Title: Heart of a Monkey King
Chapter: 8 - Possessive Jealousy
Author: Car Jack
Betas: Ditch Gospel, Iapetsuneume

Series/Characters/Pairing(s): Saiyuki-Sanzo/Goku
So not worksafe!  NC-17

DisclaimerSaiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya


Chapter 8-Possessive Jealousy



Goku jerked awake already in motion, standing and summoning his nyoi-bo.  He was vaguely aware of his companions also scrambling awake as the sound of rapid gunfire ripped through their tent, tearing holes in the canvas and letting in the early morning sunshine.  Sanzo's curses blended with Hakkai's shouts of caution as the healer expanded a shield dome over them.

"Youkai," Gojyo growled, his shakujo gripped tight in his hands.

"No," Sanzo contradicted in tight voice.  "Kami."

Goku's eyes narrowed as he too caught the aura of gods, and one in particular – the war god, as Hakkai whispered, "Kami?"

"Yo, Homura."  The voice of Zenon easily reached them inside the tent.  "You think they're awake yet?"

"Son of a bitch," Gojyo stated.  He was still in his boxers and looked prepared to fight that way as he kicked his blanket away from his legs.  "Don't they know how to let sleeping dogs lie?"

"Well, seeing as the sun is up, I guess this is our wake-up call."  Hakkai still held the shield over them as he responded to Gojyo.  Sanzo calmly shrugged on his robe and pulled out his pistol, checking it for bullets.  From his calm demeanor, one could think he wasn't bothered at all, but Goku could see a vein pulsing in the priest's forehead.  Sanzo scowled then, eyeing his gun, no doubt remembering that it couldn't do any harm to the gods, but he kept it in his hand regardless.

"Maybe we should invite them for breakfast, eh, Sanzo?" Goku asked as he put down his weapon long enough to pull his armor and cape on.  Gojyo may not have a problem dancing with the enemy in only his skivvies, but Goku felt one should be dressed correctly for a fight.

"Konzen."  The chocolate timber of Homura's voice floated to them as the gunfire silenced all the birds and insects in the area.  "Why don't you come out and say 'Good morning'?"

Sanzo ignored the question and just looked at Gojyo and Hakkai.  "Hurry up and get dressed.   This is no time for you to be playing around."  Hakuryu circled above them before landing on Hakkai's shoulder, kyuu-ing his own opinion of the events.

"Alright, I'm lowering the shield," Hakkai agreed, letting go of his chi and slowly bringing his hands down, his body language stating that he fully expected to have to raise it again quickly.  Nevertheless, both he and Gojyo made short work of pulling on their clothes.  When all four stood ready, Sanzo gave a nod and, as one, they burst through the tent and into the morning light.

Gojyo set his sites on Zenon, intent on taking out the gunman, but Zenon dodged the razor-sharp moon of the shakujo at the last minute.  Cursing, Gojyo retracted the blade and tried again while Hakkai shot a blast of chi at Shien.  The willowy god swatted it away with his whip, his serene face managing to still cast a look of distain in Hakkai's direction.  Homura went straight for Sanzo, swinging his flaming blade, but Goku blocked his swing, extending his nyoi-bo. 

"Goku!" Sanzo barked, not sounding at all pleased to have his battle intruded on.  But Goku didn't have time to apologize as Homura turned his head to him with a sultry, come-hither smile.  He could hear Hakkai and Gojyo in their own battles as he stared down Homura, more than ready to take him on.  Sanzo growled, "Baka," but Goku ignored him, keeping his attention on the war god.

"How strong have you grown, Son Goku?" the war god asked.  He asked Goku the same thing almost every time the two of them faced off.  Goku didn't really know why Homura wanted to know, and he didn't really care.  He knew he would be strong enough to defeat the god – if not today, then another day.  He had vowed he would grow stronger - strong enough to protect Sanzo and his friends – and fighting the gods was one way for it to happen.  He charged.

