This story was written as a birthday gift for zookitty79. Happy Birthday, Kit, and enjoy!

Title: Of Sanzo's Cigarettes
Author: Car jack
Beta(s): ditch_gospel, guanyin_kun
Pairing(s): Sanzo/Goku
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sanzo plays Peeping Tom when he spies Goku with a pack of his cigarettes.

Disclaimer: I do no own Saiyuki
Birthday fic for Zookitty79

Of Sanzo's Cigarettes

Movement caught Sanzo's eyes as he walked outside past the window to the room Goku was staying in. Peering inside the small, lit room, he could see Goku sitting at the one tiny table intently contemplating something in his hands. The saru had removed his armor and cape but hadn't yet changed for bed. It was getting late and he knew the boy was rarely awake at this time unless he was occupied with something. Apparently, whatever he was holding in his hands had his attention enough to keep him up. Curious, Sanzo stepped closer to the window.

He watched the monkey turn the object over and over in his palms, then finally stop and stare intently. As his hands parted slightly, Sanzo could see that what Goku was holding was an unopened pack of his cigarettes.

Goddamned monkey. What's he up to now? Those are mine.

Goku brought the pack up to his face, just under his nose, and inhaled. Twice. Then he stared some more while running the tips of his fingers over the cellophane wrapping. Stumped as to what Goku found so interesting, Sanzo watched him.

Perhaps Goku was able to pick up on the fact that he was being watched, as he suddenly lifted his head and looked toward the window. Sanzo stepped back a step. He was sure that he couldn't be seen outside in the dark without his robe and the lit room would only show Goku's reflection in the window, but his movement was instinctive. Goku then got up and opened the room door, peering out into the hall before shutting and locking the door. He returned to his seat, apparently satisfied at being alone.

He must not realize he's on display to whoever would just walk by his window. Baka.

He watched as Goku reached one hand down and adjusted himself and he realized the boy was sporting a bit of a bulge there. He felt a stirring in his own jeans and tried to ignore it. He didn't need to start thinking about things he shouldn't be thinking about.

Goku picked the pack of cigarettes back up and ran his thumbs over the front of the pack. He flicked a thumb strangely at one corner and Sanzo realized that the saru was teasing at the thin strip that would open the pack.

He held the pack back up to his nose and breathed in again, his eyelids dropping to half-mast as a look of longing relaxed the features of his face. As he lowered the pack, a moist little pink tongue flicked out to dampen his lips and a flash of hunger flared briefly in his eyes.

Damnit, I swear, if that baka tries to eat a pack of my cigarettes

He didn't finish his thought as he watched Goku's fingers grasp his crotch and give himself a squeeze before grasping the tab strip of the pack and peeling it back, opening the top of the cellophane. With a flick of his thumb, he flipped open the top of the box. He again brought the pack to his nose and breathed in the smell, the look of hungry longing lingering this time as he stroked himself through his jeans.

Sanzo frowned. He almost stepped right up to the window to rap on the pane and chew the idiot out for getting into his stuff and going all weird over it. Besides, Goku was still too young, only a kid, to be smoking. But as his eyes trailed over his charge he had to admit to himself that Goku was growing up. He could also feel his own jeans growing tighter.

Goku's face looked slightly flushed and he shifted in his chair. He drew a cigarette out of the pack and dragged the length under his nose, still drawing in the scent. What was it that he liked about the smell? He caressed the cylinder of tobacco with his fingers and once again his tongue made an appearance to moisten his lips. Sanzo licked his own lips and studied the wide, sensuous curve of the saru's mouth. Those same sensuous lips were now wrapping around the filter and he was picking up Sanzo's lighter, the one he'd thought he'd lost a few days back.

Damnit! That's mine, too!

Goku quickly lit the cigarette but barely inhaled, only enough to light the cherry, and then set it in the ashtray. He sucked gently at his lips, relishing the taste of the tobacco, as he would a savory dish. Sanzo stared, mesmerized, until his trance was broken by the motion of Goku reaching down and opening his pants. A hot wave of lust swept deep into his belly as he watched his charge, this brat monkey, pull out an erection that was in no way child sized.

His heart was pounding and his breath was becoming ragged as Goku picked up the cigarette and placed it in his mouth with practiced precision. The stick was worked between the lips, as small puffs were drawn and the smoke being exhaled out of the corner of his mouth.

Sanzo could tell the monkey had done this before. A lot, obviously, from the ease with which Goku was smoking it.

No. Not smoking it. Not really. More like he was simply tasting it, his tongue licking his lips each time he pulled the stick away, almost smacking his lips together in the process. His other hand kept a slow steady rhythm along his hard cock.

His own cock ached from it's restriction in his jeans and he reached a hand down to give it a sympathetic squeeze, wishing he dared pull it out and match Goku's strokes. Wishing he could go to Goku's room and have the saru work his mouth over his dick like he was doing to that damn cigarette.

Goku again placed the cigarette down and scooted further down on his chair. Leaning heavily over to the side, he reached down and picked up something dark from off the floor that Sanzo hadn't noticed before. As Goku lifted it up, the monk realized he had one of his sleeveless shirts.

Confused and curious, he stepped a little closer to the window. Why would that baka saru want one of his shirts? He must have pulled it from the laundry bag. Shocked, he watched as Goku buried his face in the folds of the fabric.

He was jerking off faster now, his hips and lower body undulating a bit, and Sanzo found his attention riveted on Goku's prick and his hand pumping at it. It was beautiful. The skin encasing the rigid hardness of his pole was beginning to glisten and Sanzo deduced that he was leaking pre-cum. His lips parted in a desire to taste the pearly drops forming there.

A low muffled moan quietly reached his ears. The hand pulling at the monkey's prick was going at it frantically. Another moan, a little louder this time and clearer, brought his eyes back up to the saru's face just in time to see his head thrown back.

This time, a choked back cry, "S S Sanz Sanzo!" Milky white shot out from between his fingers and pooled onto the floor. Goku's hand continued to slide over his cock, slower now and gentler. A shudder vibrated through his compact frame. Sanzo stepped away from the window, the show over, and continued to his own room.

His cigarettes. His shirt. It wasn't the smell of the cigarettes that Goku found arousing, at least not directly. The cigarettes smelled like him, Sanzo. Or, at least, he smelled like the cigarettes.

Disturbed, the monk wasn't sure how he was going to be able to keep his hands off his young charge now. As he walked, he reached for his own pack of Marlboros, slipping one stick quickly between his lips. He left it unlit for now, waiting until he reached the comfort and privacy of his room. He needed to tend to the throbbing hardness currently screaming to be released from the confines of his jeans. He'll light up then, and let the memory of his charge smoking while masturbating be his own little fantasy.


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