Title: Thankful for Long Roads
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Hakkai and Goku
Word Count: 1,636
Warnings: PWP, Yaoi, and a mild kink.
Author: I.M. Cupnjava
Website: http://www.geocities.com/im_cupnjava

Hakkai sighed and relaxed in the couch. They'd arrived in town during what Hakkai called the "sweet spot of time". There was still a bit of daylight, but not enough to warrant heading for the next town. He was never too keen on camping outside, although he'd grown to tolerate it. Hitting towns during the "sweet spot of time" was happenstance. Hakkai would never intentionally adjust their traveling schedule and in turn delay their oh-so-important mission. Designed happenstance, but who was counting?

He tossed one arm over his eyes and felt his body sink into the couch. Cushion supported his body here and there. Some parts gave and some parts held firm – the right resistance in the right places for his road weary body. His toes twitched as they enjoyed the freedom from loafers. The crook of his elbow blocked the waning sunlight and a refreshing breeze washed across him.

As his body relaxed his mind relaxed and began to wander. He was almost twenty-three years old, male, had of healthy body and more or less a healthy mind. During moments like this with a crisp twinge of fall in the breeze, his mind wandered to carnal desires.

With no defined impetus, heat began to pool between his legs and he envisioned his hand around his cock. How bad was one's sex life when one's fantasies involved masturbation? Fantasizing/Reminiscing about Kanan was too morbid and painful. Fantasizing about what could never be with a certain redhead carried too much disappointment. Sometimes for kicks, he put Sanzo in the scene. The priest was wound up so tight that envisioning a simple moan from that pale face was highly erotic. When Hakkai was feeling particularly naughty, he'd cast Goku in the role of lover. His former student had been involved with numerous scenarios and all most all of them involved a uniform, a ruler and late homework.

Kanan was off limits; she was too real. Gojyo was close enough to provide hope, but far enough away to cause heartache. Sanzo and Goku were perfectly safe. Relationship dynamics were such that it could never happen nor carry the hope for anything to happen. It was rooted completely in fantastical fiction. A sordid play written, cast, and directed by an emerald-eyed demon.

Since it was simple fantasy, no one would be hurt. No explanations were needed. It was his naughty secret and no one was the wiser. The road was long. The desert was flat and hot. Something had to help pass the time and Goku with a loose tie around his neck, his hands flat on a blackboard, his pants around his ankles, and the slap of wood against the fullness of his ass – was wicked enough to pass the time nicely. As miles rolled under the wheels of the jeep, innocent golden eyes would silently plead for leniency. Tears of confusion from the pleasurable pain would beg the question, "Why do you want to hurt me so?"

Perhaps the need between Hakkai's legs wasn't without a defined impetus. The road was mercifully long and peaceful today. Today, in his mind's eye, Hakkai was able get as far as pulling on Goku's tie and whispering sweetly stern words about the dangers of tardy arithmetic. His fingers were able to caress the feverish reddened flesh of Goku's ass and his palm cup the younger brunet's scrotum. Harmonic whimpers and melodic sniffles serenaded him.

Hakkai felt his cock throb against his khaki pants. Nothing prevented him from getting up from the couch, claiming one of the bedrooms attached to the settee area and satisfying his need by taking things in hand. But, where was the fun in that? These moods were rare and Hakkai wanted to take some time to enjoy the burn in his blood. He wanted to feel this need a little longer. In his mind's eye he watched the head of his cock dart out from under his thumb. He saw the glistening of his fingers as they rounded his scrotum and teased his entrance.

He softly smiled as he recalled what he "did" to Goku after lunch today. Desert stretched out before the jeep and he stepped up behind Goku. Goku's school uniform shirt was disheveled and bronze hands pressed against the blackboard. Hakkai used his feet to part the younger man's legs. In this fantasy that dare not materialize, Hakkai would slide a hand under Goku's shirt and find the younger man's nipples. The ruler would sharply tap its way up Goku's inner thigh. Hakkai would be able feel Goku's breath hitch and he'd kiss salty tears from Goku's cheek. Using his height as a vantage point, he'd look down Goku's body and see Goku's straining erection. As Goku would plead for forgiveness from his "Sensei" the "Sensei" would offer that needed forgiveness. Forgiveness in the form of long slender fingers would envelope Goku. Forgiveness and acceptance would provoke whimpering promises to do better. Once Goku was squirming with need, Hakkai's cock would make an appearance. His cock would slide against the halves of Goku's sundered ass as his hand would slide along Goku's length. Hakkai's touch would bring screams of pleasure and moans of desire from Goku.