Homura met him, the flame sword and nyoi-bo meeting with a ringing clang.  They parried across the clearing of their camp, the war god phasing out each time Goku got too close, only to reappear several feet away.  This way, Homura drew him away from the other battles as the god toyed with him.  It infuriated Goku that the kami could simply phase out whenever Goku got close enough for a hit.  It seemed like an unfair advantage.  He realized he would also need to get faster, along with stronger.

Goku didn't realize how far from the rest of the party he and Homura had traveled until he found himself in an open field and the sounds of battle – basically, the sounds of Sanzo's and Zenon's gunfire – were only faint pops in the distance.

"You can do better than this, Son Goku," Homura purred as he circled him.  "So much better.  Why not unleash your full power?  It would be so easy."  A bi-colored gaze looked pointedly at the golden coronet circling Goku's head.

"I've told you before," Goku replied, "that I don't need to do that to beat you."

"Are you sure, Son Goku?"  Homura's words were the only warning he got before a fist plowed into his stomach.  He doubled over, all the air in his lungs forced out of him.  The armor on his left shoulder was grabbed, then he was swung through the air and against a large boulder. 

Homura held him there, high enough that Goku's feet couldn't reach the ground, and settled his larger body over him.  Goku grew uncomfortable at the god's proximity, their positions reminding him of something sexual, and he tried to shove Homura away.  Homura simply chuckled and settled himself further.

"What's the matter, Son Goku?  You seem out of sorts."  Goku had dropped his weapon and the god's hands gripped his wrists, pressing the side of his face against Goku's cheek.  Goku remembered being in this same position that time Homura had captured him.  It had made Goku uncomfortable then, too.

The memory stiffened his spine.  Homura had let him go then, but this time he didn't need the god to release him, he could let himself go.  He scowled and twisted his body.


Sanzo's voice suddenly shouted over the clearing, enraged and animal-like, and the few birds and insects that had started up again went quiet.  Homura eased up a bit and turned his head, looking in the direction the roar had come.  Goku wrenched his arms away and slid his body out from between Homura's and the rock, finally seeing Sanzo as he stormed across the clearing.  "Sanzo!"

The priest didn't look at him as he leveled his gun at the war god.  "Homura!"

Now ignoring Goku, Homura leaned back against the rock and spread his chained hands apart, smirking.  "Have you not yet learned that you can't harm me with a gun like that, Konzen?"

Sanzo's face was frightening as he continued to advance.  When he was about ten yards away he opened fire, shooting and emptying his gun at Homura.  Homura simply stood as the bullets disintegrated only inches from him, the air before the god blurring and wavering.  But from where Goku was standing, he could see Sanzo didn't stop his advance as he fired, instead speeding up his steps.  When the last bullet was expelled from the gun, the priest suddenly jumped and spun his body, his booted foot up and kicking out.  Goku caught a brief glance of shock covering Homura's face just before the heel of Sanzo's boot connected with his cheek, snapping the god's head to the side.

Son of a bitch! Goku thought to himself, shocked.  Sanzo got a kick in!

But Goku couldn't just let himself stand frozen as the god reacted faster than the human eye could see, grabbing Sanzo and throwing him several yards to the side.  Sanzo hit the ground and rolled a few more feet before coming to a stop, coughing.  Homura drew his sword, his face no longer amused, and went after the priest.

"Sanzo!" Goku screamed and shot towards to other two, his staff unconsciously coming again to his hands.  He reached Sanzo a fraction of a second before Homura did and managed to block the strike Homura aimed at his sun.

Mismatched eyes focused on him, and Goku glared right back, the strain of holding Homura's flame sword at bay causing the muscles in his arms and shoulders to bulge.  The two of them stood in place, Homura's sword and Goku's nyoi-bo the only things wavering back and forth as their gazes stayed locked.

