Title: A Massage Can Do Wonders
Author: Lanaura
Pairing: HazelxGoku
Rating: PG
Summary: Goku tries to help Hazel relax.

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"Ow!" yelped Goku. "Hey, Hazel! Can't you be a little bit gentler?"


"My apologies, Mister Goku," Hazel said carelessly.


'How on Earth did I get stuck doing this?' Hazel mentally grumbled to himself even though he already knew the answer.


While traveling with Mister Sanzo and his "friends" they had gotten ambushed by a group of youkai. One of them hand injured Sanzo and to Hazel's anger Goku had been injured while protecting him. That was Gat's job not some filthy youkai. No matter how strong, kind, and cute he was.


Tightening his grip Hazel felt his eyes widen before a rosy tint covered his cheeks.


"Hazel! That hurts! How about I just go check if Hakkai is done with Sanzo?"


"No, I'll do it. I was thinkin' about something else and forgot what I was doin'."


"I'm really sure Hakkai is done by now. If not I'll wait until Gojyo comes back with Gat from getting more supplies. I don't want you to feel indebted to me for sav-helping you."


"I think Mister Sanzo and Mister Spectacles want some "private time." Besides if ya wait for your other friend your wounds might get infected. I'll pay more attention now. I promise."


"Ok," he heard Goku say meekly.


Sticking to his promise Hazel now carefully applied the ointment on Goku's injuries before gently wrapping them in bandages. He didn't know if it was a trick of the light but he could have sworn the youkai was suppressing a smile.


"Do you find something amusin'?




"Hmph. Well, I'm done you can go back to your room now."


Turning around he went to his bag to pull out some of his things. This was the first time in three days they where at a town and he was determined to take a nice warm bath. After that a good meal wouldn't hurt.




"Hm? Your still here? What do ya need?"


"Thanks," Goku mumbled.


"Your welcome," Hazel replied.


"Hazel?" he heard Goku say again.


"Yes?" 'What did that youkai want?'


"You look tense."


"I'm just tired that's all."


Hazel saw a thoughtful look cross the youkai's face before he got up from the stool he was sitting with a smile on his face. Before he could process what was happening Goku already had him sitting on the stool, holding him down by the shoulders.


"What's the meaning of this, Mister Goku?!"


"Just relax. This is suppose to help you be less tense!"


"I doubt holding me down to a chair is goin' to help."


"That's not it. If you'll just relax I'll show you."


"It's hard to relax when a youkai is right behind ya," Hazel snapped.


He felt the younger man stiffen before saying, "You can trust me you know. I'm not going to hurt you."


Ignoring the hurt look in Goku's eyes Hazel just gave small grunt before crossing his legs.


"Fine," he grumbled.




What happened next wasn't exactly what Hazel thought would happen. While he didn't think Goku would attack him he didn't expect him to give him a back massage. He felt Goku's fingers moving firmly, in slow circular motions, near his spine before moving toward his shoulder blades. Feeling the knots in his muscles loosen up he uncrossed his legs before leaning toward Goku a bit more.


"I see you like it," Goku teased.


"Just don't tell anyone. Whatever happens here you mustn't tell anyone else."


"Why not?"


"...Just don't."


"What about you?"


"I won't either."


"Well, in that case..."


Feeling his face turn a bright red as he felt Goku kiss him he quickly pushed the devious little imp away.


"Did ya just kiss me?!"


"If you get louder someone might hear," Goku pouted, trying to hide the hurt in his eyes.


"Why you little...I'll get ya back for that," Hazel said, grabbing Goku by the shoulder.


"Hazel! No! I didn't mean for you to...hmpff."


'He feels pretty good for a youkai,' thought Hazel. Wrapping his arm around Goku's waist to deepen the kiss they were sharing. 'Besides he started it first.'


"I see ya liked it," Hazel mocked.


"That felt nice," Goku muttered.


"Would ya like another?" Hazel grinned, pulling Goku on top of his lap.


Having Goku wrap his arms around his neck before pulling him into another kiss was the best answer he could've received. The bath could wait. Hazel had better things to do. 

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