- Title--"Berry Jam"
- Author--kisarazumama
- Pairing(s)--Gojyo/Hakkai
- Rating--NC-17
- Word count--1563
- Summary or description--An innocent berry-picking expedition by the river becomes something much more.
- Disclaimer--I do not own the Saiyuki cast of characters, and no insult to them and their awesome creator Kazuya Minekura, or infringement on her copyright, is implied. 
- Email--angelynx_prime [@] yahoo [.] com
- Website--http://www.spookhouse.net/angelynx/otheranime/Saiyuki/saiyuki-mainpage.html
- Warnings--Lovingly detailed manpr0n. Lots of smooching. No violence and no kink, unless you count creative use of blueberries.



 "I think," said Hakkai, "that what we saw along the river as we drove in were blueberry bushes. Would either of you like to come with me and see? It would be nice to have some fruit to bring with us."


"Blueberries! Oo! Gonna make a pie?"  Goku  gladly grabbed one of the buckets Hakkai had borrowed from the inn's kitchen.


Hakkai chuckled. "I doubt the kitchen staff would be willing to let me use their kitchen all day just to indulge you in blueberry pie, Goku."


"They would if you made them a pie too! or some muffins--"


"Fresh berries are much better for you," said Hakkai firmly, "and easier to carry. --Gojyo?" He offered the other bucket. "I'm sure Sanzo would appreciate having all of us out of his way for awhile."


"River, d'you say?" --Yeah, Gojyo'd  take an afternoon picking fruit and splashing in the water over one cooped up with his bad-tempered highness any day. "Sure thing."




Hakkai was right.  The river was lined with berry bushes as far up and down the bank as they could see, and what's more their timing was perfect; the bushes were loaded with fruit, bent low over the water with the berries' weight. Goku whooped happily and ran ahead.


"Oh, that's good..  He can eat all he likes and there's still enough for us to get a few buckets' worth."


"There's enough for everyone in town to get a few buckets' worth. Man, look at this."  There had been berry thickets near home when he was a kid, he recalled fondly, but nowhere near as lush as these.  They ranged themselves along the bank and set to work. 


The picking itself was easy enough, but the sun was hot, and Gojyo's back soon began to ache with the repetitive bending and stooping.  Stopping to rest, he had an idea and parted the bushes to look down into the water. Hmm. "River" was flattering it some; it was a stream really,  knee-depth and a half,  the current slow and lazy.  He took an appreciative sniff, the cool earthy smell of water and moss beckoning pleasantly.  Amused at himself--can't help being what we are--he set down his bucket, pulled off his boots,   and scrambled over the side with no further ado, landing with a satisfying splash.


Ahh, that was much more like it.  He took off his bandana, used it as a bandolier to sling the bucket at his side, and resumed picking, enjoying the green shade and the soothing flow of water all around him.  Yeah, this is the life….


A green-eyed face peered through the bushes.  "Gojyo? what are you doing down there?"


"Easier to reach up than bend over.  And it's nicer in the water."  He grinned at Hakkai's quizzical look. "Wanna come down and see?'


"Hmm. I might, at that."  Hakkai's footgear joined Gojyo's boots,  and he let himself down over the side more cautiously than the hanyou had, drawing a deep, pleased breath. "Ah, this is nice."


"Isn't it?"


They picked for awhile in companionable silence, the buckets filling steadily.  "Perhaps Goku's right about the muffins," Hakkai said thoughtfully, "the inn could serve them with breakfast."


"He just likes to eat your cooking."


Hakkai sighed contentedly. "I wouldn't mind a chance to cook."


 There was a dreamy relaxed look on his face that Gojyo couldn’t help stopping to look at.  "Isn't it nice to do something like this? Not always running and fighting but just…picking berries.  Talking. What normal people do on a summer's day."  There were old memories in his eyes, but happy ones for a change, and he looked…younger.  Young and peaceful. It was damn pretty, to tell the truth.


"Is that what normal people do? Can't say I ever knew any."


Hakkai chuckled, but a trace of wistfulness had slipped in.  "I can't say I never miss it."  He set his bucket up among the bushes and leaned into the riverbank, its wall blanketed with moss and trailing ivy vines; for an instant Gojyo thought of his youkai markings, and how much Hakkai had to miss…


…he looked beautiful, elemental, down here in the dappled green light and the water, and suddenly Gojyo wanted to touch him more than anything.


He'd moved almost before he decided to,  cradling Hakkai's jaw in his palm, looking into those eyes. 


