Title: Quatrefoil

Author: freeradical9

E-mail: freeradical9 (at) gmail (.) com
Webpage: http://freeradical9.livejournal.com

Pairing: Gojyo/Hakkai/Tenpou/Kenren
Rating: NC-17
Warnings Explicit M/M, foursome, voyeurism, language

Summary: Hakkai has a rather odd dream.

Written for the prompt: Gojyo/Hakkai/Tenpou/Kenren...seeing them in a foursome action.


"You," came a disembodied voice that sounded strangely like his own, "are impossibly dense."

Even before he opened his eyes, Hakkai knew that he was dreaming. Dreaming, because there was no way anyone in the waking world could enter a secluded forest campsite which contained a Sanzo priest, a dragon and three slumbering youkai and manage to go undetected.

Opening his eyes confirmed that Hakkai was dreaming, because the voice belonged to a near-mirror image of himself, a stranger who was currently crouched down beside Hakkai's bedroll, the tails of his white lab coat dragging in the dirt. Not quite a true mirror image--apart from his clothing, he also had longer hair and darker eyes, and his aura didn't feel like that of a youkai--didn't feel like anything at all, in fact. The stranger pushed a pair of spectacles up on his nose, and regarded Hakkai expectantly.

Hakkai said the only coherent thing that came to mind. "Pardon me?"

"You. Dense. Of course, there are some who would argue it's a trait we both share, but that would be beside the point. I'm here because, to be quite frank, we've decided that we're not going to put up with this ridiculous situation any longer. It's been over five hundred years, and we're tired of waiting around." He paused, then added, almost as an afterthought, "I'm Tenpou, by the way. I believe you've heard of me before."

Hakkai blinked. Tenpou. Wasn't Tenpou supposed to be...?

"Come along then." Tenpou abruptly rose to his feet. "We haven't got all night." Without waiting for a response, he turned and walked off into the forest.

A bit hesitantly, without really knowing why he did so, Hakkai rose from his bedroll and followed Tenpou out into the night. Hakkai somehow already had pants on, but he had neglected to put on shoes or his monocle, and the stones and moss were cool under his bare feet as he padded after the white blur of Tenpou's lab coat. Time skipped oddly as he walked, as was common in dreams, and suddenly Hakkai found himself at the edge of a clearing where moonlight filtered down onto a wide patch of grass.

There were two people already in the clearing as he and Tenpou approached. Hakkai saw with a start that one of them was Gojyo...and the other was a near-mirror image of Gojyo. Hakkai's steps slowed. If the man with long red hair standing there in jeans and a tank top was the real thing, then the look-alike with short hair in the black greatcoat must be....

"Kenren," Tenpou said, sounding pleased. "I see you managed to bring your counterpart along."

Kenren made a noncommittal noise and ground a spent cigarette out under his heel. He cast a curious glance in Hakkai's direction. "I would have thought you'd have had more difficultly with yours."

Tenpou simply smiled and said nothing.

It was odd, but by chance, they had arranged themselves so that Hakkai stood across from Tenpou, and Gojyo from Kenren. Past and present incarnations, if the words of Homura and his henchmen were to be believed, positioned as if they were reflections of each other--arrayed like the points of a compass, or leaves around the stem of a flower.

"Well," Tenpou said after a moment, "I guess we should get started." He met Kenren's eyes, and with an air of perfect nonchalance he crossed the distance that separated them in about two steps. He came to a halt directly in front of Kenren, raising a hand to the side of Kenren's face in a gesture that was almost tender. "It really has been too long," he murmured softly.

A black-gloved hand caught at Tenpou's fingers. "Fuck, yeah," Kenren replied, sounding almost breathless as he said it. His other arm slid around in back of the lab coat, drawing Tenpou closer as Kenren turned his head ever so slightly in order to....

Hakkai felt his features go wooden with shock. He realized belatedly that, aside from a few chance comments made by Homura and his followers, he really knew next to nothing about his and Gojyo's supposed former incarnations.

He certainly hadn't realized that they'd been...involved.

There was no doubt about it now. Hakkai could only watch in appalled disbelief as their open mouths touched--lightly at first, then with growing passion and enthusiasm. Kenren threaded his hands through Tenpou's long hair, tilting his chin to get a better angle and tongues flashed out visibly in the moonlight. Tenpou's fingertips were gliding down over Kenren's black leather coat, settling lightly over the waist as he canted forward, pressing up against him. Hakkai couldn't help but notice that their bodies fit together perfectly, as if they had been practicing at it for ages.

