Title: Chains

Author: Hekmari

Pairings: Goku/Sanzo Goku/Homura

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Goku was tortured by Homura. How will Sanzo deal with the aftermath?

Disclaimer: I only wish I owned it.

E-mail: Hekmari [at] gmail [dot] com

WARNING! Hard-core abuse, rape

Comment: Please don't hate me for the abuse I deal to the characters 






Chapter 1



Chains clinked heavily as Goku shifted. Golden eyes, lusterless, stared out at the stone walls of this prison. Color splashed across the floor from the stained glass windows near the ceiling. A chill traced its way up his spine and he shivered, causing the chains to clink again. His entire body ached from abuse. How long had he been here?


A steady drip sounded somewhere from deeper in the vast cathedral- like room. Rows of broken pews and crumbled stone statues littered the surrounding area. Mice skittered among the old wreckage, and dust motes flamed brilliantly as they drifted through the tinted rays of light.


But Goku was in shadow.


Time passed, hours it seemed, as the light filtering in slowly faded to a fiery orange, which seemed to drown out even the green and blue tints of the glass. His stomach complained dully, out of habit more than anything. Pigeons that roosted in the rafters began returning and settling in for the coming night.


Goku's breath hitched, because in the darkness was when HE came.


Like a ghost appearing from mist, Homura's form slowly materialized out of the encroaching gloom. Cold, mis-matched eyes gazed at the prisoner, a cruel smile twisting his mouth. Bound hands clasped each other as he watched a tremble work it's way up the youth's body. Homura took a deep breath through his nose, scenting the defeat and vague fear the radiated from the captive in waves.


"Son Goku…" A flash of teeth, "how very nice of you to continue accepting my hospitality. I do so enjoy your company, you know."


A whimper escaped Goku's lips before he could choke it back.


"Tsk, Tsk. Now what have I told you about making noise, my pet?" Homura whispered. "That will cost you."


"Now what shall we do to amuse ourselves? It looks like we have the whole night to spend together." Homura drifted closer to the chained being. Long pale fingers reached up and traced a feather light line along one side of a bronzed jaw. "Shall we continue where we left off?"


Goku flinched away form the touch before he could stop himself, then froze, raising frightened eyes to the war god. He was just able to turn his head to the side as a fist connected squarely with his jaw where moments before that same hand had been caressing.


"I told you never to pull away from me. Will you never learn? Already a month and you still can't follow the rules" Homura turned away slightly. "That's alright, though. If this were too easy, where would the fun be?"


Goku closed his eyes, and prayed to die.


        * * * * * * * * * *


Sanzo was so relieved to have his monkey back that at first he failed to notice the change. When he did notice that the bakasaru wasn't acting normally even after the long period when he was healing, Hakkai marked it up to the abuse he'd been through.


"You can't go through something like that for so long and remain unchanged," The healer said. "We should try to be understanding."


Understanding, huh. Sure. Sanzo understood just fine. Homura's head would look real fine adorning the entrance to Chang' An. Sanzo closed his eyes, remembering the night Goku had been retuned to them, after three months of fruitless searching.


It was raining, just like the night Homura had taken Goku. Not even just a light drizzle, but a fucking downpour. They'd been searching the area in a 50 mile radius from where the abduction had taken place. Gojyo and Hakkai had been hinting for weeks that Homura could have taken the monkey anywhere, and searching a limited area was an exercise in futility. That they would more than likely meet up with the god again when he returned to take Sanzo's scripture. That they could take him back then. That the monkey was made of tough stuff, and would hold up ok until the ikkou rescued him.


Sanzo, who'd been hearing Goku's voice in his head up until that point, faint, but persistent, had been on the verge of agreeing to the other two's logic, when the voice had gone silent. Not just silent, but gone. Sanzo couldn't feel Goku anymore. The small seed of light that was always in the backround, letting him know that Goku was ok, vanished. Like a candle flame blowing out. Like a life being snuffed.


Hakkai and Gojyo had had a rough time calming the monk that night.


Sanzo was frantic, refusing to leave the general area until Goku had been found. The others quietly accepted that the journey was going to be halted for the time being.


That night, that rainy night, when Sanzo's spirit was being stretched thin, after three months of searching with not even a whisper of a rumor as to the saru's whereabouts, that was the night his greatest wish and worst fear had come to life before his eyes.


As the three remaining members of the group sat around the table in some dingy inn discussing where to look next, the door had opened, and Goku walked in.


Al three stared, disbelieving, before surging out of their seats to swarm around the youth.


"Where have you been you stupid monkey!?!" Gojyo had bellowed at the top of his lungs.


