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Title:  Unholy Hunger

Author:  Karuune

Pairing:  Gojyo/Sanzo

Rating:  NC-17 (NSFW, for the love of all things holy...)

Summary:  Is it real...or just a fantasy?  Gojyo gets ahold of Sanzo's gun.

Warnings:  M/M (that's your first warning), gunkink, implied solo, holy bondage, oral, anal...oh yeah, and a little bit of language.

Disclaimer:  Minekura-sensei owns these boys. I just borrow them for my own sick pleasures.






Sanzo coughed, nearly choking on his sukiyaki.  "What the hell would make you idiots think that karaoke is a good idea?"


"C'mon Sanzo, it'll be fun!", exclaimed Goku.  Then his eyes widened.  "I hear they serve food there!"


The pseudo-monk rolled his eyes before getting up and walking upstairs.  'The hell I'm going to do something as stupid as karaoke.  Let the bakasaru and company go make a fool of themselves.'  Grabbing a paper on the way up, Sanzo made his way to the small room he was sharing with Gojyo.  'Fucking Hakkai, making me room with the erogappa.  He stood the smoke before, what the hell makes tonight such a special night?'


Hakkai shrugged at the rest of the ikkou and smiled.  "Well, shall we?"  The remainder of the group followed him into the lounge, where there was a woman singing (Hakkai used that term loosely) a Steve Miller song up at the front of the room.  Goku grabbed Hakkai's hand and dragged him to the book of songs.  While they looked, trying to decide what Goku would sing, Gojyo hailed the bartender and ordered up a couple of beers for himself and Hakkai, and a soda for the monkey.


About 10 drinks (and 5 songs) later, Gojyo was waxing poetic (if you could call it poetic) about how "fucking Sanzo never joins us, and why does Mr. High n' Mighty Prissy Monkface always act like he's above us.  Hakkai, where are my keys?  I'm driving home!"


"Now Gojyo, you didn't drive, remember?  Your room key is in your front pocket; please go upstairs and sleep it off.  And for Tenkai's sake, don't wake Sanzo!  You know how he can get."


As Gojyo stumbled upstairs to his shared room, he began to consider that all Sanzo might need is a good, long, hard shag to loosen up.  By the time he got up to the room, he was so fixated on melting the ice queen that he didn't pay much attention to how loud he was being, nor did he let his brain process the thoughts going through it before he leapt.


Grabbing Sanzo's gun off of the nightstand, he ran the muzzle of the revolver down the monk's cheek and over his lips.  "What the...", Sanzo choked out before he heard the hammer click.  "I wouldn't say a damned thing if I were you, Princess."  The redhead turned on the bedside lamp and smirked down at Sanzo.  "It looks as if I have the upper hand right now.  Strip for me.  Do it slowly, like you actually want to turn me on."


Raising an eyebrow, Sanzo nearly laughed in the kappa's face, opting instead to spit in it.  Gojyo wiped his face and, glaring down at the monk, shoved the gun up to Sanzo's throat with one hand, while with the other he grabbed his collar and met Sanzo's nearing lips with his.  Not quite kissing the monk, Gojyo murmured into Sanzo's lips, "You just made a big mistake, Princess.  Hands over your head, now."


Keeping the now-mortified priest's hands over his head with the mere suggestion of a gunshot, the redhead leaned over the side of the bed and reached underneath, fetching the Maten Sutra.  The kappa carefully wound the scrolls around Sanzo's wrists, ever cautious not to rend the parchment nor the skin.  He then motioned for the blond to hold on to the bedframe.


Gojyo, still keeping the Smith & Wesson trained on the clergyman, raised the silk, black, sleeveless tunic off of Sanzo's waist, baring his stomach.  He lowered his head to the alabaster skin and started to kiss his stomach, lightly nipping with his teeth.  Gojyo moved his lips upwards on Sanzo's body, moving the silk further up, exposing more of the prone man's supple chest.  The redhead sighed against said chest and fixated his lips on one protruding nipple.  Despite himself, Sanzo moaned, writhing slightly.  At the hint his prey's arousal, Gojyo grinned as wide as a Cheshire Cat. 


"So...seems someone's enjoying this more than he previously let on?"  Gojyo ran his free hand down the sexy blonde's hip as Sanzo unwittingly pressed upwards into the redhead's touch.  Sanzo's jeans magically came undone and somehow wound up around his ankles, where Gojyo kicked them away.  "You priestly slut, you're leaking like a nursing mama!  Mmm, and I'm quite hungry."  Gojyo lowered his mouth to Sanzo's rock-hard sex, and encased it in warmth, swirling his tongue around the salty-sweet tip, sending electric currents throughout the marbled body.


As Gojyo continued to suckle and feast, Sanzo barely heard a bottle top being opened.  All of a sudden, he felt something cold and hard pressing against his entrance, but he was already too far gone to stop it.  Instead, he moved against the near-intrusion, causing it to stretch him slightly.  Upon hearing the hammer being uncocked and the safety being latched, the priest realized what it was and he jumped a bit.  He felt a bit of a hum on his dick as Gojyo mouthed something that sounded like, "no no no".  In a fit of ecstasy at the sensation, Sanzo thrashed his head back and let out a loud groan, letting the redhead know that he was damned close.


"Ungh, gods, Gojyo...AGH!"  Gojyo smirked and moaned around Sanzo's cock, shoving the revolver in and out of His Holiness' ass, hitting Sanzo's prostate over and over again until the monk cried out uncontrollably and came hard in Gojyo's mouth.  The redhead licked up every last drop of the salty treat, then moved up the priest's flushed body and touched his lips to Sanzo's, giving him the taste of his own nectar.  Sanzo kissed him back, tasting himself, and then promptly passed out.


When Sanzo came to, he was sitting on the bathroom floor.  His gun was halfway up his ass, and there was a bottle of lube sitting next to him, top opened, on its side, slighty spilled.  Blushing red, he hoped no one had heard him in his further descent into depravity.  Removing the revolver, he wet down a washcloth and cleaned all evidence off of it and the floor, then he cleaned himself and doffed his jeans, leaving the top button open.  He closed up the clear bottle and shoved it in his pocket, then quietly turned off the light, unlocked the door, and walked out of the bathroom.  The moon was shining its light into the window, the glow falling on the nearest bed, where Gojyo lay sprawled out in a drunken stupor.


As he lit a Marlboro and inhaled its contents, he gazed at the lovely kappa, knowing his fantasy would likely never be realized, but still hoping, just the same. 

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