- Title: Three's Company
- Author: Hector
- Pairing(s): 38, 89, 389
- Rating: R
- Summary or description: Sanzo and Hakkai are in a relationship. Goku notices their strange behavior and decides to spy on them, but what will happen when he gets caught?


Goku knew they were doing it. There was something weird about the way they always went off to talk quietly together, with no one else to interrupt them. Hakkai even admitted that they had kissed, but Goku knew that there was more going on than just kissing. He had caught them making out in the front seat of Jeep one night, when they thought he was sleeping. Goku had been pretty tired at the time, and his memory was kinda fuzzy. All he could recall was the sounds they had been making while they kissed, and the way the moonlight had gleamed off their naked skin. It made him wonder what else they did when they thought he wasn't looking.


It was kinda suspicious, the way he heard the doors to their rooms open and close in the middle of the night. It had started on rainy nights, but then he had started hearing it even when the weather was fine.  Although it wasn't weird for Hakkai, who didn't sleep very well anyway. What wasn't normal was the way you couldn't hear any footsteps. The doors opened slowly and closed quietly, and one of them was the door to Sanzo's room. Goku was sure, because he always remembered which room Sanzo was staying in. Gojyo's room was farther away, and he was much louder when he brought girls in. It was normal to hear them making a lot of noise, too.


It was sneaky how Sanzo and Hakkai didn't switch when the group ended up two to a room. Sanzo always complained that he couldn't leave the idiot combo together, and it went without saying that he'd never room with Gojyo. Sanzo had used to share a room with Hakkai once in awhile, before these strange things had started happening. Now he didn't anymore. It was suspicious. Like he didn't want anyone to know what they were up to. But Goku knew anyway. It was because of his suspicions that he eventually stumbled onto things he didn't want to see, like that time he caught Gojyo peeking into Sanzo's bedroom window and jacking off. Pervy kappa. Goku couldn't be sure what Gojyo had been looking at, but he sure wasn't going to ask.


The next time it happened they were all camping out in Jeep, in the middle of the woods. There was no inn. No walls, doors, or windows. When Goku woke in the middle of the night to find the front seat completely empty, he knew there was something going on. He tracked them into the trees, able to sense the signs of their passing long before he heard the sound of their voices gasping, moaning and panting somewhere up ahead of him. His eyes went wide when he first saw them. There was so much naked flesh, he didn't know what to look at first. The bodies of his two companions blended into each other, one singular mass of firm muscular curves and soft planes of skin.


The expression on Hakkai's face looked twisted in agony, yet he was saying the word "yes" over and over again. Goku found it mesmerizing, the way Sanzo's hips surged forward into Hakkai's body. Both of them shook and trembled with the force of each thrust. It made something down in Goku's pants swell and ache, and then he knew why Gojyo had been jacking off. Still, Goku couldn't bring himself to do anything. Watching Sanzo and Hakkai took up all his attention. Their bodies seemed to move to fit into each other perfectly, like they were meant to be that way. He liked it even more when they started kissing, their mouths joining together to make the connection between them complete.


Goku felt left out. They had forgotten about him. It wasn't fair. He really wanted to be included, even if he wasn't sure exactly how. He didn't think that he wanted to be one of them, so that he could take their place. He didn't want to separate them or anything, he just wanted to be participate. If he could be with both of them without getting in between them, that would be fine. It wasn't something that he had fantasized about before, but after watching them, Goku felt like he wanted to do join in. He liked what they were doing, and wanted to do it with them.


The next day, Goku decided to ask Gojyo about what was going on with Sanzo and Hakkai. But the pervy kappa wouldn't admit anything. He just stared off into space with a knowing grin, while his lying lips said that he didn't know anything about it. Gojyo was keeping secrets from him again, treating Goku like he was too young and stupid to understand. It wasn't fair. He really wanted to talk to someone about it, and Gojyo was the only one who would talk about that kinda stuff, but he wasn't cooperating. It was frustrating, but eventually Goku decided that it didn't really matter. He would continue to try and figure out what to do about it, with or without Gojyo's help.


