- Title: Busted!
- Author: Gonou's Girl
- Pairing(s): GojyoxHakkai
- Rating: R
- Summary or description: Hakkai and Gojyo's secret might not be as secret as they thought…
- Disclaimer: All characters owned by the magnificent Minekura-sama *bows down in reverence*
- Email: elphame_lives [at] msn [dot] com
- Comments: My first fanfic – please be gentle with it! Haha.

Gojyo tilted his head slightly to get a better angle. At that brief movement from Gojyo, Hakkai had pushed his lips harder against his friend's, the hands holding Gojyo's shirt gripping tighter. A knowing smile tweaked at Gojyo's mouth as he raised a hand, holding it reassuringly against Hakkai's cheek. He felt Hakkai relax – somehow it was always more beautiful to him when Hakkai was relaxed like this, rather than tense and desperate. And it always amazed him just how relaxed this whole thing was; him, and Hakkai, together in every other moment they had to themselves; unrushed, gentle, and at ease.

   Hakkai gently pulled back from Gojyo, resting against the wall, his arms still hooped loosely around Gojyo's neck. He smiled warmly at him, a genuine smile that appeared with much greater frequency since the first time they were together – a smile that he only seemed to show to Gojyo. This just made Gojyo's grin even broader, and he rested his forehead against Hakkai's, letting his eyes close slightly from sheer contentment. Hakkai closed his eyes too, revelling in the soft touch of Gojyo's hands on his upper arms.

   "Why are you so goddamn perfect," Gojyo murmured happily. It wasn't a question; that breathy, barely audible statement was almost as close as Gojyo got to actually saying he loved Hakkai, and Hakkai – even though he knew it already – never tired of hearing it.

   "I might ask the same of you, Gojyo," Hakkai smiled, the light coming through the window playing on his seductive green eyes. Gojyo stroked Hakkai's cheek and hair, just gazing at him for a while, a little doubt starting to poke at his brains. He tried to bat them away but – what if it mattered to Hakkai?

   Gojyo's worry had obviously shown in his expression. Hakkai, perceptive as always, looked up into Gojyo's eyes. "Is something wrong, Gojyo?"

   Hell, thought Gojyo, you know me too goddamn well. "Hell," he said. "It's just... does it bother you that... that we haven't told the others?"

   Hakkai looked surprised at this. He hadn't expected such a practical thought to enter the kappa's head. "Gojyo?"

   "'Cause," Gojyo went on, standing back off the bed and opening his arms in a gesture of sincerity, "if you think I don't want them to know 'cause I don't wanna ruin my reputation... hell... Hakkai, you're more important than they are... I'll tell them right now if you want me to–"

   "Gojyo," Hakkai half-laughed, getting up from the bed himself and putting a finger to Gojyo's lips. That beautiful, warm smile had spread across his features again. "It doesn't bother me. What's between us is between us."

   Hakkai moved his finger aside and kissed Gojyo softly. That incredible sensation rippled through Gojyo once again. With a smile, he kissed Hakkai back.

   A creak on the stairs broke them apart. With a restraining hand on Gojyo's chest, they both listened intently. Then – a second, closer noise. Instinctively, they both backed away and sat on their own individual beds. Hakkai had his hands folded neatly in his lap, as if to pretend that he and Gojyo had been discussing something important. Gojyo snorted and ran a hand through his hair. "Hell," he said again, amused disbelief in his downcast eyes, "what are we doing?"

   Hakkai just smiled and laughed his usual laugh. His mask was already up, ready for the intrusion. And then –

   In burst the monkey.

   "Hakkaaai!" Goku whined, stomping over to where Hakkai was sat on the bed, hands on hips and a desperate scowl on his face. Behind him, Gojyo couldn't help but raise a single, very frustrated finger at the intruder. Hell.

   Ignoring Gojyo, Hakkai smiled benignly at Goku. "Something wrong, Goku?"

   "Sanzo's sayin' he's not gonna pay for us to go out an' eat anymore!" Goku complained loudly, flumping down on the bed next to Hakkai, grumpy as hell. "And he knows I just found that awesome crab place in the square, and the noodle bar in the street, and–"

   "Aha ha," Hakkai said. "I think I can quite understand Sanzo's position."

   "Yeah, monkey," grinned Gojyo, forcing Goku into a tighter headlock than was necessary. "You'd eat the three aspects themselves out of house and home."

   "But!" Goku protested, trying to pull Gojyo's arms away. "The crabs! And the noodles! And the–"

   "Yes, we get the picture, Goku," said Hakkai, trying to keep the peace. "Why don't you try reasoning with Sanzo?"

   "Yeah, right," Goku replied grouchily. "He's already hit me with th' fan a dozen times in as many minutes!"

