Title: Toothbrush
Author: Car Jack
Series: Saiyuki
Rating: PG

Disclosure: I do not own Saiyuki


"Dammit! Where is it? I swore I packed it!" Goku searched frantically through his bag, even shaking it., and any other bags inside the main pack, out. "Dammit!"

"Baka." Sanzo's voice sounded from behind the paper he was reading before turning in for the evening, the oil lamp burned on the table next to him, casting the monk in soft light. The town they were in didn't have running water or electricity and the inn only had two rooms to rent for the night so he was sharing with Sanzo tonight. "What's wrong?"

"I can't find my toothbrush. I'm sure I packed it but now it's gone." He looked glumly down at his scattered belongings, then scowled, "I bet that damn cockroach stole it. Pervert asshole!" He took a few steps to the door, "I'm gonna –"

"Wait, saru."

He turned to look at Sanzo, "Why? He HAD to have –"

"Baka. They wouldn't appreciate you bursting into their room. And you'd probably see things you wouldn't want too. Leave them alone." He lifted the paper back up, "Besides, you probably just forgot it this morning. We'll get you a new one tomorrow."

"But what am I suppose to do for tonight?" He thought a moment, but not about Gojyo and Hakkai – he didn't want to think about things they would do he wouldn't want to see, "Hey, Sanzo. Can I –"


"But –"

"Don't even think it."

He sighed and thought about his options, which weren't many. He could go to bed without brushing so his mouth could taste nasty rancid in the morning and probably drop anyone within breathing distance. Or he could, he could, hmmm…

Resolute, he poured a bit of water into the ceramic basin. Picking up the tube of toothpaste, he squeezed a line out onto his finger and proceeded to try to 'brush' his teeth with his finger.

He found the taste somehow sharper and the consistency of the mint paste dryer. He scooped up a bit of water with his free hand and slurped it up then commenced with his finger. The excess moisture now in his mouth caused drool and wet toothpaste to drip down his finger and over his hand.

Oh, how gross. Fucking kappa, I swear…

He wiped as much of the pasty drool from his hand as he could and this time closed his lips over his finger tight to try to prevent it from continuing.

Sanzo had taught him the importance of brushing so he went slow, rubbing his finger carefully all over his teeth, first the upper left side then the lower left side, his finger rhythmically pumping in and out of his mouth. His jaws opened to allow him to get to the tops and backs, his cheeks sucking in a bit in his attempts to keep his mouth closed and prevent the wet paste from running down his hand again. He then carefully repeated this on the upper right side, lower right side, and finally the upper and lower front teeth. This last part was extra tricky on trying to keep his lips closed tight, his finger was now so wet he couldn't tell if he was making too much of a mess or not.

Finally, he thought he had done an adequate job and pulled his finger out with a wet pop. Quickly rinsing his hands in the water, he scooped a bit more out to rinse out his mouth, spitting it back out in the basin. Grabbing a towel, he wiped his face clean and looked up … into a pair of burning eyes, staring at him over the paper in a very strange, almost hungry, way.

"Uh, Sanzo?"


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