Title: Heart Of a Monkey King
Chapter: 6-Sanzo Cracks
Author: Car Jack
Beta(s): ditch_gospel, guanyin_kun
Series/Characters/Pairing(s): Saiyuki-Sanzo/Goku
Rating: NC-17 not worksafe
Status: WIP

Summary: Goku gets busted and Sanzo stops fighting.

Note: Thank you for reading and please remember to let me know your opinions.

Disclaimer:  Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya


Chapter 6 – Sanzo Cracks


Gojyo leaned over and inhaled, breathing in the flowery perfume of the beauty walking with her arm wrapped around his waist.  They were strolling with the sides of their bodies pressed against each other, their steps in sync, with his own arm wrapped around her, tucking her body snuggly under it.  This pretty little lady had appeared towards the end of his last game of cards, her arms wrapping around him from behind as she whispered encouragement and promises in his ear.  And he had won big on that last hand with this lady of luck by his side.

He gazed down at the lovely woman and grinned, giving her his most charming smile.  She didn't need to know that she wasn't his first choice of whom he'd wanted to spend the evening with.  No, not at all; you just didn't mention things like that to a lady if you wanted to get laid. 

And Gojyo wanted to get laid.

Earlier, before the card game had begun, he had been making the moves on that attractive young man sitting next to him.  However, just as the game was about to start, someone else caught the dark-haired youth's attention, and before Gojyo realized what had happened, his pretty young man had disappeared.  Gojyo had turned to see where he had gone, but the large crowd blocked his view.  Sighing in disappointment, he turned back to the card game. 

You win some and you lose some.  That was the way games went.  Even games of love.  Gojyo didn't know if the pretty guy ever returned while he played, but then this lady had shown up and she was easily just as pretty. 

Thinking of the coming evening spent in the arms of his little lady luck, Ling Mei, Gojyo grinned, his teeth clamped on the filter of a cigarette.  He needed to blow some energy, and a night of winning at cards and winning at love was the perfect solution. 

After the encounter with Homura and Kougaji's assassins, there had been nothing but the strangely strained atmosphere of their own company.  Sanzo seemed shorter tempered than normal and Goku was quieter.  The other night, after they had pitched camp, the saru's behavior actually bothered him enough that he mentioned it to Hakkai, wondering if the monkey was sick.  Hakkai, ever the care giver, had immediately gone to fawn all over the monkey.  For whatever reason that set off one of Sanzo's temper tantrums - ranting about 'Goku is fine!' and 'He doesn't need a nursemaid hovering over him!' and 'Just get back to getting dinner ready!'  Now, that  was just not normal – the monk had been right up in Hakkai's face while the rest of them could only look on in shock.  Gojyo shook his head at the memory.  Sanzo was one worked up monk that needed to get laid.

And speaking of getting laid…

Ling Mei had led him to a small, single story house and drew him straight to the tiny bedroom.  The room was clean if small, with an open window that allowed a light breeze in to flutter the curtains.  But Gojyo wasn't interested in what the room looked like.  A small bedside lamp cast a soft light, and Gojyo admired his pretty lady luck in the glow as he tilted her head up for a kiss.

Light tugs at his clothes in strategic places rapidly had his vest and tank dropping to the floor.  Raining kisses over her lips and throat, he'd managed to peel Ling Mei's dress from around her body and had started working on her under tunic when he felt his pants loosen and a delicate hand slip inside to wrap around his thickening sex.

Thwack thwack thwack!

"Ow!  Ow!  OW!  Sanzo, stop!"

Goku's voice and the unmistakable sound of Sanzo's harisen had Gojyo's head snapping up and whipping around to the open window.  Ling Mei gasped and backed away from the window, her arms up in fear of the sudden noise, and Gojyo pushed her behind him.

"Just what the fuck do you think you're doing, idiot?"  Sanzo's voice sounded right on top of the monkey's and, from the sounds of it, he was still swinging the fan.  Gojyo strode over to the open window, staring out, but the two others were already walking away.  Sanzo was yelling and swinging his arm, and Goku seemed to be trying to explain himself while trying to duck Sanzo's harisen.  As they reached the end of the street, one particularly mighty swing had both monk and monkey toppling over into the ditch at the side of the road.  Gojyo blinked, not knowing whether to be pissed or amused.

