TITLE: Sparring

AUTHOR: Eyes of Shinigami

PAIRING: Kougaiji/Goku

TIMELINE: Post-Journey


SUMMARY: What started out as a workout becomes something completely different. Written for the valentine_smut community. The prompt was "blood." Requester, I do hope you enjoy this.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Saiyuki in any way, shape, or form.




            Kougaiji wondered, vaguely, if Goku knew exactly how enticing it was to watch him move. The young man was beautiful and deadly as he fought, and it was a struggle for Kougaiji to keep his concentration on the sparring match they were involved in.

            It had been almost four months since Goku had shown up at Houtou out of the blue, requesting that he be allowed to stay with them and train for a bit. However, Kougaiji knew heartbreak when he saw it, so he never questioned further. He had just accepted Goku and they'd left it at that.

            The boy was fitting in nicely. They had been rebuilding since Sanzo and the others had destroyed the castle after taking down Nii, but the redhead had been glad for it. Too many bad memories had been held in those walls.

            "Kou! Are you gonna fight or sit there and stare off into space?" Goku called, breaking him from his reverie. The boy was standing off to the side, his hands on his hips as he looked expectantly. "You said we would spar today. Stop thinking." With that, the boy came rushing at him once more.

            However, the Demon Prince was ready now. He dodged the blows and retaliated, though Goku moved much quicker than he did. He'd always been impressed with how quick, how damn strong Goku was. So much energy packed so tightly into that lithe body…

            There was a resounding crunch and Kougaiji found himself on his back. Shit, he really needed to get focused. Goku was suddenly peering at him with a frown on his face. "What the hell is wrong with you? If you're going to be off somewhere else, then maybe we shouldn't do this." He helped Kougaiji to his feet and shook his head with an exasperated sigh. "Come on, Kou…do you want to spar or not? If not, Doku asked if I would help with some of the rebuilding in the west wing of the castle."

            Kougaiji couldn't help but smile at the sound of Goku using their names so familiarly. "Yeah, I'm going to spar with you. I've just got my mind on other things," he answered vaguely, turning just in time to see something that made his eyes boggle a little bit. Goku was taking off his sweat soaked t-shirt, revealing the defined expanse of his chest. It still blew the demon's mind how strong someone so small could be, but he knew that strength well. It sent a shiver down his spine and he could feel heat blossoming in his lower belly.

            He couldn't deny the attraction he'd had to Goku for so long, simply because the boy was absolutely gorgeous. And he was strong, which was a deadly combination. It had started when they were enemies, it and had only gotten worse since Goku had come to live with them, but the Prince wouldn't dare act on it. Goku still belonged to Sanzo, even if the blond had foolishly turned him away.

            He admired Goku's will to fight and his sense of purpose above all else, determined to know just how the boy achieved such a thing. "Are you ready?" Kougaiji asked, shucking off his own shirt and getting into position. For a split second, he swore he saw a flicker of interest in Goku's golden eyes, but he shook it off. He needed to focus.

            Soon, the two of them were coming to blows once more in a flurry of movements that were deadly and graceful all at the same time. Kougaiji knew he couldn't match Goku's speed and ability, but he made sure that he was at least a credible challenge.

            Finally, he landed a blow that sent Goku to the floor with a trickle of blood dotting the edge of his lips. The young man looked stunned, but then he grinned as he wiped it away. "Now that's what I'm talking about. Glad you decided to get serious," he taunted, getting back to his feet and raising his fists. His tongue snaked out to wet his lips and Kougaiji let in an intake of breath. Goku was going to be the death of him. "I owe you one now."

            "By all means," Kougaiji said with a smirk, getting into position once more. Before he could blink, he found himself on his back again with Goku pinning his wrists to the floor. He stared questioningly up into the golden eyes above him, but the young man just grinned again.

            "I told you I owed you one," was all he said before he crushed their mouths together in a searing kiss that had Kougaiji's mind reeling. Goku must have hit him harder than he thought because he had to be dreaming. Goku's mouth was hot and perfect, and the tongue that slid into his mouth made him moan in response. His dirtiest fantasies were coming true and all he could do was lay there dumbly.

            When they broke apart, Kougaiji's eyes narrowed as he studied the flushed face and slightly swollen lips. "What the hell?" he asked, though his body protested his stubbornness. It ached to continue, to feel Goku's hands on him and feel himself buried in that hot, tight body that was pressing so hard down on him.

            "I'm not as stupid as every one thinks, you know. I can smell your arousal…just as much you can mine. Why do you think I get you to spar like this with me?" Goku's grin was feral and his eyes shone bright. Sneaky little bastard had been winding him up for months now, just like this. That sent another tremor of heat coursing through Kougaiji's body, his hand flying to fist into brunet locks.

            "Oh, really? Well, then perhaps we should rectify the situation, don't you think?" Now that he knew Goku was willing, Kougaiji wasn't sure he was going to be able to hold back. He pulled Goku back down into a ferocious kiss as their hips began to grind against one another. Fangs bit sharply into his bottom lip and he could taste blood, but it only added to the experience and unique flavor that was Goku. He was rock hard by now, and the answering erection rubbing against his own was enough to send him into a frenzy.

