Author: Car Jack

Title: Two's Company, Three's a Kink
Pairings: Hakkai/Gojyo/Sanzo
Rating: NC-17
Status: One Shot Complete

Disclosure: I do not own Saiyuki

Two's Company, Three's a Kink

It was Hakkai who arranged it.

Gojyo was easy to convince to go along. Well, perhaps not easy but surely nowhere near as difficult as it would be getting Sanzo to agree. Gojyo had no problem with getting a third person to join, he just wasn't eager to approach Sanzo. Beautiful the monk may be but one wrong step and you could find you life cut short rather abruptly.

He let Hakkai do the approaching while he hid somewhere out of gunshot range. That somewhere was Hakkai's room.

He kept one ear cocked toward the door, listening for the telltale slap of Sanzo's sandals in that angry stride that indicated that Hakkai was unsuccessful and that the monk was now coming to put an end to his own perverted life. Hakkai at this point would already be dead.

In an attempt to calm his nerves, he opened one of the bottles of booze on the table. He chose whiskey and drank while he waited.

And waited.

And waited.

By the time he finally heard Hakkai's footsteps coming toward the door over an hour had gone by and he was almost finished with his bottle while almost a half pack worth of cigarette butts filled the ashtray. Thoughts of the coming evening and what it would bring, be it death or pleasure, filled his thoughts. Perhaps Sanzo declined without shooting Hakkai and it'll just be the two of them tonight. Disappointing but better than dying.

Hakkai had implied things that suggested Sanzo would be game for his plan but Gojyo was sure it was more likely to set the irate monk off. He seemed more interested in shooting at him than he seemed interested in fucking him.

Although -

He didn't seem quite so intent on witnessing Hakkai's death. Perhaps ?

He picked up the bottle that Hakkai said they would drink together if things went their way. Something called tequila. Hakkai claimed the drink came from a different continent and was suppose to be drank with salt and a lime and he was curious about it. Since no gunshots, or screams, or the appearance of a raging bloodthirsty Buddhist monk he figured things couldn't be all bad. Right?

Although he was expecting it, he still jumped a bit when the door abruptly swung open. Smiling a relieved greeting to his friend and lover, he looked up into the cold violet eyes of Sanzo glaring sure death at him instead. His smile slid sickly off his face and he froze, not knowing whether to run or beg for his life.

He froze like a rabbit, caught between the two options when Hakkai's smiling face appeared behind the monk. "Gojyo, you haven't started on the tequila yet, have you?"

"No! Not at all," he looked guiltily at the bottle in his hand. Raising it up to show the two men, he claimed, "It's not opened! I was just looking."

The other two walked in and Hakkai closed and locked the door behind him. That motion, more than anything else, brought home as to what they were really about tonight. Goku was long asleep in his own room, oblivious to the activity that would soon be going on.

Sanzo pulled his robe from around his body, carefully folding it and the scripture onto the side table in the corner of the room and leaving him dressed in his black jeans, gloves, and body shirt. Hakkai sat down and opened the bag he held that Gojyo didn't at first notice and pulled out a couple of limes and a saltshaker. Sanzo sat down in the remaining chair, placing Hakkai in the middle.

"Well, let's start, shall we?" The healer pulled a knife from his pocket and opened it, grabbing a lime and Sanzo opened the can of beer, pouring it into the three four ounce glasses on the table. "Apparently, lemons are used also but I could only find limes," Hakkai explained as he cut the limes into narrow wedges. "According to the bartender, you can either wipe the lime onto your hand here " and he demonstrated by doing so, wiping the lime over the web of skin between his thumb and pointer finger. Gojyo and Sanzo mimicked his motions. "- then sprinkle the salt over it. You can also lick your hand in place of the lime juice if you want." He looked up at his two companions and smiled, "The order you do this in, remember, is suck off the salt, take the shot, bite the lime. After that, is the beer chaser. Ready?"

"We're ready, already, Hakkai. Still seems like a lot of nonsense just to drink a shot." Sanzo, always the optimistic monk.

Gojyo kept any opinions to himself and as one, they sucked the juice and salt off their hands, drank the shot, and bit into the lime. A soft murmur of pleasure escaped from the halfbreed and they grabbed the four ounce glasses of beer and drank them down.

Hakkai was tempted to actually smack his lips but instead smiled at the other two men, "Well? What did you think?"

"It didn't suck." Gojyo laughed at the monk's words, he saw how the priest had 'sucked' on his lime wedge and licked his lips after the beer. The halfbreed fully intended on doing plenty of sucking tonight. And not just on limes. Sanzo frowned at him as he grabbed the next wedge of lime and poured himself more beer and another shot.