Cast into the role of voyeur and unwitting audience, Hakkai somehow couldn't manage to tear his eyes away. The two kami blithely continued kissing each other, touching each other. The whole situation was making Hakkai feel distinctly...warm. It didn't help that, with their physical similarities, his stunned mind kept trying to superimpose an image of himself and Gojyo in their places. The very idea was utterly unnerving. ...And yet, once it occurred to him, he couldn't seem to stop thinking about it.

Conflicted and confused, Hakkai resolutely averted his eyes.

He found himself looking at Gojyo, which was almost worse. Gojyo was staring fixedly at the bizarre sight of their previous incarnations making out in the middle of the woods. He was wearing a half-freaked out, half-turned on expression--one that Hakkai desperately hoped wasn't showing up on his own face.

"Ah..." Hakkai started to say. He stopped and wet his lips, wondering absently how his mouth had gotten so dry. "Perhaps we should go back to the campsite," he suggested to Gojyo. And leave these two alone to...whatever.

He thought that he'd said it quietly enough, and that the others were preoccupied enough that they wouldn't notice. However, the words had barely left Hakkai's mouth, when he was suddenly pinned by two sets of reproachful celestial eyes.

"Oh no you don't," Kenren stated firmly. He took a step forward, hands sliding almost reluctantly away from Tenpou. "What did I tell you," he said back over his shoulder to the other kami. His dark eyes were glittering in an almost predatory fashion. "I knew that it was your incarnation who was going to be the problem here. Honestly, Tenpou, you've turned into such a prude."

"Mmm. I have to agree," Tenpou murmured, looking at Hakkai with entirely too much appraisal written into his expression. "You were absolutely right. We'll have to do something about that first."

Kenren took another purposeful step. He was starting to get uncomfortably close. Hakkai stood his ground in spite of the small voice in the back of his head that informed him that it might be better for he and Gojyo to run while they still had the chance.

"Excuse me," Hakkai said. He was irritated at being forced into this position, and his tone was more than a bit put out. "I don't mean to be rude, but...."

Anything else he was going to say was abruptly cut short. Kenren was across the intervening space and kissing him, warm hands cupping his face as lips moved on lips, smooth and wet. Hakkai froze in shock for the second time in as many minutes, his mind going utterly blank.

He vaguely heard Gojyo give an indignant shout on his account, and briefly wondered if he was going to be rescued.

It seemed not--for he heard Tenpou speak up then, quiet and direct. "...Are you jealous?"

Gojyo immediately subsided in spluttering denial.

...Which left Hakkai on his own to deal with Kenren...something he really wasn't handling very well. Watching Kenren kiss was nothing compared to experiencing it. The kami's lips were soft, sensual, stroking against Hakkai's mouth in a way that evoked an entirely involuntary shiver. It was a strange sensation...but not, Hakkai realized, wholly unpleasant. If Gojyo had ever....

Hakkai quashed that line of thought before it had even fully formed. He was absolutely not going to compare Kenren to Gojyo, since he knew that was exactly what Kenren wanted him to do. Coming back to his senses somewhat, Hakkai started to pull away.

...Only to find that Tenpou had slid around behind him to strategically block his escape.

"Oh, no," Tenpou murmured into his ear as Kenren continued to hold his head steady with his thumbs pressing lightly along Hakkai's cheekbones. Tenpou's hands slid up along the sleeves of Hakkai's black shirt and across the front of his shoulders, leaning forward to allow a warm breath to feather against the nape of his neck. "You're not getting away that easily. I told you, we've waited too long. You're not going anywhere until after we've made our point."

Hakkai disliked being cornered--resented being manipulated. He was a heartbeat away from summoning his chi to reclaim his personal space. ...And yet....

And yet, Kenren's kiss, while forward, was neither aggressive nor invasive. It was teasing, playful...almost gentle. His tongue ran lightly over the contours of Hakkai's closed lips, and he made no attempt whatsoever force his way in. He simply touched and nipped in light, careful motions, exactly as though he were expecting Hakkai to come around any minute, now. ...Which was precisely why, Hakkai realized with slightly foggy insight, Gojyo had such a reputation as a lover. For all Gojyo's brash exterior, he had a remarkable sensitivity when he cared to let it show.

Tenpou was much more direct. Hakkai felt lips brush against the side of his neck, then wetness, then mild suction. It should have caused him to panic, but Kenren was continuing to distract him with those light, soft touches of his mouth. Tenpou's hands shifted, ghosting downward over his chest. They came to rest, fingertips lightly stroking over his nipples through the thin black cloth of his sleeping shirt.

