Title: Heart Of a Monkey King

Chapter: Seven
Author: Car Jack
Betas:  ditch_gospel and iapetusneume
Series,Characters/Pairing: Saiyuki, Sanzo/Goku
Rating: Nothing graphic but probably Not Work Safe
Status: WIP
Summary:  Sanzo explains sex between men.
Author's Notes:  Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think. ^_^


Disclaimer:  Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya

7-Lessons and Misconceptions


Gojyo and Goku spread the tent out over the cleared area of their campsite and began pounding in the stakes in preparation of erecting it.  As usual, Sanzo wished that they had separate tents, or that at least he could have his own tent storage space and security in numbers be damned but no such luck.  The nights they were outside, and had adequate space for a tent, they all shared, even when there was enough room for more than one tent.  But whenever Sanzo complained that he needed some quiet time, at least in the night, Hakkai always came back with Hakuryu having limited space for storage while they traveled.

Huffing, and denying that he was sulking over their current arrangements, Sanzo tried to make himself comfortable on the large rock he was reclining on next to where Hakkai was building the campfire.  He lit a cigarette, smirking at Gojyo's look of resentment toward him.  The cockroach was likely pissed because he wasn't helping with the camp.  Enjoying the scowl covering Gojyo's face, he allowed his smirk to grow before he looked away. 

Directly at Goku.

His ward was pounding in a stake, his hand gripping the hammer and swinging it with strokes sure and accurate, the muscles under his shirt and armor just hinted at and working with the saru's actions.  His eyes once again admired Goku's hands, so strong and capable as they wielded the hammer.  Not for the first time, he found himself imagining those hands running over his body in exploration, touching him in places he still felt some guilt about thinking of him touching.  And not for the first time since the last town, he marveled at Goku's willingness to actually give him head. 

And oh, sweet Buddha, that had felt good.  He'd known that that mouth was made for sucking.

He had to wrench his eyes away from Goku and made an attempt to get his mind on something else before he ran the risk of his thoughts showing on his face.  His gaze settled on Hakkai, striking a flint to start the fire.  The man was as efficient as always, paying attention to the little details to accomplish his task quickly.  If any of his group were to catch on to something going on between Goku and himself, he figured it would be Hakkai.  However and his eyes wandered over to Gojyo the kappa had been giving him sidelong looks ever since they had left the last town.  Had Gojyo's perverted brain managed to actually figure anything out?  The sprite might be an idiot, but when it came to anything sexual, he was usually all over it like flies on shit.

And did he, Sanzo, actually think such a thing could be kept secret, with the group of them traveling together?  They practically lived in each other's pockets; he knew it would come out eventually.  A shudder ran through him at the comments he knew Gojyo would throw his was when and he knew it would be 'when', not 'if' it became known Sanzo was messing with Goku.

"Oi. Gojyo.  Aren't you done with your side yet?"  Goku's voice broke through Sanzo's speculation, drawing his gaze once more on the youth.  Goku was holding the poles used to erect the tent and staring at Gojyo pounding in the last stake.

The sprite replied with some scathing comment, causing Goku to drop the poles and face off with him.  Sanzo paid no attention to the words parried back and forth between the two idiots as he was once again drawn into watching how Goku moved.  He admired his ward's wiry strength under his armor and clothes.  His life and energy.  Watching him was like watching a dance.  Beautiful.

He no longer thought Gojyo had sparked Goku's interest in sex, but when the pervy kappa realized his ward was seeking instruction, would the redhead try moving in on the youth's body?  The thought made Sanzo frown and he fingered the gun up his sleeve.

This was nonsense.  It might be a mistake to give in to his lusts and agree to the saru's demands, but he also knew that he was as eager to teach what he knew as Goku seemed eager to learn.  But it was still just one more example of his, Sanzo's, weaknesses.  Disgusted with himself, Sanzo threw his cigarette to the ground and crushed it under his sandal as he stood.

"You two morons are irritating beyond imagination.  I swear, if both of you were twice as smart, you'd still be stupid."   Having his say, the monk stalked off into the trees, seeking someplace quiet where he could center himself.

