TITLE: Eclipse

AUTHOR: Eyes of Shinigami

RATING: NC-17. NOT Worksafe, and definitely NOT for children.

PAIRING: H9 *gasps* There, I said it. But, with mentions of 39.

WARNINGS: Here thar be mansmex.

TIMELINE: Sometime during the Homura arc

SUMMARY: Goku knows the perfect way to get back at Sanzo when he's being an asshole. Based on an rp Katie and I were doing the other night. X3

DISCLAIMER: I, in no way, shape, or form, own Saiyuki or any of its characters. Those belong to the great Minekura-sama, who owns us all. XD I just own this story.


Dedicated to my windy-chan, because this plot bunny would have never been born without her.




            "Why does the moon have to be so full tonight?" Goku wondered aloud, clutching his knees and staring out the window. It reminded him that he was locked out of Sanzo's room, with the priest being in one of his characteristic foul moods. An argument had ensued when he tried to help the priest, resulting in him being thrown unceremoniously outside. Hakkai had tried damage control, but nothing worked. There was nothing that could be done. Instead, Goku was left wondering what he'd done to incur the priest's wrath this time.

            The night was unbelievably clear, so much that he could see individual stars twinkling in the sky. Almost like they were mocking him. A vision of a pair of mismatched eyes flitted through his mind at that thought, startling him. Why in the world was he thinking of Homura at a time like this?

            "Because you're smarting from how Konzen insists on treating you." The sudden appearance of that familiar voice startled Goku. Sitting propped in the window was none other than the object of his wonderings only moments earlier. Goku had to admit that Homura looked stunning bathed in the moonlight, resting his chin on his hand as his eyes swept over Goku's form. His face cracked in the familiar arrogant smile he always wore. "It's just so unfair, don't you think, Son Goku?"

            Goku couldn't deny that he was right, even if he didn't voice it aloud. "That doesn't tell me what you're doing here. Did you come to kidnap me again? It's not going to work this time." His eyes narrowed, summoning Nyoi-Bo and pointing it at the god. He was in no mood for the whimsical War God's follies.

            Apparently, Homura seemed to sense just that. "Oh, do relax, Goku. I'm not here to fight you. I wouldn't dream of it, given that your heart just wouldn't be into it. And I am certainly not interested if that is the case." He gave a flip of his hand and offered a cocky wink.

            The look made Goku shiver, even as the clear implications of Homura's words washed over him. It was no secret that the god wanted him for more than just creating a new world; the night he had spent chained to the wall in Homura's clutches was testament to that. Homura had offered him an escape that night, a place beside the War God to be something more than someone's dirty little secret.

            "And what was it this time, Goku? Hmm? I hope you realize just how much it disgusts me that Konzen treats you the way he does." Homura's lip curled and a nasty sneer crossed his features. "He's spoiled, and he doesn't deserve you. You are a being unlike any other, powerful enough to overthrow the very Heavens, and yet you play lapdog to an imitation with no love for anything but his own worthlessness."

            "That's not true! Sanzo isn't like that!" Goku argued back, his hands tightening around his staff. His gut twisted at the god's words, knowing them to be all to true even as he attempted to defend the monk. Tendrils of doubt slithered through his resolve and he could feel the beginning of tears pricking the edges of his eyes. He would not cry in front of Homura, no matter what. "Sanzo is-"

            "Sanzo is what, Goku? Look at yourself! Alone, doubting yourself as he sits in that room and wallows in his self-pity! It's pathetic!" Homura roared, suddenly pinning Goku against the wall. Flashes of memory appeared behind golden eyes, reminding him of another time when the god was pressed so close to him.

            Goku bit back a moan, his body responding ardently to the feeling of another molded so intimately against his own. How long had it been, anyway? "S-stop it." His voice cracked when a hand trailed languidly up his arm and down his side, feeling the warmth of Homura's breath against his cheek. The temptation to turn his head and bring their lips together rushed through his veins, but he refused. He wouldn't do that to Sanzo, no matter how much of a prick he was being.

            Again, as if reading his mind, Homura chuckled. The sound sent shivers coursing up and down Goku's spine, his nerve endings on fire with sensation. "How long has it been, Goku? Since you've felt a lover's touch? Why should you be denied your pleasure because of Konzen's selfishness?" His voice was tangible, sliding across the brunet's skin as easily as the fingertips that were gliding underneath his shirt.

            The boy didn't repress his shudders, the words resounding in his head. Homura did have a point; he couldn't understand why he had to suffer because of Sanzo. "B-but," he protested weakly, his resolution to stay faithful to Sanzo waning. Truthfully, it wasn't as though they were really a couple anyway. How many times had Sanzo said it was sex and nothing more?

            "But nothing. I could pleasure you, Goku. In ways that Konzen wouldn't dream of. All you have to do is say the word." The raw need in those beautifully mismatched eyes when they met his own nearly brought him to his knees. Sanzo never looked at him like that.

            All of his protests died at that. Instead of answering, Goku surged forward and pressed their lips together in a desperate kiss. Heat swallowed him and roiled in his gut, moaning at the invasion of Homura's tongue in his mouth. It was different, and only served to fan his desires higher and higher. He barely noticed the god pushing him towards the bed, until he felt his back connect with the soft surface, and even then it was an afterthought. He was too focused on keeping their sensuous dance of lip and tongue going.