The jolt from that touch went right to Hakkai's groin. He dimly heard himself make a soft little noise. Kenren's tongue flicked between Hakkai's parted lips, and Hakkai found that he didn't have the willpower to resist it. It darted out against his teeth, once, twice, and then deeper. Without conscious thought, indeed all conscious thought seemed to be abandoning him completely, Hakkai found himself tilting his head accommodatingly as Tenpou continued to lick wetly at the side of his neck and Kenren began to explore the inside his mouth.

After four years of meticulous celibacy, it was appalling how easily the subtle sensuality was able to rouse emotions and cravings that Hakkai had thought were safely dead and buried deep inside. Desire rose up inside him like a physical force. Common sense and inhibitions were melting away under the flawlessly orchestrated siege by two individuals who apparently knew him better than he knew himself.

It's been too long.... he thought helplessly. He had to...he needed.... His hands came up to tangle in Kenren's hair, and he found himself responding to Kenren's advance out of sheer desperation. Tenpou purred in approval and slid his hands up underneath Hakkai's shirt. His fingertips glided artfully over skin in a way that made Hakkai shudder with longing.

"Do you like watching your other self kissing him?" Hakkai dimly heard Tenpou's words through the haze of arousal, and knew that he wasn't the one being addressed. "He likes it, as you can see. He'd like it even more if it was you."

Kenren gently released Hakkai's mouth at that point, prompting an entirely involuntary noise of disappointment. The kami's intent dark eyes studied Hakkai for a moment, then slid slyly sideways. Almost against his will, Hakkai found himself turning his head to look, his gaze drawn irresistibly to where Gojyo stood. Gojyo was watching--had been watching since the beginning. His gaze was wide-eyed, lips wet and slightly parted. Hakkai felt some part of his building desire shift suddenly. Wanting, needing...knowing it was clear on his face. "Gojyo," he breathed, his voice sounding low and husky in his own ears.

He saw Gojyo swallow hard. Then Kenren was nuzzling beneath Hakkai's jaw, and Tenpou's hand was sliding down over the front of his pants, stroking and cupping at the bulge there that Hakkai would ordinarily have been mortified about--except that it felt so good. Kenren's lips and tongue brushed along the arch of his neck, and Hakkai tilted his head back and closed his eyes, drawing in a shaky breath. "Gojyo...."

Hakkai knew that he was utterly lost if even his own embarrassment lacked the power recall him from this folly. He was drowning in sensation, incapable of doing anything more than listening to his own unsteady breathing as Tenpou continued to stroke at the front of his khakis and Kenren purposefully nuzzled at the pulse-point of his throat.

He didn't hear the footsteps until they settled to a halt nearby. Abruptly, a hand slid up along the side of Hakkai's face. The palm was rough and callused, completely unlike the smooth fingers that continued to stroke underneath the fabric of Hakkai's shirt. Hakkai's eyes flew open, and he found himself looking into irises of brilliant crimson. So familiar and yet...he'd never seen Gojyo look so uncertain. The red haired man hesitated, even as he stared at Hakkai with a mixture of wonder and longing clear on his face.

"Gojyo," Hakkai found himself saying, barely aware of the words as a surge of raw desire clenched in his gut. "Oh, Gojyo. Please."

Kenren's touch slid away. Hakkai's hands threaded themselves insistently into Gojyo's shirt and into Gojyo's hair. Suddenly there was no space separating the two of them at all, their bodies pressed together, mouths locked against each other in urgency and mutual need. Somewhere in the distance, Hakkai thought he heard the kami chuckling quietly, sharing a joke at his and Gojyo's expense. He couldn't bring himself to care.

Gojyo's hands were everywhere, cupping his chin, gliding over his chest, grasping at his waist--as if, having decided to touch Hakkai, he suddenly couldn't get enough. He was doing things with his tongue that were making Hakkai go weak at the knees, and his broad hands were sliding lower, settling over the curve of Hakkai's backside and squeezing lightly in a way that caused Hakkai to moan and clutch at him, pulling him tighter.

He didn't realize that the kami had shifted positions until he felt Kenren's solid warmth settle at his back. A fleeting glance showed him that Tenpou had slipped in behind Gojyo, as if to prevent Gojyo from changing his mind. ...Not that Gojyo seemed inclined to do so at the moment. He had been caught up and trapped by his own desire much as Hakkai had been. It was as if they both had been wanting this--been wanting each other, for ages and ages without ever realizing it at all.

Hakkai's pants were growing uncomfortably tight. Gojyo was wearing snug black denim, and his situation by now was probably even worse. ...And incongruously, part of Hakkai thought, It's just a dream. What could be the harm? He found himself reaching down, fumbling with the fastening of Gojyo's jeans.