The other three stared after him in surprise as he strode off and Goku called out, "Sanzo?  Sanzo, what's wrong?" and he scampered after his priest.  "Sanzo!  Sanzo, wait!"

Hakkai stood and watched Goku follow after Sanzo, at odds over whether it was safe for them to go off on their own as there had been more recounts of youkai attacks lately, when he felt Gojyo's arm drape over his shoulders.

"Hakkai," the redhead drawled in his ear.  "I have gossip to share."

"Oh?"  Hakkai asked, turning his head to gaze at his friend, intrigued despite himself.  He looked into gleeful, crimson eyes.  Gojyo had had something that he was just dying to tell him, Hakkai had seen that since they'd set out from the last town, but for some reason Gojyo seemed to want the telling to be in private, and they hadn't had any privacy lately.  Hakkai guessed that whatever the gossip was, it had something to do with Sanzo or Goku or both.  He, himself, had noticed something odd with the other two and had been wondering if something was going on with his friends.

The morning that they were leaving the last town, Hakkai had entered the dining hall of the inn they were staying in, concerned when he had found Goku's and Sanzo's rooms empty.  Surprised, he found the youth already sitting next to Sanzo at a table, anxious for breakfast to be served.

Once the food arrived, Goku ate it even faster than normal, then was practically hustling the rest of them through door and into Jeep, declaring an eagerness to be on the road.  Even more surprising, Sanzo hadn't voiced a single objection to Goku's antsy behavior.  Gojyo had stayed quiet but had been sending sidelong, smirking looks towards their blond leader.  When he, Hakkai, tried to ask what was with everyone, Goku then became very quiet, mumbling a denial of anything wrong and Sanzo actually told Hakkai to mind his own business.  Gojyo had just smiled but his eyes promised an explanation later.

An explanation that was now, finally, coming.

Gojyo continued to murmur in Hakkai's ear as if there were a danger of being overheard.  "Our Sanzo-sama is a dirty, little, peeping tom," he whispered.

Shocked, Hakkai pulled away.  "Excuse me?" he asked, his tone voicing his disbelief.

"That's right!  And to top it off, Goku caught him at it!"

Hakkai could only gape at Gojyo, his mind stuttering at the information. 

Gojyo's eyes were dancing and he was practically bouncing on his feet.  "Yeah!  Man, I've been going nuts all this time, just waiting for a chance to tell you.  That dirty, sexually repressed, little monk!"

"Gojyo!  How do you know this?"

"I saw him! He was spying on me!"  Quickly, Gojyo related the previous nights events, his words coming faster the more exited he got.  Hakkai's shock quickly turned to mirth and he started to chuckle.

"Poor Goku!  They actually fell in the ditch?"  The two men laughed together as Hakkai gathered up the poles Goku had dropped and helped Gojyo finish pitching the tent.


"Sanzo!  Come on, wait up!"  Goku's voice carried in the wind and Sanzo sighed, closing his eyes with a weary sense of resignation.  But most of it was from habit; he realized he really didn't much mind the saru following him.

"Aren't you supposed to be pitching the tent with Gojyo?" he asked as Goku caught up with him.  "The kappa is likely to try duct taping those poles together."  Goku laughed at the comment as he fell into step with him.

They walked for several minutes in silence and Sanzo could almost let himself believe that it was only the two of them traveling the lands on the different tasks the Sanbutsushin had set for him, before this whole mission had taken over his life.  Things were so much simpler then.

Goku began picking up branches and deadfall as they walked, and when Sanzo looked at him, he shrugged.  "I figured I might as well get some firewood while we're out here, so I don't have to do it later."

The monk grunted, mildly surprised that Goku would think ahead like that.  But then, the saru had been surprising him a lot lately.  Another sign that his ward was maturing he even looked more mature as he strode with a thoughtful expression on his face.

They walked for another few minutes in silence until they came across a small opening in the trees, next to a stream.  Sanzo found a rock and sat down, pulling out his pack of cigarettes and tapping a stick out.  Goku rested at his feet and settled his bundle on the ground next to him.  The youth stayed quiet at first and half of Sanzo's cigarette was gone before Goku ventured a question.  "You liked it, right?  I did ok, when we had sex?"

