Title: The Replacement
Author: Car Jack
Beta(s): ditch_gospel
Pairing: Gojyo/Sanzo
Rating: NC-17 not worksafe

Summary: Oh, Sanzo, you naughty naughty monk!

Disclaimer: Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya

The Replacement

Gojyo was freaked out. Gojyo was confused. Gojyo was scared.

He'd been wandering the streets of the town he and Sanzo were in, waiting for Hakkai and the monkey to catch up with them. He really didn't want to spend all evening with the pissy priest so he'd been unsuccessfully looking for a pretty lady to spend the night with. Now he found himself back at the bar next to the inn where he and Sanzo were staying. He figured he would drink his fill - unless he found himself some tender fair company here - then eventually go back to the room he shared with the corrupt monk. But now…


When he'd first entered the tavern, his eyes automatically scanned the room checking for prospects. Surprisingly, the place was crowded, more so than anywhere else he had been tonight but still almost all of the patrons were men. Were there no young women in this town? He'd spotted a card game at a table in the far back partially concealed by the crush of people and casually made his way over to it, resigning himself to a game of cards to substitute for getting laid.

He continued to scope the place as he wove through the crowd. Most of the men here were drunk. He had just gotten to the table when his gaze fell on the back of a blond head across the room.

He'd spent too much time sitting behind that head to not recognize it. He'd paused, surprised.

When they arrived at the inn, Sanzo was in an uber bitchy mood and was very blunt in his claim to wanting a peacefully quiet evening. The monk had practically shoved Gojyo out the door of their room, telling him to take his sweet time coming back. In fact, the asshole's whole attitude displayed a willingness to place the fact of the inn being remodeled, and only having the one room left, as his, Gojyo's, fault too.

So what brought him downstairs?

Sanzo was sitting right up at the bar with his back to him wearing only his black jeans and sleeveless shirt. He must have left his robes and armbands in the room.

He turned his body and took a step to join the monk at the bar until he realized Sanzo had company. He was sitting quite chummy with some strange guy next to him.

Now, this is what had him freaked out.

Dimly, he heard a voice asking him if he wanted to join in the card game but his eyes were locked on the back of the monk's head. The voice had to ask him again before he was able to tear his gaze from the pair at the bar. He stared at the one empty chair at the poker table a moment before sinking into it, "Yea, deal me in." When the barmaid came over he ordered whiskey and watched the cards as they were dealt around the table.

He tried his best to concentrate on the game but his eyes kept going over to the bar. He could make out the blond head and black shirt fairly easily through the press of bodies. Was Sanzo actually talking with that other man? What happened to peace and quiet? What happened to not wanting to be surrounded by idiots yammering at him? Gojyo's fingertips held the rim of his rock glass, still holding two fingers of whiskey in it, and moved the wide flat base of the glass in a slow crazy eight pattern on the wooden tabletop debating what he should do. If he should even do anything at all.

His eyes again drifted to the bar. The two men there seemed to be pretty friendly. He watched as the bartender brought them new drinks. Did Sanzo just pay for them? Both his and the other man's? What the fuck?! He turned his eyes back to his cards and stared blindly at them. When prompted, he laid two of them down and picked up the two the dealer gave him. He blinked at his hand and really looked at what he was holding. With a sigh he placed his cards face down, folding.

And just where was the sutra? Was that just sitting up in the room, too? All alone and unprotected? No way would Sanzo leave it somewhere, he always kept it on his person. His eyes again darted to the blond. He didn't see it and he couldn't see how the monk could have it concealed on him somewhere.

Instead he saw the man he was sitting with lean in close to the priest, real close, and laugh at something. Sanzo waved his hand to the side, the cigarette he was holding twirling smoke in an intricate pattern as he turned his head to look at the man leaning into him, talking.

What the fuck?

