Title: A Muse and his Artist
Author: feait
Rating: NC-17

Pairing(s): Tenpou/Konzen

Disclaimer: Saiyuki Gaiden & its characters do not belong to me. If they did, I'd be too busy with Tenpou & Konzen to participate in the gift exchange. *VEG* ("Tenpou, don't you think Konzen looks good with bradis?")

Author's notes: This was a blast to write. I hope the one receiving this gift as much as I enjoyed writing it. Many thanks to my beta whymzycal for all her wonderful help with this.




It was the week before finals. Every viable space in the Academy's library, be it at the given desks and couches or the aisles between the stacks, was cluttered with scrolls, books, and students. For first-year students, final exams included aptitude tests which would determine their future course of study and employment in Heaven.


Konzen carefully made his way through this maze to the one table that had its own fortress of books on top.


"Tenpou," he barked, "move your books." He raked a hand through his short golden locks in impatience.


Tenpou looked up from the book The Art of War with a smile."About time you showed up." He dismantled some of his fortress to make room for Konzen's things.


"The hag decided to lecture me on the importance of my studies and choosing the right path of study for my future."


Tenpou chuckled. "Do you really think you should be referring to the Merciful Goddess that way? Besides, she only did that because she cares about you. You are her sister's only child."


"Tch," Konzen spat as he unceremoniously dropped the scrolls he was carrying on the table and collapsed in the chair next to Tenpou. "Do you honestly believe the words of Sun Tzu will be on the exam?"


"For our basic strategy and military tactics class?" Tenpou furrowed his brow in thought for a moment. "It's a possibility. Master Xiaoron does like to throw in things from the mortal world."


Konzen sighed. "Tell me what you think we'll be tested on from Sun Tzu."


* * *


The final exam grades were posted in the Academy's main courtyard for all to see. All but two students swarmed around the results to learn what their future would hold.


Tenpou looked out of his dormitory window at the mob. "Konzen, you really should see this. It's quite amusing."


"Why would I want to see a bunch of idiots clamoring over each other to see their ranking?" Konzen replied.


Tenpou turned from the window and returned to the sketch pad on his bed. "Konzen, please stop reading the newspaper so I can finish my sketch. Otherwise, I'll have to start over. "


Konzen sighed and did as he was asked. "How long will I have to sit like this?"


Tenpou chuckled. "Not long; maybe an hour more. I " He paused.


Konzen arched an eyebrow at him.


"I'm trying to imagine you with long hair in this sketch, so how to drape your hair and how the light will play on it is taking more time to figure out than I anticipated."


"Long hair?"


"Yes," Tenpou replied as he got off his bed and walked over to Konzen. He gently ran his hand through the back of Konzen's hair. "I think you would look good with long hair."


Konzen's breath caught in his throat at Tenpou's tender touch, and a slight smile tugged at his lips. He looked up and saw an unfamiliar look on his friend's face; Tenpou looked wistful.


"Show me," asked Konzen. His voice was husky, which surprised him. He knew he wanted to see how Tenpou envisioned him, but after that look on Tenpou's face, something stirred in him.


Tenpou smiled, retrieved his sketch book, and dropped it in Konzen's lap.


Konzen picked it up and was stunned by what he saw. Tenpou had meticulously reproduced his features, but the drawing was anything but cold and mechanical. His face looked masculine thanks to how Tenpou had the light accentuating his strong cheekbones. His neck and shoulders were lean and taut. Though his tank top was loose-fitting, it lay across his torso, highlighting his wiry and toned frame without being vulgar. Everything about this drawing made him look like the man he was, not like a girl. He was sick of people saying what a lovely girl he was.


For a moment Konzen felt ashamed that he'd ever doubted Tenpou. Tenpou was his closest -- and only -- friend. Tenpou had been there for him the first time a group of idiots called him a girl.


As he scrutinized his friend's work, the tension in his neck and shoulders eased and a smile crept onto his lips. Konzen felt Tenpou's eyes studying him, taking in his reaction and saving it -- to be used later in another drawing perhaps.


"What do you think?" Tenpou asked after a few moments of silence.


Konzen looked into Tenpou's violet-black eyes. "It's good," he grunted as he tossed the sketch book back to his friend.


Coming from Konzen, that was a high compliment.


* * *


It was the month-long break between semesters.


Due to their different career paths, Konzen and Tenpou had little time to spend time with one another now. Both were brilliant and passed with honors the military's physical and strategic requirements. However, Konzen thought the military was filled with cretins and brutes. Tenpou's decision to join the military hurt Konzen, though he would never admit it. And he knew it hurt Tenpou to see Konzen choose a life behind a desk instead of choosing to join the military. Tenpou knew first-hand from their scraps with those foolish enough to fight with the two of them that Konzen had a keen mind that could easily find the weakness in his opponent and use it. But Konzen knew Tenpou understood that he couldn't change Konzen's mind once it was made up.