"Goku! Oh, I'm so glad your all right! You had us very worried you know." Hakkai had quipped, not realizing he was so wrong.


It was Sanzo, who hadn't taken his eyes off the boy that noticed it first. Goku stood crookedly, swaying staring at nothing. As Gojyo slapped him on the back, Sanzo rushed forward to catch the saru as he toppled forward from the light impact.


They had rushed him up to the room, Hakkai calling to the innkeeper to please have hot water and bandages brought to the room. When they laid him on the bed, Hakkai began stripping Goku of the remains of his clothing.


It was disgusting.


All Sanzo could see were bones poking out from the monkey's flesh, everywhere. And he couldn't figure out why there was no blood. White bone and ridged, scarred skin where all he could see. It consumed his vision, Until he knew that the sight would haunt him for the rest of his life.


Later, Hakkai had determined that not only was every bone below the neck broken, along with his jaw, and excluding his hands and feet, but most where weeks old, and had already healed improperly. That as why there'd been no blood. The bones had healed sticking out of his flesh, the skin healed and partially grafted to the foreign entities, much like the way the skin will attach to a piercing if it isn't rotated during the healing process. 


Goku was awake the entire time, listening to them talk over his prone body. Hakkai gently told Goku that it would be best if he let himself pass out. That they would have to cut him open and re-break the bones, and set them correctly or he would be crippled, and that they would have to do it without the benefit of pain killers, because they might cause his body to go into even more shock and kill him.


But the saru just lay there, staring at the healer. With a final quiet apology, and a request to Gojyo and Sanzo to hold him down, Hakkai went to work. It was eerie. Goku didn't twitch so much as a muscle, nor let even a whimper escape his lips. In the end, Sanzo and Gojyo let go, and just watched as Hakkai re-broke the bones and set them. The worst was when they discovered the extent of the damage to Goku's pelvis. The right hip was completely shattered, and Gojyo had to run out into the village to a farmer that had extra iron nails to serve as temporary pins so they could piece it back together.


Somewhere around the fifteenth hour, the village's healer came to the room to help tend the broken youth. Hakkai rested a few hours, then got back to work. In total, it had taken almost 24 hours to finish, along with almost all the blood the o-positive blood Gojyo could spare. And Goku still watched everything with his dull golden eyes.


 Sanzo shook himself from his reveries. That had been almost a month ago. Goku was almost fully recovered, though he still had some trouble walking without assistance. That damn monkey sure healed fast. But he was still quiet, and hardly talked. He ate normally, huge quantities of food going down his throat, but now he ate carefully, not opening his mouth too wide and chewing slowly, being careful of his healing jaw. And he almost never smiled.


It hurt to see the normally exuberant youth so quiet and careful. Sanzo didn't care if it took another goddamn year, and they missed the revival of Gyumaoh, they weren't leaving until Goku was back at 100%.


* * * * * * * *


That night as Sanzo lay on his bed, the hushed shuffle of footsteps sounded from the hallway, approaching his door. Lowering the paper he's been reading, he waited. The door creaked open, and the familiar mop of brown hair appeared in the room, followed slowly by the rest of Goku, who maneuvered over the raised frame with his crutch tucked firmly under one arm. Sanzo followed him with his eyes as he made his painfully slow way over to the other bed in the room.


"How you holding up monkey?"


A faint smile made it's way to Goku's lips in response. The youth lay down on the bed, sighing. Sanzo watched the steady rise and fall of the saru's chest. The urge to touch the monkey, and feel him alive with his own hands took him suddenly, and before he thought to much about it, rose from his own bed and crossed the room. The last of the daylight streamed into the room as Sanzo sat on the bed next to Goku and rested his hand on the warm chest of his charge.


For a long time, as sunset faded into twilight, he sat there, feeling he steady beat of the heart under his hands. The image of that heart open to the air, beating frantically as Hakkai re-shaped his ribcage flashed through Sanzo's mind. He shuddered, but the image stayed. Leaning over Goku, he pressed his face into the saru's chest, listening, breathing in the scent of the one he……….


But it was still there, behind his closed eyes, and he couldn't shake it. Pushing Goku's shirt up out of the way, he traced the scarred skin with his eyes, and rested his forehead against the mostly-healed flesh, feeling the tender new skin give a little under the pressure.


The memory started to fade the longer he stayed that way, feeling muscles under the skin, and not exposed. Smelling the earthy scent that was Goku instead of blood. Feeling his head rise and fall with every breath Goku took. A treacherous tear escaped his eye, to land on the scar in the center of the bronze toned chest. As the last ray of sun disappeared below the horizon it struck the tear, lighting it up like a diamond to Sanzo's blurry eyes.


