Title: Ties that Bind
Author: freeradical9

E-mail: freeradical9 (at) gmail (.) com
Webpage: http://freeradical9.livejournal.com

Pairing: Nii/Hakkai
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con, explicit M/M, bondage, incest
Summary: For the prompt (Nii/Hakkai) The ikkou's been captured, and there's something about Hakkai....

A/N: *cough* Non-con is not usually my cup of tea. However, the prompt above allowed me to work through some ideas that have been simmering in the back of my head for far too long. This probably would have made more sense as Ukoku/Hakkai, based on the character designs, but the request was for Nii/Hakkai, so here it is.

Written for vom_marlowe's amazing Anonymous Saiyuki kink meme and reposted (no longer anonymous) with the mod's permission.


Cho Hakkai had successfully picked the lock on one of his shackles, and very nearly finished opening the second by the time Nii Jyeni had made his way down to the dungeons of Houtou Castle. The feat was made more impressive by virtue of the fact that Nii had left strict orders for his lockpicks to be confiscated, hands chained over his head, and that he be completely stripped of clothing from the waist up.

Resourceful. But then, Nii would have expected no less.

He must have heard the footsteps in the hall, for by the time Nii opened the heavy cell door, the lockpick had vanished out of sight. Hakkai's right arm was down at his side as he affected an air of nonchalance, as if pretending that someone had simply forgotten to secure that wrist up into the empty shackle that dangled above his head.

Their eyes met. There was something there for a moment, a faint jerk of the head, a slight intake of breath, and Nii felt a subtle thrill in the pit of his stomach when he saw the prisoner's composure slip just a bit. Clever boy. Nii had been right to keep himself hidden from the Sanzo-ikkou all this time. He had guessed that just one encounter would be enough to let this particular secret slip.

How delightful.

He swung the door closed behind him, feeling the tumblers of the lock fall solidly into place. He held up the ring of keys then, idly twirling it on one finger. He watched the prisoner watching them a moment, before hooking the ring over a nail set into the doorframe, tantalizingly in plain sight. Hakkai's eyes shifted back to Nii's face as the scientist strolled forward.

Such pretty, pretty green eyes, they were. Just like his mother's had been.

Nii stopped a bare step away from the prisoner. If he wanted to, he could easily touch the smooth softness of a pale shoulder, feel the hard ridge of scar tissue on the exposed abdomen, or run his fingers through the dark, silky hair. Just as easily, the fingers of the prisoner's free hand could cross the intervening distance and wrap themselves around the scientist's throat. Instead, neither moved to bridge the gap, and they stood in silence, staring at each other levelly.

"Hello, Gonou," Nii said at last.

The prisoner didn't flinch. Didn't even blink, in fact. Nii gave him credit for that. "I think you have me confused with someone else," he said calmly. "My name is Hakkai." After a beat, he added, "...and who are you?"

"Oh, I think you know," Nii said in a pleasant tone. "I suppose I should say that it's nice to see you, after all of these years. But I really don't need to. After all, I've been watching your progress for quite some time."

Hakkai remained silent, watching, expressionless.

"You cast off your birth name so easily. It was the only gift your dear old dad ever gave you, and you abandoned it without a second thought. " He studied Hakkai a moment longer, then gave a careless shrug. Rather than backing away, however, he leaned in closer so that he could feel the prisoner's breath on his lips, and purred.

"...But then, I suppose you've shown your appreciation for your father's legacy in your actions, through the years. Taking your sister as your lover. Slaughtering half a human village and two clans of youkai. Wallowing in your hatred after your transformation into a youkai yourself. Living in sin in a taboo relationship with a hanyou, and spending nearly two years on a journey with a sea of corpses scattered in your wake. Really, it's enough to make a father so terribly proud."

Hakkai's breath caught in his chest, and Nii saw the first faint traces of rage flicker in the depths of those beautiful green eyes. Nii's gut tightened in anticipation, and he reached out and caught the point of Hakkai's chin. "Tell me," he murmured, in a voice that was barely audible, "Did you know that there's a type of incest that runs in families? It's entirely genetic, or so I've been told."

Hakkai did move then. Not to lash out, as he must have known that was expected--must have sensed how much real danger he was in. Instead, the fingers of his free hand flew up to his left ear.

He was fast, but he still had his limiters on, and Nii had been trained as a Sanzo priest. The free wrist was caught, twisted effortlessly up behind his back in one smooth motion. Hakkai couldn't quite suppress a small, surprised noise of pain.

"Oh come now," Nii breathed, now pressed against his back. "Did you really think I'd allow you to access those lovely vines? What would you do? Strangle me?" He smiled, and nipped lightly at those very same silver cuffs, feeling Hakkai shudder with loathing under his hands. "How very un-filial of you. I'm hurt."

"Go to hell," Hakkai said, and he was obviously really angry now, because the words came out half-snarled.