            Kougaiji started trailing kisses and bites down along Goku's corded neck, licking along the straining tendon when the young man arched backwards with a cry. He bit hard enough to draw blood before he dragged his tongue across the wound. Goku's body shook above him and he felt his cock twitch against his own.

            A hand started trailing down his abdomen, and the Prince's body reacted accordingly. Goku shoved him down against the floor as he took the lead. As his hand snaked down to trace the lines of Kougaiji's abs, Goku took one of the demon's nipples into his mouth. He toyed with the bud before he bit, just as his hand slid beneath the waistband of Kougaiji's sweat pants. The Prince's body bowed up into the touch and he let out a growl of appreciation.

            Goku grinned at him as a small, hard hand encircled his cock and gave a slow pull. Shit, that felt good. He leaned down to take the other nipple into his mouth before he teased the nub into hardness. His tongue flicked out against the nipple as his strokes become firmer. Kougaiji thought to ask where Goku had learned how to do that, but his mind was too fuzzy to form coherent sentences.

            Before long, Goku let go and slid downward, taking Kougaiji's sweats with him. The Prince wiggled out of them and watched with keen interest as Goku made quick work of removing his own. He wasn't sure how far the brunet was planning to take this, but he knew he was going to enjoy the ride. Goku returned to rest between his parted legs, and before Kougaiji could ask, he engulfed the demon's cock in his mouth.

            Kougaiji's eyes rolled back up in his head and his claws pressed into Goku's skull, earning him a moan from the young man. Goku sucked hard and took Kougaiji as deep as he could go. The boy had such an incredible oral capacity, so why shouldn't he be good at deep-throating? Every nerve ending in the demon's body was tuned to the mind-blowing pleasure he was receiving. He'd had lovers before, but none of them appealed to him like Goku did. He knew all too well that Goku was capable of tearing him to pieces, just as he did that time in the desert. Kougaiji's body just shook harder at that and that bit of danger just made his cock twitch all the harder.

            After what seemed like an eternity, Goku's mouth slid slowly away from his aching length and he looked up with a growl. His eyes widened a bit when he saw Goku straddle his hips and felt a hand position him. The heat of Goku's body was right there, tantalizing and tormenting him all at once, so damn close. "Goku, shouldn't you let me-?"

            Anything he was going to say was completely lost when Goku effectively impaled himself on Kougaiji's weeping cock. The brunet's features twisted in pain, but he just grunted when the man was buried in as far as he could go. Goku could handle the pain, Kougaiji knew, but that didn't mean he had to. After a couple of deep breaths, Goku began to move. Up and down, up and down, slowly at first as his body adjusted to the swelling length inside of him.

            Kougaiji had never seen something so erotic in his entire life. The vision of Goku sliding up and down on his cock, coupled with the brunet's own erection bobbing and weeping above him, was enough to send his senses into overdrive. The smell of their sex and the scent of Goku's blood mixing together caused goose bumps to spring out all over Kougaiji's already overheated skin. It was too much.

            With a growl, Kougaiji tipped them forward so that Goku was on his back. Wide golden eyes looked at him in question, but the demon maneuvered Goku's legs to rest against his shoulders as he began to thrust in earnest. Goku's hands grabbed onto his biceps and squeezed as his eyes rolled back up in his head. "Kougaiji…god…deeper…harder…" the young man panted, nails digging into tanned flesh hard enough to draw blood.

            It only prompted Kougaiji further as he did just that, thrusting harder into that willing body that pulled him deeper with every stroke. It was utterly maddening, the way Goku's body responded to him. Sanzo was a fucking moron for passing this up, the demon reasoned.

            Goku's body vibrated as each thrust pressed against his prostate and his head was thrashing back and forth across the floor. Animalistic noises spilled out of both of them as the pace grew frenzied.

            Kougaiji reached down and took Goku's swollen cock into his hand, slick with the copious amount of pre-cum that had been leaking from the reddened tip. The sound that Goku released made Kougaiji's body clench and he could feel his orgasm fast approaching.

            With guttural cry of his name, Kougaiji felt Goku's body clamp down on him as searing heat flooded against his hand. Goku thrust back weakly against him as his body trembled in orgasm. Then, he shifted slightly and did something with his muscles that choked a cry out of the Demon Prince.

            Another couple of thrusts and he was coming, spilling hot seed deep inside Goku's tight channel. He arched up and gave one final thrust before he collapsed, spent, against Goku. The young man's arms wrapped around him automatically and Kougaiji felt a smile tug at his lips. He didn't know if he had enough energy to move just yet.

            "Now that was a workout. We should do that more often," Goku murmured, sounding satisfied with himself. Kougaiji lifted just enough to press another kiss, gentler this time, against Goku's still swollen lips. He'd finally gotten what he wanted, and he sure as hell wasn't going to give it up any time soon.

            Kougaiji could just roll his eyes as he licked along the wound on Goku's shoulder, making the young man shudder again. He had a feeling their sparring sessions were going to be much, much more fun.



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