Deciding what to do was hard. Goku knew that if he brought anything like that up around Sanzo, he would only get smacked. Hakkai was helpful and friendly most of the time, but he didn't always tell you everything. Sometimes he just smiled and changed the subject, especially when it came to things like this. Goku didn't have any idea how either of them would react if he told them that he knew what was going on, let alone if he asked to participate. He would probably be scolded, or punished, or worse. Every time he got a chance to say anything, he let it pass by, unwilling to deal with the consequences if he spoke up.


They ran across another town, eventually. Sanzo paid for an inn. Separate bedrooms for everyone. That was usually the way it went, unless there weren't enough rooms available. Goku knew what was going to happen. He wanted to see it again, but he wasn't sure how he was going to watch without being caught. Sanzo had started closing the window and drawing the blinds at night, probably because he had found out about what Gojyo had been doing. It'd be way too noisy to sneak through the door while both Hakkai and Sanzo were there, so Goku decided that he'd have to sneak in some other way.


His chance came later on that night. All four of them had eaten dinner at a nice restaurant, and were about to leave, when Gojyo started flirting with one of the waitresses. Sanzo smacked him with the fan and they started fighting. Hakkai stood by smiling and laughing in annoyance. Goku told him that he was going to go ahead back to the inn. The others would follow him when the fight was over, so he broke into a run once he was out the door. When Goku reached the inn he asked for a few extra pillow at the front desk, and then ran up to his room and stuffed them under his covers, just in case someone came to check on him.


Then he went into Sanzo's room. There was a closet in one corner. Goku looked in, and it was empty. That was good. As long as Sanzo's clothes weren't in there, he'd have no reason to pay any attention to it. Goku got in and crouched in the very back of the darkest corner, leaving the door open only an inch or two. He couldn't see much, besides the foot of the bed, but he could move to get a better view later. Right now he was focused on staying in the room without being caught and kicked out. He waited several minutes before the door finally swung open and footsteps entered the room. There was a deep, rumbling groan and the sound of movement and shifting clothing.


Goku wanted to take a look, but he was afraid to move. If he made even the slightest little sound, Sanzo might hear him. Then it would all be over. He could hear the sound of paper being rolled together and stuffed into a pocket, then something hard was being set on the table. Clothing slid over limbs and was tossed to the floor. Footsteps clattered over to the bed. Goku could hear the weight of someone's body resting on the mattress even though he couldn't quite see anything yet. He could hear the sound of laces sliding apart, and the thud Sanzo's boots made as they hit the floor. After that there was the sound of wood sliding against wood, a hand shuffling through a pocket, the click of a lighter, and Goku could see smoke blow through the room and out the window.


If he leaned to the right, he could see the tips of Sanzo's toes at the edge of the bed. Goku watched for awhile, staring at the billowing smoke and the sound of Sanzo's soft breathing. It was kinda nice. It made Goku feel calm and safe somehow, even though Sanzo didn't even know he was there. The smoke dissipated eventually, and there was a soft rubbing noise. Then Sanzo closed the window and laid down in bed. Goku huddled in the corner of the closet, leaning against the walls. Nothing was happening, and he was tired. So he closed his eyes, just for a little while.


When he awoke it was to the sound of mattress coils creaking softly. Goku hadn't meant to fall asleep, so he was surprised at feeling so tired. He opened one eye at a time, adjusting to the soft light in the room. The feet had vanished from the end of the bed, and golden hair spilled over the mattress. Goku couldn't see much else, so he moved closer to the door. His field of vision widened and shifted to the left. He caught a glimpse of Sanzo's face, then his neck, but there was a tuft of dark brown hair obscuring the view of his chest. It was definitely Hakkai's hair. Farther down there was a nose, and a pair of lips latching onto one of Sanzo's nipples. If Goku squeezed in right next to the wall, he could just make out the way Sanzo's legs were wrapped around Hakkai's body. Hey, they switched!