He knew what it looked like, seeing Sanzo and this guy sharing drinks, but he couldn't believe it. Sanzo didn't do friendly. He didn't do nice. And Gojyo had been pretty sure he didn't do men. In fact, Gojyo had never even picked up on the monk being interested in sex whatsoever, with men or women.

So just what the fuck?

Gojyo sat frozen at the poker table, concealed partially from the group of people splayed all around the place. He barely looked at his cards when the next hand was dealt as he tried to keep track of Sanzo. Now, he was torn over how long he should stay here in this tavern playing cards where Sanzo would likely spot him eventually. He really wasn't too eager to see Sanzo going homicidal on him for witnessing the monk fraternizing with another man, but he was also curious about how far Sanzo would go in encouraging this strange man. Curious and a bit jealous.

It didn't seem fair that he, Sha Gojyo, would strike out in finding a willing bedmate and Sanzo would be successful. Of course, Gojyo hadn't been looking for a male companion, but still. Perhaps, if he had known the monk was feeling horny…? No! He refused to let his brain go there. He tried again, unsuccessfully, to focus on his cards.

Shit, now the two men were getting up and heading toward the door.

Gojyo raised his cards up and slunk down as far in his chair as he could, trying to hide, but Sanzo never once looked his way. Now what to do. Sanzo was willingly following the guy to wherever. Should he follow? It could be a trick. A ruse to get the monk alone and steal the sutra.

No, the jerk-off would never forgive him for interrupting and likely wouldn't believe Gojyo was only concerned for his safety. Besides, he could sense no demon aura and the monk could take care of himself, right? He watched the two men from the corner of his eye until he saw them walk out the door.

It took several more hands, and most of his money, before Gojyo finally admitted he had no concentration on cards tonight. Worrying over what he had witnessed kept him distracted even after the monk had left so he finally cut his losses and excused himself from the table. The others playing tried convincing him to stay (and lose more of his money) but with a smile and a flip of his red hair he declined.

All he could think about was Sanzo going off with that stranger and the risks involved in such an act. It was stupid to go off with someone you'd never met before, never mind the amount of times he had done such a thing.

Sanzo was naïve when it came to the cat and mouse game of bed hopping. Unworldly. At the mercy of any sexual predator out there, and the gods knew there were a hell of a lot of them. And Sanzo was way too pretty to not attract every sick pervert within miles. Gojyo would know.

He bought a bottle of whiskey to take with him with what was left of his money and left the tavern, walking back next door to their inn. He climbed the stairs up to where his and Sanzo's room was located, stepping around the cans of paint and building materials stacked in the hall. Still worried about how the monk was fairing with his stranger, he slipped the key in the lock and opened the door, unknowingly stepping into the danger zone.

He looked up as he realized there were a few lights on in the room and froze when his eyes fell on one of the beds.

Startled, he caught sight of an image that would burn itself into his mind and threatened to give him fantasies for years afterwards.

An image of a naked Sanzo - Sanzo, Sanzo, that's Sanzo! - sprawled on the bed and the dark haired stranger kneeling on the floor between the monk's knees in only his jeans - head bobbing up and down. Sanzo was reclining back on one elbow and his other arm was reached out, his hand resting on the head of the kneeling man, gorgeous purple eyes open wide in shock and locked on him.

The moment was shattered by a curse and a whirling of pale legs - the flesh between them showing slightly darker, full and glistening – as Sanzo clamored to the bedside table for his gun.

"Fucking son of a bitch!" Sanzo's voice roared through the air quickly followed by the loud crack of said gun going off.

Instinctively, Gojyo dove to the side and kept rolling as the bullets tried to follow him. Dimly, he felt a bit surprised that the monk had come back to their room rather than go to the stranger's place but right now he was too busy trying to keep his skin from getting ventilated to think long on it.

"Shit, Sanzo! Hold up!" He got a brief break from the barrage of bullets when the monk had to stop and reload. Lifting his head he spied the two men, the stranger cowering on the floor against the nightstand, his jeans open showing the pale skin of his abdomen and the slightly darker skin of his erection jutting out from the unbuttoned opening in his jeans. He had his arms up covering his head as far from the berserk blond as he could get.