"Gojyo-san?  What was that?  Who was out there?  Were they looking in?"

"I don't know."  Gojyo watched his two companions stumble back to their feet and walk off.  It sounded like they were right outside the window.  What the hell?  Had Goku caught Sanzo looking in?  Didn't that corrupt monk know he could find himself arrested for looking in peoples' homes? 

Gojyo didn't like the idea of Sanzo spying on him and was glad first promising town was only three days away.  Hopefully, there would be an appropriate whorehouse there, and once that homicidal monk got laid, he'd calm down and stop flying off the handle at any little thing.

Voyeuristic bastard.  Just wait until Hakkai hears that Sanzo had been caught being a Peeping Tom.  By Goku!  Gojyo could hardly wait to tell him.


Goku walked into his room from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist as he scrubbed another towel through his wet hair, drying the spiky mop around his golden coronet and still grumbling about the beating Sanzo had given him on the way back to their inn.  Sanzo had lit into him so hard that the man had actually lost his footing and stumbled into Goku, tumbling the two of them into the muddy ditch next to the road.  The water had been cold and filthy and he had been completely submerged from Sanzo landing right on top of him. And, of course, Sanzo had to go and blame the fall on him, too.  At least the priest had gotten nearly as dirty as he had.

Pulling the towel out of his hair, he froze when he realized Sanzo was standing by the window in his room, his arms crossed in front of himself, wearing only his jeans and obviously fresh from his own shower.  He couldn't help his eyes from caressing Sanzo's pale, moonlit skin. 

"What were you thinking, Goku?  Fuck, Gojyo would have gone homicidal if he had caught you."  Sanzo had turned to watch him enter the room and his tone was now more curious than angry; he must have calmed down during his own shower.

Goku looked down, ashamed at having been caught spying on Gojyo and his evening's entertainment.  He'd been hoping that, when Sanzo had ordered him to get washed up, he had managed to avoid the priest's lecture on his actions.  No such luck.  "I meant no harm, Sanzo.  I was just –" He cut himself off, sighing, then continued.  "There was this guy that Gojyo was working, and that would have been great 'cause I still don't really know what goes on between two men, but it didn't work out.  I don't know why.  But the next thing I knew, Gojyo had hooked up with that chick and the guy Gojyo was working suddenly showed up in front of me, all chatty and stuff.  At first I thought maybe Gojyo found out I was watching him and sent the guy over to distract me, but then I realized that this guy had no idea I even knew Gojyo.  But he was all friendly like and fun to talk to.  But then, before long, he had his hand on my arm and was touching me and stuff.  Then I started to wonder if maybe he was hitting on me.  Could he have been hitting on me, Sanzo?  It kind of seemed that way, but I've never had anyone hit on me before so I don't know."  Goku broke off his explanation when the priest grabbed Goku's duffel and opened it, pulling out his spare clothes.

"Wha- wha- Sanzo!  What are you doing?"

"Get dressed.  Now.  You're going to take me to that bar and show me this sick fuck that was harassing you."

"Harassing me?  He wasn't harassing me.  He was nice.  It wasn't until later that I wondered if he was hitting on me.  And if he was, he wasn't being mean about it."  He danced around Sanzo, confused as to why the man was so adamant about finding that guy.

"Nevertheless, you will show me this pervert so I can put a bullet between his eyes."

Goku stopped his dance.  "Why?  Because he liked me?  What was wrong with him liking me?  Are you gonna chase off anyone who shows any interest in me?"

"Yes!"  Sanzo barked his reply.  "I am!  I will be the one to decide who is right for you.  You stay away from those fucking perverts, you hear me?"

In a rare spike of anger towards the monk, Goku jerked his clothes from Sanzo's grip and took a step back.  "I don't think you have any say in it, Sanzo!"


"You heard me!"  Goku barked back at him.  "I'm not going to ask your permission over whether or not it's alright for me to sleep with someone before I do it!

Sanzo's eyes widened and he snarled, stalking back up to the boy, "The hell you won't!  You don't know enough to choose your own partners!"

"How can I be old enough to be sent to a whorehouse but not to choose who I have sex with?  Huh?"