After taking a closer look at what they were doing, Goku could see Hakkai's hand reaching into the narrow space between their bodies, moving back and forth like it was stroking something. It didn't take a lot of imagination to figure out what. Sanzo was also saying the word "fuck" really quietly. Which Goku thought was weird, because he had never heard Sanzo say it like that before. He was breathing really hard, too. Panting, with a strained look on his face. Goku wondered if he was in pain, but after a few minutes, he decided otherwise. Sanzo would be yelling if his body really hurt.




The tone in Sanzo's voice sounded demanding, but Goku noticed that he didn't make any effort to get Hakkai off. One of his hands was tangled in Hakkai's hair while the other one grabbed at the sheets. Sanzo's legs seemed to tighten around Hakkai's body, as though they were trying to pull him in closer instead of pushing him away. It's one thing when Sanzo's on top... Goku thought. It seemed pretty normal to watch Sanzo doing things to someone else. It wasn't normal for him to let someone else touch him like this, though. This is weird. I wonder how it feels. Does he really like it?


"Fuck... Hakkai!"


"Yes. In a minute, Sanzo."


After Hakkai was done talking, he went right back to what he had been doing before. There was a  sucking sound, sharp and wet as his lips pursed around Sanzo's nipple. Goku wondered what it tasted like. It looked like it tasted really good. Then he noticed the deep, guttural sounds that Sanzo was making, grunting softly and panting hard, like he'd been running and was out of breath. The expression on his face was one that Goku had never seen before. He didn't know what it meant. It looked kinda like his angry face, but kinda like his embarrassed face, too. Then he wondered why Sanzo didn't do anything to make Hakkai stop. It was bothering him, right?


"Stop teasing!"


Hakkai's mouth abruptly released Sanzo's nipple, with an audible pop. "If you say so."


Goku would never forget the sound that came out of Sanzo's mouth when Hakkai's hips started to thrust. It was deep and rough, but somehow he understood the meaning of it.


"Is this-- what you wanted?" Hakkai asked.


"Just shut up, and keep-- unf!" There was a pause as their bodies crashed together, the thrust was so hard that it made the mattress creak and the headboard bang against the wall. Goku looked at up Hakkai's face, his eyes were dark with lust. It was an expression that made Goku moan, just a little. It was only then that he became aware of the uncomfortable feeling in his pants. Then jeans he wore were too tight around his erection, it was so hard that it hurt. His hand reflexively moved down to rub against his member as he continued to watch the action in front of him. When he looked back down at Sanzo's face, it was flushing red and strained with exertion.


That expression was like nothing Goku had ever seen before. Sanzo was usually so calm and controlled about everything. The only emotion that he ever let out was anger, but this was something completely different. It wasn't just passion, desire, or submission. The look on Sanzo's face was visible confirmation that he was losing his composure, willingly or not. There was no denying that Sanzo was enjoying what he was doing with Hakkai, and the very idea that Sanzo could enjoy having someone else touch him like this made something inside of Goku burst.


For the first time since he'd awoken from his nap, Goku looked down at his own body, whimpering to himself as the dark stain spread and hot fluid soaked everything in his pants. This is bad, he thought. He couldn't wash his own clothes, because he didn't know how. Hakkai always did the laundry for everyone in the group, and Goku was hoping like crazy that he wouldn't be asked to explain what had happened. Even if he tried to hide it, there was no way he'd be able to. He couldn't lie to any of the others in the group. No one would believe him.


While Goku was busy worrying about his predicament, Sanzo and Hakkai were still going. Sanzo's body was sensitive because of the way Hakkai had been teasing him earlier. Everything tingled, and it only took a few minutes of hard thrusting before he came, panting as he screamed obscenities into the air. Hakkai kept going, plunging mercilessly into his body, only to fold a few minutes later. He collapsed onto Sanzo's chest, his body trembling as he panted for air.


"You heard it?" Sanzo whispered in his ear.


"I think it came from the closet."


"If it's the kappa again, I'll kill him."