Finally, Homura smiled again and eased off, stepping back.  "Very good, Son Goku.  You are progressing very well.  Perhaps the next time we meet, you will be ready."  The god phased out, this time not reappearing anywhere in the area, and Goku turned to his guardian, reaching out to help him up.

"Don't touch me!" Sanzo rasped, slapping his hand away and still trying to get his breath back from being tossed so hard.  The priest struggled briefly before managing to gain his own feet and stand, wavering slightly.

"Sanzo!  Goku!"  Hakkai's voice had the two turning their heads to see the healer and Gojyo running to join them.  "Thank goodness you're alright," Hakkai exclaimed as they joined them.

"Of course we're all right," Sanzo growled, his voice and stance still antagonistic as he stormed past the other two, heading back towards their camp.  "Enough of this bullshit.  We're heading out.  Now."


Ten hours later they drove into a small village – 'Hovel", Sanzo had grunted, after not saying a word for nearly the whole trip.  There was a small argument between Sanzo and Hakkai over whether or not to stay the night or push on, which Hakkai won by stressing they needed a good night's rest after their battle that morning and it was already pushing late afternoon.  With the increased youkai attacks being reported, and Homura showing himself in the area, did Sanzo want to be woken up with another attack, as they had that morning?

Sanzo scowled, and tried to further his argument that they would never reach India if they stopped at every village and town they came across.  Goku stepped in, complaining about hunger and begging to at least stay for dinner – which earned him a fan to the head – but Sanzo finally agreed.  So they found a tiny inn, arriving just in time for the meal being served.  They paid for four rooms to stay the night, the party in an unaccustomed, sober mood as they tiptoed around the priest.  After checking in, they went to dinner.

"Sanzo…" Hakkai ventured after the meal was served and they were eating.

Sanzo glared hard at the healer as he pushed back his chair and stood from the table.  "Mind your own business, Hakkai."

"But –"

"Drop it!"

Goku stole some food from Gojyo's plate and when no reaction came from the sprite, he looked at him.  He found Gojyo staring suspiciously at Sanzo.

Sanzo was way bent out of shape.  He had been since the encounter with Homura this morning.  Gojyo was even stepping lightly around him after his normal teasing had gotten no response from the priest.  Sanzo had barely touched his food at dinner, just drank.  And the more he drank, the gloomier and surlier he got.   Oddly, with all the alcohol he'd had, he didn't look to be very drunk.  As the monk stood and stepped away from the table, three pairs of eyes locked on him, one inquiring and two wary.

"Goku," was the only word Sanzo said and he walked away and up the stairs to the rooms.

When they reached Sanzo's room, Sanzo shut and locked the door.  Pulling Goku to him, he covered the youth's mouth with his own in a hard, possessive, alcohol-flavored kiss.  Goku hadn't been expecting it and he squeaked.

"I don't like it, how he looks at you."


"Fucking pervert.  He just wears his lust on his face.  He's not to touch you.  I won't let him touch you."  Sanzo's words came out hoarse and low, ominous in the darkened room.

"Sanzo?  What - ?"

But Sanzo didn't let him finish as he once again claimed his mouth.  He wasn't gentle as he pressed Goku against the wall and fitted his body against him.  He pressed his hips forward, hard against Goku's, and the youth found himself growing aroused even though he was confused about Sanzo's actions.  He reached up and cupped his hands behind Sanzo's head, his fingers sinking into the soft golden strands.

Goku realized they were moving only when he tripped over his feet.  Had Sanzo not been holding him, he likely would have fallen.  The bed hit the back of his calves and Sanzo pushed him down, laying him out over the mattress.  The priest followed, sprawling over him with the sleeves of his robes covering him like a short blanket, and began pulling his armor from his body.  Goku tried to help, worried that the monk would hurt himself with the dangerous pieces.