The monk was kneeling on the mattress totally naked, rapidly popping bullets into the chamber with one hand, holding his gun gripped tight in his other hand and insane murder burning in his eyes.

Gojyo took the opportunity to make a dash to the open bathroom door where he pressed his body flat to the cold tiled floor thinking Sanzo would have it harder to hit him this way. "Look, monk, I'm sorry! I had no clue what I was walking in on, honest!" He didn't really believe he could talk his way out of this but desperation made him try. He regretted not being able to say goodbye to Hakkai before he died. And he had dropped his bottle of booze somewhere out in the room.

There was momentary silence in which Gojyo was able to hear an unfamiliar voice stammer quietly, "Monk? Sa – Sa –San – zo? Oh, Merciful Goddess, are you a Sanzo monk?"

"Does that matter?" Sanzo's voice rasped through the air and brushed over Gojyo's hearing.

"D – does it matter?" Soft noises drifted into the bathroom, thankfully not more bullet sounds. "You were... I was... We were... Yes it matters! Buddha forgive me." Gojyo caught the flash of a partially clothed body dash by the doorway of his refuge and out of the room into the hall. The sound of bare running feet drifted in from the now open door before fading away.

The silence was ominous. Gojyo strained to hear … anything, his fingers laced behind his head and his eyes squeezed shut, berating himself. Why hadn't he thought to run out the door of the room instead of into here? Just because this door was open?

Finally … "You damn fucking half breed." Gojyo wondered now if he could make it out the door and follow Sanzo's stranger to a safer place before the monk could shoot him. He doubted it; the monk was a deadeye shot.

"Your kappa brains are going to paint those walls, asshole, and I'm going to stretch your worthless skin over the window to use as a shade." Nope, no way he'd make it out the door in time.

In a flash, Gojyo jumped up and grabbed the bathroom door, swinging it shut but it came to a jarring halt a bare couple of inches from closing. He threw his body hard against the door and looked to see what was blocking it. The barrel of Sanzo's gun was wedged between the door and the jam and no matter how hard Gojyo pushed, that gun wasn't budging. He also realized that Sanzo was shoving his own body against the other side trying to force the door open. Threats pertaining to the various ways his, Gojyo's, life was going to come to an end were still spilling through the opening. Sanzo's creativity was frightening.

"Come on, Sanzo. Calm down. I'm not going to tell anyone. I mean, we all have needs right? And it's not like I saw anything important." If his life wasn't hanging on a thread, Gojyo would regret that. A look at Sanzo wearing only his skin was a beautiful sight to behold on any day but actually seeing him 'engaged' was something Gojyo at times actually fantasized about while he jacked off.

The deafening sound of the gun going off in the tiny confines of the bathroom echoed against the walls and through his skull. Shards of tile from where the bullets slammed into the tub surround sprayed through the room and Gojyo shut his eyes and turned his face away. When he finally opened his eyes again, he could actually see spots and his ears were ringing.

There was no way he was going to inform the monk of that particular fantasy. No no no no. Definitely not. Ever.

At least Sanzo couldn't shoot him with his gun stuck in the door unless he put his face right in front of the smoking barrel and that wasn't going to happen. How many shots did he just fire? How many were left before he had to reload again?

"Of course you're not going to tell anyone. How can you talk with your tongue cut out and nailed to your forehead?" An extra hard shove on the door let the gun slip down a fraction.

Shit. Gojyo wedged his shoulder to the door and braced his foot against the toilet. It seemed Sanzo became encouraged by his last shove as several consecutive strikes pounded on the other side of the door.

"Fucking open this goddamned door right now you fucking waste of space!"

Gojyo turned his back to the door and got his other foot on the toilet. His whole weight now was braced against the door.

"I ain't opening this door until either you calm down or Hakkai shows up."