The two were somewhere on Konzen's aunt's estate. A picnic blanket was laid out at the foot of a cherry tree. Various tasty treats covered three-quarters of the blanket. Konzen was stretched out over the remaining quarter, his eyes focused on Tenpou. Tenpou had brought a canvas, easel, and paints with him and set to work as soon as he had finished with the picnic prep.


"Tenpou, why are you painting?" Konzen asked. Some impatience entered his voice, but Konzen wasn't sure why it did.


Tenpou took his gaze off his easel and looked and Konzen. "It's easier to bring my vision to life with colors than with the stark black and white of pencil and paper." He paused for a moment and smiled. "I see you're growing your hair. It looks good, as I knew it would."


Tenpou's smile made Konzen feel all quivery inside. He liked that smile and that feeling a lot. Konzen wanted to see more of that smile.


They passed the next hour in silence: Tenpou busying painting and Konzen reading his newspaper. Occasionally they stopped what they were doing to grab a sip of iced green tea or bite of cold sesame noodles, grapes, or some delectable pastry Jiroshin had packed for them.


After an hour of sitting in the sun at his easel, Tenpou removed his shirt, exposing his pale skin to the sun's warmth.


"That feels nice," Tenpou said as he turned his face to the sun.


Konzen looked at Tenpou carelessly basking in the light. Before he realized what he was doing, Konzen was at Tenpou's side, his hand on one of Tenpou's shoulders as he leaned over the other to see what was on the easel. Once again, what he saw amazed him.


Tenpou had been painting Konzen hiding behind the newspaper. Though in the upper corner of the easel, Tenpou had painted Konzen's sleeping face as if that was what Konzen had been hiding behind the paper.


Tenpou turned his head to find Konzen smiling. "Does this mean you approve?" he asked wryly.


Konzen turned his own head to face Tenpou. Their lips were a breath apart. "Yes." Being that close to Tenpou sparked an impish reaction in Konzen: he took the paintbrush from Tenpou's hand and brushed ocher paint down left side of Tenpou's face.


A warm, playful laugh rushed out from between Tenpou's sensuous lips. Encouraged by the reaction, Konzen got more paint onto the brush from the palette and proceeded to paint a line down the length of Tenpou's chest.


Tenpou laughed again. "Konzen, is this your way of saying I'm too pale? If so, I hate to tell you, but you could use some color, too." He stuck his finger into the pink paint then dragged it down Konzen's neck until he reached his collarbone.


Konzen, not wanting to be outdone by Tenpou, stuck his fingers into as many paints as he could and planted his hand across Tenpou's face.


Tenpou stood up and removed his paint-smeared glasses. "Konzen, of course you know this means war," he said with a wicked smile on his lips.


Konzen's smile backed just as wickedly. "And I'll win," he replied as he grabbed a tube of cerulean blue.


Tenpou wielded his palette like a shield and grabbed a tube of vermillion red.


The two circled each other, smiling, waiting for the moment to make their move. Tenpou squeezed his tube, but nothing happened --the cap was securely fastened.


That's when Konzen struck. He closed the distance between them and squeezed the cerulean blue, emptying the tube all over Tenpou's chest and palette. Konzen completed the assault by tackling Tenpou, causing them to fall on to the desserts lying on the picnic blanket. Konzen quickly positioned himself on top and pinned Tenpou's arms.


"So," Tenpou remarked, "what are you going to do with me now?" His voice was rough as he looked at Konzen's groin.


Konzen realized he was straddling Tenpou's hips. He could feel Tenpou getting hard beneath him. Konzen also felt his body respond to Tenpou: he felt a need starting to build in his groin. He was momentarily stunned, which gave Tenpou the opportunity to the turn the tables.


Tenpou threw Konzen onto his back and positioned himself between Konzen's legs, using his body to pin him. He brought his mouth close to Konzen's ear. "I'm still waiting for an answer, Konzen." He pulled back his head to look into Konzen's violet-blue eyes.


Konzen seized the moment and kissed Tenpou softly at first, then more ardently. Tenpou kissed back as he released his hold on Konzen's wrists. Their tongues were hesitant at first, testing the other's reaction then slowly twisting around each other as Konzen wrapped his arms around Tenpou.


