TITLE: Bound

AUTHOR: Eyes of Shinigami



WARNINGS: Mansex, light bondage, some fluff

SUMMARY: Written for the valentine_smut community. Prompt was "ribbons." Requester, please enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: Saiyuki isn't mine and no money is being made by this fanfic.




            Trudging up the stairs was almost a conscious effort on Sanzo's part, and it seemed like there was a million of them. The mission the Sanbutsushin had sent him on had been long and arduous; he didn't understand why Goku was not allowed to go with him. But it didn't matter. He was looking forward to the time off he had been promised and if they decided to send him on anything else in the next couple of weeks, there would be hell to pay.

            Sanzo was greeted with the usual blather from the monks as he entered, but he was in  no mood to deal with them. With a few snarls and ugly words, he found himself alone in walking to his rooms that he shared with Goku. He was looking forward to seeing his lover again, since it had been nearly two weeks since they'd been together. At the very least, he could indulge in a little 'cuddling' as it were, though he would never dare say that word out loud.

            However, much to his dismay, Goku was no where to be seen when he reached their bedroom. Instead, there was a small brown basket waiting on the bed with a wide silk ribbon of bright blue tied carefully around it. When Sanzo peered inside, he couldn't help the small smile that quirked the edges of his mouth. A six pack of his favorite beer, still cold, and a carton of Marlboros took up most of the space, and hidden underneath he found a package of the candy that he liked. The monkey knew him so well.

            Attached to the end of the ribbon was a small note, written in Goku's messy scrawl. Sanzo, had to run out on an errand and wasn't sure when you'd be back. Enjoy this while you wait. The card wasn't signed, but it didn't need to be. Sanzo plucked the small note off the ribbon before unwinding it and stuffing it in the pocket of his jeans. The fabric was longer than he expected, but he didn't dwell on it. He grabbed one of the beers and the carton before shucking off his robes, taking a seat in the window to wait for Goku to get back.




            Goku had run back to the temple as fast as he could, not wanting to miss Sanzo's arrival. The monks had asked him to make a run to town for a few odds and ends for the feast they had planned for Sanzo's return. He thought it was a bit ridiculous they would make such big deal out of it, but he kept that to himself. More food was fine with him. He noticed the familiar blond figure perched in the window, and he grinned.

            After dropping his package off in the kitchen, he headed towards their shared room to greet Sanzo properly. When he got there, he didn't hesitate a second before launching himself onto his lover. "Welcome home," he said softly before he pressed their mouths together. Familiar hands began to creep up underneath his t-shirt and he moaned at the contact. Sanzo's fingers were cold from the beer he'd been drinking, but his mouth was hot and smoky. It was an interesting sensation. "Did you like the basket?"

            "Maybe," was all Sanzo said, even as his eyes flickered with emotion. It had taken years for Sanzo to allow even that, and Goku was grateful. It was quiet moments like these, when they were alone, that Sanzo dropped his guard just a bit. "What was so damn important that you weren't here to greet me?"

            The brunet rolled his eyes. "The head monk needed something from town, and he knew I would be the fastest one to get it. It's for the stupid feast they have planned for you that I wasn't supposed to tell you about." He grinned, cheekily. He knew better than anyone that Sanzo would have his head if he kept something like that from him. "Oops. Guess the stupid monkey just forgot."

            The corner of Sanzo's lip curved upward in a smirk at that. "You can't keep a secret to save your life. Now, what was the basket for?"

            "Just because. I didn't want you to think I wasn't happy to see you home," Goku replied simply. It made Sanzo's heartbeat quicken. Only his lover would go through the trouble for something like that. It was so sweet that Sanzo had to bop him on the head for it.

            "Ow! What was that for?!"

            "Because I wanted to. Now, what do you say you greet me properly?" Sanzo asked huskily, leaning in for another kiss. His hands fisted tightly in Goku's t-shirt as he pulled the brunet into his lap. Their tongues tangled together as their arms wound tightly around one another in a way that had both men panting. When they broke apart, Sanzo noticed the flush that had spread across Goku's face. "On the bed. Now."

