Title: Chains

Author: Hekmari

Pairings: Goku/Sanzo Goku/Homura

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Goku was tortured by Homura. How will Sanzo deal with the aftermath?

Disclaimer: I only wish I owned it.

E-mail: Hekmari [at] gmail [dot] com

WARNING! Hard-core abuse, rape, angst

Comment: Please don't hate me for the abuse I deal to the characters 




Chapter 2


5 months later

In the cathedral that had been his cage, Goku knelt on the paving stones of the ground floor, waiting for his master to give him a command. Booted feet appeared in his view, and he raised his head to gaze at the form of the Prince of War of Heaven.


Homura knelt in front of the youth, staring into golden eyes. He reached out a hand, and stroked it down the tanned face gently. His mis-matched eyes softened briefly, and he spoke.


"It's almost time, my pet. Soon, you will feel the sweet release. I will use your energy to create my perfect world, and then I will have no more use for you. You will be free. Well, as free as whoever picks you up decides to let you be. Then you follow what they say. Even if whoever claims you next tells you to kill me."


Goku didn't bother replying. When Homura had fist taken him, he thought perhaps the god was doing this out of some sick need for love. Back then, Goku believed that the god wanted him to love him, and never leave him, and so trained him mercilessly to ensure he never ran away. Goku quietly believed this reason, and endured, thinking Homura would become satisfied after a while. After two months of taking the abuse done to him, believing he knew the reason, and accepting it, Homura disabused him of that notion.


"My beautiful pet. How shall we play today?" Homura asked, tracing a design on the prone form beneath him. "Shall we break something? Or perhaps a new scar? Maybe today I'll take a strip of skin as a memento."



Goku swallowed thickly. He knew it wasn't a real question, and that speaking was going to earn him pain, but he voiced his thoughts.


"Homura… I promise not to leave. I'll stay here with you. I'll be here by your side for as long as you live. You don't have to do this anymore."


The god looked at him, shocked, then threw his head back with a shout of laughter. Laughter that was thick and poisonous, and crawled over Goku's skin like worms. "Oh, my dear boy, I think you are under the wrong impression. You think I love you?" That sick laughter again. "THAT is just TOO amusing."


Confused, the youth stared hard at the floor, his thoughts racing. He felt like a rug had been pulled out from under his feet, and was reeling in disorientation.


"Then, why are you doing this?"


"Partly because I need you for a spell to create my perfect world. But I could have just taken you when the time came, I suppose. Mostly, I'm doing this because I can. No one cares about you enough to stop me."


And after all that time in the god's 'tender' care, Goku was beginning to believe him.


"Now, because you spoke, I'll have to punish you. On your hands and knees, Pet."


As Homura viscously took him from behind, tearing the delicate tissue of his passage, the god continued to speak. "I think that, just so you'll never have that kind of mis-understanding again, I'll pass you around to my subordinates. Better yet, I'll make a show of it in the throne room."


After that, Goku was raped by over 500 youkai for four days. All the while Homura sat on his throne with Shi-en and Zenon in attendance, watching. After the last one, Homura rose from his throne, and strode out of the hall with a careless order to "not move until I come to fetch you." Goku lay in pain for almost a week on the floor, naked, even of chains, but to afraid to even twitch unless Homura should see, and have him passed around again for his disobedience.


When the war prince finally returned, he congratulated Goku on his perseverance, and allowed him to rise. The next moth was spent learning that he was anyone's meat. That any finger crooked in his direction was not to be ignored. That pain was just another form of pleasure. One day, the god informed him he was allowed to return to his friends. With one condition.


"I want you to remember, Goku, that no one loves you or cares for you. Your friends may patch you up, and make concerned noises at you, but that's only because you are the strongest fighter on the team. Of course they want you get better. You're hard-to-kill cannon fodder, a meat shield that protects them from the worst damage."


Hands stroked down sides that barely moved with breath. "Yes, you can go back. I'll even drop you off in the village they are in, though you'll have to walk there under your own power, without help from anyone, or I'll know you don't really want to be back with them. Yes, I'll even let you stay with them. On one condition. You still believe in your friends, do you not? You think they care about you? Then they surely wouldn't ever do to you what I do, would they? They would never break your bones, cut you up, or use your delicious body as an outlet for carnal pleasures.


If they can manage not to do all of these things, then you can stay, and I shall see you when the time comes for us to do battle."


Of course, upon his return, what was the first thing they did? Held him down and cut him open. Re-broke his already broken bones. He knew that it was for his own good. But they still did it. And then when he was nearly healed…. Homura had indeed taught him well. He swallowed his fear, buried it down inside himself, and did as he was trained- when someone wanted him, he must see to their pleasure. Goku supposed that he should be thankful to the war god for teaching him that pain could be it's own pleasure. He may truly have gone mad without that small bit of relief for the nightmare his life had become. Goku took a small amount of pride that he was broken, but not insane. That night, after Sanzo had fallen asleep, Goku had lain awake, knowing that what Homura had said was true, and waiting for the god to call him away.


He hadn't bothered looking at Sanzo as he left.