To his surprise, he felt fingers close over his own, stopping him.

"Hakkai," Gojyo said, pulling back, faintly breathless. "I know...I know this is what they want. But...I gotta be sure. Is this really what you want?"

Hakkai blinked, caught off guard by the question. "I." The simple thoughtfulness, the selflessness in that familiar voice, a voice blurred with its own deep-seated need--it made his heart give a sharp little twist in his chest. "I...I think...I think it is." Hakkai realized as he said the words that they were true. "It really is. If that's quite all right with you."

Gojyo made a noise that sounded like a strangled laugh. "Only you would ask for permission to get laid." Gentle fingers brushed dark bangs out of his eyes, then moved down to cup at his cheek. "Is it all right? Hell, yeah. ...For a long time, now."

Then the two of them were kissing again, and four sets of hands were fumbling at clothing. ...And because it was a dream, it didn't seem at all strange that suddenly all four of them were kneeling down in the cool grass and none of them had any clothes on at all.

Seeing all that skin brought an almost painful flush of heat to Hakkai's face. Of their own volition, his eyes wandered, starting at Gojyo's taut neck, traveling down the well-proportioned chest, the trim waist, to the...Hakkai stopped. Stared. One couldn't live with another person for four years and not catch occasional glimpses. Hakkai had always known that Gojyo was well-endowed. He'd never seen him fully aroused before, though.

Oh. The thought of what they were doing, where they were going with this, swept over him, and he felt traces of panic start to claw through his mind.

"Easy," Kenren murmured behind him, as if sensing the train of his thought. The warm skin of his chest pressed up against Hakkai's back, solid and oddly reassuring. Hands stroked over his shoulders as Kenren mouthed lightly along Hakkai's spine, massaging at the tense knots that suddenly formed there. "Don't worry, we'll go slow. All it takes is a little preparation. You'll see." Hakkai was hardly comforted by the words--and yet, under Kenren's careful ministrations, the tension started to bleed away again. The kami's fingers laced with his own, guiding his hand up. Hakkai felt a little shock run through him as he brushed up against the bare skin of Gojyo's chest.

"Go on," Kenren said encouragingly, placing his palm over Gojyo's sternum. "He wants you to touch him." Kenren seemed to be right, because Gojyo shivered a little as that slight contact trailed across his skin, then caught his breath as the pads of Hakkai's fingers brushed up against a dark areola. Hakkai stroked there a second time with his thumb, and Gojyo gave a faint little moan.

Kenren moaned a little, too. The kami was hard, behind him, Hakkai could feel him, could hear him touching himself. He was obviously getting off on what Hakkai and Gojyo were doing. And Tenpou...Tenpou was watching all of them, his eyes heavy-lidded with lust as he buried his face in Gojyo's hair and caught at Gojyo's hands, guiding them forward.

Oh.... Those hands slid down between Hakkai's thighs, Tenpou's and Gojyo's both, touching him in intimate places, touching him in ways that he hadn't been touched by anyone in years. His heart rate sped up, and he heard himself start to pant shallowly. At about the same time, Kenren shifted behind him, cupping at a hip briefly before moving down behind again, and then...Hakkai caught his breath as a slick fingertip circled sensitive flesh, once, again, and then pressed in.

"Nnnh." Hakkai's whole body tensed--he couldn't help it. It felt so strange. Not quite pleasure and not quite pain.... The fingertip rubbed at the tightness inside of him, massaging, encouraging him to relax. He couldn't stay tensed, not with Gojyo's skilled hands continuing to tease pleasure from him in slow waves. Kenren gradually pushed deeper, opening him up a little bit at a time. When he thought Hakkai was ready, the kami worked another finger in. Hakkai arched a little at that, allowing his head to loll back against the support of Kenren's shoulder.

"Ready?" Tenpou asked quietly, nudging Gojyo closer. Kenren nodded, and Hakkai gave a faint gasp as the kami's fingers withdrew. Then Gojyo was there, pressing up against him, as Tenpou skillfully lined him up in position.

Hakkai made a small, helpless noise as Gojyo pushed in.

"Easy, easy," Kenren was murmuring in his ear. Kenren's grip was warm, supporting him, preventing him from writhing away from that intimate and painful touch. "Just relax. The first time is always tough. It gets better after this. Much, much better, I promise you."

Dimly he heard Tenpou gently offering encouragement from the other side. Somebody's hands--he didn't know whose, and couldn't spare the attention to look, wrapped around his left knee, lifting. The inside of his thigh settled against Gojyo's waist and it felt good. Gojyo must have thought so too, for he responded by leaning forward even more.

