TITLE: Taste

AUTHOR: Eyes of Shinigami


PAIRING: SanzoxKougaiji

WARNINGS: Language, mansmex, rimming, light BDSM (sort of), licking.

SUMMARY: Trapped somewhere at Nii's disposal, Sanzo and Kougaiji decide to make the most of their situation. Written for the valentine_smut community and for Meicdon13. I tried my hardest

DISCLAIMER: Saiyuki isn't mine. You know it, I know it, we all know it. 




            Sanzo's head felt heavy, like a ton of bricks had settled between his ears, when he opened his eyes and the black clouding his vision started to seep away. It took a long moment for everything to come into focus, and even then the world was a bit shaky. A shuddering breath escaped him and his body forced him to jolt into consciousness when the sound of chains clanking filled the air.

            He was fucking chained to a wall.

             A growl escaped from Sanzo's parted lips as he jerked his restraints a bit to test them. Whoever had captured him was smart, considering they'd used chains he wouldn't be able to wiggle out of, not to mention that they had stripped him of everything except his jeans. He felt more naked without the sutra and his gun than he did without his robes.

            A muffled groan caught his attention, and Sanzo turned to see who else was occupying his space. Surprise flooded onto his face when hazy, pale purple eyes slid up to meet his own; the Demon Prince was the last person he expected to see in this stinking pit of…wherever they were. "Kougaiji?"

            Kougaiji blinked for a moment before his eyes narrowed and his lip curled upward in a snarl. "What is this?" the demon spat, testing his own chains and growling when there was no give. He looked over at Sanzo as though this was his fault. He too was clad only in his jeans and his red hair was tangled messily along the length of his back.

            Sanzo clicked his tongue in annoyance, keeping himself close the wall. While there was a enough give in his chains to move about the small space, he didn't want to get too close to the angry demon. Without his gun and sutra, he wouldn't stand a chance against the man should he decide to attack him. His pride wasn't so much that he couldn't admit that, at least to himself. "Like I have any idea. The last thing I remember is finally making it to your stupid castle, only to come upstairs and find…" Sanzo's voice trailed off as realization dawned on him. He and his companions had been heading up the stairs after mowing through the seemingly endless hordes of demons coming at them, until they met face to face with a man Sanzo thought he'd never see again. He could only remember a sudden burning shooting up through his entire body, watching as the bodies of his companions fell one by one and then nothing but blackness. A tiny part of him just hoped that his companions weren't dead. Though it might have been better than the alternative, he mused as he watched Kougaiji struggle against his binds.

            "If you think for one second that I had any part of this, I will find a way out of these chains and will rip your arms off." Kougaiji's eyes burned with righteous outrage, and it was only safe for Sanzo to assume that the man was telling the truth. Coupled with the fact that he was chained in a tiny room that smelled of things Sanzo would rather not think about, that is. "There's only one person who could be behind this, and there's no telling what sort of sick fancy he has in mind."

            The blond nodded. Sanzo was just about to say something when a searing pain started in his gut. It spread up and outward, filling his limbs and finally pooling between his legs. His eyes flew open and he glanced at Kougaiji to see if he was suffering too, but he let out a choked noise when he did.

            Kougaiji looked good enough to eat.

            Sanzo tried to shake his head free of such thoughts, but the sudden insistent throbbing in his cock was damn near painful. While he was no stranger to sex and pleasure, having indulged when the stress of their journey became too much, he would rather bite through his tongue before he admitted he had such urges. Especially not to someone like Kougaiji, who was supposed to be his enemy. But why did the demon prince have to look so damn sexy splayed out like that?

            "Sanzo?" Kougaiji asked carefully, studying the monk with a guarded gaze. Beads of sweat dotted the blond's brow, and the Prince was suddenly struck with the desire to lick them off of him. His eyes widened fractionally when it hit him, the magnitude of what Nii had done. Desire started to prickle slowly in his muscles, whereas it seemed that Sanzo looked ready to attack him. A low growl escaped him in response, drawing a tiny moan out of the priest's throat.

            The way Kougaiji had said his name set his blood boiling in his veins. He couldn't remember being this aroused before, but he blamed it on the drugs that Ukoku must have pumped them with. He couldn't focus on anything else, other than how much he wanted to be buried between the demon's legs right then. "Shut up," he ground out, finally moving away from the wall and towards the Prince. Sanzo's jeans were far too restrictive, and he ached to remove them. However, he sank to his knees close to where Kougaiji had been spread out.