"What makes you think, in that small perverted brain of yours, that Hakkai can do anything?"

"Hey! Considering what I walked in on, you're calling me perverted?" Gojyo never really learned how to control his mouth in times of stress.

"Goddamn it! Be a man and come out here and die!"

As if. "Thanks, no, I'll pass." A series of clicks indicated that Sanzo was again pulling the trigger of his gun but it was obviously now empty. You'd think that this would make Gojyo feel safer but he wasn't that stupid. He wondered if Sanzo's scripture could get to him through the bathroom door.

"Is there some disturbance here?" A new voice. This one sounded self-assured and no-nonsense like.

"There's going to be a major fucking disturbance if you don't mind your own goddamned business, asshole." Sanzo still sounded royally crazed.

"There have been several complaints on this floor about yelling and gunshots. If there is an emergency, the local enforcement will be called. If there is no emergency, I suggest you quiet down or you will be asked to leave."

Gojyo covered his face with one hand. On top of walking in on the monk, now he was witness – within hearing – of the monk being admonished by the inn staff. There was absolutely no way he was going to survive this night.

"Is that the handle of a gun you're holding?"

A brief pause before more violent pounding on the bathroom door.

"Gojyo! You open this goddamned door right fucking now!"




"Sir! If you don't calm down I will get reinforcements and have you forcibly removed if need be."

"Listen to him, Sanzo! Just calm down!" Please calm down, Sanzo. Just please calm down. I don't want to die. Or sleep outside tonight.

A low growling sound reached him followed by heavy breathing and Gojyo waited for Sanzo's response. A long minute went by. Finally…

"Please keep any noises or disturbances to a minimum for the rest of your stay, sir." The sound of a door closing was a final finish to Gojyo's unwilling audience to this whole nightmarish (sort of fantasy) night.

He realized that he had been leaning against the door for several minutes after the man from the inn had left and he had heard nothing from Sanzo. Cautiously, quietly, slowly, he turned his body so his shoulder was once more braced against the door, rather than his back, to peek out through the opening. Above the gun. Well above the gun. And he kept his feet firmly braced against the toilet.

After all, he wasn't stupid. Not when he truly felt his life was in actual danger.

He couldn't see Sanzo. He tried to see as much as he could but the door was only open about one or two inches and the angle really only showed the door to the hallway rather than the room he shared with a murderous psycho.

He swung back around to face the bathroom, considering. Should he make a break for it? Perhaps Sanzo will have mellowed by morning. His mind replayed the image of Sanzo naked. This, of course, was followed by the image of a dark head at his lap rhythmically moving up and down.

Nope. No way in hell Sanzo was going to mellow by morning. He wished he at least still had the bottle of whiskey.

Was Sanzo still naked?

He closed his eyes and rubbed his face, trying to rub away the thoughts and images crowding his brain. He was having trouble thinking clearly. If Sanzo were still naked, the inn man would have said something about that, right? Yes, of course he would have.

He leaned over again for another look out the door. Still nothing. He still didn't hear anything, either.

Making up his mind, he lowered his feet off of the toilet and silently turned to face the door. He gripped the barrel of the gun as he opened the door, ready in case Sanzo resumed his attack, but the monk wasn't in immediate sight at all. Tucking the gun behind him in the waistband of his pants, he opened the door further, looking and listening. He still couldn't hear anything but he could see how the hard metal of the gun had gouged into the wooden door and frame of the bathroom.

The gun felt cold and hard, tightening the waistband of his pants enough for them to cut uncomfortably into his gut. He pulled it back out, gripping it in his hand feeling awkward holding the foreign weapon and perhaps wielding the thing against Sanzo.

He couldn't see the monk so he took a cautious step outside the bathroom. Pausing, he finally heard something. Something that sounded suspiciously like liquid being poured into a glass. His head swung from the door to the hallway to the main room.