"I'd say Sanzo sama found it to his liking." He also gathered up the ingredients for the next round. They enjoyed another round of tequila shots and beer. Sounds of pleasure and appreciation filled the air of the room.

As Hakkai reached out for more, Gojyo gripped Hakkai's hand, stopping him from reaching for the lime. Instead, he picked the wedge up and, holding the healer's eyes, he smeared the juice over the skin of Hakkai's hand. Setting the wedge down, he sprinkled salt over it and handed the beer to the healer.

"I think I would like to try this one with a Hakkai chaser," he murmured and he picked up Hakkai's shot.

Green eyes began to smolder at him and purple ones locked on to them as he lifted Hakkai's hand to his mouth and sucked the salt and lime mixture off his skin. He smiled a sultry smile before tossing back the shot and biting into the lime. Hakkai quickly drank his beer and Gojyo leaned forward, capturing his mouth in a wet hungry kiss, drinking the flavor of beer from his lips and tongue.

Sanzo reached over and poured more tequila into the shot glass from the bottle and set it on the small table where they sat reclining on the wooden chair. A smoking cigarette waited resting on the ashtray for the priest to pick it back up after drinking the alcohol.

He looked to the two men kissing ardently less than three feet from him where they sat in their own chairs in Hakkai's room, leaning over into each other. His hand was feeling a bit sticky from the limejuice and he sucked a little more on the skin of his hand, running his tongue over the salty area licking away the flavor of the lime. His curiosity was piqued. How did Hakkai talk him into coming here to watch him and the cockroach fuck? Who'd have thought the demon was into such things?

Sanzo was interrupted by the soft sound of lips meeting or rather, pulling apart and his eyes once again focused on the two men. The soft light of the small lamp in the room cast the two in diffused twilight, stretching their shadows along the wall behind them in a flickering parody of the embrace they were currently engaging in. The priest watching them sucked deep on the cigarette he was smoking, his eyes centered intently on the show being put on for him.

They settled back into their chairs and smiled at each other. "Nice," Gojyo murmured.

"Yes?" Hakkai reached for the bottle of booze and lime, "Well, then. My turn."

Gojyo poured the beer and waited for Hakkai to pour the shot. When ready, Hakkai smeared the lime wedge on the kappa's hand and sprinkled it with salt. Sharing another smile, the healer sucked the salt off of Gojyo's hand, trailing his mouth up the outside of his pointer finger. As he got to the tip, Gojyo's fingernail disappeared between the youkai's lips and the rest of the finger sunk down into the brunette's wet mouth

Gojyo's shaky sigh easily reached Sanzo, who unconsciously paused with his cigarette held just millimeters from his own lips.

Hakkai slowly pulled back off Gojyo's finger and smiled, a sultry suggestive smile. Picking up the shot glass, he flung the liquor down his throat and bit into the lime as Gojyo drank the beer. Reaching out, Hakkai cupped the back of Gojyo's head and pulled him forward, covering his mouth in a devouring kiss.

Sanzo's breath sped up quietly. Watching the two men kissing were, well, if he were Gojyo, he'd say hot. He took a drag off his temporarily forgotten cigarette and tried to cover his change in breathing by pouring another drink. The two men were dragging the kiss out and Sanzo had trouble pulling his eyes away long enough to fill the shot glass. Picking up the lime wedge, he thought about the areas he'd like to rub it on Hakkai. Rub it on then lick off the juice afterwards. Oh, yea.

The two men stood, moving toward each other and pressing together. Their hands gripped each other and pressed the other ever closer.

Gojyo was the first to start at the clothes, pulling at Hakkai's jacket until he had it off the healer. After that, he carefully removed the monocle and headband, done in motions that seemed practiced. Sanzo found himself growing more aroused at the two men undressing each other. He lounged back further into is chair and prepared to enjoy the show.

Gojyo found it almost easy to forget that Sanzo was in the room with them. Holding Hakkai's body to his and tasting his delicious mouth drove everything from his mind. He ran his hands over his demon's body, pulling the interfering fabric out of the way, baring more skin to kiss and lick and touch.

More clothes hit the floor and moans began to echo through the room.

Sanzo rubbed his hand over the bulge in his jeans and shifted slightly in his chair. He could hear the two talking quietly to each other but was only able to pick out some words and short sentences, they were speaking so quietly.

