Title: Porn In a Thousand Words
Author: Car Jack
Beta(s): ditch_gospel
Pairing(s): Sanzo x Goku
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1000
Status: One Shot

Summary: Nothing but porn.

Disclaimer: Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya

Porn In a Thousand Words

The monk scooted low on the sofa, accommodating his ward. Goku's hands were running fleetingly over his skin, scratching lightly with his short nails and rolling his nipples between the callused tips of his fingers, causing bolts of electricity to jolt through his cock. Sanzo reached blindly to the side table, groping for the lube as Goku ran a line of bites down his throat and over the top of his shoulder. He tilted his head to the side to better oblige the nibbling.

Damn the monkey and his love of tormenting and teasing Sanzo until the monk's brain was completely disabled and lust was the only emotion he could recognize. Goku had been playing with him for almost an hour and Sanzo was on the verge of a breakdown.

"Fuck, Goku," he gasped. Finally, his hand closed over the tube and he shoved it into Goku's hands. As soon as Goku had possession of it, Sanzo immediately put his own hands to better use, running them all along the saru's body as Goku straddled his hips, naked. He was so hard he hurt and the feel of Goku's wet hand slicking him was torture. He briefly worried he would come before he was even encased within the boy.

Goku rose up on his knees and positioned himself, Sanzo cupping his hands around the boy's hips and trying hard not to just force him down, impaling the monkey on his throbbing dick. "Goku! Goku, hurry!'

Goku's response was to kiss him, sliding his tongue within Sanzo's mouth and twirling it around, stopping his words. The tip of his dick touched against the concave opening of Goku's pucker and slowly pressed within, the heated constriction crawling over the head of his cock until he broke through the ring of muscles. He stopped Goku's descent with his hands and, after Sanzo was sure he wouldn't completely lose control, he lifted the boy back up just enough so his sensitive head slid again through the ring before he allowed Goku to once again sink onto him, slowly inching down over his shaft.

"Ah, Sanzo…" Goku's moan blanketed him and he felt the boy clench around him.

The sound of his own helpless moan dissipated into the air around them, "Goku!"

Finally, he felt himself fully sheathed within his ward and he just held the boy still, letting himself relish the tight confines; disbelieving, as always, that Goku could take all of him like this. But he had before and he was now.

"Goku." He felt his charge again clench briefly around him and he barely chocked back the gasp. His left arm wrapped around the boy's waist and he leaned forward, gently pressing deeper inside the boy. "Fuck."

"Sanzo, Sanzo," Goku whispered in his ear, flicking the tip of his tongue over the lobe and moving his body up and down.

He tried, honestly he did, to keep the pace slow and easy but the tight friction affected him as it always did. He started to thrust upward and his hands moved Goku's hips to slide and bump with his. The strokes started out long, Goku lifting up to the point of withdrawal before sinking back down. Those strokes gained in speed and force, Sanzo no longer having to guide his ward as Goku took the rhythm up on his own.

"Ah fuck, Goku."

"Yes, Sanzo. Yes. Fuck me." The boy moaned long and low, seating himself hard onto Sanzo's cock. "Fuck me."


Resting his head against the back of the sofa, he consciously kept his eyes open and focused on Goku's, knowing the boy liked to watch the emotions and sensations that were reflected there. He allowed himself to be laid open and exposed to Goku, confident in the boy's love. Goku would never hurt or exploit him.

He reached down and wrapped his hand around the boy's hard erection rubbing against his belly. Goku's hand joined his, wrapping around Sanzo's and gripping harder than the priest would have, squeezing almost painfully tight around his fingers. Copious amounts of precum were leaking from the tip of Goku's cock, lubricating the length and helping the hands easily slide along the velvety skin.

His soul was bared to Goku, but so was Goku's soul bared to him, their eyes locked on each other. His vision was filled with the burning glow of golden fire and his hearing was filled the soft chanting of his name, murmured over and over, "Sanzo Sanzo Sanzo." Soon, he was no longer sure how much of the chanting he was hearing with his ears and how much was directly in his mind. Goku's incantation drowned out his own melody of moans and gasps.

Sparks and flares were bursting from the molten orbs that had him trapped and he watched like a child at a fireworks display, captivated. His free hand moved of its own volition to cup the boy's cheek and Goku tightened the grip he had over Sanzo's other hand, his chanting gaining in intensity. A harsh, sharp cry heralded Goku's orgasm a bare second before Sanzo felt the boy's essence pulse through the thick vein running along the underside of his cock and burst out to cover them both in a creamy mess.

The explosion of color in Goku's eyes blew him apart and his breath locked in his throat as his body bucked up and quaked. Hard. His orgasm wracked his frame with a violence that would have been alarming if it hadn't happened each and every other time he and Goku had gotten together.

Once the tremors stopped and his breathing evened out, he gently lifted Goku enough to slip out, his spent cock dropping wetly against his leg. Using the careful motion as an excuse to hold the boy, he let his body slide to the side to lie fully on the sofa, Goku relaxing against him.

He was just starting to drift off when Goku spoke, "Sanzo?"


"I love you."



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