   Gojyo grinned mischievously again, and prodded the monkey's head with a long finger. "Perfect, then," he taunted. "If he's already hit you that much, then you can't have any brain cells left intact. You've got nothing to lose!" With that, and a smile, he pushed him towards the door.

   "Geroff me, ya perverted kappa!" Goku cried.

   "Dumb chimp," Gojyo retorted, standing up so that he towered above the tiny Goku. Hakkai, wishing he had a mug of tea to complete the picture, simply smiled and watched their exchange.

   "Idiot cockroach!"

   "Chibi monkey!"

   "Now, now," Hakkai intervened eventually. Gojyo grudgingly stood back, perhaps realising that he wasn't actually succeeding in getting the monkey to leave. "Goku, I think you should try again to persuade Sanzo. I'm sure he wasn't serious about never paying for our meals again."

   "Yeah," agreed Gojyo, with a slight glance at Hakkai to check he was supposed to agree. "I mean, we all know he's a tight-ass, but even his High-and-Mighty-ness can't endure your whining for that long."

   "Just think of all the food, Goku," encouraged Hakkai. "All the food that isn't going to eat itself." Smile.

   It did the trick. "Yeah!" Goku exclaimed enthusiastically. "I gotta think of th' food! Sanzo'll come round, I just gotta talk to him! Thanks, Hakkai!"

   And with that, and a wave, he turned absent-tail and leapt out the door.

   "Shit. I thought he'd never leave," Gojyo said, a wry smile on his face as he pushed the door. They could still hear Goku's footsteps thundering down the stairs. Hakkai simply laughed again, but as the door shut he let his face relax into his genuine, with-Gojyo smile. "You do realise," Gojyo continued, "that you've sent him to his death?"

   "Anything for you," Hakkai grinned mischievously, leaning forward to grab Gojyo's shirt, pulling his face down towards his as they shared, at last, another kiss. "Besides," mused Hakkai, smiling into Gojyo's face, "they might have their own little secret."

   "Shit," Gojyo laughed, "and pigs might fly!"

   Still laughing, Gojyo pushed Hakkai back into the wall and clambered on his knees onto the bed. Breathing in deeply, Hakkai took Gojyo's beautiful face in his long hands and pulled him close to him. Gojyo's hands found Hakkai's supple waist, excitement rippling once more through his stomach. He leaned in, so in love he could hardly believe it...

   "Hakkai, I forgot th' wors–"

   The door swung open and the scene suddenly froze. Goku stood in the doorway, Hakkai on the bed, settled between the wall and Gojyo, who leant over him in a manner far too intimate to be passed off as friendship – even to Goku.

   The door shut again. Hakkai and Gojyo stayed frozen, unsure whether it was safe to move, unsure whether they wanted to be discovered or not.

   The door opened a third time. Goku simply stared at the two far-too-close men for a few moments, his mouth slightly open. Clearly he was having trouble processing the sight before his eyes, even though Gojyo and Hakkai were making no effort to conceal their intimacy. Even the monkey could understand things if they sat still for long enough.

   Eventually, after a couple half-formed "Wha?"s, Goku, still wide-eyed, started to back out of the door again. It slammed shut with a sudden bang and they could hear Goku running off down the stairs yelling, "Sanzoooo!"

   His heart pounding with excitement, Gojyo collapsed with a laugh. "Shit," he said, running his fingers through his hair again. "Guess the cat's out of the bag now!"

   "Come now, Gojyo," Hakkai smiled broadly at him, his eyes sparkling. "You were all for telling them ten minutes ago."

   "Yeah, but telling them is not the same as getting busted!" Gojyo protested, although he was having trouble complaining. They were going to know – him and Hakkai would no longer be a secret. Gojyo was surprised at how nice that thought was.

   "Well," said Hakkai, kissing Gojyo gently on the lips as if to soothe him, even though he too looked like he was rather enjoying himself. "Why don't we turn this situation – to our advantage?"

   Gojyo took one look at the wicked-looking grin on Hakkai's face and knew what Hakkai meant. He always loved it when Hakkai got nasty like this – it was so deliciously out of character; so deliciously real.

   "What've you got in mind?"

Sanzo was not happy. Apparently it wasn't in the job description of monkey-sitter to be able to read his newspaper in peace. He'd managed five minutes – an incredible five minutes of peace and quiet – with his empty threat over eating out, but that was it. Dammit, Hakkai and Gojyo could not even keep him quiet for more than five minutes? And now, despite Sanzo's desperate attempts to prove to Goku that he really didn't care what the idiot kappa and Hakkai were doing alone together – muichi motsu and all that – Goku had still managed to drag him bodily up the stairs to witness some supposedly horrifying image. Someone was going to die for this.

   Goku pushed open the door and forced Sanzo inside.