They wrestled against each other for several minutes in the removal of the armor, and then suddenly Sanzo was gone, standing several feet back and facing away.  Goku was breathing hard and reached out to Sanzo, confused as to why he had backed off.  He was confused about the whole thing.  Settling his shoulder spikes on the floor, he stared at Sanzo's back, trying to figure out his mood.  Although the room was dark, Goku had no trouble seeing how Sanzo's hair, mussed from Goku's hands combing through it, stuck up at odd angles.

He slowly crawled off the bed, tentatively approaching the priest. The fact that Sanzo was royally out of sorts was obvious, and Goku still wasn't sure what it was that was bothering him, but he craved the feel of having his body back in contact with the monk's.  "Sanzo?"

Sanzo didn't answer and he kept his back turned, but Goku saw how a tremor seemed to run through his lean frame.  He knew how Sanzo didn't like people touching him, yet the man had been touching Goku lately and not objecting to being touched in return, so he reached out a tentative hand and pressed his palm against the strong muscles covering Sanzo's back.

The priest jerked as if a jolt went through him and Goku snatched his hand back.

Sanzo finally turned to face him and Goku got a jolt of his own when he met eyes that were burning with a hungry, desperate need.  His heart kicked into overdrive and his body hardened further than it already was.

Sanzo wanted him.  He wanted him with an intensity that was almost scary, and even though an answering need rose within himself, a flutter of nervous fear also curled its way through his stomach.  "Sanzo," he said again, this time his voice a bare whisper.  There was hunger there, but there was still an underlying anger than made Goku nervous.

"How far, Goku?" Sanzo rasped, holding himself still, while the youth could visibly see the effort the priest put into staying immobile.  "How far do you want these lessons to go?"

"Ah."  The sound came out as a croak, so he cleared his throat and he tried again.  "Um, well, until there's nothing left for you to teach me, I guess," Goku answered, suspecting what it was Sanzo was asking him.

An actual shudder went through Sanzo at his words and Goku tried to swallow although his mouth had gone dry.  But why should he suddenly find himself nervous?  He trusted Sanzo.  He chalked it up to the general fear of the unknown.  Sanzo reached out to him and Goku forced himself not to step back.

A hand came to rest on Goku's head and it slide down over the heavy, gold band that circled his head to cup his cheek.  Then it pulled away and he watched as Sanzo's hands went to the sash that kept his robes closed.

"Undress, Goku."  He heard the order, but it took him a moment to make his limbs move before he began to remove his clothes, conscious of Sanzo's eyes watching him.  He felt awkward and self-conscious, a feeling foreign to him.  When he was wearing nothing but his boxers, he paused, watching as Sanzo began to lower his jeans.  "All of it, Goku.  I want you naked."

A surge of uncertainty went through him and he turned slightly, modesty forcing him to try and hide himself from Sanzo as he peeled his boxers from his hips and kicked them away.  He heard the same sound as Sanzo also kicked aside the last of his own clothes.  Sanzo was standing next to him, fully naked, and he was too shy to take a look.

How pathetic was that?  Taking a deep breath, he turned bravely and let his eyes travel over Sanzo's battle-torn body.

It was beautiful.

Scars, similar to the road maps that Hakkai was so obsessive about, lined Sanzo's body.  But Goku had already seen them before.  He was quite familiar with the marks, that only enhanced the fact that his guardian was strong and capable, from the times he'd seen him naked before in the baths.  Back then, he had slowly started to crave what he had thought to be a hopeless yearning to touch and show his worship.  It was then that he had realized what it was he wanted from Sanzo, and he had started to look closer, working hard to keep his thoughts to himself.

And, oh, how hard it had been to hide his yearning then.  So many times he had to stay in the baths long after everyone else had left before he thought it safe to leave.  His arousal then, when he was the last to leave, noticeable to no one except himself.

He was never so happy to have hands as he had been then.

He let his eyes fall lower, spying the bourgeoning erection Sanzo sported.  And, although the site of that caused more butterflies to swarm in his belly, it also helped to increase his own excitement.