Sanzo opened and closed his mouth several times before he spun around, showing Goku his rigid back.  From his stance, Goku could tell he had re-crossed his arms again, trying to bar him off.

Goku tossed his clothes onto his bed next to his riffled-through duffel and looped the wet towel in his hands behind his neck, gripping the ends in his fists.  He shuffled his feet, toeing the grain in the wooden floor, wishing Sanzo would kiss him again rather than argue with him.  "I was careful.  Gojyo wouldn't have seen me.  He didn't before."  Perhaps it would be a good idea to skirt the issue of the man at the bar.

However, at his words Sanzo spun back around, shocked.  "Before? You've done this before?"  Striding over to him, he grabbed Goku's forearm.  A sharp current went through Goku at the touch to his bare skin and, from the way Sanzo suddenly let go, Goku wondered if the priest had felt it too.  He saw the priest's hand form a fist and Sanzo pressed it against the side of his jeans.

"Only once," he mumbled.

"Once."  Sanzo made the word a sharp statement.  He ran his hand through hair, messing the blond strands so Goku wanted to run his hands through it to put it back.  "When?"

Goku shifted on his feet, beginning to feel chilled in the evening air and still only wearing a towel.  "That last town."

Sanzo was shaking his head back and forth, avoiding Goku's eyes.  "Look, as soon as I find a brothel for you-"

"Sanzo, no!  Come on, I don't want to go to someplace like that.  Why can't I…" Goku stopped, perplexed at how to express his desire to be with Sanzo.  "Please tell me, why can't I learn with you?  Why can't you show me this too?"  When Goku took a couple of steps towards his priest, Sanzo actually took a couple back and turned away.

"Because, it would … uh … not be appropriate," he huffed.

"Appropriate?  Sanzo, don't give me that bullshit!  Come on!  I know … I think … you want to, too.  I mean, I see how you look at me sometimes, like you want … to, … too."  His words faded off as his bravado dissipated at Sanzo's silence.  He would rather the priest yell at him than just stand with his back to him, silent.  "Please, Sanzo.  Look at me."

Sanzo's gaze finally turned his way and he gasped at the hunger he saw there.  He took a step back as Sanzo turned the full force of his burning violet eyes on him, an answering need blossoming in his body.  His breath growing short and shallow, he made his body approach the priest.  This time, Sanzo held his ground, he just watched Goku approach with his eyes switching from eager want to an almost frightened uncertainty.  Goku didn't stop until he was standing right in front of his priest.

"Why would it be wrong, Sanzo?" Goku asked.  "You're the only one I want to … to … touch … and-" his words were suddenly cut off as Sanzo reached out, grasping Goku's head and jerking it forward.   His parted lips were abruptly mashed in a sloppy kiss.  Shocked, Goku grunted and tried to inhale, to question Sanzo's actions, only to find the priest's tongue surging in and wrapping around his own.  A whole two seconds is all it took for Goku's brain to completely shut down and he was reaching up to grab his guardian's body and press his own tight against him.

Almost immediately, Sanzo pulled back.

"Sanzo…" Goku breathed.

"You," Sanzo murmured,  "How do you do this to me?"  The priest breathed his question against Goku's lips before crushing them once again in a hungry kiss.

After a moment, the kiss eased up and took on more of the seductiveness of the kiss before, melting Goku again into Sanzo.  The youth felt Sanzo's hands leave his face and drop to his shoulders then wrap around to his back, cradling Goku's body against him, their bare chests pressing into each other.

Goku's hands slid over the ivory skin of Sanzo's chest and around his waist to his back.  He pressed himself into Sanzo, unconsciously walking the priest backwards until they came to a stop at the edge of the bed.  He whimpered at his inability to get closer to the blond, his fingers frantically strumming along the flesh before him.

His world suddenly spun around and it took him a moment to realize that Sanzo had turned him around and tossed his body onto the mattress of the bed.  "Wha-?"  His gasped question was cut off as Sanzo dropped down on top of him.

The man's body was heavy on his own and Goku realized how hard and aroused he was when Sanzo's weight pressed against his groin.  He cried out and arched up into the priest.

"No!" Sanzo immediately stilled.  "Quiet, Goku.  We must be quiet."

