For Real

Author: lillypuff


Characters From: Saiyuki

Pairing(s): youkai!Hakkai x Gojyo
Rating: NC-17

Written For: micaela_a

Prompt: Instead of a prompt, Mica requested something with youkai!Hakkai

Warnings: explicit sexuality, vine!bondage, breath play, generally rough smexing

Summary: You only live once, right?
Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did.  Just having some fun. 

Random Notes:  This refused to be anything but a PWP.



Sheets rustle as half sleeping bodies move under bedding and moonlight.  Gojyo runs a hand over a familiar scar, resting it there for a moment, as if thinking, before tracing his fingers up Hakkai's body from chest to shoulders, up his slender neck to an ear decorated with metal.  His fingers flick over the silver cuffs, cold to the touch.


For a moment, Gojyo hesitates.  He's thinking, trying to decide.  He wonders if Hakkai will hate him for this, but he really wants to see, and desire wins out.

You only live once, right?


With graceful speed, Gojyo's lithe fingers pluck a metal cuff from his lover's ear before Hakkai has a chance to stop him.


The healer gasps, wide eyes shining in the moonlight that breaks the darkness of their room.  Gojyo looks down at Hakkai and stares into his eyes, one green, always green, and the other lighter now, with hints of yellow.


"Gojyo!?"  Hakkai's voice is shaky, familiar and yet not.  It's not often Gojyo hears panic in the healer's words.


"Shhh," Gojyo soothes, trying not to sound too desperate to know the other side of his lover, "I want to see you."


"You see me…"


"No, I want to see you, not what you hide behind."


His fingers trace the two remaining cuffs, but he doesn't remove another.


"But I…you…"


"Shhh.  I trust you," Gojyo's voice is full of confidence that hides how nervous he has suddenly become. 


Maybe this was a mistake?


The silence in the room is defining, then suddenly there are lips upon his and Gojyo takes that for a sign to continue, and he does, before Hakkai has a chance to change his mind


His fingers grip metal once more, pulling gently.  Once dull nails become sharp against his tanned back, pointed teeth begin to scrap against his tongue.  Two down, one to go as Gojyo takes a deep breath through his nose, the sound echoed by a low growl from beside him. 


When Gojyo removes the final limiter, Hakkai breaks the kiss and pulls back and all three pieces of metal fall from Gojyo's hand and he watches as the vines appear on the healer's face; as they wind their way down his frame, disappearing below the sheets. 


Gojyo doesn't make a move, not then and for a moment silence reins once again, until what sounds like a sigh of relief is issued from the body next to him.  Gojyo watches, mesmerized, as a toothy grin spreads across Hakkai's face.


"Hello Gojyo," Hakkai says through a low growl and Gojyo thinks he could die right there, though from fear or pure lust, he doesn't know.  He's hard as hell, and just as scared.


"H-hi," Gojyo manages to stammer out in response, still unsure if he should make the first move, though he supposes in reality he already did.


"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" Hakkai asks in that feral voice and Gojyo nods in silent agreement, "The come and claim it."


For a moment, Gojyo hesitates, and then he is closing the gap between them, taking the healer's lips in a hard, needy kiss.  His hands are roaming everywhere as the sheets begin to crumple around them, forced away by their movements.  Gojyo almost expects to feel the vines the wrap around Hakkai's body, but they are like old tattoos and birthmarks -- a part of him.


Gojyo pushes Hakkai onto his back, still kissing hard, tongue tangling with the other, sharp teeth threatening to draw blood, and then he feels something, a tingling sensation at the base of his wrists.  Something is... 


Gojyo breaks the kiss to look down at his hands and wrists and when he sees the vines that are beginning to work their way up his arms Gojyo swallows hard and stares once more into Hakkai's eyes, one still green (always green) and the other yellow and wild and hungry. 


He pulls his head back a bit and the action elects a grumble from the body below him.  Hakkai is grinning madly, and not madly as in filled with glee or joy or excitement; madly as in insane, deranged, and eccentric.


As the vines continue their slow crawl up his arms, Gojyo begins to wonder what exactly he's gotten himself into.  He tries to smile as they stare each other down.  When Hakkai's deep, scratchy voice breaks the silence Gojyo has to fight back a twitch. 


"You can't always be in control."


Gojyo says nothing, he doesn't have to.


"And neither can I."


Gojyo stares, unmoving as the vines halt their progression.


"Shall we lose control together, then?"


Gojyo groans loud, nodding his head, and suddenly he is on his back and Hakkai is hovering over him, grinning and growling and biting.  The vines are moving faster now, covering him in a spiral pattern, same as they cover their master.  When one slides its way around his cock, the end flicking at his leaking slit, Gojyo can't help but shudder.  He tries to reach out for Hakkai but finds he can't; for all their delicate look, the vines are incredibly strong and they pin him down.