As Sanzo's own eyes started to travel his body, he began to think about what it was that may happen this night.  The memory of the priest telling him of just how it was men had sex together - anal sex - went through his mind, and the realization of what he could expect went sizzling through him.  Sanzo meant for that to happen, right?  He had a hard time not thinking that it would hurt.  He wanted to do it, with Sanzo, but he was also scared.

Sanzo was advancing towards him, his hands once again touching him in a way he had only dreamed that Sanzo would touch him, their last 'lessons' not included.  He soon forgot his reservations as pistol-callused hands rested on his shoulders and began to travel over his body.  He felt himself pushed, directed back towards the bed.  At the insistent nudging, he crawled backward over the mattress.  How strange it was to find his eagerness fluctuating between anticipation and fear.

Goku swore Sanzo glowed.  It might have been a play of the light or just his imagination, but as the priest knelt on the bed and loomed over him his blonde hair and pale skin just – glowed.  He reached out his hand, trailing his fingers over his Sanzo's shoulder and arm, expecting to feel the heat of the sun.  But he found only a slightly elevated, normal body temperature.  He inclined up for another kiss.

Sanzo leaned down to meet him.  Locking his mouth onto his keeper's, he wasn't prepared for the electrical jolt of Sanzo settling his body, naked and hard, on top of his own.


He was mistaken.  Sanzo's body wasn't only warmer than normal.  At least below the waist, the monk burned.  He quivered to the vibrating sound of Sanzo's groan, not realizing he gave voice to a pleasured moan of his own. 

Sanzo dragged his mouth over his shoulder and trailed a wet path over his jaw and down his throat as Goku thrust up into the inferno rubbing against him.  He found his hands grabbing at Sanzo, pressing the priest closer while also trying to touch as much of him as he could.  Sanzo didn't object, in fact he moaned again and moved his body cat-like against him.  Breathing began to become a difficult thing for Goku to do as he gulped in short bursts of air.

He could hear Sanzo's own labored breathing, along with the hard pounding of his heart, as the priest bathed him in hungry kisses and open-mouthed tastes.  Had Sanzo been youkai, Goku may have been worried about Sanzo sampling him for feasting.  But then, perhaps the man was tasting him, for a different form of feast.

Goku could understand that.  He wanted to consume as much of his sun as he could – in a sexual way.

Sanzo shifted and Goku felt their dicks come into contact.  A stab of heat went through him and Goku jerked up, unable to stop the cry that escaped his lips.  "Shhh," Sanzo whispered in his ear.  "Quiet Goku.  Remember, we have to be quiet."  The warm bathing of Sanzo's breath covering his ear threatened to elicit another moan, but Goku choked this one back in time.

Sanzo began a slow, steady rhythm, rubbing their cocks together and spreading the heat that the priest was emitting throughout Goku's system as a mouth reached for his nipples.  The monk swiped his tongue over the pointed nubs and Goku jerked, not expecting the shocks that arrowed out from them straight to his heart.  Sharp teeth closing over them had him crying out, only to snap his teeth shut over the sound.  He reminded himself he had to be quiet.

Sanzo moved lower and Goku was both relieved that the torment at his nipples was over yet also wishing with everything in him for it to come back.  As a still-hungry mouth traveled lower still, Goku's stomach muscles trembled at the touch over the skin of his belly.  He was going to go insane and Sanzo was making the most un-Sanzo like sounds as he ran his mouth over the youth's skin.

Goku wanted to kiss Sanzo, but the man had worked himself too far down Goku's body for him to reach.  And besides, Goku considered himself blessed that Sanzo had given him the kisses that he had, considering the priest claimed to dislike such contact.  A giggle bubbled out of him as a tongue probed at his navel.

