Home Sweet Home

Author: lillypuff

LiveJournal: http://lillypuff.livejournal.com

Characters From: Saiyuki

Pairing(s): Gojyo x Hakkai
Rating: PG

Written For: scifislasher

Prompt: snarky domesticity

Warnings: none really

Summary: Post-Journey, Gojyo doesn't know the difference between Beige and Tan and Hakkai is most certainly not the wife.
Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did.  Just having some fun. 

Random Notes:  Well, this ended up being 500+ words, once I had the idea, I just went with it.  Hope you enjoy scifislasher, happy birthday!




Gojyo sat on the floor of the living room, staring at the newest coat of paint that glistened on the walls around him.  He would have sat on a chair, but they'd tossed what little furniture he'd had; all victims to years of disuse, just like the house.


"What do you think?" Asked a familiar voice from behind the red head.


"It's nice, but I think we should've gone with the tan." Gojyo replied with a grin, trying to keep his voice from wavering, and he had succeeded, at least until he felt the sting of a damp towel on the back of his head.  He turned around to stare up at his attacker as he rubbed his head, a small grin still etched on his face.  "Ow!  What's that for, 'Kai?"


The healer stared down at Gojyo with a patented Cho Hakkai Scowl, fists at his hips, towel dangling from one of his hands, "The furniture we picked out goes better with the beige."


"Ch.  What's the difference?  They're practically the same color." 


Hakkai rolled his eyes as he squatted down before the red head, "Hardly.  Beige is a much lighter color.  Tan is darker, warmer and more importantly, doesn't match the furniture."


Gojyo couldn't help but laugh at Hakkai's passion for the subject, "Fine, fine.  No need to blow your top, I was just teasin' anyway.  I like it," the red head paused for a moment to place a kiss on the healer's forehead.  "I'd like it even if it didn't match."


Hakkai smiled, "Good, because the furniture is arriving tomorrow."


A few moment of silence passed between them, and in that time, Gojyo found he was more excited about the furniture's arrival then he had any right to be.  He chalked it up to being tired of sleeping on the floor; they'd done enough of that over the past few years to last a hundred lifetimes… 


"Would you like to get some dinner?" Hakkai asked, breaking Gojyo's train of thought, for which the red head was grateful.


"Meh, I'm tired of eatin' out."


"What's this?" Hakkai replied, amused.  "Sha Gojyo tired of dining out at Sanzo's expense?"


"Hey now, it's not that.  I love burnin' a hole in the monk's card, I couldn't be happier that we still get to use it.  I just…"


"Just what?"


"I dunno.  I just wanted a nice quiet meal at home, I guess."


Hakkai smiled as he stood and walked to the kitchen, "That is a nice idea, but I don't think we have anything suitable for a full meal.  We need to go shopping."


"I'm sure you could whip somethin' up, 'Kai."


"You think so?" Hakkai asked, eyebrows raised; his usual tone slightly off kilter.


"Well, yeah, I mean, isn't that what you do?" Gojyo asked, a broad grin returning to his face.


"What I do?  What do you mean by that?"


"Well, you bein' the wife an' all…" Gojyo began, only to cut himself off when he noticed Hakkai's expression had gone oddly blank.


A few moments of uncomfortable silence passed before Hakkai spoke again, this time in a slow and flat tone, "Gojyo, I am going to give you a five second head start, you better use it."


Upon hearing that, Gojyo ran.

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