obvious and Kenren began to think that that just might be it; that Tenpou really was tired, and not just because sleep had been fleeting as of late.  Maybe the job really was getting to him, being a field marshal wasn't easy, even if Tenpou often made it look like it was.  He'd know too, rarely were they out of each other's sight these days.


"I know you are," Kenren replied with a gentle kiss to Tenpou's shoulder, "think you might be able to fall asleep?"


Tenpou's only response was a nod.


"Ok, lie down and get comfortable then."


Without another word Tenpou almost flopped gracelessly onto the bed before them and Kenren had to keep him from taking a nose dive into the mattress.  Kenren watched for a moment as Tenpou slowly shifted and turned under the covers, then he began to remove his boots before peeling off his tight uniform pants.


Carefully and quietly Kenren slid into the bed once he thought Tenpou has settled into whatever position he would feel comfortable in for the night.  At first he lay a few inches from his lover and friend, afraid that the slightest thing -- his breathing, his body heat, hell his heartbeat -- might disturb Tenpou and ruin whatever progress they had made as far as sleeping was concerned; but after a minute or two he gave into his own desire to hold Tenpou close to him.


Taking in his marshal scent once more, Kenren allowed his body to line up perfectly with Tenpou as he slid one hand under their pillows and another over Tenpou's waist.  Closing his eyes, Kenren began to trace gentle circles over Tenpou's firm abdominal muscles and as he drifted off into sleep he smiled and buried his face between Tenpou's shoulder blades.


After that, both soldiers slept like the dead.

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