By now, both were naked and sprawled out on the bed. Gojyo was on his back with Hakkai sprawled on top of him, his tight ass in full view. Sanzo shifted again as he thought about sinking into the cleft between those smooth cheeks. Growing over heated from the booze and watching the erotic show, he pulled his black shirt off over his head and tossed it to the floor with the other clothes. His gloves followed. The two on the bed didn't notice.

Hakkai levered himself up on his arms and Sanzo could see Gojyo's hands moving, drawing designs on the skin of Hakkai's back and sides. He decided that, in their current position, he wouldn't be able to see what he wanted. What was important. So he stood and moved the chair to a better location, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans before he sat back down. Yes, this was much better. He had a better view and his cock wasn't feeling so confined.

He saw red eyes watching him as he settled into the chair next to the couple, and holding those Bordeaux eyes, he reached into his boxers and pulled his erect rod out through the opening in front. Gojyo watched him slowly pump his cock a moment before whispering quietly to the man nuzzling his collarbone.

The brunette head lifted and emerald eyes focused on him slowly. He wondered if the healer had forgotten he was here by the almost surprised look he had as he focused on him. Then he smiled and sat up straddling the hanyou's hips. He let his eyes trail over Gojyo and languidly brought them back to his face and trail down him to where his hand was fisting himself. He smiled again and looked back at Gojyo.

"I'm feeling empty, Gojyo. Do you think you could do something about that?"

Gojyo reached out and caressed Hakkai's hips before giving his shaft a few firm tugs, "Yea. I think I could."

Hakkai laughed quietly and climbed off, getting to his feet and facing towards Sanzo. His eyes held an invitation as he slowly pumped his cock and it took a few seconds to realize Hakkai was pumping the same rhythm he was, keeping time. A wave of lust coursed through him at the thought of actually joining the two on the bed rather than just watching.

Gojyo reached out to the side table and picked up the tube of lube and waited quietly on the bed for Hakkai to return. With another come-hither smile, he turned and climbed back on to the bed.

Sanzo breathed deeply as he watched the two men face each other kneeling on the bed. Their difference in height was no hindrance as they kissed, Gojyo bending over the smaller man. Eventually they broke apart and Hakkai turned away, bending to place his hands on the mattress and presenting his ass to the redhead. They were sidewise to him, giving him the best view as Gojyo lubed up his fingers and started to tickle at the healer's backside.

Hakkai moaned and lowered his head to rest on his arms, his ass raised to the hanyou and his legs spread. Sanzo wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He just knew Gojyo had slipped a finger inside, he could see how his hand pumped and twirled around. His ass clenched and he tightened his grip on his prick.

Sanzo kicked off his jeans and boxers, standing to walk up to the side of the bed to get a better view. Gojyo's head swiveled around to watch him as he leaned over to see. To see the redhead's long tapered fingers caressing and kneading a pale globe while the middle finger of his other hand stroked in and out from between the cheeks.

A third hand appeared and Sanzo looked down at Hakkai to find him staring back up at him. His posture may have been submissive but the look in his eyes was anything but. His glittering green eyes bored into him in a demand, demanding something Sanzo wasn't sure of.

A soft murmur sounded from the kappa and he pulled his eyes away from Hakkai's forest ones and looked back at the cockroach's hands. He still had his finger inside Hakkai and his hand, along with the one Hakkai had swung back, had his cheeks pulled apart showing the tight brown pucker and the finger buried inside. Gojyo pumped a few more times then pulled out, adding a second finger and slowly pushing both in. Sanzo sighed with Hakkai's moan, the fingers of his free hand his other still holding his cock in a death grip twitching.

Hakkai's moans were getting louder. He watched as Gojyo turned his fingers, scissoring them, stretching the youkai and he squeezed down painfully on his dick, wanting to sink himself into that upturned cavern.

"Gojyo," Hakkai's voice moaning a name other than his helped to center him. "Now, Gojyo. Fuck me now."

Gojyo pulled his fingers from the brunette and grabbed the lube again, squeezing an ample amount into his hand and coating his cock. Hakkai was staring at him and their eyes locked. Sanzo was lost in the demanding lust he saw reflected there and he actually started to reach out to the demon. Gojyo interfered by grabbing Hakkai's hips and pulling him to his groin. The trance he was in was broken by Hakkai closing his eyes with a deep groan of pleasure.

The healer gripped handfuls of the sheet under him and Sanzo snatched his hand back, looking at the halfbreed. He was relieved to see that the hanyou didn't seem to notice his transgression as he sunk into Hakkai's ass. Sanzo backed away and reclaimed his chair, his heart beating triple time and sweat starting to form on him.