            Goku was quick to comply, stripping off his t-shirt before he lay back against the sheets. His chest was heaving already and they'd barely just begun. Golden eyes studied Sanzo carefully as the priest slithered out of his own shirt and crawled onto the bed. He could tell the man was dead-tired, but he also knew that Sanzo was terribly stubborn. "Sanzo?"

            "Shut up. Now…hands above your head." Despite the way he barked his words, Sanzo kissed Goku in a way the brunet could only describe as sweet as he pulled the ribbon from his pocket. He let the silk fabric trail along Goku's exposed chest, letting the end brush along a nipple. It earned him a gasp, which made Sanzo's smirk widen. Goosebumps were springing out all along Goku's heated skin and the blond could feel the insistent press of his lover's half-hard erection against his own when he molded his body against Goku's.

            The ribbon trailed up Goku's arm and the boy shuddered, but Sanzo wasn't finished. He brought the ribbon level with Goku's face before he wrapped it around his eyes. It just wide enough to cover them when he said, "Close your eyes." Sanzo tied it tight around the boy's skull, then wound it around Goku's wrists. There wasn't enough slack to tie him to the headboard, but there was enough to keep the wrists immobilized for as long he wanted them to be. Sanzo admired his handiwork, and his cock throbbed in appreciation at the sight.

            Goku's reaction made it all the sweeter, a soft moan escaping from kiss-flushed lips. "What…what are you doing?" he asked, sounding breathless. His body was trembling and he didn't even know why. It was strange, not seeing Sanzo, but there was something decidedly erotic about it.

            A short bark of laughter escaped from Sanzo as he leaned closer to drag his tongue along Goku's jaw line. The boy shuddered deliciously beneath him at the contact. "You're not that much of an idiot. Just shut up and enjoy." His tongue moved lower to explore the exposed column of Goku's throat as his hand wandered lower. Cool, thin fingers slid down the length of the brunet's chest to tweak a nipple, rolling the nub between his fingers until he felt it harden. He trailed hot kisses down until his mouth joined his fingers to pull the nipple taut between his teeth. Sanzo flicked his tongue across the bud and he was rewarded with the arch of Goku's hips, accompanied by another breathless gasp.

            Goku's hands strained against his binds, but it just pulled the silk tighter around his head when he tugged too hard. It was a sensory overload, knowing what Sanzo was doing and feeling it, but not being able to see him doing it. His cock was throbbing against the confines of his pants and he suddenly wished that Sanzo would hurry up.

            However, Sanzo didn't seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere. He continued to tease and tongue Goku's nipple, before his hand skated down towards the boy's abdomen. He relished in the feeling of the muscle jumping at his touch and he let his finger trail just so beneath the waistband of Goku's jeans. It was heady, having this much power over Goku for just a little while. Finally, he unbuttoned the pants and brought the zipper down to reach inside. Goku's cock was hot and hard in his palm and he gave his lover a few teasing strokes before he did it like he meant it. Goku inhaled sharply and his hips bucked at the touch.

            "Sanzo…" the boy moaned, his head thrashing a bit. It was torturous but oh so good as Sanzo's strokes began to deepen to draw more sounds out of him.

            Sanzo didn't say anything for a moment before he dipped the tip of his tongue into Goku's bellybutton. The reaction was delicious; his lover moaned louder than before as his hips pumped against his hand as though he was fucking the channel Sanzo had made with his fist. It was enough to make Sanzo ache as his own cock twitched in appreciation of the show. He wouldn't wait much longer, but he was enjoying watching Goku writhe like that. "What, Goku?" he asked, his voice a low rumble of desire.

            The brunet swallowed heavily and it took him a minute to respond; he was having trouble forming coherent sentences. "Please…just…do it…fuck me…" he murmured between the groans that were spilling from him. He couldn't help it.