            When they finally broke apart, Goku took in the sight of Homura and let out a gasp. The War God's hair was tousled beautifully, his eyes shining with lust and the wet sheen of his lips made the earth spirit's breath hitch. All in all, Homura looked good enough to eat. And if the way that the darker haired man was studying him was any indication, the other man liked what he was seeing as well. "You're so beautiful, Son Goku. More beautiful than the Heavens themselves," Homura whispered against his lips, hands slithering up his sides to divest him of his nightshirt. Another moan escaped from Goku, swallowed by the man hovering above him.

            Goku wasn't sure what to say to that, answering with a snap of his hips to press into the god's, feeling the pressure of an obvious erection brushing against his own. He was surprised at how aroused he was, his body aching for more of the raven-haired man's touches and kisses. "Please, Homura…make it stop," he whispered, surprised by the tears that were clouding his vision.

            The god responded with another kiss, sweet and slow with the faintest aftertaste of lust. "As you wish." He wasted no time in removing Goku's boxers as well, the brunet fighting a blush as the War God's hungry gaze swept over him. He fought the urge to cover himself, until Homura began to slowly trail kisses from his neck down his torso. He stopped to play with a dusky nipple, nipping and kissing one while his fingers toyed with the other. Goku let out a moan of approval, bucking his hips again and delighting in the friction it produced.

            "Y-you're too d-dressed," the boy panted out, watching the War God smirk as he sat up and began to strip as well. Goku marveled in the feast of the senses that Homura was presenting. His skin was the same milky pale as Sanzo's, but it was flawless where the priest's carried marks and scars of hard-fought battles. Flawless was a good way to describe Homura, Goku thought then, forgetting it though when Homura melded his body back against Goku's. He continued the pleasurable assault on Goku's chest, a pale hand sliding down to cup Goku's thickening erection in his hand. The brunet let out a loud moan at that, gripping Homura's shoulders tightly as the god flicked his wrist to wring more sounds out of him. Coupled with the pulsing flesh pushing into his thigh, Goku felt the pleasure thrumming heavy in his veins.

            "See, Goku? A body as extraordinary as yours should be worshipped." Homura slid down the length of the body beneath his own, before the head of Goku's cock into his mouth. The brunet gripped the sheets tightly, groaning loudly at the feeling of the god descending and the warmth that rippled through his groin. His hips moved of their own accord, thrusting into the welcoming warmth of Homura's mouth until hands forced him to still. He felt the head of his cock bump the back of the god's throat, and Goku was afraid he would explode then and there. Had it not been for Homura pulling back, he was sure he would have. "Now, now…I certainly can't have that, now can I? I intend to enjoy this as long as possible."

            Goku whimpered at the loss, practically begging the god with his eyes. "Homura…please…" His voice was hoarse with pleasure, his senses overloaded at the feeling. Soon, however, he found himself flipped onto his stomach with Homura lavishing kisses along his spine. They left fire in their wake, so much that he barely noticed the slick fingers probing at his entrance. Vaguely he wondered when Homura had found time to find lube or something similar, but his mind was fogged over to the point that he didn't much care. All that mattered was that Homura's fingers were nudging against that spot that made his cock throb and his muscles clench.

            When the god was satisfied that he was sufficiently stretched, Goku felt his body being pulled up and the head of Homura's erection pressing into his entrance. The god's hips surged forward, effectively impaling Goku on him. The teen cried out in pleasure and pain, letting them subside until the need to move overtook him. Slowly, he rocked onto Homura, relishing in the moan he produced in the other man. The two began to move together, set in a rhythm that was slow and deep. Goku's sweet spot was struck with each thrust, sending ripples of ecstasy thrumming through his body. He felt his mouth forced open and Homura's fingers invading, but he allowed his tongue to swirl around the digits as the god began to thrust them in time with their fucking. Goku moaned loud at that, coupled with the feeling of Homura's hand stroking his cock once more. He couldn't help the rush of sound that fell from his mouth, and he was half-hoping that Sanzo would come in to see what was going on.

            "You feel exquisite, Goku," Homura mumbled against his shoulder, continuing to thrust harder and faster into the body above him as their desire reached its apex.

            Goku cried out first, the coil of pleasure that had been tightening inside of him snapped like a rubber band. Thick ropes of seed coursed out and over Homura's hand as the god milked him dry. The brunet couldn't help the moan that escaped him as the god lifted his hand to his mouth and tasted him, spurting deep inside Goku with one last hard thrust. That, and Goku couldn't help but smile when he heard his own name roll off Homura's tongue in his orgasm.

            The two lovers collapsed against the bed, with Homura slowly pulling out of him and pulling the teen into his arms. Goku was blatantly shocked at such behavior, used to being kicked out after the deed was done. However, he was much too sated to worry about it. "Stay," was all he said, feeling Homura nod against him. For the moment, he didn't care that any one of them could walk in and see him tangled up with the War God. Rather, he hoped that someone would. A particular someone. He knew that Homura would be gone in the morning, but for now, with the full moon still riding high in the sky above them, it was enough.



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