Don't Shoot the Messenger


Author: lillypuff 


Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden

Pairing: Kenren Taishou x Tenpou Gensui

Theme: 30Kisses - #09, dash

Completed: 11 of 30

Rating: PG-13

Warning(s): Not much really, some language, some light sexuality, some fluff towards the end

Summary: All it took was one poorly worded sentence and Kenren was running out of his quarters as if something intent on killing him was in hot pursuit…

Disclaimer: Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me. 




Random Notes:  This was one of those incredibly random last minute ideas that I get sometimes, so yeah, no promises on how good it will be lol




All it took was one poorly worded sentence and Kenren was running out of his quarters as if something intent on killing him was in hot pursuit, leaving a startled messenger staring blankly after him in the doorway of his rooms, but he didn't care, not one bit.  All he cared about was getting to his destination as fast as he could.


He ran past guards and soldiers and errand boys, each trying their best to get out of his way when they saw him barreling down the hallways of the dormitory, some succeeding, and some failing.  Those that failed to move in time were knocked aside and as Kenren flew down a flight of stairs two steps at a time he made note of who he should apologize to later. 


When he burst into the courtyard of the western army complex Kenren's heart was pounding furiously in his ears, mostly overshadowing the sound of his coat tails as they began to flap in the Tenkai breeze.  He silently cursed himself as he dodged kami too slow to get out of his way and trees and shrubbery that couldn't; his lungs were starting to ache and he was beginning to wonder if maybe he should cut back on the smoking, then he cursed himself again for even thinking about cigarettes because frankly he could use one to calm his nerves.


Almost all the way across the courtyard and closer then before to his destination, Kenren nearly tripped over a child who had stopped to look at whatever it was that had caught his attention, perhaps a coin or a bug or a leaf and Kenren could only wonder, as he practically hurtled the kid, what in the name of hell he was doing in army country anyways and it wasn't until he reached the infirmary doors just a few yards away that he realized he'd almost collided with Goku as a startled "Ken-nii-chan" was carried away by the midday breeze.


Inside the building that housed the infirmary Kenren slowed his breakneck pace, but only the slightest bit.  Even here everyone seemed to know that he was not about to stop for anything or anyone.  Aides, nurses and healers gracefully moved out of his way - all except for one who stood fast and waited with a stern look on his face, one that made Kenren suddenly seem very strange and out of place.  Not feeling up to barreling into yet another mostly innocent bystander, Kenren put on the breaks and slid to a halt in front of the healer.


"Where is he?" Kenren asked, out of breath and already out of patients, if he'd had any to begin with.


"He who?" replied the healer, adding in a 'General' at the last moment as if he had just noticed the uniform and its various insignia.


Kenren glared at the man, "Marshal Tenpou."  He held back the idiot that wanted to escape from his mouth.


"Oh, he's around the corner," the healer replied casually and Kenren had to keep himself from shouting at the man, if for no other reason then to relieve his own frustrations.  He didn't think Tenpou was deserving of such a casual tone when he could very well be dieing only a few feet away.


Collecting himself the best he could, Kenren began to stride gracefully down the hallway the healer had pointed to, rounding the corner and coming face to face with a white sheet that had been pulled around one of the infirmary beds for privacy.


Kenren's heart was still pounding in his ears as he stood before the makeshift wall, preparing himself for the worst, hoping for the best.  Slowly he reached out and grabbed the curtain, pulling it back every so carefully and as quietly as he possibly could.


Kenren blinked hard and shook his head.  If he had been smoking a cigarette at the moment Tenpou came into view it would likely have fallen from his lips.


"You…you're…" was all he could manage after taking in the sight of a fairly alive looking Tenpou sitting with his legs dangling over the side of the bed as he poked and prodded at his freshly bandaged wound and otherwise bare upper body.


When Tenpou looked up two pairs of violets eyes met each other and Tenpou smiled crookedly.  Immediately Kenren could see his own concern reflected back by Tenpou's gaze.


"I'm alright…"


"You're alright…"


"Yes, I'm alright…"


Hesitantly Kenren began to walk towards the bed, letting the curtain fall closed behind him, his hand stretching out to caress the marshal's bandaged midsection as he carefully slid between Tenpou's dangling legs.  Kenren's long fingers traced gentle patterns first against the bandages, then against the man's exposed skin before they made their way to rest on his hip.  After that, Kenren simply stared at Tenpou for a moment until all of his senses were satisfied that this was no illusion, that Tenpou really was ok. 


Suddenly very tired, Kenren let his head fall forward, his forehead coming to rest on Tenpou's shoulder.


"You're ok…"




Kenren nodded, more for himself then anything else, as he began to place gentle kisses on Tenpou's bare shoulder and neck, pulling him closer while trying not to aggravate the man's fresh wound.




"Yeah?" he replied, barely above a whisper.


"Are you alright?  You got here faster then I expected."


For a second Kenren tensed, but when he felt Tenpou's fingers tracing patterns against the leather of his coat he let his muscles relax again, they were sore enough from his mad dash across the compound.


"Yeah.  I'm alright," Kenren replied, his voice muffled against Tenpou's body, "I was just under the impression that you were either dead or dying."


Tenpou groaned, "Oh.  Sorry.  There was an awful lot of blood.  I guess I should have waited until they had me cleaned up to send a messenger.  He must have seen the mess and assumed the worst."


"Guess so," Kenren replied as he nuzzled the crook of Tenpou's neck, "You know you scared the shit outta me."


"I know," Tenpou replied softly, "I'm sorry."


"You better be," Kenren began as he reluctantly put a bit of space between himself and his marshal, "But on the bright side, I think I set a record for the cross-compound sprint."


Tenpou chuckled and Kenren sighed when he heard that pleasant sound come from the man's lips.  Only a few minutes earlier he had been afraid he'd never hear it again.


"Come on, lets get you back home," Kenren suggested a few seconds later, "the sooner you get some rest the sooner you can start making up for today's excitement."


At that Tenpou snorted and Kenren couldn't help but grin.

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