"Can I do anything?"


He meant, Can I help? or maybe what do you miss the most? But Hakkai looked at him, a longing, strange gaze,  pulled into that shadowy space between the worlds--the one who had once been human and the one who would always be half--


"Yes. Anything."


Gojyo kissed him, and Hakkai pulled him in fiercely close, tight, into the riverbank and the shade under the leaves.  He picked a berry and tucked it into Hakkai's mouth over his tongue, and Hakkai gave a little breathless laugh.


"I should know better than to get close to you in water--"


"Brings out the worst in us," purred Gojyo,  and just at that damn second Goku pushed the bushes aside.


"Hakkai, this bucket's full.  Should we start back?"


Hakkai took a deep breath and spoke so calmly that Gojyo wanted to applaud.  "Goku, take these buckets back to the inn and ask them for a basket to put all the berries into, would you?  Then you can bring them back here and we'll get more.  Say they can have a bucket's worth in trade if they ask."


"All three? But they're heavy!  One of you come with me, huh?"


"If I go with you, Gojyo will take a smoke break and no work will get done.  Go on, now. You're strong, and it's not far."


If the monkey suspected they weren't going to be picking berries while he was gone, he kept it to himself.  "--Well--okay."  He hung his bucket and Hakkai's on the nyoi-bo over his shoulders, took the bucket Gojyo handed up to him, and trotted off.


Gojyo laughed.  "Nice work."


That strange wild look flowed back into the green eyes. "Kiss me again."


He tasted so good,  and felt so good, warm fingers meshed at the back of Gojyo's neck,  body pressed up into his,  his mouth warm and blueberry-sweet.  Gojyo slid his tongue against Hakkai's, sucked the soft lower lip into his mouth, grazed it with his teeth, felt him catch his breath and press closer.  He was breathing fast, flush of heat rising in his skin.   How long had he wanted to do this? Had Gojyo finally waited long enough?


"--'Kai--" He moved closer, pressed him into the bank, and Hakkai willingly opened his thighs, let Gojyo lean into him, take his weight, lifting his knees to grip the hanyou's lean hips. 


"Yes." Breathless, long lashes so delicate on his cheekbones.  "Yes..." 


Gojyo's heart pounded as Hakkai arched into him, the heat there, unmistakable pressure of his rising cock, pulsing as it strained against him. Damn--


--supporting Hakkai,  he shifted them a few feet down the riverbank, a lower spot--perfect--lifted him up and laid him back on the bank, the long legs hooked over his shoulders,  leaned in at once starving for the taste of him.  Ahh--gods--with his help Gojyo raked down his pants, buried his face between Hakkai's thighs,  hot, sweet, salty mouthful of velvet-skinned steel--


oh gods he was so good, so good-- Gojyo teased and sucked, playing with the sleek shaft,  wondering--he couldn’t help wondering--what did she do, what did he miss the most, and yes dammit he was jealous, he wanted to be the best Hakkai had ever had--


"Oh--ohhh--"   'Kai shuddered, pushing into his throat.


"Tell me,"  he managed somehow, "what  you want--"


"--kiss me."


Oh--right--he kissed and licked all the way up the thick taut vein from the hilt to the slick head, Hakkai trembling from head to foot around him, and when he reached the cleft and slid his tongue there Hakkai threw his head back and came down his throat, clawing at his shoulders, filling his mouth with sweet-and-sour-heat. He took every drop, greedy and loving-possessive, laid his head against Hakkai's stomach as he subsided.  Whew.  He wasn't even sure when he'd come himself, and that was a first.


Hakkai sat up, leaned over him, folded arms around his head and hugged him. "You are wonderful."


"Did I make you happy?" He really needed to know.


"Dear Gojyo--" and the hug was so tight he gasped--"no one else in the world could make me so happy."


"--good."  He wanted to purr.  "Can you see Goku?"


"Oh, heavens, yes--" and they'd scrambled back into their clothes and a semblance of order by the time the monkey trotted up.




They did pick more, in a sort of happy daze, and walked them all back to the inn.  Where Hakkai baked four dozen blueberry muffins and the inn got raves about its breakfast menu for days after the ikkou had gone.


And in the back seat, Gojyo and Goku sit with a bucket of berries between them,  contentedly snacking;  but Goku keeps sneaking curious looks at the one beside him,  who eats blueberries one at a time,  slow and savoring, as if they tasted even better than they do.

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