TITLE: Only Sweeter

AUTHOR: Eyes of Shinigami

RATING: Strong R, probably NOT WORKSAFE.

PAIRING: Dokugakuji/Hakkai, mentions of 58 and slight 39 hints

WARNINGS: The usual. M/M, lime, semi-bastardization of Gojyo, angst, dark, CRACK!

SUMMARY: Gojyo crosses the line, and Hakkai shows that two can play that game. The idea was actually inspired by the Fall Out Boy song "Thanks for the Memories". Third in the Crack Fic series. This one is for Gen50.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Saiyuki. It would be a much, much different series if it was. XD




            Hakkai shouldn't have been surprised by what he saw when he walked past the window to the room he was sharing with Gojyo at the inn. It shouldn't have shocked him that the redhead was tangled in the bed they were supposed to share with some floozy that he must have picked up at the local bar. Knowing that Gojyo said they weren't exclusive, it shouldn't have hurt him so bad to see him in someone else's arms.

            But it did. Oh god, did it.

            He clenched his fist and resisted the urge to walk in there and grab the bitch by her hair, and to give Gojyo a sound punch in the face. But, he didn't. Instead, he jammed his hands into his pockets and bypassed the inn completely. He didn't look up when he felt the weight of Hakuryuu land on his shoulder, kyuuing worriedly in his ear.

            "Don't worry about me. I'll be all right. I-I should have expected it. I don't know what I was thinking." He petted the dragon's scales affectionately as he spoke, forcing back the sick feeling in his stomach. The pain was fading, replaced instead by the beginnings of a molten anger. How could Gojyo do this to him? Was it so wrong to expect faithfulness from your partner?

            Perhaps not, since it was Gojyo he was talking about.

            With a sigh, he headed to the nearest bar that was the farthest from the inn. It wouldn't do him much good, since he knew it was impossible to get himself drunk. He cursed his inhuman tolerance, wishing for once that he could get just as shit-faced as any of his companions. He smiled sadly at the white dragon as he shooed him off, knowing that he wouldn't be welcome into the establishment. Plus, he didn't really want his faithful pet seeing him so downtrodden. He entered, looking up sharply when a familiar yet unfamiliar voice called him over.

            "Hey, Hakkai! Shit man, what are you doing here?" He saw Dokugakuji waving wildly at him, his cheeks slightly flushed already. The sight made his chest clench, too similar to the way a certain redhead would look when on his way to inebriation. "Where's the rest of the group?"

            Hakkai reluctantly took a seat next to the man, smiling his best smile that gave nothing away. "I just needed some time away. Shouldn't I be asking you the same question?" he motioned to the bartender, who set a bottle of sake and a glass on the bar in front of him. He quickly poured some and swallowed it in one gulp, sighing when he felt the liquid burning on the way down. Just what he needed.

            Doku snorted, taking a deep sip from his own mug of beer. "Got tired of hearing Yaone and Kougaiji going at it like bunnies. Started getting to me, so I left." He chuckled darkly, running a large hand though his chocolate hair. "Can you blame me?"

            "No, I don't suppose I can. I think I know what you mean." Hakkai took another swallow, staring at the bar and not looking at the other man. Funny how they found themselves in such a similar situation. It was odd, talking to Dokugakuji. He'd never really interacted with the man before, other than that one time in the desert when Goku had gone on his rampage. It was always Gojyo who squared off with the man, leaving him with Yaone. "So, shall we drink? I warn you…I don't get drunk."

            Dokugakuji laughed heartily, clapping him on the back hard enough that Hakkai nearly spilled his drink. "Then I'll just get drunk enough for the both of us. On the priest's tab, right?"

            Hakkai couldn't help the smile that broke out across his face, reaching all the way up to his eyes. "Of course."




