Title: Blinded by the Sight

Author/Artist: CryptJo

Rating: R

Warnings: Solo, voyeurism, masturbation, yaoi

Pairing(s): Gojyo (solo), hints at Gojyo x Sanzo, Hakkai x Sanzo

Summary: Gojyo sees something he wishes he hadn't...

Notes: Not officially betaed, so feel free to point out any errors.  Thanks to missingkitsune for the title! :D



Did you ever see something you wish you hadn't?  Something so hideous that you wished you could scrub your eyeballs with a wire brush?  Something so traumatic that it will stay with you for the rest of your life and will even haunt your dreams while you're on your deathbed?  Something so disturbing that you question whether you'll ever be able to...well, I'm sure you get the point.


So what happened to me?  I'm getting to that, but first of all I wanted you to understand how harrowingly and life alteringly bad my experience was because you're gonna read this and think, "Oh my god, Gojyo, how can you complain about that?  I think it'd be awesome to see something like that!".  But you know what?  It isn't awesome!  It's the worst thing I've ever witnessed - and I've seen some pretty disturbing sights.


Yeah, yeah.  I know, get on with it and I will, but remember these two things; one - I'm gonna be mentally scarred for life and two - it wasn't my fault.



It started as all the recent events in my life seem to start; in a crappy inn, in a crappy village on another leg of our crappy journey.  I'd been in the bar, doing what I do best which is drinking and chatting up the ladies.  Actually, that night there were slim pickings so I was mostly just drinking.  The further west we go the less suitable women there are.  I don't mean that they're ugly or anything like that; it's more that when my only choice is between an eighty year old and an eight year old, the only person in my bed that night is me. 


I digress.  The point is that I was more than a little frustrated if you catch my drift.  Add to that the large amount of alcohol sloshing around my body and it was really no wonder that when I heard a moan as I passed Sanzo's room that my curiosity was piqued.  Before I knew it, my feet had stopped and I was cocking my head, wondering if I'd really heard it or if it had been a figment of my imagination.  When I heard the distinct squeak of bedsprings, I couldn't help the broad grin that I knew was plastered across my mug; I wasn't the only horny one, obviously.


Now, everyone knows that Sanzo's not your most conventional monk what with the smoking and drinking and killing, but I admit that I was a little surprised that he indulged in pleasures of the flesh, even the solo kind of activities.  I probably shouldn't have been because under those pretty eyes, the girly hair and that dress of his, he's still a guy, right?  Besides, if anyone needs to let off steam, it's that guy!


So, I did what any other red-blooded, bi-curious guy would do; I made sure no-one was about, pressed my ear to the door and stuck my hand down my pants.  I'm not proud of that, but y'know it was Sanzo for crying out loud!  Have you seen that guy?  He's a walking, talking, spitting, bitching wet dream waiting to happen.  Oh come on...what?  You thought I just liked chicks?  I like anyone who is pretty enough to give me a hard on and since I met him, that monk has given me more hard ons than the monkey's had hot dinners.


Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked again.  It's hard not to when talkin' about Sanzo, but I'm sure you've had enough of that.  You want me to dish the dirt, don't you?  Okay, so there I was, jacking myself off along with the blond hottie when I realised I wasn't just hearing his moans - someone was in there with him!  Well, shit!  That bastard was getting some action while I'd had to head back to an empty bed.  Where was the justice in that?  Yeah, he's hot but he's not a patch on yours truly. 


Of course, my indignation quickly turned to curiosity.  Who was in the monk's bed?  Some cheap floozy he'd picked up?  Nah, not a chance.  He spends too much time with the monkey to be into girls.  Aah, obviously that was the answer - the only reason he could have for keeping the annoying little pipsqueak around was as his own, personal little fuck buddy.  And goddamn it if that idea didn't make me harder.  I really am a perverted bastard if the idea of the monk getting his rocks off with the monkey is a turn on, but whatever.  Like you're in any position to judge, sitting there listening to my filthy little tale.  We're all perverts together, right?


Maybe it was the drink, maybe it was the fact I was horny or maybe it was because I wondered whether the monk fucked the monkey or the other way around; whatever it was, suddenly I found my hand on the door handle, quietly turning it.  Telling myself I was just gonna have a little peek - y'know, to fuel my fantasies - I silently thanked whoever had forgotten to lock the door and pushed it open, just a crack.  Enough to get an eyeful.  And man!  What an eyeful I got!


The first thing I noticed was that Sanzo was on the bottom; on all fours, actually.  The next thing I noticed was the fact that he was gagged - neat trick that, I thought, keeps him from bitching.  As for the third thing...that was no monkey, fucking Sanzo like there was no tomorrow.  Sure, the hair colour was kinda similar, but where a gold diadem usually sat there was a very familiar green headband. 


Well fuck me sideways - Hakkai was banging our not-so-illustrious leader!  Yup, you heard me right.  Sweet, polite, unassuming Hakkai was riding Sanzo like he was a wild pony being broken in for the first time.  Not only that, but I could see handprints all over Sanzo's lily-white ass from where Hakkai had spanked him, hard by the looks of things.  Faster than you could say 'serves ya right for peeking ya perv!' I closed the door as quietly as I could and hightailed it out of there, the image of Hakkai and Sanzo screwing forever burned into my mind. 


That's it.  That's my trauma, my punishment for being a peeping tom.  I dunno if they knew what I'd seen and shit, it's not like I could ever say anything about it...I still can't look at Hakkai properly without fighting down a blush.  Hah!  Me blushing, who'd have thought it, eh?


Hasn't stopped me lusting over Mr High-and-Mighty though; if anything, it's made me worse.  I tell ya, I'd love to have been the one to pop that cherry!  Sadly, looks like Hakkai beat me to it.


I wonder if the monkey knows.


I wonder if they'd let me join in sometime.  Just to purge the images from my brain, you understand.  Confront your fears or some psycho-babble crap like that. 


Fuck, you're gonna have to excuse me now, that story's got me a little, uh, flustered if you know what I mean...and I guess from your blush that you do.


The end

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