But then any mirth he may have felt was washed away as a hand wrapped itself around his cock.  He briefly became aware of his surroundings; the darkened room, the sound of insects chirruping through the open window, the smell of the night air tainted by the dirty scents of a low-tech village.  But what flooded through his mind was that it was Sanzo who was here with him.  Sanzo, who was touching him and running his mouth over him.  Sanzo!  He may have even whispered the name.

At first, he didn't pay any mind when a hand cupped his ass and a finger slid down the cleft of his cheeks to touch at his hole.  But when Sanzo pulled back, a surge of panic went through Goku and he reached out to stop him.  But the priest only got up as far as he needed to reach the nightstand and grab a tube of something.  The panic ebbed and he watched as Sanzo opened the tube and squirted some of the stuff onto his fingers before recapping the tube and tossing it back onto the table.  Then he was back and kissing him again.

"I'm going to prepare you, Goku.  Just try and stay relaxed," Sanzo whispered against his lips.  Goku couldn't make his voice work so he just nodded.  The finger was back, this time coated with some slippery substance.

It pressed into him, the sensation foreign and not particularly pleasant.  Goku winced and squirmed, beginning to think this whole anal sex thing just wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  Then something – some spot inside him – was touched and Goku stilled.

That had felt – interesting.

Sanzo touched it again and a tremor went through Goku.  Amazingly, he felt himself relax and open further, his cock taking an interest in what was going on.  Sanzo's finger withdrew, only to return with a friend, stretching Goku.  It was still tender, and a bit uncomfortable, but that spot inside of him wanted more touching.  And it got more touching.  This went on for some time, Sanzo preparing him while they kissed, until the priest finally withdrew his fingers and levered himself up.

"Turn around."  Sanzo instructed and leaned back, motioning for Goku to flip over.  "Hold on to the headboard."  Goku obeyed and grabbed hard onto the lower rail of the headboard.

The hard length of Sanzo's cock slid along the cleft of his ass and rubbed against the sensitive opening there, back and forth slowly.  Goku whimpered and wiggled back, unable to stop the hungry clenching of his ass, and he could feel his hole spasm, anticipation at what was coming.

"I want you," Sanzo breathed into his ear.  "I'm going to have you.  I want you."  After several strokes, Sanzo shifted and suddenly the large, soft head of Sanzo's cock was nudging against his entrance.  The head rolled, circled gently at his hole, then pressed. 

At first it wasn't bad.  He felt himself open and Sanzo nudged in further.  But then he realized the size of what was entering him was far larger than the fingers used to stretch him.  A sharp burn had him wincing and a sudden pain had one of his hands swinging back to Sanzo's hip.  "Wait!" he gasped.  "Too much!  Too much!"

"Easy, easy," Sanzo whispered to him in a shaking voice.  "Just relax.  Let me in.  Once I'm in, it'll get better.  Just relax."

He would have marveled at the tone of Sanzo's voice at any other time, so soft and gentle.  He could feel the callused palms of the man stroke and massage the rounded curve of his ass.  He took a deep breath and slowly let it out, forcing himself to relax as he once again gripped the bar at the headboard.

More pressing, and this time Goku tried his best to let it happen, panting.  Suddenly, he felt the head of Sanzo's cock pass through the barrier and sink into him.  Further pressing and he felt himself filled to capacity.  Sanzo settled over him, warm and panting.

"Ah, Goku.  I'm in, I'm in."

Goku waited, not knowing what to expect as the burning eased and Sanzo stayed still, draped over him.  His own erection had flagged, daunted by the pain, but as the burn passed and the uncomfortable pressure began to ease, he grew impatient.  Still Sanzo didn't move and Goku wondered if this was it.  If this was all there was to sex.  A bit anticlimactic after all the buildup from the kissing and touching.

Did Sanzo cum?  Was that all it took with sex with men?  Was it any different when men had sex with women?  If Sanzo hadn't cum, why wasn't he doing anything?

Then Sanzo began to move.

