Title: Makeup Sex
Author: lawless

LJ: http://lawless523.livejournal.com/
Non-Challenge, but inspired by 100_roadtrips challenges #170, hangover, and #171, make up
Word Count: 383 words
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for language and sexual content. Not worksafe.
Pairings: Gojyo/random woman, Hakkai/Gojyo
Notes: My first 585 fic, although I'm working on one with 585 in it. I don't know where the idea came from, other than from combining ideas I had about Gojyo stumbling home from the bar drunk, inspired by the 'hangover' prompt for last week's 100_roadtrips challenge, the combination of women's makeup and makeup sex that this week's 100_roadtrips prompt 'make up' inspired, crossed with the threesome depicted in rroselavy story "Saving Icarus". I'm posting it here because it burst the seams of a double drabble.
Unbeta'd; all mistakes are mine.
Hakkai's reaction to Gojyo's sleeping around is a little off the beaten track.

Makeup Sex

She wore bronze-colored rouge on her cheeks that matched her hair. He was mesmerized by glistening lips that parted so her tongue could lick them. They were almost as intoxicating as the drinks he'd inhaled.

She led him behind a curtain of beads that clicked and clanked. After she wet her whistle on his prick, they stretched out on the divan and he fucked her, slowly, until they both came.

* * *

Gojyo stumbled home, dizzy from alcohol and lust, key rattling in the door. He hoped Hakkai wouldn't still be up at this hour.

A fool's wish, apparently. He found Hakkai sitting on the sofa pretending to read a book. Pretending to be unconcerned. Pretending not to be jealous.

He saw the look in those green eyes as Hakkai gave him the once over. Damn. She had left traces of her makeup everywhere, on his shirt, on his chest.

"Take your clothes off and put them in the hampers," Hakkai said softly. "I can see they could use a good scrub."

Gojyo hurried to obey. He knew how frightening Hakkai could be when thwarted. Once naked, he shivered. He could feel the breeze from the gaps in the windows and uneasily anticipated what his lover might do in response to his infidelity.

"Lie down," Hakkai said quiet authority, pointing to his knees. At least he wasn't holding a hair brush in his hand.

Gojyo arranged his lithe form over Hakkai's knees and waited for the blows. Hakkai swatted his ass with an open hand, leaving behind angry red marks that stung and throbbed. It wasn't the only place Gojyo throbbed.

When he was finished, Hakkai took Gojyo's engorged cock into his mouth, first noting the ring of crimson lipstick encircling it. Now that he was going to obliterate it, he was more turned on by it than jealous. Maybe next time he'd follow Gojyo to the bar and watch him fuck some nameless woman senseless before dragging him home for punishment and makeup sex.

Soon Hakkai was buried deep within Gojyo's body, thrusting, giving and receiving pleasure, until the spasms came and went. Lying with his arms around his lover, Hakkai allowed himself a wicked smile. His life would be colorless and dull if Gojyo confined himself to his embrace alone.

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