            Gojyo walked into the common room, whistling tunelessly to himself with his hands in his pockets and a spring in his step. That had been a decent fuck, but it didn't compare with the last few romps with Hakkai. A stab of guilt accompanied that thought, but he brushed it off. It had just been mutual, consensual sex between two adults and nothing more.

            He quirked an eyebrow when he saw only Sanzo and Goku sitting in the room. Sanzo was sitting on the couch, reading his newspaper as the monkey's head was pillowed in his lap. Soft snored indicated that the boy was asleep, Sanzo's other hand twined in the brunet locks. He didn't even look up when he heard the kappa come in.

            "Hey, where's Hakkai?"

            "Haven't seen him. He didn't come back from picking up supplies. Maybe he went and did the same thing you did, kappa. Went and found a warm bed to lie in." Sanzo's words were unusually curt and the frown on his face was turned down farther than usual.

            Gojyo ignored the ripple of jealousy that flooded through him at that thought. Hakkai wouldn't really seek out someone else, would he? Well, it wasn't like it was any of his business; that would have made him a hypocrite. "I see. Well, if you see him, just let him know I'm looking for him."

            The redhead didn't even need to see Sanzo's face to know he rolled his eyes, if his sarcastic tone was any indication. "I'll do just that, kappa."




            The night had gone differently than Hakkai had expected. Dokugakuji wasn't kidding when he said he was going to get drunk enough for the both of them, but the green-eyed man had to wonder. Sometimes it seemed like his movements and slurred speech were a bit exaggerated, but it didn't matter. The man wasn't entirely unpleasant company, and he didn't get like Gojyo did when he was drunk. There was no innuendo to balk at, no having to swat at him for making inappropriate comments about the waiting staff, and no having to keep grabby hands from touching him in places not fit for public view. In fact, Doku was the perfect gentleman, even drunk. It was a bit of a refreshing change. "So, Doku-san, are you sure you're going to be able to get home?" He was helping the other man outside the bar once it closed, flushing slightly at the contact. He dismissed it, blaming it on the weather.

            "Yeah, but I don't really want to…" Doku hiccupped, leaning heavier on Hakkai. "You think you could help me get to an inn? I might fall off my dragon otherwise." Another hearty laugh escaped him, different from Gojyo's own brand of belly laughs. Throughout the night Hakkai had noticed the subtle difference in the siblings, finding that he appreciated the older Sha's company despite himself.

            With another laugh, Hakkai hoisted the man onto his shoulder for better leverage as he helped him to the closest inn. Luckily, it was nowhere near the one the rest of the Sanzo-ikkou was staying in, which made him feel a bit more at ease. Maybe he could get a double and just stay here…he was sure Dokugakuji could use the company. "And we certainly wouldn't want that, would we? I highly doubt Kougaiji or Miss Yaone would appreciate it if I let you fall off your dragon."

            He lead the man into the inn, taking care of the preparations with the sleepy desk clerk, flushing again when he realized what it probably looked like. Oh well…it didn't particularly matter to him. It wasn't anybody's business. "You're a good guy, Hakkai," Doku slurred, giggling when he seemed to realize that he made a bad rhyme. Well, their sense of humor was certainly similar. "My little brother's lucky to have a guy like you around."

            Hakkai stiffened then, his smile turning false as he helped the man down the hallway to the room. "I suppose he is," he offered after a tense moment, adding in a low voice, "Though he certainly doesn't act like it." He wasn't sure the other man heard him, until he felt a gentle hand cover his.

            "The kid's a twerp…he can't help it. Now, put me down before I puke on you." Dokugakuji groaned, leaning his head back when Hakkai finally got the door open and rested him gently in the chair. He closed the door behind him, turning when he felt a hand on his arm. "Thanks…though. You're a good guy."

            Hakkai was just about to say something before he felt his body jerked forward and the feel of warm lips on his own. He was too shocked to respond at first, until he felt a tongue slide into his mouth against his own. He moaned into the kiss, responding before he felt the other party pull back. He sat, dazed for a moment, until Doku spoke again.