Now, five months after he was taken back, Homura was done with him. Goku didn't care. He wasn't relieved, but he wasn't sad either. He didn't feel anything. At most he felt numb. He knew that he had been powerless to stop it. And he didn't blame himself, like most victims did. He didn't blame Sanzo, or Hakkai, or Gojyo. He didn't blame anyone, not even Homura.  The war god was sick, in more than just his body, and Goku couldn't really fault him for what he'd done, anymore than you'd blame a baby with a stomach virus for spitting up on you.


Homura pulled his hand away from the saru's neck. "What say we have fun one last time before I discard you, hm? I've kept you from being touched for a few weeks so that you may have a chance of surviving the spell. I wouldn't want all that training to go to waste. It's my last gift to you. Thank me."


"Thank you master Homura."


The prince chuckled to himself, and sat back, his knees bent. Goku didn't need further instruction. He disrobed, and began undressing the god. After folding the flame patterned robe and laying it to one side, Goku went to all fours, and cat-crawled between the parted knees. Homura watched with half-closed eyes as the boy took up position, and lowered his mouth to the war god's semi-erect cock.


That beast- boy was good at oral sex and Homura couldn't even take credit for that.  It was a natural talent. The youth was practically made to be used.


Parted lips descended, licking and dragging across his member, stirring it to full firmness. He sighed out, watching as he slipped fully into his pet's mouth. Warm heat engulfed his length, a hot tongue stroking across the sensitive underside. Goku swallowed him full, creating friction with a series of swallows before bobbing his head up and down, sucking.


Before the war god finished, he pulled out of his pet's mouth. He wanted to final proof that his training was successful.


"Let's try something different, just this once. It's our last time together, and I want to experiment a bit."


Goku didn't have the will to be surprised. He just sat back on his heels and waited for further instructions.


Homura leaned forward, capturing the youth's lips with his own. The kiss was gentle, if thorough. The god's fingers ghosted over the saru's shoulders, down his arms, over his chest. A light push, letting his pet know he wanted him to lay back.


He rose over the prone form, kissing and gently nipping his way down the tanned body beneath him. Goku slowly hardened at the feel of teeth against his stomach, but lay perfectly still. When the prince was satisfied his pet was at least ready to be taken, he moved to his folded robes, removing a slim bottle of lube. This would be the first time that he would take the boy without using Goku's blood to ease the ride. Really, he preferred to take him straight, with no preparation, and dry, and tear him open from the inside, but this was, after all, the final test of his skills at conditioning such a strong spirited person.


The war god coated his fingers in the cool gel, and slipped his hand between the cheeks of his pet's ass, one finger teasing the opening. Goku still just lay there, breathing evenly, staring at the ceiling. Pushing one of the boy's tanned legs up to his tanned chest, Homura worked his finger into the tight heat of Goku's channel, flexing it to stretch the passage. The finger worked in and out, and was joined by a second, and a third after that.


When he felt the youth was stretched enough, he coated his own erection with the lube, and took position before the entrance. Gently, using the least amount of force possible, he slid into the now slick hole, easing his way in with shallow thrusts, until he was fully seated. Resting in the burning tightness around his cock, he waited for the body beneath him to adjust to the intrusion.


Still, Goku lay there, unmoving, hardly even acknowledging the drastic change this last fuck had taken. Homura applauded his pet silently, in his head. So far, he was responding as he had been trained. The god began to slide in and out of the lithe form beneath him, long, slow strokes, taking his time. When he hit that special spot inside the youth, which he had purposely left alone when destroying the rest of the boy's body, all that signaled the flash of pleasure was a slight tightening around his shaft.


"You may come, Son Goku, if the pleasure becomes great enough."


Over and over, Homura aimed for that spot inside his pet, forcing wave after wave of pleasure to ripple through the saru. Goku's cock was weeping pre-cum, and the god wrapped a calloused hand around it, creating friction timed with his thrusts.


This went on for almost 30 minutes, and Goku still did not climax. Homura had been taking his time, enjoying it, but found himself getting close, to his own orgasm. Deciding that he'd given the boy plenty of time for release, if he'd been able, the god quickened his pace, still gentle, and came inside his pet with a sigh.


"I'm proud of you" the price said.


Fast as lightning, he grabbed Goku's right index finger and snapped in cleanly at the middle joint. Watched as the boy stiffened, and milky with cum shot from his cock, spraying over his stomach.


Indeed, Homura had conditioned his pet well. Goku would never again be able to find release in pleasure alone.


Rising, the god glanced down at the tanned figure on the floor.


"Clean up, and come to the throne room. We will begin the preparations for the spell shortly."


* * * * * * * * *


Goku lay in the center of the five pointed star that was the focus of the spell. Homura chanted at the top point, Zenon and Shi-en at two other points, and the two scriptures taking up the extras. Goku felt searing pain ripping through his body, but he didn't cry out. It felt as though his soul was being ripped out of him.


Golden light filled the room, creation energy eddying throughout the chamber. The energy being sucked from him body went faster now, making him dizzy, like he was losing blood. But he didn't care. Death seemed more attractive than living the way he was. Living with what was done to him, and what he knew now. A tendril of nausea curled through his stomach and he was on the verge of passing out.