As tempting as running was, he really didn't want to sleep outside tonight and he knew that he had to resolve things with Sanzo, as unsavory as that was. Taking a deep breath, he walked into the main room.

He found Sanzo sitting at the single table and drinking from his bottle of whiskey. Iris eyes flashed toward him as he hesitantly stood looking at the corrupt priest. When Sanzo gave no sign of restarting his attack, Gojyo slowly sat down in the remaining chair.

He made note that the monk had pulled on his jeans but nothing else. His feet were even bare and for some reason Gojyo found Sanzo's bare feet enticing.

The monk seemed calm, not at all homicidal, so he placed the gun on Sanzo's travel bag, well out of reach of the monk. Sanzo seemed to be ignoring him as Gojyo reached for a glass, pouring himself some of the whiskey. His whiskey. Sanzo finally spoke.

"You weren't supposed to return tonight. Whenever you go out looking for … companionship," he sneered the words, "you're always gone all night." Sanzo threw back his drink almost violently before pouring more into his glass, "Why did you come back tonight? Why couldn't you have stayed out?"

Those cold, hard eyes cut through Gojyo when they flashed his way. Thankfully, the slicing of his soul lasted less than a second as Sanzo centered back on his drink. It took much longer, however, for Gojyo to patch the wound and get his breathing back under control. He lost count of how many years he'd so far lost off his life this evening.

"You have no idea how sorry I am about … everything … tonight, Sanzo," Gojyo threw back his own drink and refilled before continuing, feeling decidedly charged at this point, "I would have stayed out but with it just the two of us until Hakkai and Goku catch up, it would be safer to not be separated for too long." Yeah, that sounded good.

Sanzo swirled the amber liquid in his glass around a few times.

"You struck out, didn't you?"

"What?!" Gojyo couldn't let such blasphemy go unchallenged. Even if it was true. "Of course not! I was worried!"

"Yeah, right. Sure you were."

Gojyo stood up and loomed over the monk, his hands on his hips, "I was, though gods only know why. You're fucking sour enough to give youkai heartburn; I hate to think what you'd do to a human. I think I saved him from you!"

Sanzo surged up and stood to face him, his eyes narrowed dangerously, and Gojyo remembered that just a short time ago the monk was gunning for his early demise. The motion forced him to straighten up and take a step back.

"You think I'm too much for a human to handle, Gojyo?" Sanzo stepped closer and Gojyo took another step back, his eyes reaffirming Sanzo's gun was still out of reach. Centering back on the blond advancing on him, he saw his eyes had turned predatory. A small smile, not friendly, curved the corners of his lips up, "I think I'll take that as a compliment."

His breath whooshed out of him when Sanzo suddenly shoved him hard up against the wall, his rough callused hands gripping tight to his biceps. Sanzo's face loomed in close to his own causing him to try to press the back of his head through the wall he was being crowded into. Those piercing purple eyes bored into him.

"All those times I've seen you watching me. Tell me, Gojyo. Have you thought about how it would feel to sink your cock into my ass?"

"Wh- whaaat?" Had he just heard right?

Sanzo moved in even closer, until Gojyo could actually feel the heat coming from the monk's body soaking through his tank top, "Do you do men, too, Gojyo?"

This whole thing was surreal. Was this a proposition? Sanzo couldn't really be propositioning him with his voice all soft and velvety. Could he? He didn't think he was dreaming that Sanzo's eyes were getting a considering look in them and his body was settling against his. One of Sanzo's hands left his arm and he felt the fingers slid into his hair behind his ear and cup the back of his head, gently tugging his head down a little. Sanzo stretched up slightly so his mouth hovered but a breath's distance away from his lips, "Would you like to do me?"

Definitely not a dream. Sweet Merciful Goddess.

Gojyo's brain began shutting down as the feel of Sanzo's warm breath puffed against his lips from the softly spoken words. By the time the whispered question reached his ears, he was already giving in, wrapping his arms around the waist of the slender monk and pulling him in.