He lowered his lips to the shining, trembling fragile, brilliant drop, and kissed it away. It tasted like salt on his tongue. Hands lifted his face until he met deep gold eyes, fathomless as the ocean, and like the tide with the moon, rose up to share the tear with lips as soft velvet.


Goku sighed into Sanzo's mouth as the kiss broke, lids fluttering almost closed. Breath mingled as lips touched again. A tongue probed, a mouth parted in acceptance. The dance of taste buds began gentle, exploring, then deepened into a searing kiss, full of passion. When they came up for breath, panting, Sanzo gazed at his charge. Goku looked slightly dazed, his eyes unseeing, a flush lightly covering his cheeks. Still with that far away look, he turned to the monk's face, and Sanzo almost, almost saw the fear that snaked through the saru's eyes, and the resignation, but Sanzo's vision was clouded with a thick layer of desire.


Shifting to have better leverage, Sanzo moved to Goku's neck, a flick of his tongue, tasting the salty skin of the youth. Goku's muscles tensed, barely perceptible, before relaxing into a nearly boneless state. The monk moved, kissing his way down the tanned chest, licking the new scars in long, slow strokes. Moved to the flat stomach, tracing pink new skin with his tongue. Moved to a jean- clad waist, breathing trough the fabric to bathe healing bones in warmth. He almost stopped, but the fire that had been curling through his stomach was spreading up to his chest, and down into his groin.


A glance up at the saru showed him only closed eyes and parted lips, a pink tongue flicking across the lower, before closing to swallow dryly. Sanzo saw what he thought he should see. With growing confidence, he brought his hand to the button, undoing it and the zipper, lowering his face to inhale the scent of Goku's arousal. Hips shifted upwards, making it easier for the monk to slip the pants from the slim waist, down scared, muscled legs. Goku had not bothered with underwear for the time he was healing. Even the slight pressure of the elastic waistband hurt the weakened bones of his pelvis.


So when the pants were gone, the saru was completely exposed to the evening air. Sanzo's breath caught in his throat as he beheld the solid, velvet length erect for the first time. He licked his lips, a flash of red. Opened his mouth and descended on the head, engulfing it in a warm, slick heat. Sanzo had a fairly clear idea of what do, having had it performed on him from various women, but never having done it himself, he was careful not to cause pain with his teeth.


He dipped his tongue into the slit, tasting the pre-cum. It was sweet and salty, and seemed so right, the perfect taste to define the youth. He wanted to taste more, more than the small drop that he'd had. Using a hand to cup Goku's balls, he worked his mouth down the shaft, forcing himself to continue even after he was past what was comfortable to him. All the way down to the root. He held there as long as he could, past when he should have, and as his air finally ran out, he had to pull up faster than he'd wanted, teeth accidentally scraping along the sensitive underside. Goku's breath hitched, let out shakily.


Sanzo felt a little ashamed that he'd hurt the youth because of his greed, but the saru's length was leaking now, and it was summarily pushed from his mind, after rationalizing that the pain would be washed away soon.


He lapped up the pre-cum that had emerged from the slit, and moved back to Goku's mouth, eager to share the exotic taste that came from his body. Goku accepted the hot mouth, tongue darting between Sanzo's lips.


By now, Sanzo was so hard he thought he would explode if he didn't move things along a little faster. He didn't examine his desperation to closely, chalking it up to the release of the long pent up desire and emotion he'd held for his ward. What he really wanted was to claim the boy as his own, take him and own him, fill him until he shuddered in pleasure. But Sanzo knew that the saru's body probably couldn't handle being taken while it was still healing. Just this once, Sanzo conceded his self appointed position as seme, in favor of uke, so that the object of his desire wouldn't be in unnecessary pain. Only this time.


After stripping off his own jeans and shirt, he lay next to the boy, rolling onto his back and rolling Goku to rest atop him.


"Only this once, Monkey," Sanzo whispered into Goku's chocolate hair. "Be gentle, will ya? This is my first time bottoming for another guy."


But Goku's eyes were still unfocused, and as he raised himself above the monk, it wasn't in a dominant position. Without a word, he thrust down, impaling himself on Sanzo's member forcefully until the monk's cock was buried to the hilt in the saru's tight heat. Sanzo rocked back against the mattress in a sensory overload, the feel of the tight channel clamped around him almost making him come right then.


Goku took a deep breath, hardly allowing time to adjust to the invasion, before he began a fast, hard, deep rhythm. Sanzo saw stars behind his eyes, and the only thing that kept him from going right then was the pressure. It felt so incredibly good, he almost couldn't believe it. No woman was ever this hot, this tight. But it was almost too tight. And there was no easy slide. That kept him from his orgasm, but he really didn't care at that point. All the blood in his body was rushing through his cock, leaving none for his brain to think with. After almost a minute of the rough pounding Goku was giving him, he felt something give, The slide became easier, and the channel wasn't so achingly tight anymore.