The currents of energy swirling through the room became denser, as the spell reached completion. A flash, and a dull boom sounded, and there appeared two shining, arched doors in the middle of the room. Homura turned away from the spell to gaze at the doorway to his new world. Shi-en and Zenon sagged t the floor, recovering. As they beheld the gateway, they became aware of a commotion sounding from somewhere in the lower levels of the castle. 


The war god motioned to his two subordinates, and the pair of gods left to take care of the source of the disturbance. Goku felt like he was floating. Well, he felt like his head was floating. His body, unfortunately, felt like is weighed ten tons, and was sinking into the ground. The feeling make the light nausea in his stomach turn into a raging, churning mass of bile. He might have thrown up if his head wasn't three miles above his stomach.


Homura knelt over him, having just finished inscribing the runes and lines needed for the spell. Lips brushed his ear, whispering-


Goku must have blacked out, because he was suddenly grounded back in his body, feeling minutely better, Homura no where in the room, and one of the magical doors were open, revealing rolling green hills beyond. He still couldn't move, though. He closed his eyes again, feeling his body tingling unpleasantly.


-"Let me tell you something good, Son Goku. There is something I feel you should know before the end." The god's breath stirred his hair lightly, tickling at his ear -


He'd blacked out again, for sure, because this time when he came too, Sanzo was kneeling over him, gun pointed at the ceiling, shaking him gently.


"Goku. Goku wake up." When the monk saw golden eyes staring at him, he continued. "Goku, can you stand?"


So. It seemed that Sanzo was going to be his new master. He wouldn't have been surprised even if he'd been capable of that level of interest. He shifted, choking back a groan and his body protested the movement. He ached all over, like he'd been raped and beaten, ached the way he hadn't for the few weeks Homura had let him heal in preparation for the spell. But it was a pain he was familiar with, a pain he he'd had to live with for four months since his return. He got to his feet.


"Goku, hold on just a little bit. Hakkai and Gojyo are downstairs keeping Shi-en and Zenon busy while I came up here to get you and kill that fucking bastard of a god." Pain flashed across the monk's face. "Just… Just stay here and find somewhere safe while I kill him"


Goku stood there, and thought back to what the god had whispered in his ear before the spell. "I will do it."


Sanzo's face contorted, frustration warring with concern and understanding 


"Goku. Sit this one out. You're drained from the spell. You can hardly stand. Please, Goku, don't do this.  Let me kill him for you." Sanzo choked on his words, eyes burning. Seeing the boy standing there, weak as a newborn kitten, the one he'd been searching for relentlessly was almost painful. His heart leapt in his chest, and his stomach churned into knots, willing Goku to listen to him.


True, Goku was barely standing under his own power. Also true was that Sanzo was his new master. He had to obey his master. And that master was telling him to hide. Howerver, Homura's training went beyond simply obeying his master's words. He had to obey his master's intent. When words and intent did not match, he had to follow the path that would accomplish what his master wanted, even when directly ordered not to.


He saru knew, though, that Sazo wasn't ordering him. He was pleading. So he sat back on the floor. He would wait until he could move around better. Then he would carry out his master's wishes.


The monk took that as acquiescence, and turned to leave. He got about two steps before a violent tremor took his body. What is he didn't come back? Who would care for Goku? And he'd never told him…


The youth watched as the monk stopped in his tracks, shaking, before turning back, and kneeling in front of him. Violet eyes stared hard into golden, searching.


"Goku… Goku, if I don't come back… I never meant to hurt you. I didn't know… I just… wanted to be with you. I always did. I wouldn't admit it to myself, and then you were taken, and I felt like my heart was breaking. When you came back, I didn't want to let you go away ever again." Words that had started out hesitantly now gushed forth in a flood, gaining strength as the monk confessed. "I wanted to be with you, and I thought that you wanted to be with me too. I didn't want you to just let me do what I wanted. You could have said 'no'." The tears that were threatening spilled over, crystalline, reminding Goku of the tears that had fallen the night that Sanzo had taken him. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I love you!"


Sanzo's voice broke, and he bowed his head, the vision of Goku going with Homura willingly, leaving him, played through his mind like it had a thousand times before in the past five months.


"I love you with every fiber of my being."


Goku gazed at the lowered golden head, impassive. Something tugged at him, as distant as the stars, so distant he couldn't tell if it was real or if he'd imagined the momentary pull.  He opened his mouth to speak-


-breath tickling in his ear, "Your Sanzo, the light that saved you from that darkness, your sun-


"I know you do."


- "loves you. Loves you as much as you always wanted him too. And he always has."


Sanzo jerked his head up, violet eyes widening as they met the molten gaze of the youth. A flicker of hope flashed…






-you're broken now. So there's no point, is there?"


"It's too late. It doesn't matter anymore."


His head lowered again, Sanzo shuddered, before rising and walking out of the room. The momentary hope that struggled to live was smothered in the ashes that his heart had become.


Homura would pay. 

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