Gojyo bent over Hakkai's back kissing the back of his shoulder and the youkai groaned again. Sanzo spread his legs to fondle his ball sack while he kept up the pumping motion on his dick, mesmerized by the sounds the two men were making just a few feet away. Gojyo wrapped his arms around the shorter man and pulled him upright, the kappa's chest pressed tight to his back and Hakkai reached back to grip the hanyou's arms as he seated himself solidly onto his impaling rod.

Hakkai's head fell back to rest on Gojyo's shoulder, the one closest to Sanzo, and a constant stream of moans and gasps fell from his parted lips. The two had paused, adjusting, and Hakkai dropped one hand from the kappa's arm to grip his cock, slowly caressing it. His view was partially blocked and he again stood, grabbed his chair and moved just as the other two started to move.

He quickly found a spot next to the bed where he could easily see Hakkai's hand as it fisted his prick and, if he leaned slightly over to the side, he had a view of Gojyo's cock driving in and out of Hakkai's ass as they rocked together on the bed. He pulled the chair to his new vantage point and sprawled naked over it, his own hand sliding along his sex in time with Hakkai's. This was so good. He could both see them better and hear them, both of them, better.

He realized Gojyo was speaking softly right into the demon's ear as he rocked into him. He could hear the words if he listened hard.

"He looks so hard, so stiff. I bet it would be burning hot in my hand, made hotter by the friction of him pumping through my fist. How would he taste on my tongue? The saltiness of his pre-cum coating my throat before my mouth was suddenly filled with his cum, flooding my tastes with his thick sticky seed aaahhh!"

Hakkai rose up and bucked back hard a couple of times onto Gojyo's cock, a strained cry ringing from him. Gojyo grabbed his waist in an attempt to control his movements.

"Shit, Hakkai! Careful! I'm to close to the edge for that!" He wrapped his arms back around him and his fingers tugged and rolled the erect nipples they found. Gojyo bent down enough to drag his mouth along the top of Hakkai's shoulder and up the curve of his neck. Sanzo couldn't see the shiver that ran through the brunette but the shaking gasp reached his ears and Sanzo could almost feel the kappa's mouth slide along his own neck. Another moan was pulled from the group's healer when Gojyo's teeth closed on his earlobe.

Those red eyes turned back to Sanzo and one hand left the nipples it was playing with to clasp Hakkai's unoccupied hand, pulling it up to their shoulders and to the kappa's mouth. A wet tongue trailed from the joint at the hand to the tip of the middle finger where white teeth gently closed over the nail. Sanzo witnessed soft lips close over that same nail to sooth any discomfort and kiss the tip of the digit in his possession.

That was it. He couldn't stay unattached. He needed to get involved.

Before he realized what he was doing, he had stood up from his chair and climbed up on the bed, kneeling before Hakkai. Sanzo stared into the youkai's eyes, bringing one hand up to his hair. Flicking his eyes quickly to the man fucking Hakkai from behind, he found himself caught by Gojyo's orbs, snagged in his cherry red pupils. He saw the desperate need reflected in his eyes and ignored it as he swung his own eyes back to Hakkai, drowning in the deep green orbs of the man being fucked.

Hakkai's eyes were soft, melting in the passion flowing between him and the hanyou behind him.

That same passion he wanted to taste.

His hand clenched, gripping Hakkai's hair and pulling his head to the side. Gasps sounded from the two men in front of him and he smirked at their surprise as he covered Hakkai's mouth with his own, forcing his tongue between his lips.

A low moan rumbled from Gojyo, watching as Sanzo ravished Hakkai's mouth.

Sanzo pressed his body against Hakkai, thrusting against and in time to the motions they were already doing. Hakkai released his grip on his cock and grabbed the priest's hips in a clumsy bump and grind as he thrust forward into Sanzo and back against Gojyo. A carnal groan from him broke the kiss and his hands gripped hard into the flesh of the monk's pale ass.

Sanzo gasped and reached with his unoccupied hand to grab Gojyo by the hair and pull his head down to press a kiss to the hanyou's lips. Another groan, more desperate, erupted from the healer and both men felt the vibration shimmied through them from the man they had sandwiched between them.

Gojyo could taste tobacco and lime on the priest's tongue as it ravished the warm cavern of his mouth and his balls tightened alarmingly. He snapped his head back, ignoring the pull on his hair, and gritted his teeth, desperately holding his orgasm back. He held his breath and concentrated hard, slowing his thrusts a bit.

"Hakkai! Now! Oh gods, cum Hakkai. Cum!" Gojyo heard the desperation in his own voice but beyond caring.