            Sanzo smiled into the skin of Goku's stomach, deciding that maybe the brunet was right. He kept his grip on Goku's shaft tight as he reached up towards their nightstand. He grunted when he had to fish around for the lube, but he found it quick enough and he returned to his previous position. Sanzo teased Goku for a few moments before he released his hold to remove the jeans that were in the way. He took an extra moment to remove his own, kicking them off and not caring where they fell.

            Pouring a decent sized glop of the gel into his hand, Sanzo rubbed it between his hands before he let one trail down between Goku's legs to slip beneath his balls. He wrapped slick fingers around Goku's cock as his first finger sunk into that tight heat, making Goku arch again. Sanzo could hear his own name on Goku's lips, but that just spurred him further. He alternated his thrusts, thrusting into his lover as he stroked upwards. As Goku's muscles opened beneath his touch, Sanzo thrust his second finger in to join its twin.

            Goku was nothing more than a writhing mass of nerves at this point, thrusting back against the invading digits as he felt a third slip in with others. It was as if every touch was intensified because he couldn't see it. It was an incredible sensation.  

            Satisfied that Goku was stretched enough, Sanzo pulled his fingers out of Goku as he released Goku's cock. He slicked his own with the lube that had been coating his hand, biting back a moan at the feeling. He was more than ready to sink balls-deep into Goku's waiting ass, and he did just that as he buried himself to the hilt in one smooth thrust. The two of them gasped at the feeling of being so intimately joined, and Sanzo let his lover adjust before he started thrusting again. At first, the movements were slow, long, and deep, but need made Sanzo start to move just a little bit faster

            Goku grunted with each thrust as Sanzo struck his prostate over and over. His hips were grinding against his lover's own in an attempt to answer back. He caught his bottom lip between his teeth until Sanzo's mouth was on his own in a hot, searing kiss.

            Sanzo felt wiry legs wrap around his waist to draw him deeper, tighter against Goku. He'd missed this, this closeness that could only be attained when he was with his lover. He slid his tongue into Goku's mouth, mimicking the actions of their bodies.

            The boy groaned between the mesh of tongue and lips, as slick heat spurted up between them. Sanzo could feel Goku's cock throbbing in release against the flesh of his stomach and it became imperative that he find his own. He thrust through clasping muscles and Goku's moans of more, harder until his own orgasm blind-sided him. He came, gasping as he emptied his seed deep inside his lover's body. When the shuddering abated, Sanzo collapsed on top of Goku, utterly worn out.

            As content as he was to feel Sanzo so close to him, Goku began to wiggle impatiently after too much longer. "Sanzo…you're heavy. And I can't feel my hands." When the wiggling became to much, only then did Sanzo roll off his lover and untie his hands.

            Once free, Goku immediately snuggled against Sanzo with a wide grin on his face. Despite the tingly feeling in his fingers and the blurriness in his vision, he felt pretty damn good. "That was hot."

            Sanzo cracked open an eye to glance down at his lover, too sated to smack him properly. "Glad you enjoyed." He thought about shoving the monkey out of bed for a shower, but the heavy feeling in his limbs stopped him; he only had enough energy to pull the covers up around them. They could always shower later, he reasoned as he began to drift asleep. The loud snores from Goku weren't even enough to keep him awake as he fell into the best sleep he'd had in weeks.




            The young monk swallowed heavily as he crept on tip-toe to Master Sanzo's rooms. He was instructed to retrieve the Master and his companion since the feast was about to begin, but he wondered if the man was sending him off to his death. He'd heard horror stories about Master Sanzo when he was disturbed and he wasn't too keen to feel the man's wrath. It was legendary, after all. Only Goku seemed to be immune.

            Still, he approached the foreboding door and swallowed again before he knocked lightly on the wood. "Master Sanzo?" He tested the door knob to find it unlocked, peering inside out of morbid curiosity. It wasn't a secret the sort of relationship Master Sanzo and his companion had, which made it strange the door would be unlocked. "Master Sanzo? Your presence-"

            He cut his words short when he noticed the two sleeping figures on the bed. They looked so peaceful, and the blue ribbon tangled between their joined hands did nothing to take away from it.

            Smiling, he closed the door behind him and started back down the hall.

            The feast could wait.



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