Sanzo had been wondering how long it would be before Goku began asking questions about sex, but for some reason he hadn't expected to be asked if he'd liked it.  "We haven't had sex, Goku." He huffed.  Hadn't it been obvious that he'd enjoyed it?  He'd been hit with his orgasm with nearly no warning!

"What do you mean?  We both got off," Goku objected.

"I know we both got off.  But just getting off doesn't mean we've had sex." 

Goku thought about that.  "But if that wasn't sex, then what was it?"

Sanzo sighed and flicked away an ash.  "Well, it was a form of sex, but not sexual intercourse.  What we did was oral sex and um a hand job.  But not intercourse."

"But men can't have intercourse, so what does it matter?"  Goku crossed his legs, settling himself into a posture Sanzo recognized from when he'd seen the boy taking lessons from Hakkai.  "I know what intercourse means all out sex.  Men don't have the right parts do that with each other."

Sanzo smiled and looked sidelong at the teen, curious about Goku's reaction to what it was men did together during sex.  "Men can too have intercourse, it's just not like it is for a man and a woman.  Well, they can do it, too," he amended, "but with two men, there's only one way."

"What way is that?"

"It's anal sex, Goku."

"Anal sex?  What do you mean by that?  Anal that's ass, isn't it?  What does an ass have to do with sex?"

Sanzo stayed quiet, waiting to see if Goku could figure it out on his own.  Goku kept his gaze on Sanzo and the priest could see the wheels turning behind inquisitive, glowing eyes.  The saru's face changed expressions as he obviously turned over different possibilities.  Finally, he blinked.  "Wait, you don't mean-?"  Goku cut himself off, his eyes wide and staring hard at his keeper.  "How is that supposed to -?  There's no way-!"  Then Goku stood and glared at Sanzo.  "You're pulling my leg, Sanzo!  No fucking way that's how men have sex!"

Sanzo smirked and simply stared back at his charge, while inside he was wondering if the prospect would make Goku change his mind about wanting to learn sex at least sex with men.  The priest's face showed indifference, but his heart and breath tried to suspend themselves as he waited.  Goku's eyes grew even wider and his hands reached around to protectively cover his own ass, as if Sanzo was about to jump him right there, and the monk's heart sank. 

But then, Goku's eyes narrowed as he continued to process the information.  "You're not kidding me."  Sanzo shook his head 'no'.  "Men really do do that with each other."  Sanzo nodded in agreement.  "And, uh, it feels good?"  Full-blown skepticism was plain on the youth's face.

"It can," Sanzo answered.  "If it's done right and the one receiving had been prepared properly."

"Receiving," Goku mimicked.  "You mean the one that's having a, um, " Goku's voice dwindled off in his question.

" a cock up his ass," Sanzo helpfully finished for him.

Goku blinked.  Then blinked again.  "You're not really serious, are you?  I mean, there's no way people really do that, right?"  Sanzo again smirked.  Goku frowned, thinking.  "Then, how do you prepare them?"

Sanzo took a slow draw from his cigarette before answering.  "You use your fingers."

"Your fingers?"

"Hai.  The muscles need to be stretched first."

"You actually put your fingers there?  Isn't that gross?"

Sanzo stayed quiet for a bit on that one, not really knowing how to answer.  After all, when a person thought about it, it was.  But when Goku continued to wait for him, he just shrugged and muttered, "You, ah, wash afterwards.  When you're all done."

Goku simply nodded at this, apparently accepting that washing was good.  But then, considering all the blood and gore all of them have had to wash off after their battles, perhaps he shouldn't be surprised at that.

"Inside a man," Sanzo continued, "is a spot that feels very good when touched."  Sanzo's eyes again traveled to Goku's fingers as he stabbed out the butt of his cigarette on the rock and immediately tapped out another, lighting it.  He began to wonder if he was beginning to obsess on the saru's hands, imagining them probing him.  He inhaled and tried to keep his thoughts on the verbal lesson he was giving.

"As good as touching your ah dick?  Cause that feels really good," Goku asked, his own eyes gazing at Sanzo and turning a touch molten.