"Ah, ah, what?"  Goku struggled to process what Sanzo was saying.  "Oh, ah, um, yeah.  S-sorry, Sanzo."  His voice was soft and breathy and he hastily assured the priest that he'd be quiet, suddenly worried that Sanzo would change his mind about … whatever it was … that was happening, and leave.

But that didn't seem to be the case as Sanzo slowly relaxed and tentatively ran his lips over Goku's cheek and jawline.  Soft breathing gusted over his throat and ear, wafting the fine, damp hairs covering his skin and radiated out from the area.  He continued to rock his hips upward, the soft cotton of the towel pressing and rubbing against the throbbing hardness of his erection.  Sanzo's jean clad hips pressed back against him from above and just added to the pressure.  When teeth closed over his earlobe he had to clamp his teeth shut over a low moan.

Goku caught a glimpse of dark purple - burning, consuming - with dark blond bangs clinging damply around a crimson chakra.  He had a moment to wonder at the fact that Sanzo's hair was still damp, too, before the monk's mouth closed over his own and he then wondered at the amount of kissing Sanzo was doing, considering how much he claimed to dislike it.  By now, Goku knew to open and he parted his lips to Sanzo's tongue as the priest swept his wet muscle over every surface of the inside of Goku's mouth, stroking and twisting around his own tongue.

He moaned and immediately swallowed back the sound.  Sanzo had told him they had to be quiet so quiet he would be.  Sanzo now suckled at his throat, sending shudders up and down his body.  Sanzo's weight pressed him deep into the blankets covering the bed and the priest's hands started traveling his skin; when pale fingertips teased at his nipples Goku bucked up, the towel around his waist loosening and threatening to open completely.  When he pressed up, he thought he could feel the hard length of Sanzo's erection through the layers of denim and cotton towel separating their skin below their waists.  At least he thought he could feel it - he arched up again to press himself into the priest.

Sanzo moaned, low and quiet in his throat, and Goku swore his dick literally vibrated with the sound of it.  He wasn't aware of the quiet, answering moan he gave, only Sanzo's reaction to it.  The priest reached down and grabbed his towel-covered hips, grinding them up into his own hips and a shudder ran through the tall, pale body.

Sanzo then paused a moment before raising himself up on one elbow, looking down at him.  Goku tried to rise also, to keep contact with Sanzo's skin, but the priest kept him down with a hand to his chest.  He whimpered, wanting to feel Sanzo's body against him, to hear his heart pounding, to smell his spicy aroma.  But Sanzo seemed to have other ideas. 

Goku lay on his back, looking up at his guardian.  Sanzo's pale skin was flushed a rosy red in his cheeks and down his chest.  His mouth was slightly parted, the lips damp and swollen, as he breathed heavily, staring down on Goku.

As Goku finally stilled, Sanzo's eyes left Goku's and trailed down to where his hand rested, pale against Goku's olive toned skin.  Goku's eyes also were drawn to Sanzo's hand and his eyes widened as he watched – and felt – that warm hand start to caress his flesh.

A moan started to rumble from him before he caught it as Sanzo's fingers explored the contours of his chest, tracing over the pectoral muscles and pinching lightly at his nipples.  A corner of Sanzo's mouth inched up in a tiny smile at the gasp and jerk Goku did at the monk's tweaking.  When he felt his nipples harden to small points, Goku watched Sanzo's hand slowly, teasingly, trail down the ribbed muscles of his abdomen.  Grasping the edge of the towel wrapped precariously around his waist, the priest glanced up at him, his violet eyes showing a shockingly teasing glint in them.  It was such a rare expression on the blond's face that Goku blinked in confusion.  Then he forgot to breathe as the towel was slowly parted and the full extent of his arousal was bared to his guardian's eyes. "Sanzo!" he gasped.

The blond had looked down at Goku's aroused cock, but his whispered gasp brought Sanzo's eyes back to his again.  The teasing glint was now gone and replaced with a serious intensity that fed the fire burning through Goku's veins.  "Sanzo," he whispered.