He gasped, about to cry out for Sanzo to stop as the movement rubbed against skin that was all so tender.  But he found himself just panting, the friction running a quiver through his nerve endings that threatened to blank out his mind.  It now felt … good.  Better than good.

This was the best thing ever

He let himself get lost in the sensations of having Sanzo fill him, moving within him.  The scent of the priest, coupled with the scent of sex, filled his nostrils and the sounds of their gasps and moans filled his ears.

They were moving together now, a rhythm that built in speed and tempo.  But inside Goku it was different.  In a complete contrast to the hard, now rapid activity going on at his ass, the sensations coursing through his body seemed to be blending into themselves as a slow storm.  It was like an incoming tide, the waves of pleasure spreading through him, meeting each other and merging, so that they ebbed and grew and caused a constant rhythm of pleasure – building in intensity.

Building too much.  These feelings, these waves of intense pleasure, were too much.  He could feel things – a being - stirring awake in him that frightened him.

Sanzo had one arm wrapped crushingly tight across his chest, the other braced on the mattress.  The heat of the man's desperate, moist gasps dowsed his ear as hard, rich pulses thrummed through him.  Nothing like the alluring thrum he felt jacking off.  This was threatening to … to … do … something.

He wanted to grab himself.  His cock was hurting and he wanted to squeeze it to relieve the pressure but he wasn't sure he could let up on his death grip on the headboard.

Sanzo was driving into him hard, fast, the bed creaking and hitting the wall in a rapid beat of passion.  But he was beyond worrying about the noise it caused and Sanzo didn't seem to be paying it any mind, either.  He finally reached down with one arm and grabbed hold of his burning dick, his grip helping with the pressure but increasing the pulse.  Actually, no help at all.

He could feel panic start to stir.

"Sanzo," he whispered.  "Sanzo, wait.  Stop.  Something…"  His plea was cut off as his balls suddenly seemed to swell and tighten at the same time.  "Sanzo!"

The sensations were overwhelming, frightening.  He didn't know for sure what was happening.  This was more than an orgasm.  The force of what he could feel building was so much more than what he'd felt pleasuring himself.  Confused, he tried to fight the sensations.   Unsuccessfully.

"What?  What?"  Sanzo's arm briefly let up on its grip then grabbed on even harder. "Oh, fuck!  Goku!"  Several hard, jagged thrusts and Goku felt his reality ripped out from under him as a low, baritone voice moaned his name.

It was several moments before he came down and heard Sanzo speak again, slow and slurred.  Almost incomprehensible.  The priest was sprawled with his full weight on top of him.  "Goku."  The monk shifted slightly and tried to lever himself up a bit on his elbows but his coordination didn't seem to be working.  "Goku, are you alright?  Did I hurt you?"  Recovering from his own orgasm, all Goku caught from the monk was 'Goku, r oo right?  Id I urt oo?"  The mumbled words were followed by soft snores and he knew that Sanzo had passed out.

Goku simply laid there, mulling over what had happened and soaking in the feel of Sanzo sleeping on top of him, snoring quietly in his ear.

Goku wasn't hurt, but something told him that Sanzo had lost control, and he suspected that he, himself, had come close to it.  Sanzo had been drunk and feeling, Goku guessed, possessive over him. 

He smiled at the thought of Sanzo feeling possessive of him. 

But the thought of what could have happened if he had come out terrified him.  If Sanzo could lose control, then so could he.  He ran fingers over the coronet around his head, nervously feeling for any cracks, but found none.  He breathed a sigh of relief.


There was no reply from the priest.  Goku wanted nothing better than to just let himself drift off to sleep too, but it would be very bad for the two of them to be caught sleeping together, naked in bed.  Forcing his body to move, he gently extricated himself from under the slumbering monk and gathered his clothes, taking a moment to clean himself off with his shirt.  Taking one last look at his sleeping sun, he smiled and quietly left for his own room.



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