"Oh yes, I imagine so." The hand that was not currently engaged in the vicious hammerlock skimmed over Hakkai's chest, tracing lingeringly over the broad stretch of scar tissue and down over the front of his khaki pants. Stroking purposefully against the crotch area, smiling as his touch awoke the first faint traces of response. "I'll probably even see you there. We are so very much alike, after all."

The subtle clink of metal on metal warned him that Hakkai had wrapped his shackled hand around links of chain. Nii swayed sideways to avoid the boot heel aimed for his privates, but nearly stumbled a bit as Hakkai's other foot snaked behind his ankle, attempting to catch him off balance. The boy really was so very quick and clever. Nii felt his pulse speed up just a bit.

"Now, now, that wasn't nice," Nii murmured pleasantly, just before he dislocated Hakkai's pinned shoulder with ruthless precision.

Hakkai made a strangled noise, his face blanching sickly-pale. Nii casually released the dislocated arm, leaving Hakkai to shudder as each slight movement from the uselessly dangling limb ground bone agonizingly against the empty shoulder socket. The pain of it caused Hakkai's fingers to slip on the chain, and he sagged downward, supported only by Nii's hands and the iron cuff still locked around his left wrist.

"Don't even think of pretending to pass out," Nii said silkily, drawing Hakkai back against his chest. Now that both of the prisoner's hands were effectively immobilized, he was free to undo the fastenings on Hakkai's pants. "I'm already quite well aware that you have a phenomenally high tolerance for pain. That it's something of a turn on, in fact."

The khakis pooled on the floor around Hakkai's boots. Nii left them there, knowing the tangle of fabric would be quite effective at restraining Hakkai's ankles. The underwear followed, and Nii wrapped his hand around the velvet weight of Hakkai's cock. Only half-hard, in spite of the pain. This needed some more coaxing, then.

Knotting his fingers in the silky dark hair, Nii wrenched Hakkai's head around, capturing and sucking on his lower lip. Hakkai tried to bite him, which was impertinent and utterly delightful. Nii indulged his attempts for the next several minutes before the game got old. Eventually, he simply wedged his fingers into the hinge of Hakkai's jaw to keep his teeth from closing and ruthlessly took what he wanted.

Nii was hard, now, and ready. And despite Hakkai's continued attempts at resistance, his baser nature was surfacing. He was reacting to the intimate touches on his body in spite of himself. And yet, it still wasn't enough. Nii smiled lazily, slicking his fingers with pre-come from his own cock before sliding them down into Hakkai's crack. "So," he said casually, his breath brushing against Hakkai's limitered ear, "...is this what the hanyou does to you, in your shared moments alone?"

Hakkai's body twitched, his breath catching, and Nii knew he had taken exactly the right track. "I imagine he's quite a lover," he murmured, as his fingers slid down and in. "Years of experience and all that. I bet he knows all of your sweet spots by now." His fingers twisted expertly, seeking, and Hakkai bucked and let out a helpless gasp.

"Of course, I have an advantage," Nii said smoothly. "I knew your mother's, and she knew mine. Another thing the two of us likely passed on. For that very same reason, I bet it was so easy for you to find dear, sweet Kanan's...."

Hakkai's body went rigid with fury. Nii took the opportunity presented, withdrew his fingers, and slid his cock deep into Hakkai's ass. That tight passage was hot and sweet and so very, very good, exactly as he had known it would be. Hakkai rose up onto his toes, trying to get away--but there was nowhere for him to go with his wrist still shackled above his head. Nii's arm curled around his chest, his other slid over his hip, and he rocked forward again and again.

Hakkai was trying so hard not to make noise at those deep, invasive thrusts. Really, it was the one source of irritation in this otherwise perfect encounter. So Nii reached out and wrapped his fingers around Hakkai's cock again, stroking. "...And does the hanyou do this too, when he's buried so deep inside you?" Nii purred into the shell of an ear, nuzzling those little silver clips. "Do those strong, tanned hands caress you, like this...and like this?" He demonstrated, knowing exactly where to touch.

Hakkai moaned then, a low, lovely sound. He involuntarily pushed up into Nii's hand, arching, and then he was coming. His body was tightening around Nii's cock, sweet and perfect, and causing Nii to clutch at him--thrusting in again and again until his body tensed in the throes of orgasm, and he was gasping and shaking with the ecstasy of release.

When Nii descended again from the blissful heights of climax, he found to his annoyance that his impassioned grip had twisted Hakkai's dislocated shoulder completely out of alignment. His son was well and truly unconscious from the pain, and perhaps the emotional trauma as well. After a moment's consideration, Nii fetched the keys from the doorway, unlocked the second shackle, and eased him down to the floor. Practicality, not compassion. Another expert twist, and the dislocated shoulder joint snapped back into place.

Nii rose to his feet again. It had been an entirely satisfactory experience in all respects. He could hardly wait to repeat it. Nii would have to call the servants in first, to get the prisoner cleaned up and shackled again, and then they could have another go.

Next time, perhaps he might even let the hanyou watch.