"Perhaps it's best if I check it out?"




Hakkai carefully detached himself from Sanzo, both of them moaning at the friction as their tender bodies separated. After pushing himself off the bed Hakkai's legs wobbled a little, but he regained his footing quickly and smiled as he stepped away from the bed. The closet door was cracked open. He couldn't see anything in the darkness behind the door, but he knew that whoever was in there could certainly see him, so he smiled and said, "I'm going to get something to clean up with." He directed the words at Sanzo, even though they weren't necessary. Hakkai started walking toward the bathroom door, but skipped right over it and yanked open the closet, surprised at what he found inside. "Goku?"


"Hey," Sanzo grunted, pushing himself into a sitting position on the bed as he looked over at the closet. "What're you doing in there?"


"I'm sorry!" Goku cried. "I'm really, really sorry, okay?!" He was scared. This was the most horrible thing ever. They caught me watching them-- and my pants are all-- "I'll never do it again, I promise!"


The only response Hakkai had for that was a sigh and a shake of the head. "Sanzo?"


"Get him out."


After a moment's hesitation, Hakkai extended a hand. Goku took hold of it, and whined as he was pulled up onto his feet. There was no way to hide what had happened in his pants. He stared at the floor as he walked into the light, and then he turned away from them and toward the door as quickly as possible. Hakkai pretended not to see the patch of wetness on Goku's pants. Sanzo balked. No one said anything. The room was consumed by an awkward silence as Hakkai followed Goku to the door. Goku went out as quickly as possible, but when he tried to close the door, Hakkai's hand got in the way.


"Stay here."


Goku was confused by the request.


"I'm going to talk to Sanzo for a moment, so don't go anywhere"


Then Goku wrinkled his nose at the thought of standing around in the hallway with his pants all wet and messy.


"Oh, you can go in your room and change if you'd like," Hakkai said. He laughed a little, and then added, "But, please, don't go anywhere else." Then he let the door close. By the time he turned around Sanzo had rolled over, and all he could see was the priest's backside. "Sanzo, ah--"




"I think this subject needs to be addressed."


Sanzo grunted and shifted on top of the sheets.


"He cares for you, haven't you noticed?"


"No. I was too busy staring at the come spot over his crotch."






"Don't be obstinate." Hakkai sat down on the bed, watching as the muscles in Sanzo's back visibly tensed when the mattress moved underneath him. "You can't ignore him indefinitely."


"Why not?"


Hakkai sighed. The attitude really was getting to be too much. "He won't stop."


"He said he wouldn't do it again."

"That's not what I'm talking about."


There was silence for a moment. Sanzo sighed this time. He knew what Hakkai was referring to, but he didn't want to talk about it.


"I think I understand how he feels," Hakkai said. It reminded him of the time Sanzo had jumped in front of Rikudo, and nearly gotten himself killed. Goku watched over him so diligently that he didn't even get up to eat. Hakkai was worried about both of them, so he talked with Goku about staying strong for Sanzo's sake. When Goku finally left the room, Hakkai made a comment about wounds. He was warning Sanzo not to hurt himself, because of the way it would wound Goku. The same way losing someone had wounded both of them. "You're important to him." It was an understatement, really. Sanzo was the one thing that Goku believed in, an absolute existence. Hakkai knew, because he felt the same way. "He loves you."


Sanzo grunted, shifting position because his body was getting stiff.


"What are you going to do about it?"


A sigh escaped Sanzo's lips. It was unintentional, and it annoyed him. That's what I want to know, he thought, frowning to himself. If he knew what he was going to do about it, then he would've done it already. He knew how Goku felt about him. It was painfully obvious. It was also confusing. Whenever Sanzo thought about it he felt conflicted, pulled in several different directions at once. Ignoring it was easier, but Hakkai was right. He couldn't ignore Goku indefinitely.


"I think it'd be a good start if we invited him back in."


"Now?" Sanzo asked, looking over his shoulder to glare at Hakkai.


"He was obviously interested in what we were doing."