"Nnnnh." Hakkai tensed at the sensation of it, but there was less pain and more pleasure to it this time, as his muscles began to ease a bit. Gojyo found his mouth at the same time that Kenren hand slipped forward and wrapped a hand around his...Hakkai whimpered and then moaned in earnest as the sensations from it all began to collide and meld together.

"Go ahead," he heard Tenpou coaching Gojyo softly. "He can take it. It's what he wants...what we all want." Tenpou drew Gojyo's hair back over his shoulder, and began to nip and suck at his neck with tiny, wet sounds. Gojyo let out a clipped moan and then he was rocking--small, tight thrusts that caused Hakkai's breath to hitch and his hips to cant upwards.

Hakkai arched with the intensity of it, losing contact with Gojyo's lips. Almost immediately, Kenren was there, his tongue stroking deep as his hands caressed Hakkai from behind. "Yeah," he said into Hakkai's mouth. "Feels good, doesn't it." Hakkai felt Kenren's hard length behind him, pushing into the small of his back, rubbing insistently between his cheeks. "Let him fuck you. Let him in all the way." He stopped Hakkai's breath again, muffling the tiny sounds that Hakkai was making in time with Gojyo's thrusts. "Almost. A bit more. Ah. There, do you feel it?"

"Oh!" Oh yes, Hakkai did. His eyes opened wide, and a loud, desperate noise clawed its way out of his throat as pleasure coursed through him, sweet and intense and beautiful. Somewhere distant, he thought he heard Tenpou give a low and frantic moan. Kenren's hand stroked at him even as Gojyo filled him up, and Hakkai wanted...he needed.... "Oh, Gojyo," he whispered hoarsely.

"Fuck," he heard Gojyo mumble. "Fuck, Hakkai, I can't...." Then he was drawing back and thrusting in sharply, causing Hakkai to gasp at the pain of it, at the pleasure of it, and he suddenly knew that he wouldn't be able to take much more. Another thrust, deeper, harder, and Hakkai realized that Gojyo's control was faltering, he was loosing himself, but that hardly mattered, because so was Hakkai. Another thrust...and another...and....

...And then it was too much, and Hakkai was writhing, crying out as he pushed up around Gojyo, pushed up into Kenren's hand. His body was tightening convulsively, and he was trembling, tensing....

And then Gojyo's arms were around him, crushing their mouths together, crushing their bodies together as he rode through the peak of Hakkai's climax. He drove deeper, and then deeper, and then suddenly froze in place, a shudder running through him. Kenren hissed against Hakkai's ear, and slick wetness spilled down Hakkai's back even as he felt Gojyo pulse deep inside, spilling sweet warmth into that place that was still shivering with faint tremors of pleasure. Gojyo's hips gave a few last little thrusts as he whimpered softly into Hakkai's mouth.

...That was when Hakkai woke up.

The first thing that he became aware of was that it was just little past dawn. The sky outside the inn room window was liberally streaked with reds and golds, and Hakkai could hear birds singing beyond the glass panes. The second thing that Hakkai became aware of was that there was a liberal amount of cooling wetness soaking the front of his pajama pants.

"Oh dear," he murmured, feeling his face flush a little in embarrassment. Well. That hadn't happened to him in quite some time. Although...he couldn’t say that he was surprised, all things considered. That was...quite a vivid dream.

Hakkai shifted the covers back and sat up. The dream had left behind a rather dreadful mess. Slick white fluid had soaked through cloth and even gotten onto the sheets. Hakkai would have to get it all cleaned up before....

"Fuck," he heard Gojyo say from the other bed.

Startled, Hakkai looked over and saw Gojyo peeling back his own sheets with a mixture of consternation and disgust on his face. He seemed to be having a similar problem. His sheets were also decorated with a large, tell-tale wet spot.

He must have felt Hakkai staring at him, for he looked up. A flicker of embarrassment lit his face as their eyes met. Then his gaze dropped to Hakkai's messy clothing. His breath caught, and he made a faint noise of disbelief.

It seemed rather too much to be coincidence. Hakkai looked down at his own sheets again, feeling bewildered. Did we really just...?

It defied all logic or reason. And yet, when Hakkai glanced up again, he saw a look of open speculation on Gojyo's face. It was an expression that Hakkai knew, but never had turned in his direction before. It caused an odd little flutter in his chest, and made the corners of his mouth to curve upward in a somewhat wry little smile.

...And somewhere deep in the back of his mind, so faint that Hakkai was sure that he imagined it, a familiar voice whispered…Finally.


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