Nii never got the chance for a second round, after all.

After years of trying to stop the Sanzo-ikkou on their journey to the West, the denizens of Houtou castle should have realized that it was impossible to hold them up in any one place. Chains and dungeons were fine for lesser beings, but not for the might of the Seiten Taisei, or even of a pissed-off Sanzo priest.

As close as they were to completing their mission, the Sanzo-ikkou had to retreat. Hakkai had still been unconscious when they had pulled him out of his cell. Down one vital member of their Gods-decreed party, it hadn't been a good time to try to launch an attack on the fortress. So they had backed off to the east to regroup and wait until morning.

When Hakkai had woken on his own a few hours later, at an inn room in the closest town that they could find, there was a deadness to his eyes, to his appearance. There was a hollowness that Goku's cheerfulness and Gojyo's concern couldn't seem to touch. Hakkai went through the motions of the normal routine, but each of the other members of the Sanzo-ikkou knew that there was something seriously wrong. The complete lack of any sort of facial expression on Hakkai's pale face was an instant clue.

Sanzo said nothing, but when finalizing room arrangements, over Goku's surprise and hurt and Gojyo's bitter protests, he insisted on sharing with Hakkai.

After dinner, when they had all retired to their rooms and Sanzo sat on the windowsill, smoking and staring out into the night, Hakkai came up behind him.

"You should kill me," Hakkai said quietly, without preamble.

"I knew you'd say something like that," Sanzo answered shortly. Sanzo, who had been imprisoned in the cell directly beside Hakkai's at Houtou Castle. "Don't be an idiot."

Hakkai gave a dry laugh. It was an empty thing that contained no emotion at all. "Honestly, I think it's perfectly rational. That man...my father...is a complete and utter monster. ...And in so many ways, I have turned out to be exactly like him."

"Tch." Sanzo ground his cigarette out in the ashtray. "That's why you're an idiot. Because you're stupidly listening to what he said."

"How can I not?" Hakkai protested, sounding angry. "His words make perfect sense. And here I've been fooling myself into thinking that I won't betray you. It's his blood in my veins, in the end."

"It's unlike you to forget," Sanzo said impatiently, "So I'll remind you. Not so long ago, you killed a thousand youkai. The blood that was spilled transformed you. It's the blood of those dead that flows in your veins now."

Hakkai blinked. That was obviously not the way he had thought about it before, but he could hardly argue with the wisdom of a Sanzo priest. He looked away for a minute. "That doesn't change the fact that he's still my father," he said softly.

"True," Sanzo agreed. "Killing a thousand youkai wouldn't change that. But a visit to a major Buddhist temple for judgment would."

Hakkai looked up at him sharply, catching the thread of Sanzo's reasoning, and for the first time since he had regained consciousness, the monk saw hope ignite fiercely in his eyes.

"That man was father to Cho Gonou," Sanzo said, although he suspected it was redundant, since Hakkai was clearly putting together the pieces on his own. He drew in a breath of smoke from his cigarette, and slowly let it out again. "Cho Gonou is dead. His death was a decree of the Gods, a renunciation of everything that existed in that life. All previous ties have been broken." Sanzo met Hakkai's eyes. His gaze was implacable. "That man has no hold over you."

"Unless I let him," Hakkai sounded faintly breathless, "in this life."

"Yes. Why else do you think he visited you? He understands these details perfectly. He's a Sanzo priest, after all."

Hakkai face whitened--and he probably didn't deserve this one more shock on top of what had been a truly horrific day. Still, Sanzo wanted to be sure that he knew, so he would finally understand what they were up against. "A Sanzo priest? You're absolutely sure?"

"I'm sure." Sanzo ground his cigarette out in the ashtray, and immediately reached for his half-empty pack. "He didn't bother to disguise his voice. He probably thinks I've forgotten everything. But I'd recognize that voice anywhere."

Hakkai seemed to be at a loss. "What are we going to do?"

"Nothing, for the moment. Our mission hasn't changed. We'll do what needs to be done, and deal with anyone who gets in our way."

Hakkai's features softened, and he gave a faint smile then. It was his very first one since waking up in the inn. "I guess you're right."

It was progress--but it wasn't enough. Of all of them, Hakkai had always been slowest to recover from gaping emotional wounds. Even now, Sanzo could sense the trauma of the afternoon's encounter still seething beneath the surface fašade.

He was wise enough to know when to let others do their share.

Sanzo flicked on his lighter and touched it to the end of his cigarette. "So. If you're not so ready to die at the moment, you might make yourself useful and consider checking on the idiot kappa before turning in." He met Hakkai's eyes, and added pointedly, "if he doesn't get some kind of reassurance that you'll be all right, he won't sleep tonight, and he'll be impossible in the morning."

Hakkai's gaze held his a moment too long, and Sanzo knew that he had gotten the hint. "Perhaps that's a good idea," he said softly, after a long moment.

"Thank you, Sanzo. I think I will."


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