Title: Under

Author: chemcat

Warnings: allusions to forced sex, not the rape though (I think)

Spoilers: Saiyuki Gaiden vol. 1

Pairing: Kenren/Tenpou

Rating: R/NC-17 (not sure, which applies more)

Disclaimer: Kenren&Co belong to Minekura Sensei.

Length: 844 (according to MS Word)

Beta reader: not beta-read

Summary: Kenren and Tenpou are friends. Will they remain so after their discussion? Is Tenpou ready to let go of his fear?





"It is said that you are General's Kenren right-hand man, but the reason you cling to that man so much is you feel most comfortable being under your Master, right?"*


Tenpou's fist collides with Li Touten's face with a loud thud. Something, which Marshal will remember later on with grim smile upon his face. That however, changes nothing - because the man spoke the truth. He does feel comfortable being 'under'.




"So, as you can see Goku, I told you the truth. Tenpou is impulsive, even if you don't remember the meaning of this word, Monkey."

"Don't call me Monkey, and I do remember the meaning."

"As if."

"Kenren stop it! And Goku, could you please go to Konzen?"

"I'm sure he's worried where you have gone."

"But Ten-chan all right. See you later Ten-chan, Ken-nii "

"Just go Monkey!"


With Goku gone, the silence starts to stretch in Marshal's office. Finally, General can take it no more.


"So OK, you just had to go there and get yourself into trouble. It seems like I'm not the only reckless person in here. What did you do?"

"I punched Li Touten."

"That's admirable, but to provoke you so easily? What did he do?"

"He said the truth."

"Ah, the truth hurts. In this case literally I see."

"Is that everything General?"

"And if it is Marshal?"

"Then would you leave my office?"


Kenren doesn't look surprised. Tenpou was always like that, however unorthodox the Marshal was acting, there were some things he wasn't going to admit. Not now, not ever maybe.


"So was it about us being together?"

"We are not 'together' General."

"Are we not? Then how would you call us?"

"We are friends, at best."

"At best, hm? I would say we are friends with benefits."

"Yes, General."


Kenren comes closer to Tenpou, who averts his face. It hurts General to see such a blatant denial. Why does it always end like this? Why if he wants to be with Tenpou, only his brutal strength can ensure that?


"Very well Marshal, I will leave you to your duties."


With that General proceeds towards the door, leaving stunned Marshal behind.


"What? Where are you going General Kenren?"

"You did want me to leave Marshal. I simply comply with your wishes."

"You never did before."

"Does it bother you that I do now?"

"What kind of question is that General?"

"I cannot keep chasing after you Tenpou. I want you to give freely what so far, I've taken by force only. Friend."


Bitterness drips from General's words. He's not ashamed of his previous actions. Had Marshal had anything against being taken by him, he would have fought for his release, would have avoided him later. Alas, that has never happened.


But Kenren is tired - tired of waiting. They are friends, yes - no matter how twisted and complicated but friends, and they will remain such. Nonetheless, friendship is not what he wants from Tenpou, not anymore. It stopped being enough for him and he doesn't know when it has happened. When has it shifted from pure friendship to something else? Or maybe it was always there?


"Li Touten told me I cling to you. Is that the truth, General?

"You tell me."

"He told me you are my Master, is that the truth?"

"No more puzzles Tenpou. You know where to find me if the necessity arises."

"No I don't. I don't know anymore. I knew where to find a friend but it was a long time ago. Now I'm not sure "

"You are babbling Marshal."

"Am I? Don't you think I'm strong? Don't you think I'm unbreakable anymore?"

"No, Tenpou. I don't I never did. You are as fragile as fine porcelain or boiled egg. Tough on the outside but if one knows where to push - you crack open."

"You do General. And you push hard."

"I know."

"And you are all right with it?"

"Honestly Tenpou, did you ever think how I feel taking you without your consent? Although you do not outright reject me I cannot do that anymore. Even I have feelings Tenpou. I never understood you but I hoped that one day I would. Once again I have been wrong."

"You do not seek a challenge?"

"You think so little of me? Even if I were you are none Marshal. You've stopped being one after the first time you'd given into me, and yet I keep coming back "


Tenpou stands there, in the middle of his office, with his head spinning from the impact of Kenren's words - the implication behind them. As of their own volition, Marshal's legs move to bring him closer to the other man; his arms rise to wind themselves around taller man's neck.


"Will you still come back?"


Kenren's lips are moist and his hands are urgent as he pulls Marshal close. General's voice is just a heavy whisper when he breaks the kiss.


"I will."




* Saiyuki Gaiden vol. 1

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