All Work and No Play


Author: lillypuff 


Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden

Pairing(s): Konzen/Kenren/Tenpou
Rating: PG-13

Written For: springkink

Prompt: Konzen/Kenren/Tenpou: threesome - you made room for me but it's too soon to see

Word Count: 1,193

Warnings: very light m/m sexuality, a curse or two, implications of impending doom

Summary: "We know a nice little place," Kenren continues for the marshal, his voice soft and breathy against Konzen's cheek, "with a wonderful view of Tenkai and all it splendor."
Saiyuki Gaiden doesn't belong to me.  This is most likely a good thing because nothing -- with the exception of man-sex -- would ever get done if it did.
A/N: Thank you cornerofmadness for the wonderful beta!  I added a bit of detail to this at the last minute, so any remaining mistakes are definitely my own as I didn't have enough time to send this back for a final check.



Konzen Douji stares suspiciously at the two soldiers casually leaning against the edge of his desk.  The air is thick with something akin to desire and Konzen is almost positive that Kenren is oozing pheromones, or hormones, or something else equally related to the general's sex drive.  Tenpou, on the other hand, sits perched on the edge of the desk, his eyes unmoving, like a tiger stalking its prey.


Konzen looks away from his visitors for a moment, feeling uneasy under two particularly intense stares.  He tilts his head slightly, as if listening for something, or in this case, nothing.  The office is quiet; too quiet in fact…


"Where is Goku?" Konzen asks as he turns his head from side to side looking for his ward.  Kenren snorts and shakes his head.


"Do you ever think of anyone besides the monkey?" Kenren asks, the words barely out of his mouth before he receives a solid elbow to his side from Tenpou.  Konzen continues to stare suspiciously.  The sight of Tenpou being playful is not something he is used to.


"Relax Konzen," the marshal practically coos, which turns out to be creepier then Konzen ever imagined it could, "Goku is being entertained."


"Entertained?" Konzen repeats, unsure if a soldier's idea of entertainment is something Goku should be exposed to.  "By who?"


"I believe it's whom…" Kenren interjects, receiving a stern scowl from his marshal. 


"He is with some of our men," Tenpou replies in Konzen's direction.


The look on Konzen's face goes from suspicious to angry in record time, though his voice remains fairly calm, "You left him with a bunch of soldiers?"


"Well, they lost the bet…" Kenren adds as Tenpou looks up at the office ceiling and sighs.


"What bet?" Konzen asks, his anger starting to bubble up in his voice; slowly at first, then with more intensity.


"They didn't think the monkey could eat twenty meat buns in under five minutes," Kenren replies through a grin.  "They were sadly mistaken."


Konzen scowls and turns his attention to Tenpou, "And you let him carry on like this?"


"I didn't see any harm in it," Tenpou replies, staring over his glasses in a fashion that makes Konzen want to simultaneously punch the man and run away.  "Goku got lunch and now I don't have to buy my squad dinner down below.  Again."


At that, Kenren laughs and Konzen doesn't miss the slightest hint of a smile that graces Tenpou's otherwise blank expression, as if both were sharing some moment or memory he hadn't been privy to.  It was one of many, he was sure; but he'd likely never get a hint as to what it was.  If he's learned anything in the ages he has know the marshal, it is that Tenpou Gensui was not a book that could be easily read, and that infuriates him all the more.


"Just relax," Tenpou says once more and for Konzen, it's the final straw.


Before he knows it, Konzen is gliding towards his long time friend with all the fury of the heavens following in his footsteps.  Tenpou was likely the deadliest kami in the office, perhaps in all of Tenkai, but that wasn't going to stop Konzen from getting right in his face to tell the man -- friend or not -- to fuck straight off.  Or at the very least, it wouldn't have, if not for the fact that Kenren was also in the room; a detail Konzen didn't take in to consideration until the general was already standing -- like some strange version of a leather clad bodyguard -- in front of Tenpou.


Konzen glares at Kenren for a moment before moving his gaze over the man's shoulder to stare at Tenpou, who is indeed smiling; probably because he so pleased with how well trained his pet is.


"My my Konzen, you are in a tizzy today, aren't you?" Kenren asks, his voice quiet, calm and oddly soothing.


Konzen angrily crosses his arms even though the fire inside him is starting to die, and fast. "No, I'm not.  I just…I've had a long day."


"Aunty running you ragged?" Kenren asks as he inches closer.


Konzen clears his suddenly dry throat, "What do you care?"  The words are weak and without substance, his tongue too tied to respond properly.  One painfully long moment of silence passes before Kenren speaks again.   


"Look, we didn't come here to argue with you," Kenren begins with a quick glance back over his shoulder, "there's a reason the guys are pulling monkey sitting duty."


"And why is that?" The mention of Goku rekindles the fire in him a little, but Konzen manages to keep it down.


"We thought you could use a little rest and relaxation," Tenpou replies from behind Kenren as the general leans even closer; a little too close for Konzen's comfort.  He tries to step back but Kenren matches his movement.


"We know a nice little place," Kenren continues, his voice soft and breathy against Konzen's cheek, "with a wonderful view of Tenkai and all it splendor."


"I have work…" Konzen tries to continue, his voice nearly matching Kenren's in softness.  Somewhere in the back of his mind he makes note of the hand that has come to rest gently on his hip with amazing delicacy, as if Kenren is afraid he'll break. 


"You think we don't?" Kenren asks, leaning closer still to whisper in Konzen's ear.  "We do.  But we still take time out to live. To see, to touch, to taste.  Who knows when it all might up and disappear."


At that, Konzen snorts, "Tenkai is forever."


Kenren chuckles against Konzen's skin, his lips grazing sensitive flesh, "But are we?"


Shocked, Konzen pulls his head back to stare at Kenren, vaguely noting that behind the general Tenpou's face has once again gone mostly blank, except this time there is the slightest trace of sadness, or maybe longing.


Shaking his head, Konzen takes two steps back and this time Kenren doesn't move to stop him.


"I have work," he mumbles, confused and still a little angry.  He is finding it hard to understand what exactly is going on.  "I need to find Goku."


With that, he turns and walks slowly from his own office, shutting the door softly behind him once he stands in the hallway.  When he's a few feet away from his office, he stops and leans up against the wall, closes his eyes and tries to calm himself.  Konzen's heart is pounding and his throat is still painfully dry.  He can feel Kenren's lips upon his neck as if they'd burned through his skin and it still feels like he is under Tenpou's predatory gaze.  Konzen takes deep, calming breaths and after a few moments pass he pushes himself away from the wall to continue on his current task, determined to find Goku before he has a chance to get into any more trouble.


Glancing back towards his office before it is completely out of sight, Konzen hopes that when he returns the marshal and his general will be long gone.  He's not quite sure what will happen if they aren't.

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