            Before the redhead could protest, Sanzo crushed their mouths together in a heated kiss. It wasn't tender and it wasn't sweet; it was hot, dirty, and perfect. Tongues wound tightly together as Sanzo sucked hard on Kougaiji, thrilling in the feeling of the Prince's fangs pressing into his bottom lip.

            He'd never considered Kougaiji in such a way before, but there was something in the taste of the demon's mouth that sent his arousal sky-rocketing. Sanzo pressed their hips together and began to grind their erections together. It had to be the drugs, he reasoned. That was the only explanation for this sudden surrender to his baser instincts.

            The kiss grew hotter, more demanding, until Kougaiji broke away to release a moan.Sanzo took the initiative and started slithering his way down the Prince's body, as much as the chains would allow. He trailed his tongue along the prominent tendon in Kougaiji's neck, causing the Prince to arch up into him. The redhead was panting and soft growls of approval rumbled from within his chest. Sanzo smirked into the tanned skin as he continued his descent.

            Kougaiji's chest was finely muscled, and Sanzo enjoyed the way that the muscles jumped beneath his tongue. He licked slowly along the grooves and dips in the other man's chest, bringing his fingers up to tweak a dusky nipple. He took the other into his mouth and laved it as he continued to roll the other between his fingers. The growls deepened as Kougaiji's hips began to roll against his abdomen. He could feel the heat of the Prince's cock even through the denim, his own twitching in response.

            He didn't bother to look the other man in the face; he knew that it would just make this all the weirder. It was as if his limbs were on autopilot and the heady feeling in his head was controlling him. Sanzo was so going to put a bullet into Ukoku's head for this one.

            Curved claws found their way into blond locks, pressing just on this side of pain as Sanzo groaned. It felt good, and it was exciting to know that those claws could probably rip him in two. Still, it was he who was giving Kougaiji pleasure, the demon yielding to him. To say it was erotic was an understatement.

            "Pants off," Kougaiji growled suddenly, motioning towards the jeans. He had less slack in his chains that Sanzo did, so it would be up to the blond to do it for him. Pale-colored eyes, so similar to his own, stared down at Sanzo with a strange mix of lust and obvious disdain. "Now."

            Sanzo frowned hard at the demon sprawled before him. "Why the fuck should I?" His own eyes narrowed a bit as he inched in the opposite direction. It was torture, not feeling that firm flesh responding beneath his tongue and fingers, but he pretended as though it didn't bother him. "Maybe I should make you beg for it."

            Kougaiji growled lower and his eyes turned predatory. "Because if you don't take them off and fuck me, I will take it out of your ass. Got it?" Sanzo caught a flash of pearly fangs, the same ones that had been digging into his lip when they kissed, and it sent a shiver rippling up his spine. His cock responded in turn, throbbing against its confines.

            Who was Sanzo to argue? He clicked his tongue again even as he set about removing the Demon Prince's pants. Kougaiji's abdomen shuddered when the blond's fingers made contact, and his head fell back when Sanzo released the demon's dripping length into the open air. He eyed the erection hungrily, noting the creamy beads of pre-cum that oozed off the head. Tentatively, he leaned down and took the head into his mouth before sucked hard.

            The reaction was immediate; Kougaiji's hips bucked and a low moan escaped him as his fingers threaded through Sanzo's hair once more. It spurred the monk on, and Sanzo began a steady rhythm of suction that had the demon writhing beneath him. He released Kougaiji's shaft to move down lower, tracing the prominent vein on the underside of the pulsing dick in his hand before laving each one of Kougaiji's full balls. They were already beginning to tighten, so he knew it wouldn't be long.

            He paused a moment and sat up to remove his own jeans. Fighting with them took too long, as he discovered, so finally Sanzo just pushed them down enough so that his cock sprung free. He sighed in relief, turning back towards Kougaiji.

            "Hurry up," Kougaiji said, his voice a choked whisper. It might have been more threatening if he hadn't sounded so desperate. Still, Sanzo understood the man's need to hurry. So, he leaned down to finish his previous activity. Luckily there was enough slack in the chain that he got lower, nudging Kougaiji's cock to the side before he licked each testicle once before moving even lower. His tongue swiped across Kougaiji's entrance, making the man's hips buck even harder. Sanzo took that as a good sign before pushing inside, against the fluttering muscle that began to open up to him. He couldn't get his hands close enough to thrust his fingers inside. It was as though the slack in the chain had disappeared. However, he figured the demon could handle a bit of pain.