"Ah, Gojyo. Almost. Almost. Don't stop, I'm so close."

"Hakkai, please! I'm not -. I can't -."

Sanzo let go of his hair and suddenly dropped down, biting and licking his way down Hakkai until he was kneeling on the floor and he wrapped his mouth around Hakkai's diamond hard cock. Both men above him groaned together.

Surprisingly, Gojyo found the image of Sanzo kneeling in front of Hakkai, sucking his cock while he was pounding into his ass, a bit, well, wrong. He knew the holy man ignored the laws of his faith and refused the gods but seeing him in an act so carnal was just disturbing. Illicit. And it was so going to throw him over the edge and make him cum.

Hakkai's moans sounded as if he were trying to form more words.

His arms wrapped around the brunette, Gojyo threw back his head and cried out in defeat, gripping Hakkai crushingly to him as he came, flooding the cavity he was embedded in and overflowing down the healer's thighs. Seconds later, Hakkai stiffened and joined his voice to the kappa's, releasing his seed to the swallowing monk kneeling before him.

Sanzo slowly leaned back, pulling off of Hakkai's softening cock, one hand wiping the demon's essence from his face where it had dripped from his mouth. A pink tongue flicked out to clean it from his hand and Gojyo felt more than heard the sigh issued from the man still in his arms. Feeling sated, he relaxed his hold on Hakkai and carefully slipped his softening dick from the man's hole. Hakkai's sigh was louder this time and they sat still, leaning against each other trying to get their breaths back.

"Kappa." The low timber of the monk's voice drew his attention as Sanzo finished cleaning his hand and gracefully stood before them. Only then did Gojyo see the priest's other hand was gripped around his shaft slowly stroking it. Sanzo hadn't yet cum. "Come here, Kappa."

Sitting on the bed next to Hakkai, Sanzo beckoned the hanyou to him. Slowly, lazily, Gojyo slid his feet to the floor and stood taking the two steps to the priest.

"Finish me, Gojyo. Suck me off." His hand stopped moving, just gripping the base of his cock now. "It won't take much. Come suck me off. Make me cum."

Flicking an inquiring look toward his lover, he found Hakkai kneeling behind and to the right of Sanzo, smiling encouragement and looking eager to watch. His dark green eyes were glittering and Gojyo thought he was probably stroking the monk's back by the motion his arm was making. Turning his head slightly, he encountered the hard gems of Sanzo eyes, waiting and smoldering hotly in lust. He dropped to his knees before the priest.

Sanzo pointed his engorged rod towards him and waited for the hanyou to reach out his hand before moving his own hand away from his cock. As Gojyo's hand closed over the heated flesh, he heard the monk hiss while Hakkai sighed deeply with pleasure. He looked up to watch the other two men as he flicked out his tongue to lick up the pre-cum oozing from the tip and tease the slit.

It tasted just as good as he thought it would.

Sanzo gasped and bucked up slightly and Hakkai reached down to sink his unoccupied hand into Gojyo's hair, combing through the red strands. Gojyo closed his mouth over the tip and a raw groan rumbled from the monk, "Ah, yea. Yea. Suck it."

It was difficult to keep eye contact so Gojyo allowed his eyes to close and he dived down, swallowing the man's prick so it filled his throat. Sanzo bucked again and he had to pull up slightly to avoid choking. Creating a suction, he pulled almost completely off before sliding his mouth back down to the base. The monk was a bit thicker around but not too much more so than Hakkai and Gojyo quickly started up a fast pace, wanting to push the blonde over the edge and taste the thick seed soon to be spurting out of him. He thought the monk wasn't lying when he said it wouldn't take much. He was tasting heavenly.

A wet sound from above brought his eyes straining to look up without breaking his rhythm and he saw Hakkai was leaning forward and the two were engaged in a heated kiss, Hakkai's left hand buried in blond strands as his right was likewise still buried in crimson ones. The corrupt sight brought a moan vibrating from his chest and the effect on the priest was instantaneous.

A low animalistic groan reverberated out of the blonde only to have the sound muffled and swallowed by Hakkai. The lean body of the monk went rigid and quaked, spurts of cum shooting from his cock flooding Gojyo's mouth and senses.

Oh, yea. This was good. Vaguely he thought of the food of the gods. So good.

He slowly pulled off and looked up, licking his lips. Sanzo's eyes were closed and his body was the most relaxed he could remember seeing. Hakkai was looking down at him with such a soft happy smile he found himself smiling back.

He'll have to be sure to keep an eye out for this tequila stuff for the future.

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