He let the monk pull his head down and, even though he was expecting it, was still surprised to feel Sanzo's lips press against his. He found the lips soft, supple. Pliant. A surprise even greater than the fact that Sanzo was kissing him in the first place. He'd figured the monk's lips to be as hard and ungiving as the monk himself, not this yielding touch of hunger.

'Cause, although his mouth was soft, it was hungry. When he felt a wet tongue probe at his lips, he eagerly parted them and he stroked his own tongue along Sanzo's.

He slid his palms over the silky skin of Sanzo's back, skin still silky even with the ridges and puckers of scars, and down to a jean clad rump. Sanzo sighed and moved in closer arching his body up into him. He gripped the ass in his hands and pressed the monk's groin hard into him. Here he got another surprise. Sanzo was already hard. His fingers made kneading motions and he rolled their hips together.

Sanzo broke the kiss and took a deep breath, "I take it that's a yes."

Hell yes, that's a yes. No, wait. He snapped his head up and glared down at the priest, "Wait a minute. You expect me to just be a replacement for that other guy?"

"Why not? You're the one that chased him off." Sanzo's tongue slipped out from between his rosy lips and teased at his upper lip and Gojyo couldn't pull his eyes away. Even after it disappeared back into the delicious cavern that was Sanzo's mouth, his eyes refused to move away. When the monk stepped away, he unconsciously followed.

A hand came into Gojyo's vision and the fingers of that hand also touched those moist lips. It touched them and slowly, teasingly, trailed down a pale ivory throat, to a chest even paler for not ever seeing the sun and to a pink puckered nipple. His eyes watched as a slim finger circled the nipple before gliding down a tight stomach and finally joining the other hand at the low waistband of the monk's worn jeans.

His eyes flickered up to Sanzo's and the dark lust he saw there made him rethink his reservations. The sound of a zipper being drawn down pulled his eyes again away from Sanzo's face to his waist. He saw that the monk hadn't pulled on his boxers before his jeans, the now open front of the denims displaying the rosy head of Sanzo's dick.

He began to care less about being a replacement. It wasn't the first time he partook of wares when the original recipient wasn't around to satisfy. He had never been bothered by it before, why would he be now?

Decision made, he reached for the hem of his tank and pulled the fabric over his head. He kicked off his boots before walking over to Sanzo by the bed, making short work of his own jeans until he stood naked before the monk's gaze.

He reached out and pulled the priest to him, forestalling any comments Sanzo's harsh personality may decide to make. He felt the pale body jerk and Sanzo's breath hitch at the touch of their two bare chests coming in contact with each other. He slid his hands down the back of Sanzo's open jeans and cupped firm cheeks, again rubbing their groins together. A finger sliding into the cleft of warm cheeks found the tight pucker, already slicked wet.

He realized he still harbored some resentment at being second choice.

He bore the priest's body down to the bed and quickly stripped him of his only bit of clothing. Standing over him, he stared down at Sanzo, considering. Sanzo simply stared back, his face unreadable but his eyes smoldering. His gun callused hands reached down and slowly stroked his cock while also lifting and playing with the soft ball sac between his spread thighs with his other hand. A two handed masturbator.

Oh, Sanzo, you slut.

"You just going to stand there and watch, Gojyo? And here I thought you were a man of action."

Sanzo's voice spurred him on and he loomed over the monk's prone form, leaning down to kiss the smirk from those thin lips. When lack of air broke the kiss, he found himself sprawled over Sanzo with his full weight; rocking, undulating, their cocks sliding against each other. Quiet sounds of pleasure emanated from the priest's throat.

He pulled back and started to slide down. Sanzo spread his legs farther apart and wrapped them around him, thrusting up in anticipation of being penetrated but Gojyo ignored this and continued to work his way down, kissing and licking at the milk soaked skin at his disposal. He could feel the monk try to pull him up to him but he resisted and tasted his way down to Sanzo's lower abdomen.