Tenpou's hands pulled on Konzen's tank top and he stopped kissing Konzen. He moved his lips to Konzen's ear. "I'm sorry, Konzen," he said, then paused to nibble on Konzen's ear, "but this top of yours must go. It's in the way."


Konzen wasn't going to argue. He wanted skin-on-skin contact. He released Tenpou from his embrace.


Tenpou pushed himself up and straddled Konzen. He planted a big kiss on Konzen's lips, then a smaller, gentler one before he began to remove Konzen's top. Konzen lay there happily as Tenpou's hands slid up his sides, removing the offending garment. Tenpou's gentle touch sent shivers through his body.


Tenpou tossed away the top and resumed nibbling on Konzen's ear. Konzen felt Tenpou trailing kisses across his jaw, occasionally giving a nibble or two. Konzen enjoyed how Tenpou's lips would linger for a moment after each nibble.


When Tenpou reached the chin, he dragged his tongue down Konzen's neck. The feel of Tenpou's warm tongue caused Konzen's insides to quiver with desire. Konzen wanted to feel Tenpou's tongue on every last millimeter of his body.


Tenpou's tongue stopped licking when it reached the spot just below his Adam's apple. Once there, Konzen felt Tenpou pay special attention to that area by kissing and sucking for several minutes, and his nails raked Tenpou's back.


Tenpou raised his head. Konzen saw a satisfied smile on his lips. Konzen snaked his hand into Tenpou's hair, then pulled Tenpou towards him and caught him in a kiss. Their tongues resumed their playful entanglement for a little while until Tenpou moved to Konzen's side. He slid a hand down Konzen's chest and underneath his pants.


Konzen moaned when Tenpou took hold of his erection. His body began to tingle all over, and then he moaned louder as Tenpou slowly thumbed the head of his cock. He focused his eyes on Tenpou and saw a pleased smile on his friend's face. Konzen felt Tenpou's hand slide down his hard shaft and squeeze its base. Konzen moaned again, louder than before, and realized Tenpou's smile grew because of his moan.


Tenpou squeezed him again; Konzen's hips bucked in response. Konzen didn't resist at all when Tenpou released his grip and removed his pants, then returned to stroking Konzen's erection, speeding up his movements.


Konzen's breaths grew shorter, and Tenpou moved his head so it hovered over the tip of Konzen's erection. The tingling sensation grew throughout Konzen's body to the point where he could no longer contain it. His orgasm ripped through his body, consuming him.


Tenpou was apparently ready for that moment and used his mouth to sheath Konzen's hard cock when he came. Konzen felt Tenpou's lips slide up his cock and slowly release it before he sat up and swallowed.


Konzen found the strength to sit and cupped Tenpou's face in his hands. He gazed into Tenpou's violet-black eyes and smiled. Then he began kissing Tenpou. First on the lips, and then he kissed his eyelids.


A smile grew on Tenpou's face. "Konzen." His voice was thick with desire and need.


Tenpou wrapped his arms around Konzen and eased him onto his back. He sat up and held out a hand to stop Konzen from getting up, then pulled down his pants, releasing his own erection. Tenpou lay on top of Konzen, pressing his hard cock onto Konzen's stomach. Then he slid between Konzen's legs.


"Konzen, we don't have to do this if you're not ready."


Konzen laughed throatily. "I've been dreaming about this, Tenpou, ever since we wrestled one another in gym class last year."


Tenpou laughed. "I thought I was the only one who dreamt of this."


Konzen watched Tenpou's hand find some melted butter and slather his cock with it, and then he positioned himself at Konzen's entrance.


When Tenpou entered him, Konzen moaned and pulled Tenpou down to him. Tenpou's lips fastened onto his in a bruising kiss as their tongue resumed their entwined dance. With every thrust, Tenpou sank deeper into him.


Konzen broke off their kissing to bury his face in the crook of Tenpou's neck. The sensation of Tenpou so deep inside him felt too good to be true. Little sighs escaped his lips with every thrust.


Through the friction of skin-on-skin contact of their bodies, Konzen felt Tenpou's body begin to shiver. Tenpou sped up his pace, pumping faster and harder until he moaned with abandon, exploding deep within Konzen.


Konzen felt Tenpou's ragged breath against his ear and held him close. He wanted Tenpou to take all the time he needed to regain his breath because he enjoyed the feeling of his lover resting on top of him.


Once his breathing was even, Tenpou slipped out of Konzen, but didn't move away. Konzen shifted himself so he was facing Tenpou and stroked Tenpou's hair.


"Konzen," Tenpou said breathily, "would you be interested in posing nude for me? I'd make it worth your while."


Konzen pushed Tenpou off and laughed. "Your place or mine?"  

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