"And you're not satisfied either... are you, Sanzo?"


No, Sanzo thought. I'm not. Their sessions usually lasted much longer, but due to the situation, it had been cut short. "Feh... you just want a third person involved. Pervert."


"That's a bit hypocritical, don't you think?" Hakkai waited for a reply, but Sanzo didn't say anything, so he kept talking. "Shall I call him back in?"


Sanzo didn't know how to answer that question. He didn't want Goku involved, but he didn't really want to keep turning him away either.


"Sanzo?" Hakkai asked. He couldn't read the expression on Sanzo's face. If anything, he'd have to say that it looked lost. Hakkai had always assumed that Sanzo's feelings for Goku were such that something like this would be difficult, but not impossible. Perhaps he was wrong. "If you really don't want to do this...." There was another grunt, and Hakkai watched as Sanzo stared at the wall.


"Do you really think he's...?" Do you think he's ready for something like this? He couldn't even finish the question. It was too sentimental.


Hakkai smiled at the unfinished question. When Sanzo said it like that, it was easy to understand what he was talking about. "I'm not sure," Hakkai couldn't say for certain whether Goku was ready or not. "However, I think that it should be his decision to make, don't you?" He paused a moment, to let his words sink in. "It wouldn't be very kind for someone else to try and decide it for him." This time he waited for a reply, but Sanzo just grunted into the bed. "What do you think?" There was a sigh, and Sanzo picked at the sheets.


It was cute in a sense, it reminded Hakkai of the way a lovesick teenager would pick the petals off a flower saying, 'he loves me, he loves me not'. In any case, Sanzo wasn't objecting to his suggestion. He  was actually agreeing with it, or at least playing along for the time being. It was just one of those things he couldn't come out and say directly. "Alright."


He pushed himself up from the bed and walked to the door, opening it carefully just in case Goku was right on the other side. He wasn't. He was nowhere to be seen. Hakkai walked out into the hall and knocked on his door. "Goku?" No answer. He turned the handle, and the door was unlocked, so he opened it and stepped in. He was just in time to see Goku walking out of the shower, nothing but a towel around his waist. "Ah, I'm sorry." Hakkai closed his eyes and politely looked away, even though the image of Goku's dripping naked chest continued to plague his mind.


Goku thought it was kinda funny, because Hakkai was standing there naked. He could see every inch of Hakkai's body, but nobody was embarrassed about that. Hakkai was embarrassed to look at Goku, though, even with his lower body was covered. It was weird. Goku wouldn't mind if Hakkai looked at him naked. It'd be fair, because he'd already seen Hakkai that way. Anyway, he didn't understand why anyone should be ashamed of their body. "Yeah? What is it?"


"Sanzo and I were wondering if you'd like to join us."


"Really?" Goku asked. He couldn't believe it. "You want me to come, too?"


"After a manner of speaking." Hakkai replied. "Ah ha ha ha."


Goku felt his face flushing when he realized what that meant.


"That is-- ah-- if you would like to."


"Of course I would!" Goku replied. He covered his mouth after that, embarrassed by his own exuberant outburst. "I mean, yeah... I wanna go, too."


"Very well then, Goku." Hakkai smiled, genuinely pleased with the situation. He was about to lead the way out the door and into Sanzo's room when Goku spoke again.


"Um... should I take this off?"


Hakkai turned around and Goku was staring down at the towel around his waist. Hakkai wasn't sure what to say. His gaze rested on the edge, where Goku's skin disappeared underneath the fluffy fabric, trying to imagine what was underneath it. Not that he'd never seen it before, but this was a bit different from all the times they'd bathed together. "If you want to...?" Hakkai finally answered, with a bit of a nervous laugh.


Goku chewed his lower lip. He wasn't sure if he wanted to take it off, but he didn't really want to keep it on. "I dunno."


"You can leave it on now and take it off later, if you'd like."


"Okay," Goku agreed. That sounded good. He wouldn't have to wander down the hallway naked, like Hakkai was about to do. It was funny watching him, Goku couldn't help but giggle a little.