Hakkai shifted on the couch and saw his hand jerking against his length. He "felt" his fingers toying with his entrance. A fantasy of a fantasy merged in his mind. Moans that never will be from Goku blended with moans that will be from Hakkai. His two mental images met stroke for stroke. Spiky brown hair tickled his nose and curly brown hair crushed against his palm. Goku's hips rocked and Hakkai's hips jerked from the mattress. Goku pressed the back of his head against Hakkai's chest and Hakkai pushed his face into his pillow. Goku begged for more and Hakkai pushed his fingers deeper in his body.

"Gods! I said I was sorry!"

A door slammed and Hakkai lifted his arm from his face. There was Goku dressed in jeans and t-shirt without his hands on a blackboard. There was Goku as he should be rubbing his head from what had to have been yet another lashing with the fan.

Hakkai, no long anyone's sensei, but everyone's friend, softly smiled and sat up. He hissed as his pants pinched his erection. "What happened, Goku?"

Goku turned and looked at Hakkai. Hakkai bit his lips to cap his moan. Goku bore the look on his face that started it all: Goku's cute "I did something wrong, but I don't want to admit it to you because you'll be upset with me too" pout.

"You know how Sanzo is kinda traveling undercover?"

Hakkai could only nod. If he spoke, it would be too breathy.

"Well," Goku sat down on the couch. "I accidentally…" Goku's head jerked back as a moan raced from him. "called him Sanzo …" Golden eyes shifted in Hakkai's vision as Goku rocked on the mattress. "when we …" Goku's hand balled up the sheet and his mouth opened in a silent yell. Sweat plastered his hair to his face and a tiny squeak left him. His back arched from the bed and every muscle in his body jerked stiff. His breath caught in his chest and Hakkai watched the break of pleasure in his lover's eyes. With a soft moan, Goku's body began to shake and liquid warmth spread between their abdomens. Goku whipped his arms around Hakkai's shoulders and pulled Hakkai close. Slowly, very slowly, Hakkai would rock his way to release – shifting inside of Goku's body as his lover still quaked from orgasm. Slow – oh so slow – trying to hold on to every sensation that flooded him. Trying to capture this moment in time. Trying to hold thought as primal urges took his mind. Trying to hold off the inevitable and wallowing in the joy of his coiling pending release. "So what do you think?"

Hakkai shook reality into his head and blinked a few times. He'd missed most of what Goku said. However, he knew his companions well enough to be able to fake it. "I think he overreacted." When does Sanzo not overreact? And if they weren't talking about Sanzo anymore then a generic "he" should cover anyone in the party. Even Hakuryuu was male.

"I knew you'd understand." Goku's eyes twinkled with happiness and he threw his arms around Hakkai's shoulders. He softly whispered, "You're the best."

Emerald eyes popped. His coil snapped and his stomach jerked. His parted lips allowed a gasp. His vision blurred as he strained to keep his eyes open. Wet warmth spread between his boxers and his body. Hopefully, Goku would be gone before the wetness soaked through his khaki denim or maybe his black shirt would hang down far enough to cover it. "I try to do the right thing, Goku." His voice cracked and he cleared his throat to hide it.

Goku backed his head and looked at Hakkai. "You sick? You don't look so good. Your cheeks are all flush and your skin feels hot and your eyes look blurry."

Hakkai weakly smiled. With his fantasies of late, the answer to that question was "yes". He was sick. He was very, very sick. At least he could do the right thing even if he couldn't think the right thing. He answered Goku the only way he knew how with a blank smile and a noncommittal shrug. "I think I'll go rest a while."

"Do you want me to come?"

Yes! Many, many times! "No, Goku, I just need some quite alone time." How terribly pragmatic for the man who named his white dragon "Hakuryuu". The rest of the way west was going to be the best kind of torture. Never had Hakkai thought that he would be thankful for long, boring roads.

This fic is remixed in Baka Gaijin's Hard Lessons Learned

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