"Gojyo. Gojyo, come on. Just do it. Fuck … Gojyo."

So impatient.

In answer, he swallowed Sanzo's cock. This quieted the monk and, pulling briefly away, he grabbed the bottle of oil on the bedside table, then went back to sucking on Sanzo's cock before the priest could protest. He felt slim fingers sink into his hair and cup his scalp. Glancing up, he got a vision of Sanzo's other hand at his nipple, rolling and pulling at the rosy nub.

Quickly coating a couple of fingers, Gojyo spread the priest's legs, sliding his hand behind the heavy sac hanging below Sanzo's swollen cock. A finger teased at the hidden opening before he slid a finger into the warm channel easily and pumped his hand back and forth a few times. Sanzo writhed.

Gojyo slid his free hand over Sanzo's hip and thigh, then his inner thigh, and finally to his soft hanging sac and gently gripped him there.

Sanzo gasped and seemed to freeze a moment. Gojyo rolled the balls in his hand along his fingers and a shudder ran through the monk followed by a low drawn out moan.

Thought so.

Sanzo moaned again and impatiently rocked his hips so he slid in a second finger. There was more resistance but not as much as would be expected. He must have already been stretched. Gojyo felt both turned on at the thought of the pissy monk getting finger fucked and irritated at there having been someone else here just before him. He sissored his fingers a bit rougher than he intended as he stretched the opening further.

He let Sanzo's dick fall from his lips and slap against the monk's stomach. He lifted the monk's balls and gave them a wet sucking kiss. Sanzo bucked up.

The balls were big and hanging low with their weight, heavy with arousal. He had to get his head down to do it but he opened his mouth wide and sucked half the monk's ball bag inside as he again gripped Sanzo's jerking prick with his free hand. The monk had a clean masculine smell that turned him on further. He sucked one ball then the other.

"Oh, shit, Gojyo. That's good. Oh, shit." Gojyo could barely hear Sanzo's whisper but he felt him pull his knees up and make everything available to him. He sucked his balls, then under his balls, hard.

Sanzo gasped and jerked his hips, his hard cock twitching and jerking at the attention his ass and balls were getting.

"Fuck, Gojyo! Come on! Just do it already."

Gojyo's cock was as hard as a rock, standing and jumping and screaming for action. He pulled his hand out of Sanzo's spasming ass and rose up, spreading pale cheeks. Pointing his cock, he planted his prick halfway in the monk with one firm thrust.

Sanzo gasped as his large dick penetrated him. "Oh, fuck! Ah! Shit!" He panted though the invasion, "Fucking give me a minute, dammit!"

Gojyo stilled. All his concentration was centered on waiting for Sanzo to adjust when all he wanted was to pound away. Otherwise he might have commented on the contradictory monk under him; first telling him to get on with it, then telling him to wait.

Slowly, he felt the tight ring of muscles clenched around his shaft relax. He let his body weight press himself further in until he rested fully embedded, his balls pressed to Sanzo's ass. Then he waited a bit longer until he felt the tight channel relax further, finally fully accepting him. He pulled the monk's legs under his arms, around his chest, and backstroked.

Sanzo grimaced and hissed, his pretty face contorting, but now that Gojyo started to move he wasn't stopping. He kept his rhythm smooth and changed his angle until a gasp from the monk told him he found the right spot. Ivory legs tightened around him.

He could do this all night, just lose himself in the feel of sliding in and out of Sanzo's almost painfully tight ass. For several long minutes he maintained his slow smooth slide, his back bowed, and he let his lips trail over the monk's smooth chest. His tongue would flick out to tease the pebbled nipples as he came upon them.

"Do me hard, Gojyo. I want to feel it in the morning." Sanzo writhed and moaned under him and he levered himself up on his arms to watch him. One of Sanzo's hands reached down and gripped his cock, pumping it.

The monk's breathing was strained. "Come on, Gojyo. I said hard."