Hakkai was confused by the laughter. "Is something funny?"


"It's just--- you usually wear so much, but now you're walking down the hallway naked!"


"Is there something wrong with that? It's not as though there's anyone else around."


"Yeah, but..." Goku trailed off, trying to figure out how to put what he was thinking into words. "I don't get why you always cover it up like that. There's nothing wrong with you body."


Hakkai was stunned. It was one of those moments when Goku said something that completely took him by surprise. The teacher was learning from the student. "Thank you."


"You've got a really nice body," Goku continued. Because Hakkai had a surprised look on his face, like he didn't really believe it at all, so Goku walked up and touched his chest. "You should show it more."


This time Hakkai was the one who could feel his cheeks begin to flush as Goku hand brushed against his skin. They stood frozen in position for a moment, and then both turned away form each other nervously. Hakkai laughed a bit. He could already feel his cock twitching, hardening as it swelled with blood. Oh dear, this is highly inappropriate. "Perhaps we should be going? Sanzo is waiting for us."




Sanzo lied still on the bed. He wasn't sure that letting Goku in on his relationship with Hakkai was a good idea, but it didn't seem like he had any choice. As much as he wanted to prevent it from happening, Goku obviously wanted it to happen. That was exactly what bothered Sanzo. He didn't need Hakkai to tell him how Goku felt. It was obvious in the way Goku always thought about him, clung to him, and believed in him. Goku looked up to Sanzo. It had been that way ever since the first day he had pulled the lonely little monkey out of his cage. Goku trusted Sanzo, and Sanzo had always been very careful not to take advantage of that trust.


Even if it was Goku that wanted something more, Sanzo wasn't sure if he wanted it to happen. It was fine to do something like this with Hakkai, because he knew that Hakkai could handle it. No one knew for certain what would happen on their journey. Sanzo didn't plan on dying. But if he did, he knew that Hakkai would be able to get over it and move on. Would Goku be able to do the same? He had grown a lot stronger since they first set out on their journey, and no longer threw a fit when Sanzo was badly injured. Goku had even been fine when they separated, but it wasn't the same as dying. It wasn't the same as losing someone that you cared about permanently.


Although he had always known that Goku cared for him, Sanzo hadn't always been aware that there was any sort of sexual context to it. There were times when he had wondered. Every once in awhile something had happened to make him suspect that the monkey was having those sort of thoughts. But when had it become this serious? The dark wet spot on the crotch of Goku's pants made it clear exactly where he wanted their relationship to go. Sanzo didn't want it. They were already too close. What would happen once this last remaining barrier between them was finally removed?


No matter what happened in the future, Sanzo couldn't stay with anyone indefinitely. Even if they all miraculously accomplished their mission and survived to make the trip home, he would just return to his life at the temple. Goku couldn't live there forever. He wasn't suited to life as a monk or a priest, and Sanzo never intended to make him one. Goku would eventually have to move out and live his own life. Something as close to a normal life as possible. At least, that was what Sanzo wanted for him. But what did Goku want? Sanzo didn't want Goku to hold on to him, or to waste time hanging around the temple. He deserved to have so much more than that.


Then the door creaked open behind him, and Sanzo rolled over just in time to see Hakkai and Goku enter the room. It was impossible to ignore the erection jutting up from Hakkai's crotch. Then Sanzo noticed that Goku was naked, except for the towel draped around his waist. His skin was moist too, like he had just walked out of the shower. What the fuck?! "Hakkai?!"


"Ah, I'm sorry," Hakkai replied, chuckling nervously.


It was just then that Goku noticed it, because Hakkai had kept his back turned on the way to the room.


"What the fuck did you--?!"


"Nothing happened."




"Now, now, Sanzo..."


"He didn't do anything!" Goku interrupted. "I touched him."


"You wha--?!" Sanzo nearly choked on his own voice box. "You touched him where?!"


"Um, just... on his chest," Goku answered, staring down at Hakkai's erection. It looked a lot bigger when you were this close.