Sanzo blinked at him slowly, and holding his eyes, he reached out and closed his hand over Goku's length, squeezing it in his pistol callused fist.  Goku's breath froze in his throat and his heart seemed to also stop, until the priest began a slow pumping of his cock.  At that, a strangled sound escaped from his mouth and Sanzo quickly leaned down to quiet him with a kiss.  At the first touch of Sanzo's mouth to his, Goku reached out to sink his hands in the priest's sun kissed hair, and he found himself plunging his tongue past Sanzo's lips.

He swallowed the tiny noise the priest made at his sudden demanding kiss, and Sanzo didn't object.  Goku bucked up, trying to speed up the caress, impatient in the mind numbing sensations his guardian was giving him, but Sanzo pulled away from the kiss and leaned his body harder onto him.  He whimpered, trying to pull the priest back to his kiss, until Sanzo's deep murmurs registered in his ear. 

Sanzo had tucked his head into the curve of Goku's neck and was whispering in his ear.  "Calm down, Goku.  Enjoy it, rather than have it over so soon."  One jean clad leg bent to cover his naked ones, trying to restrict the amount of writhing he was doing and his hand had stopped its stroking.  "I thought you wanted to learn.  Don't you?  Then pay attention, saru."

Goku forced himself to stop trying to rush things even though he wanted everything now - to experience all the wonderful sensations coursing through his body and to hurry up and feel the ones he knew would soon be coming.  But he knew Sanzo could get impatient with him and very well cut the lesson short if Goku didn't pay attention.  As soon as his body calmed slightly, Sanzo resumed sliding his fist up and down Goku's cock.

As if in reward, Sanzo trailed the tip of his tongue around the shell of his ear, sending tremors down his spine.  The soft sounds of breathing and moist sounds of a tongue teasing around his ear were equally as arousing as the sounds of Sanzo's heart racing that his acute demon senses were easily picking up.  The priest began exploring Goku's throat and collarbone with his lips, teeth, and tongue, eliciting gasps and moans, swallowed cries and bitten back groans.  Sanzo continued to whisper encouragements and Goku realized the priest's body was rocking with his, the two of them in some sort of rhythm.

They were moving faster and it was getting harder to keep his sounds quiet and his body from losing control.  The pressure surging through his body was at the breaking point, and he didn't even notice when the wet kisses and sharp nips had stopped teasing his throat. 

"Sanzo…" he moaned, opening his eyes and spotting the monk staring down at him, his hand pumping fast at Goku's cock.  Sanzo's violet bedroom eyes.  Raging in those droopy eyes was … awe? … Fascination? … … Need?  Was that need darkening those eyes?  The priest returned his gaze to watching as he jacked Goku off.

Before he could wonder further on the blond's eyes, he was blinded by his orgasm.  Oblivious to how his body arched upward, he gasped, "Sanzo!"  As his hips thrust forward, his head threw back in blinding ecstasy, the world rocking and tossing his body about in a flood of bright light.

Slowly floating back to earth, Goku felt Sanzo release his spent, softening cock, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the priest bring his hand to his mouth, licking some of the substance from his fingers.  His eyes widened, shocked at the site, and a flash of memory at seeing the laundress swallowing Gojyo's cum shot through his mind, along with a desire to taste Sanzo.

He could still hear Sanzo's heart beating hard and fast – like his breathing – and Goku slowly turned to face his guardian.  Sanzo didn't say anything, just looked at him, and when Goku made to push the blond onto his back, Sanzo didn't resist.  If anything, the priest rolled over almost eagerly and even pulled Goku to lean over him.

Goku leaned down and dipped his head into Sanzo's throat, breathing him in.  Trying to remember what he could of the priest's actions, Goku kissed the sensitive area just behind Sanzo's earlobe and heard his breath catch, then start up even faster.  Sanzo also arched up into Goku slightly, pressing his jean clad hips into Goku's naked ones.  Growing bold, he dragged his tongue under the man's jaw and nipped at the whisker stubble.  Sanzo let out a very quiet cry and arched up again, more insistent.  Goku kissed and licked and very, very carefully nipped at the priest's throat and collarbone, working his way cautiously down.

Would Sanzo let him do to him what Gojyo let the laundress do?  At the blond's quiet sounds and insistent movements, Sanzo seemed to be liking what Goku was doing so far.  He decided to try.  He slowly slid his hands down the man's waist and belly, joining at the closing of Sanzo's jeans.