Hard. If you say so. On his next backstroke he paused briefly at the pinnacle then slammed home. Sanzo gave a shout in surprise, and perhaps a little pain, but tightened his legs even more around him. He immediately backstroked and again slammed home.

"Yes! Yes!" the monk gasped between breaths. Sanzo's hips lifted further off the bed as his legs crossed at Gojyo's back, constricting tighter. His hands scrambled for purchase on the sheets before he got his elbows under him, lifting up and giving himself leverage to thrust back at him. Hard.

Gojyo's hands scrambled along the monk's silky skin, now growing slick with sweat. Finding a nipple, he pinched it between his thumb and forefinger, rolling and pulling at it.

The priest's back arched up, his upper shoulders and head the only parts of his body still in contact with the mattress. In fact, Gojyo actually had his doubts whether Sanzo's shoulders still touched as the monk arched up even further, groans and cries erupting from his lips as he began to come undone. Sanzo clamped a hand over his mouth in an attempt to muffle his sounds.

At this point, Gojyo's control was pretty close to non-existent also. Sanzo's ass was excruciatingly tight and the friction was driving him mad.

His eyes drank up the vision of Sanzo's pale body twisting under him, his hair darkened from sweat and sticking to his forehead and cheeks. One thick cluster was curled just under the curve of his cheekbone teasing at the monk's fingers. It made the halfbreed want to pull that hand away and kiss him again, to flick his tongue at that unruly strand of hair.

He shifted the angle of his thrusts and was rewarded with another muffled cry, almost a scream, from the monk. His eyes drifted down to where Sanzo's hand pumped furiously at his cock. Even that was beautiful. Sanzo's stroking alternated from full shaft jerks to just rubbing over the head, all in perfect sync with their other rhythm. Beautiful, beautiful.

He wanted to touch, too.

Careful to keep the blond balanced on his thighs, he reached down and gently cupped Sanzo's balls, soft and heavy, in his palm. They were burning hot and flowed supple in his fingers. A heavy gasp pulled his eyes back up and he found his gaze locked with dazed purple orbs.

He waggled his fingers, the individual digits lifting sections of Sanzo's sac. Sanzo's pupils dilated to the point of almost obscuring the violet irises. The monk's breath hitched and his throat worked on swallowing.

Carefully, gently, holding Sanzo's eyes, he deliberately - squeezed.

"Fu-!" Sanzo gave a hard pant. "Ah! Shi-! "Shhiii-aaahhh!!" His head flew back and he came.

Gojyo moaned, watching the strong spurts of milky fluid arc through the air and splatter on pale skin. He could see the trail left on the smooth flesh of the man under him and where it also ran down the monk's hand and over this violently jerking cock to drip onto his stomach.

Gojyo followed within seconds. It wasn't just the sound of Sanzo's orgasmic scream that shoved him over the edge. It wasn't just the feel of the priest's muscles clamping down on his cock so hard he had to stop moving or risk having his dick ripped off. And it wasn't simply the fact that he had been holding his own orgasm off as long as possible. However, all these reasons definitely had a factor.

But it was none of these things on their own that ripped his climax from him. It was the sight of Sanzo's cum, the streaks arching through the air and hitting his abdomen, his chest. And splashing against Sanzo's face in the force of his release.

Oh, yeah.

It was several minutes before Gojyo was able to gather the strength to tentatively pull out and roll away. Sanzo hissed when he did.

They were quiet for some time afterward as their breathing slowly returned to normal. After several minutes the monk rolled over to reach for a cigarette and groaned, a wince twisting his face, "Fucking Kappa."

"What? Feeling sore?" Gojyo ginned in self-satisfaction, "Go ahead and blame me. I know you want to."

"Fuck you, Gojyo."

"In this case, I would say that, no, 'Fuck you', Sanzo. And, you have cum on your face. And in your hair. And I guess you can blame that on me, too."

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