Unable to move much, Gojyo simply allows himself to go with the flow, his breath heavy, his heartbeat sporadic, his cock hard and pulsing.  He moans and writhes and squirms, his senses are on fire with every bite, every scratch, every tingle and flick of the vines and all the while his eyes are watching intently, staring at the body that hovers above him, driving his senses mad. 


When Hakkai pulls him into a sitting position the vines being to loosen their grip on Gojyo's arms and for a moment he thinks he may have a chance to touch his lover once more, but Hakkai is fast and Gojyo suddenly finds his arms being bound behind him by those delicate vines and just as quickly as he was forced onto his back, he is turned over onto his stomach, his head being pushed into the pillows, his ass in the air.


"I can't see you anymore," Gojyo practically whines to his companion.


"You've seen enough," Hakkai replies through a growl.  It is an inhuman sound, but Gojyo realizes it is the closets he's ever come to knowing the real Hakkai; the one that isn't made up of plastic smiles and polite laughter.


The vines begin to crawl around him once more, tightening around his shoulders, throat and cock.


"'Kai...hard to breath…" Gojyo manages to sputter.


"Don't you trust me?"


Holding back a curse at hearing his own words thrown back at him, Gojyo nods his head.


"Good," Hakkai replies, his voice now like a purr.  The vines loosen around him, but not by much and Gojyo takes the deepest breaths he can.


When a cold and wet finger slips its way inside him, Gojyo twitches, not having expected Hakkai to have used lube.  Somehow he imagined things being a little rougher, though he certainly isn't going to complain.


As Hakkai begins to stretch him with multiple clawed fingers, Gojyo feels the vines around his cock constricting and he wants desperately to be able to thrust into the tightness.


When Hakkai finally positions and pushes his own cock inside of Gojyo's waiting entrance, the red head think he might keel over.  His lungs and shoulders ache, his head is swimming from not getting enough air and he knows he should scream for it to end, but he doesn't and he can't because he just wants more.


Hakkai is pounding deep inside him, stretching over his back as if laying claim to his body, running one set of claws over his tanned, sweaty flesh and the other through his hair, the vines following obediently as they always do as if they were extra fingers to play in his long red strands, just like Hakkai's fingers often did.


Gojyo whimpers into the pillow when Hakkai releases his hold on his hair and every thrust there after makes him moan and whimper more; he is desperate for release and it would take so little to bring him to that point.  Frustrated, he curses into the pillow, "Fuck.  'Kai.  Let me come," and he is not all that surprised when he hears a deep, scratchy laugh from behind him.


Hakkai makes no other reply; instead he merely thrusts harder and faster as his clawed hand begins to trace its way down Gojyo's chest and mid section.  Gojyo can feel it only inches away from where it needs to be…


"Please…" is all he can manage to cry out and when he feels a sharp claw begin to trace it's way down the underside of his shaft, Gojyo begins to twitch hard, then finally, finally, he feels Hakkai's hand clamp around his cock and he can't help but thrust into it as Hakkai thrusts into him…


"Fuck!" is all he can scream when his release finally comes accompanied by a rush of blood to his head.  He can feel Hakkai leaning down against him again, panting in his ear before he bites down on his strained shoulder, growling as he too finds release.


A minute passes before Hakkai is rolling off him and Gojyo begins to stretch his legs out behind him as he sinks to the bed and the vines being to release their hold on his arms, which fall gracelessly to his side once they are free.  He can still feel Hakkai's warm breath behind him as clawed hands begin to rub his shoulders, a bit of compassion he never expected to get from this side of his lover.


Gojyo very much wants to say something; he wants to make sure Hakkai is ok, but he is tired and spent and he can feel himself falling into sleep.  As he does, he feels movement behind him as claws leave his skin.  He hears the sound of metal clinking as if it were far off in another world, another time.  When hands return to his body, the fingernails are no longer sharp, but instead dull and as Gojyo fights to stay awake he feels a breath at his ear once more.


"Gojyo," the voice is familiar and sweet, if not a little worried, "Are you ok?"


Gojyo smiles and nods, "A little sore," he begins through a light chuckle, "but nothing a good backrub couldn't take care of."


The laugh Gojyo hears behind him is strangely familiar, only this one is missing a hint of a growl, and Gojyo realizes that that was a real Hakkai laugh.


"I'll get started on that right away," Hakkai replies as hands begin to kneed at Gojyo's tender muscles once more. 


Smiling, Gojyo drifts off to sleep.

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