            "I'm sorry…damn. I shouldn't have done that…" He watched the other brunet fumble nervously, and then he knew that the man had been faking it. He wasn't really drunk, but Hakkai couldn't help but smile. It was rather endearing, in a strange sort of way.

            "Why? Gojyo and I aren't together…why not? Who knows? We might enjoy it…" Hakkai purred, surprising himself with his forwardness. Perhaps it was because he was still angry with Gojyo, but what better way to get back at him than by sleeping with his brother? Besides, it wasn't like Dokugakuji was unattractive; quite the opposite, actually. He moved in and pressed his lips to the other man's, moaning again when he felt those large hands moving up his side in a gesture of affirmation. His own hands traveled up well-muscled arms, thrilling in how different Dokugakuji's body felt than Gojyo's.

            Their kisses grew more fervent, with Hakkai marveling at the taste of the other man's mouth. There was no sharp bite of stale nicotine, or honeyed words that seemed to sour with extended use. No, Doku's mouth was sweet and pliant, like tasting a ripe and exotic fruit. A man could drunk off that taste, Hakkai mused to himself. 

            It wasn't long before he found himself against the bed, hand traveling over his body as clothes were sent flying. Doku's movements were clumsy and inexperienced, so different from Gojyo's practiced touches and caresses. It sent another thrill through Hakkai at the thought that maybe he was on a level playing field. They kissed again, their bodies heating up as mutual passion and attraction was being felt through and realized. "Doku-san…" he panted, feeling warm lips turn up in amusement as lubed fingers slid between his thighs. It was a good thing he always carried the small tube of lubricant in his pocket in case Gojyo decided he wanted to get frisky.

            "Just call me Jien…" he felt the man purr, the words a soft rumble in the other man's chest. The noise was arousing, sending shivers through Hakkai as he was slowly stretched and prepared by those large hands. Just as his body began to tremble with the intrusion, his last thought was that he sincerely wished Gojyo could see him like this.




            Gojyo grumbled to himself, walking down the road with his hands shoved in his pockets. Nearly all night he had waited for Hakkai to get back and the asshole didn't even have the decency to show up. Something about that irked him, especially since Sanzo's words kept coming back to him. There was no way that Hakkai would go out and find someone else…was there? He shook his head, not wanting to think about the possibility. It was just too ridiculous.

            He passed by an inn, hearing the sounds of sex drifting out through the open window that he happened by. Unable to resist, he decided to take a peek inside; it was the couple's fault for not closing their curtains, damn it. But, his jaw dropped when he got a better look. Hakkai? Riding his brother like there was no tomorrow? Somehow his mind wouldn't compute that, even as a hand stole to his now aching groin. The sounds that the healer was making were utterly intoxicating, even if they were being produced by another man's touch. Correction, his brother's touch. He waited for a second, smirking to himself as he watched the show before him.

            At least, until he heard Hakkai's exclamation. "Ah! Jien!"

            He turned away then, eyes clenched and his heart hammering in his chest. He couldn't say anything, shoving his hands back in his pockets and ignoring the insistent ache between his thighs. That would make him a hypocrite. He headed off to the bar, hoping to soak his thoughts in enough alcohol to make him forget what he'd just heard.

            Fair's fair, he supposed.




            The two of them lay quiet in the aftermath, cuddled close together even as no words were spoken. Perhaps it was better that way, Hakkai mused.

            "So…will I see you again?" Doku asked suddenly, brushing lips swollen with kisses against Hakkai's matted hair. His words sounded hesitant and they made Hakkai's chest swell with affection. It was sweet, endearing. He could get used to dealing with the older Sha.

            Hakkai leaned up, allowing their lips to meet in another slow and sensual kiss in response. "Only if you want to, seeing as you always seem to know where to find us." He laughed, truly laughed, curling back down into the warm, strong arms that held him.

            Ah, revenge was so, so sweet.



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