"You IDIOT!!"


"But, I like Hakkai's body!"


"I'm going to kill--"


"Please, Sanzo...." Hakkai interjected, trying to be the voice of reason.


"Because he always wears all those clothes, like he's ashamed of it or something!" Goku raised his voice and continued, in spite of the other two. "But I don't think he should be ashamed!"


The room was quiet for a moment. Sanzo huffed and his anger diffused. Hakkai sighed in relief. Then there was a moment of awkwardness, as they all glanced around the room at each other.


"You're right," Sanzo said, giving Hakkai a pointed look as he added, "He shouldn't be ashamed."


Hakkai smiled knowingly in return. Sanzo got off the bed and walked toward him. Goku watched as they got closer. The way they were looking into each others eyes made him wonder if they were gonna kiss or something. Then Sanzo suddenly turned toward Goku and whacked him over the head.


"...But that doesn't give you the right to go around touching things! Stupid monkey!"


"Ow! But-- why not?!"


"Shut up!"




"Really now, Sanzo...." Hakkai couldn't help but laugh at the sight. It was cute.


"And you...." Sanzo turned toward Hakkai, catching his eye for a moment just before he closed the distance between them and kissed him hard on the lips. They opened willingly to admit his tongue and groan into his mouth. Sanzo kissed Hakkai ardently, forcefully thrusting his tongue into anything and everything it could reach. Goku was whimpering somewhere off the the side, and even though it was annoying, Sanzo wouldn't stop until he was finished. When he was finally satisfied that he'd proven his point, he stepped back. "Does it take something like this to get you to listen?"


Hakkai smiled softly. It was true that Sanzo had told him not to be ashamed of any part of his body. He had heard it all before. Sanzo had explained quite clearly, while trailing his hands over each and every inch, that it was all a part of who he was and he should never be ashamed of any of it. But Sanzo had reasons for saying things like that. He wanted Hakkai to be confident and happy with himself. Goku, on the other hand, didn't think of things like that before speaking. He simply, abruptly, and honestly spoke his mind. With him, there were no ulterior motives. "I'm sorry."


Sanzo grunted in annoyance. "How many times do I have to tell you to stop apologizing?" It was the same old song and dance between these two. Hakkai had a habit of apologizing for anything that made anyone else uncomfortable, and Sanzo told him to stop. He shouldn't be sorry for being himself.


There was silence for a few minutes. Hakkai glanced demurely at the floor, Sanzo looked at Hakkai, and Goku stared up at both of them. Nothing happened though. Goku was getting bored, so he let his gaze trail down their bodies. It was then that he noticed something, Sanzo was getting hard. Maybe it was because of the way he had been kissing Hakkai, but it was definitely getting bigger. Goku was so busy staring at it that he failed to notice the tent his own erection had made underneath his towel. Sanzo eventually caught Goku staring at him and his breath hissed out in annoyance. "Are both of you just going to stand here?"


He turned and stomped over to the bed, plopping right down onto the mattress and lifting his feet up over the edge so he could lounge on the bed. Hakkai followed and sat down next to him. Goku wandered over and looked at them for a minute before deciding that it was finally time to take off the towel. Sanzo and Hakkai had been looking at each other when the movement caught their eyes. They both turned to see what was happening and ended up staring at Goku's erection. It wasn't as though they'd never seen him naked before, but neither of them had ever seen him hard.


"Is somethin' wrong?" Goku asked.


Sanzo was the first to react. His eyes snapped shut and he sighed in annoyance. No restraint whatsoever.


"Nothing's wrong, Goku," Hakkai said, offering a comforting, yet awkward, smile. "Why don't you come sit down?"


"Mm, okay." There wasn't any room by Hakkai because he sat near the end of the bed, so Goku walked over to sit by Sanzo.


Hakkai placed his hand on one of Sanzo's shins and let it slide slowly up his leg. "Sanzo and I have had plenty of time together, so... what would you like to do first, Goku?" 

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