   Hakkai and Gojyo were on the bed, the blanket pulled up over them. They seemed to be knelt on all-fours, although only their heads and Gojyo's bare arms were visible, and Gojyo's hands were gripping the sheets very tightly. But the most disturbing thing about the image was that Hakkai was on top of Gojyo – rocking backwards and forwards.

   Gojyo gave a very enthusiastic moan.

   Sanzo's mouth fell open.

   "SEE?" Goku half-screamed, beside himself with a mixture of rage and shock. "SEE?"

   Hakkai turned his head towards the door and, with his trademark smile, said, "Oh, hello?"

   "Yo," said Gojyo, with a grin and a wave.

   Pressure was clearly building in Sanzo's head. That vein was throbbing again in his temple, which was never a good sign. "Would one of you brainless idiots care to tell me what's going on before I extract the information with a bullet?" he growled, his mouth so low on his chin it was a wonder it could still fit. His fingers twitched dangerously around the trigger.

   "Aha ha," Hakkai laughed cheerfully. He straightened up and let the blanket fall down around his feet, revealing them fully clothed, save for Gojyo's naked torso. "I was just giving Gojyo a massage. He was complaining of back pain."

   "Yeah," Gojyo sighed, stretching as though to prove this. "Sharing Jeep with the monkey is killing me," he said, trying to be as irritating as possible.

   The vein was still throbbing in Sanzo's temple.

   "Wha?" exclaimed Goku. "But – Sanzo, that's not what they were doin' before! They were – all – all kissy and stuff! It was gross! Sanzooo!" The monkey pulled at Sanzo's shirtsleeves.


   Make that a dozen plus one.

   Sanzo tucked the fan away again as Goku nursed his head. "What was that for?" he cried angrily.

   "For seeing things, for believing them and then for interrupting and wasting my valuable newspaper time," Sanzo stated.

   "... Old man," grinned Gojyo, winking at Sanzo. Hakkai, of course, just laughed.

   Goku stood there for a few moments, looking like he would really like to hit something. He kept looking from Gojyo, to Hakkai, to Sanzo, trying to find words to convince the priest. Then, he gave up and stalked out of the room, muttering about how stupid Sanzo never believed anything he said before slamming the door loudly behind him.

   The room was silent for a few moments as Hakkai and Gojyo wondered whether this meant they had got away without Sanzo discovering their secret. Sanzo sat down on the opposite bed and lit up a cigarette, taking a long drag on it. Gojyo couldn't help feeling that Sanzo was enjoying making them wait.

   "... I suppose the monkey would always have found out eventually," Sanzo said, tucking his lighter back into his robes.

   Gojyo's mouth fell open. "You knew?" he gasped in disbelief. "You piece-of-shit priest..."

   Hakkai, on the other hand, looked puzzled, but not really surprised. "How did you find out, Sanzo?"

   "Feh," Sanzo continued. "You two are more obvious than a pair of teenage newlyweds. Give me some credit, I am a priest after all."

   "And you have no problem with it?" Hakkai asked, shocked.

   "Hmph." Sanzo wasn't exactly homosexuality's biggest fan, but then again... Live your life, just as it is, as master always used to say.

   "Do what you want."

   Hakkai felt relief flow through him. Gojyo continued to stare at Sanzo with an expression of incredulity. "You are the worst priest I have ever heard of."

   "But, Sanzo," Hakkai asked, curious, "if you knew... may I ask why you didn't say anything before?"

   Sanzo sighed. All he wanted was to get back to his newspaper. Hakkai asked so many damn questions. "Why didn't you two say anything?"

   Hakkai and Gojyo instinctively looked at each other and grinned broadly, sheepishly. Newlyweds, thought Sanzo irritably.

   "Well, it just kinda happened one day..." Gojyo began, rubbing the back of his head and smiling like a six-year-old.

   "... And, well... it was difficult to know how to break it to the two of you," Hakkai finished off, a sheepish smile stretching from ear to ear.

   "How about 'I'm fucking the idiot kappa'? Even Goku would understand that," Sanzo retorted. This really was getting irritating.

   "My, Sanzo, you make it sound so vulgar," Hakkai laughed, slightly irritated himself at the comment. He let the irritation slide. "And you're sure you're all right with it?"

   "Like it's any of my business," Sanzo replied, lighting up a second cigarette and rising from the bed. He turned to leave the room.

   "Thank you, Sanzooo," crooned Gojyo, leaping up and wrapping his arms around Sanzo's neck in an overly camp gesture. This was a situation far too good to miss, and he was going to milk it for all it was worth.

   "Get off me, you shit-for-brains kappa!" Sanzo cried, a slight panic starting to emanate from his usually calm demeanour.

   "But Sanzo-sama," Gojyo said, grinning as he forced his face between Sanzo's flailing arms, resting cheek to cheek with the horrified priest. "You said you were okay with it!"


   "Aha! Now, now, Gojyo. You're making me quite jealous!"

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