Title: Possession
Artist/Author(ess): Darkfire_blade aka Hellsfirescythe
Beta-ed by: The wonderful guanyin_kun. *glomps*
Warnings: Not worksafe, sadism, 'character death'
Pairings: 81 (also known as Gonou/Yiisou)
Notes: This takes not too long after Gonou makes his massacre at Hyuakugan Mao's Castle.
Summary: Chin Yiisou had a habit of wanting what he could never have.

There were few things in the world that Chin Yiisou held entertaining in this world. Very few. The first time those murderous eyes turned on him, he realized that those emerald eyes, Cho Gonou's eyes; elicited more than just mere pleasure: they kept him tingling with anticipation. Much more so than the eyes of Cho Gonou's sister-lover, pretty as they were.

Even after death, Yiisou could feel his cursed body reacting.

A well-aimed blow sent the brunette tumbling, arms twisted painfully underneath that lithe body and wrists chafed raw beneath their bonds. Roughly, Yiisou clasped the converted youkai's chin and ran a claw over the angry red blotch that had begun to spread over Cho Gonou's cheek. How could such a killer retain such a pretty face? Such a beautiful face...

Cho Gonou's head snapped to the other side as another patch of red bloomed underneath pale skin to match its counterpart. A trail of crimson dribbled out of the corner of tightly sealed lips and those eyes found their way back to Yiisou's, never wavering. A flare of raw desire sparked in his belly.

Slowly, he dragged dangerously sharp fingers down creamy skin, leaving raw gouges in their wake. Yiisou grinned as he felt Cho Gonou's breath hitch when nails trailed perilously close to penetrating the thin layer of skin over the smooth column of the other's neck.

His enjoyment was briefly interrupted when a pair of bound legs shot out and hard shoes sunk deep into his gut. The hard surface of the cave slammed unforgivingly against the back of the last remaining remnant of Hyuakugan Mao's clan. For a while, the only sound that could be heard was Cho Gonou's labored breathing and the brittle noise of cascading rubble and dirt.

The scrape of rocks against Yiisou's skin went ignored, unfelt. His immediate reaction of anger was quickly replaced with dark excitement. Quietly, Yiisou climbed to his feet and brushed plumes of dust off of his garments, a smile plastered neatly on his countenance at the sound of Cho Gonou's disbelieving gasp. He was at the other youkai's side in an instant, his heel landing in the yielding flesh of Cho Gonou's midsection. A mist of blood sprayed out of the brunette's lips.

Those eyes remained the same, gem-like. They were hard, cold, yet still burning with an unquenchable flame, even as the body lay crumpled on the cavern ground. Chin Yiisou wanted to be the one to smother out that fire.

A pained cry managed to escape from Cho Gonou's mouth as Yiisou artfully pinned the other beneath him; elbow threatening to crush the pretty neck beneath it if its owner decided to move the wrong way, and knees planted firmly on either side of an abused torso. The fingers of his free hand tore through the thin blue material of Cho Gonou's shirt on its way towards its destination, leaving more angry red lines before weaving through thick hair and clenching the handful tightly.

Cho Gonou's body immediately tensed as Yiisou's teeth scratched against the juncture between his jaw and neck. The white-haired youkai's mouth traveled down further, teeth re-scraping open the barely scabbed-over trails that his nails had previously formed, tongue laving up what little blood that welled up in the shallow wounds. Yiisou's hand slowly unclenched from dark hair and glided over the alternating sections of hot and cold on Cho Gonou's left ear. Deftly, he pulled each of the silver cuffs off. With each one removed, Yiisou could feel, could sense Cho Gonou's growing agitation and fear.

As the last one came off, the bonds that could hold the pseudo-human back snapped in their attempt to restrain the youkai. Chin Yiisou suddenly found himself pinned against the wall looking into the smouldering eyes of a demon. There was rage, hate, denial, and lust...just not only for blood any longer.

Yiisou hissed as hands, unused to their newly grown claws, gripped his shoulders tightly and pierced into his shoulders. His eyes were directed towards the vines over the youkai's bared skin, mesmerized by their movements which matched their body's increasing frenzy. The collar of Yiisou's tunic tore open and a searing mouth closed over his neck, moving upwards and stinging as fangs grazed harshly, this time against his own skin, and awakening him from his momentary lapse of attention.

He pushed back, forcing Cho Gonou to move back before crushing his mouth over the other's. Tongues dueling, hands pawing, cloth shredding, and tiny drops of blood forming. The two landed roughly back on the ground as Cho Gonou struggled to divest Yiisou of his remaining clothes.

It seemed that Cho Gonou's eyes weren't the only thing that would plague Yiisou's mind. Cho Gonou's hands could do wonders as well.

Panting, growling, and the sound of flesh against flesh echoed through the cavern.

Later, dark vines retracted back to their owner's body and the sound of scuttling bug legs faded out of the background. A tangle of limbs remained, cream against white, near black mingling with near white, all speckled with crimson.

Chin Yiisou sighed and rolled over. Before the youkai beside him could respond, a hand plunged into the other's heart and closed around something before jerking back out. Cho Gonou's body flinched and stiffened, a crack formed alongside his jaw before a piece fell to the floor. More cracks began to form.

For a moment, the youkai prince regarded the mah jong tile in his hand and then back at the crumbling figure before him. With a sneer, he pocketed the piece and watched as the body was destroyed. Those emerald eyes were the last to go, still burning as they turned into dust.


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