Sanzo became coherent enough to begin thrusting into the youth- the man- atop him. It wasn't gentle, like he'd intended, and he wasn't bottoming, like he intended, and it wasn't as slow as he'd wanted the first time to be, but damn it, it was mind blowing. His orgasm hit him like sledge hammer between the eyes, and he vaguely wondered if he'd gone blind, because all he could see was spots. Warmth splashed across his stomach and chest, and when he came down, he was guiltily relieved to see that the saru had reached his peak too. Sanzo didn't think that if he'd had a chance to do it over, he would have been anymore capable of seeing to Goku's needs.


Breathing heavily, clutching at the youth atop him, they came down in a series of gasps and shivers. Sanzo meant to tell Goku what he'd been able to say for years, tell him how much he meant to him, how much he was treasured. But the sleep that had been sucking at the edges of his consciousness overtook him in a black tide. The last thing he saw before he went under were Goku's eyes, unfocused.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *


 Something was wrong. Sanzo was sitting up in bed and reaching for his gun before he even took in the room. When his brain caught up with his body, he saw there wasn't anything in the room. He sighed, and began to relax, when he realized that was what the problem was. Goku wasn't in bed with him. Goku wasn't anywhere in the room. His crutch was leaned up against the wall by the bed, so he couldn't have gone too far. But he knew. He knew that something was wrong. He tried to pull the sheets off his body, but they clung wetly to his waist. That's when he noticed the blood soaking the bed. With rising panic he ripped the offending cloth away, staring at the red covering him from his waist to mid- thigh.


This was like a nightmare. Since he'd woken up the whole scene had had a surreal quality to. He would have been sure he was dreaming if the blood drying in a sticky, flaking mess didn't feel so real he wanted to puke, and if the voice in his head wasn't screaming danger. He surged up out of the blood soaked bed, flailing for his pants, and yanked them on as he stumbled to the door. Racing down the stairs and through the common room, he burst out the door, gun in hand, and skidded to a halt in the courtyard of the inn. Silhouetted against the moonlight stood Homura, radiating power, a cruel smiling etched on his face. Aiming the gun at the war prince, Sanzo began pulling the trigger when he noticed Goku standing a few feet from the god in the shadows, staring at his tormenter.


No expression on his face.


The sound of blood pounded in Sanzo's ears, the surreal quality rushing back hard enough to stagger him mentally.


"Goku!" Sanzo called to his lover, panicked. What was that bakasaru thinking? He was still healing, no way was he ready to face the god again yet. "Goku!"


But Homura just stood there, smirking, and slowly held his hand out to the youth.


"Goku! Get back inside you idiot! What are you doing!?"


Goku just took a step to the god, and then another, and then another. Walking with a limp, but steadily onward.




It was like the damn monkey couldn't even hear him. That had to be it. Homura had to have cast some sort of spell on him.


"Oh, Konzen, keep calling him. He can hear you. He could see you, too, if he looked your way."


Goku didn't even so much as glance in the monk's direction. Finally he stepped from the shadows and into the silvery light. He was naked. And blood dried in streaks from between his legs all the way to the soles of his feet.


"Oh, god…"  Running through his mind was what happened earlier, the feel of something giving inside the boy, the sudden ease with which he moved in and out of the lithe body. Sanzo doubled over and threw up.


Still Goku walked, drawing closer to the god.


"Did you enjoy him, Konzen? I know you took him, though you don't seem to have used him as roughly as he is used too. He also reached climax, did he not? I taught him to take what little pleasure he could out of any painful situation, to love the feel of it ripping through him. I'm rather pleased with my handiwork. I don't think he can ever have normal sex again."


Goku had reached Homura by this point, and knelt obediently at his feet. The god reached down and stroked his fingers through the boy's hair. "I taught him that he is a thing to be used by anyone who wants him."


Sanzo's heart constricted in his chest. No, no! What he did with Goku meant something! It wasn't…. He hadn't been using him! He'd wanted… it to be forever……..


"I'm glad you drove that lesson home for him, Konzen. I shall be taking my pet back now."


With a ripple, Homura and Goku disappeared.


Sanzo, now on his knees, the cobbles of the courtyard bruising him, collapsed onto his arms. He couldn't draw a breath. He was being crushed under the weight of agony, suffocating, and felt his heart drop into his toes, then out of him all together. He was falling endlessly, and being crushed, and drowning in despair.



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