"It can, yes." 

"What about what I did to you?  With my mouth.  Did that feel good?"

"What you did was a blowjob, Goku."  Not used to talking about things that he liked, Sanzo hedged.

"A blowjob?  Is that what I did?  But then I did it wrong, I wasn't blowing."  The disappointment in Goku's voice had Sanzo almost chocking on his cigarette.  Apparently, the monkey didn't realize how much he had liked it.

Snorting out a burst of smoke, Sanzo almost chuckled.  "You didn't do it wrong.  That's just what it's called."

"You don't blow on it?  But why would it be called that then?"  Settling back on the ground at Sanzo's feet, Goku looked up at his sun and now teacher.

"I don't know why it's called a blowjob, I didn't coin the term.  But if it makes you feel better, it's also called sucking cock."

"Oh."  Goku was silent for about a minute before he asked again, "But did you like it?"

Sanzo sighed, embarrassed at the question.  Then he found himself nonplussed about being embarrassed.  "Yes, Goku.  I liked it," he finally grumbled to the youth.

Goku sat straighter, smiling and holding his knees in his palms, proud.  His eyes grew an even deeper shade of gold.

Sanzo realized that their talk was instigating feelings in both Goku and himself that they really couldn't follow up with where they were, and he knew that he needed to bring things to a close before he began to consider giving the youth a demonstration, regardless.  Right here, within yelling distance of the camp. 

Really not a good idea.

"That's enough for now, Saru.  We need to get back to camp before the others start looking for us."  Goku tried objecting but Sanzo impatiently motioned him to gather up his fallen branches and get a move on.

Goku got to his feet and gathered up the firewood.  Sanzo also stood, brushing off and straightening his robes.  But before Goku could start back to camp, the priest reached out and stopped him, a hand on his shoulder.

"Sanzo?" the youth inquired as he looked up.

Without answering, Sanzo leaned forward and kissed him, a soft peck at first, before sliding his tongue between Goku's lips as they parted in surprise.  He indulged himself in the kiss, somewhat in awe over a thing that used to repulse him but no longer did when it was Goku he was kissing.

As he pulled back, and again straightened his robes to give his hands something to do rather than push his ward to the ground and indulge in things that were too risky to indulge in so close to camp, in the daylight.

Goku just stood staring at him, and Sanzo could hear the beginning of the boy's no, not boy's, but young man's - call in the back of his mind and he frowned, shrugging his shoulders as he tried to shrug off the call.  "It's just a kiss, Saru.  Don't get any ideas from it."

Goku slowly smiled, his eyes bright as he continued to stare.  "Yeah, sure, Sanzo.  Just a kiss."

The call didn't lessen, but nor did it grow any louder, and Sanzo guessed he would have to be content with that.  He jerked his chin in the direction of camp.  "Get back to the others before they start to wonder what's happened to us," he ordered, his voice gruff.

Goku scampered off and Sanzo dropped his cigarette and crushed it out as he followed at a slower pace.


Hakkai traipsed through the undergrowth, seeking the stream to gather water, when he caught a flash of color through the foliage.  Pausing, he turned his head and spotted Goku.  He was just about to call out to him when movement turned his eyes to see Sanzo.  He paused, not wanting to interrupt a conversation between the two.

He saw Goku gathering up what must be some firewood and he smiled, thankful for the boy's considerate foresight, as he knew they didn't have enough wood for the night at camp.

But then his eyes widened in shock as he saw Sanzo stop Goku, then lean forward and kiss the boy.  From where he stood, he could see that this was no innocent kiss - as if Sanzo would ever bestow such a thing on his ward.  Sanzo was just not that kind of affectionate person.


And it was a kiss on the lips!

Even after the two left, Hakkai continued to stand still.  A minute or so passed and his mind clicked, starting to whir at full speed, thinking of possibilities.  The only one to make sense was that the monk was feeling so worked up about wanting to try sex, that he was turning to Goku to experiment.

To Goku!

Belatedly turning to return to camp, he realized that he could no longer take any extra time in finding Sanzo a brothel.  They needed to get to a town. 

And fast.


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