Author: lillypuff 

LiveJournal: http://lillypuff.livejournal.com

Characters From: Saiyuki

Pairing(s): Gojyo/Sanzo
Rating: R (mostly for language)

Written For: springkink

Prompt: Gojyo/Sanzo: boredom - "I want sugar in my tea"

Word Count: 1,198

Warnings: mild m/m sexuality, language

Summary: The Sanzo Ikkou is held up by a blizzard and Gojyo is too bored for his own good.
Saiyuki doesn't belong to me.  This is most likely a good thing because nothing -- with the exception of man-sex -- would ever get done if it did.
A/N:  A big thank you to helliongoddess for the awesome beta =)  I touched this last so any remaining mistakes are my own.




Gojyo watches as the playing card he tosses into the air floats lazily to its intended target, just barely missing as it bounces off the rim of the inverted hat and tumbles to the ground.  Gojyo snorts quietly and flicks another card.  Unlike its predecessor, this one follows a smooth path through the air and lands neatly in the hat, nothin' but net.


Satisfied that ten of the last fifteen cards have made it in, the redhead sets the remaining cards on the nightstand and glances out the nearby window for what seems like the millionth time in the last few days.  Outside, the blizzard still rages on.


Gojyo sighs.  He isn't sure how much more he can take; three days cooped up in a rundown inn with only a deck of cards and smokes is not his idea of fun.  He is starting to wish that flying rat Hakkai calls his friend could manifest itself some snow tires, a hard top and a lift kit, so at the very least they could get out of the damned inn.  They'd probably need some sort of giant shovel too.  Yeah, that'd be helpful.


Whatever they were going to do, Gojyo knows they need to do it soon.  For once Goku really was on the verge of eating them out of house and home, the innkeepers being unable to get fresh supplies because of the storm.  They'd already finished off the coffee, for which he could take a large chunk of the blame, and now he was stuck drinking tea to keep warm, which really wasn't his cup of tea; at least a few sips of coffee would get rid of his caffeine withdrawal-induced headache.  There wasn't enough tea in all of China -- or India for that matter -- to get rid of that fucker when it got bad enough…


Gojyo shivers involuntarily as the snowflakes pelt the window outside.  He turns his gaze from the window and tries to think warm thoughts as his eyes fall upon the room's other occupant.  He watches as Sanzo begins to pour himself another cup of tea, an act which makes the monk look far more refined than Gojyo knows he is.  Sanzo's omni-present newspaper dangles limply from one hand and the redhead can't help but wonder where the hell he gets them sometimes.  He can't even get a fucking cup of coffee, but the monk has his damned newspaper…


A loud clanking noise rouses Gojyo from his wandering thoughts and he refocuses on Sanzo, who is now wearing that all-too-familiar annoyed expression on his face.  Gojyo tries not to laugh, for   that expression combined with Sanzo's reading glasses makes him look like one of the old curmudgeons from the temple Sanzo has left far behind.


"Kappa!" Sanzo suddenly yells, and Gojyo has to resist the urge to laugh even more. "We're out of sugar.  Make yourself useful for a change and get some."


The moment the words are out of Sanzo's mouth, Gojyo loses all urges he had to laugh at the monk.  He eyes Sanzo, who is once again nose-deep in his newspaper and acting as if he hasn't just demanded that he, Sha Gojyo, should fetch him some sugar.  He thinks that maybe if he stares hard enough he can burn a couple holes right through the monk's precious newsprint, but after thirty seconds all he manages to do is give himself a headache. 


With a grunt, Gojyo rises from his bed intent on leaving the room, though not to play errand boy for one Genjyo Sanzo.  Maybe he could go annoy the monkey or…


"We're you going?" Sanzo barks when he is a couple of feet from the door.


"Out," Gojyo replies with equal rancor.


"Don't forget the sugar," Sanzo chimes from behind his newspaper, calm and collected once more.


Gojyo's antennae twitch hard.  Without a second thought, he turns on his heel and strides purposefully towards the chair where Sanzo sits, his long legs taking him there in just a couple of strides.  In one fell swoop he is tearing the newspaper from Sanzo's hands and tossing it aside before resting his hands, and most of his weight, on the arms of the priest's chair.


Gojyo leans in close to the monk, their noses centimeters apart, "You want sugar?"


"Yes," Sanzo replies, as serious as ever.


"Fine," Gojyo snarls before tilting his head just so, bringing their lips together in a fashion that was almost gentle, though it didn't last long.


For a second Sanzo noticeably stiffens, lips closed tight, and then, just like that, there is a flurry of tongues and even the faintest of moans. Gojyo growls and raises a hand to run through the monk's short blond hair, grabbing a fistful to use as leverage.  He bites at Sanzo's lower lip and tries not to grin like the devil himself when Sanzo make another of those little moans.  Gojyo is starting to think that maybe he's found a cure for his boredom when he hears a familiar 'click' echo through the room, followed by the press of cold metal against his temple.  In an instant Gojyo removes his lips from Sanzo's, though he keeps his hand in the blond's hair.  Gojyo's fierce red eyes stare back at cool violet.


Really, it's not the gun that Gojyo's worried about.  Guns don't kill people, isn't that what they say?  Yeah, they don't kill people, but Sanzo sure as shit does. 


"Wrong kind of sugar?" Gojyo half whispers with a grin on his face.  Sanzo says nothing in response but Gojyo can feel the barrel of the gun rest against his temple with slightly more pressure.  With a reluctant sigh Gojyo removes his hand from Sanzo's hair, "Guess you're not as bored as me."


Slowly Gojyo begins to return to his full height, the gun leaving his forehead as Sanzo rests his arm on the chair.  Gojyo doesn't take his eyes off Sanzo until he's sauntered back a few steps.  The monk continues to eye him suspiciously.


"Sugar for your tea, then?" Gojyo asks with a playful lilt to his voice.


"Yes," Sanzo replies, following the Gojyo's movements with his deliciously-violet eyes.


Gojyo says nothing further as he walks to the door, still unsure if he's actually going to get the monk his desired sugar or not.  Either way he decides to add a little swing to his hips as he walks.  Might as well give the monk a show.


"Hurry the fuck back," Sanzo barks when Gojyo has the door half opened.


Gojyo snorts, "Fuck you, cherry-chan.  Sha Gojyo hurries for no one." He doesn't look back as he exits the room, shutting the door loudly behind him.


For a second Gojyo just stands in the hallway, then a pleasant grin begins to play over the features of his face and he makes his way toward the room that Hakkai and Goku are sharing.


When Hakkai answers the door, Gojyo slouches and tries to appear as bored as he felt a few minutes ago. "Hey 'Kai," he begins when Hakkai gives him a questioning look, "you got any sugar?  My tea's bland as hell without it."

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