            Sanzo swirled his tongue around before beginning to thrust inside, almost a precursor to what was coming. Kougaiji's body was reacting, pre-cum smearing across his belly as his cock bobbed in time with his thrusts. Small noises of approval echoed in this throat, though the man wouldn't release them. Sanzo had to smirk; he would have Kougaiji screaming by the end of this if it was the last thing he did.

            Finally, Sanzo sat back on his heels and tested the length of his chains. "Suck me. Unless you want me to go in dry," he said plainly, watching Kougaiji shift to where his mouth was level with the priest's cock. Sanzo could see where the demon's arms strained against his bonds, but he didn't look worried about it. Instead, Kougaiji took him into his throat in no time at all, a sensation that had Sanzo floored. A hoarse groan escaped him as Kougaiji sucked him hard and deep. He could feel the demon's tongue swirling around the length as Sanzo began to rock his hips. Soon, he was fucking the demon's mouth, just as he would be his ass soon enough. He could feel his orgasm nearing, so he pulled his cock from the other man's mouth with a wet pop.

            "That's enough. Now…on your back," Sanzo growled, surprised when Kougaiji actually listened to him. Those pale violet eyes were still trained firmly on him; it should have unnerved him, but instead it just turned him on more. He pressed tight against the demon and used his hand to guide the head of his dick against Kougaiji's ass. He thrust inside with a single snap of his hips, causing them both to gasp.

            Kougaiji growled against the pain, evident on his face as his eyes clenched shut and he threw his head back. Sanzo didn't wait, though, beginning to thrust as soon as he'd regained his bearings. Kougaiji didn't seem to mind, rolling his hips against Sanzo's vigorous thrusts.

            The priest leaned down and bit into the demon's shoulder, his hips pistoning into Kougaiji's. His muscles already burned with the awkward effort, but he didn't care. All Sanzo could feel was the mind-blowing pleasure that Kougaiji's tight channel was offering him. He licked along the man's chest and took a nipple into his mouth again, tongue flicking over the hardened bud until it made Kougaiji writhe even harder. Kougaiji's hips were answering each bruising thrust and Sanzo could feel the demon's cock throbbing against his stomach. "Fuck…" Sanzo swore, lifting up so he could grab Kougaiji's shaft in his hand. He began to pump in time with their rhythm, earning more growls and grunts from the redhead beneath him.

            Suddenly, he felt Kougaiji's body tense beneath him and the muscles around his cock clamp down hard. Wet heat flooded across his hand and the sharp tang of come flooded his nose. Sanzo continued to thrust through Kougaiji's orgasm until he found his own, shooting his load deep into the demon beneath him.

            He'd barely had time to pull out of the Prince once they both stopped writhing. Then, everything went blissfully black again.




            This time when Sanzo woke up, it was to the sound of a familiar voice calling out to him. "Sanzo! Sanzo, where are you? Can you hear me?"

             He groaned heavily at the sound of Goku's voice grating in his ears. His head felt heavy and his body doubly so. Blearily, he managed to open his eyes and it took him a moment to focus. How achingly familiar.

            When he looked down, he was fully clothed and covered in rubble. Sanzo's eyes widened as he looked at his surroundings, noticing the Prince sitting up not far from him. Had that just been some weird ass dream that the drugs flowing in his system produced?

            As though reading the priest's mind, Kougaiji spoke. "No. You're not dreaming. It really happened." That was all he said, getting to his feet and dusting himself off. He was limping a little as he walked towards Sanzo to offer the man a hand up. At least they weren't chained anymore.

            "Not a word about this to anyone," Sanzo said through grit teeth. He still wasn't sure what had happened. He did know, however,  that his body felt satisfied and he could still taste the demon's skin beneath his tongue. The two of them began to walk off together towards the direction Goku's frantic calls were echoing from.

            Kougaiji said nothing for a moment until he stopped walking before grabbing Sanzo by the robes and forcing their mouths together in a bruising kiss.

            The priest groaned a bit at the feeling of fangs pressing into his lip again before he felt whispered words against his lips. "Fine, but next time…I'm on top."

            With that, Kougaiji released him and gave him a smirk before heading off in a different direction.

            Well, shit.



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