He didn't get yelled at.  He wasn't ordered to stop.  In fact, when Goku slipped his fingers in the waistband to open the button, Sanzo actually sucked his stomach in to make the opening of his jeans easier.  Goku closed his mouth over one of Sanzo's nipples, swiping his tongue over the hard nub, and Sanzo bucked, momentarily causing Goku to freeze – afraid he had gone too far.  But, beyond a low moan in his throat, Sanzo didn't object.  Goku liked the unique feel of Sanzo's pointed nipple rubbing over the flat of his tongue, so he did it again as he lowered Sanzo's zipper and pushed down the waistband of his jeans.

Sanzo arched again, his body now also twisting a bit to the side, and Goku could actually feel him trembling and the man's heart was beating double time.  He remembered how his own body shook as the blond kissed and touched him and he thrilled over the thought that he could have that same effect on Sanzo.  A low, continuous litany of moans and choked back cries quietly floated in the room, testament to the pleasure Sanzo was feeling.

Goku lifted his head to see the prize he had just freed as his hand closed over Sanzo's length.  The monk's cock was a light rosy color, its head a deeper shade and the foreskin stretched tight over it.  As Goku watched, a large bead of clear fluid formed at the tiny opening there.  Mesmerized as the bead grew and lengthened, preparing to drop itself to the blond's pale stomach, Goku simply stared not moving - not even breathing - as he waited for that glistening bead of pre-cum to fall.

"Shit, Goku!" Sanzo finally gasped, speaking for the first time since he had gotten Goku off earlier.  "Don't just hold it, saru!"

With a start, Goku jerked his head up look at his guardian and found Sanzo staring at him from a tight, flushed face.  His eyes were almost black, his pupils were dilated so much, surrounded by a thin frame of amethyst.

"S–sorry, Sanzo!" he apologized and immediately stroked his hand upward.  He pulled his eyes away from Sanzo's.  As much as he would have liked to watch the passion filled face, he felt he needed to watch what he was doing, too.

Faced now with Sanzo's hard cock sliding through his palm, Goku suddenly found himself nervous about how to go about tasting it.  Should he just dive down at it?  But Sanzo might completely freak out, and besides, the priest had stressed that he should draw things out to savor the pleasure.

And what if it didn't taste good?  Once he had stuffed a whole wad of wasabi in his mouth before he knew what it was and he had spat and coughed for long minutes afterward.  He really doubted such a reaction would go over well here.

Perhaps just a small taste first.  Then, if it tasted alright, and if Sanzo didn't totally freak out and shoot him dead right here, he would go for more.  His fingers smeared the forming drops of fluid still leaking from Sanzo's dick, and he thought that his first taste could be of that.  So, before he could let himself chicken out, Goku leaned forward and swiped his tongue over the head of the cock in his hand, licking up a fair amount of the salty fluid.

A short, shocked cry burst from Sanzo and Goku almost dropped his cock as his head whipped up to look fearfully at his guardian, not expecting the monk's reaction.  Goku didn't notice how Sanzo's whole body had thrust up at the contact and he prepared to apologize and beg for his life.  His eyes wide, Sanzo swallowed and his teeth clanked shut from belatedly biting back his cry.  Goku watched as the muscles and tendons in his throat pulled tight and his Adam's apple bobbed.

"Sanzo?"  Goku's whisper broke the surreal silence.  "I just … um … wanted a … taste.  You know?  I … ah …"  His voice dwindled away when Sanzo didn't at first react and Goku tried desperately to read the emotions racing across his guardian's face. He thought those emotions looked like passion and desire but they were so foreign on Sanzo's face, and Goku was so inexperienced, that he didn't trust his assumptions.  "Sanzo?"

Sanzo inhaled a shaky sigh and slowly nodded.  His hand still rested in Goku's chocolate locks and the priest slowly directed the boy's head back towards his cock – silently giving approval for Goku's actions.

Goku looked back at Sanzo's length gripped in his hand and leaned back in to it, half expecting Sanzo to suddenly push him away and yell about trying such a perverted act. 

But Sanzo didn't.

Goku shot a fast glance back at Sanzo and found him watching intently.  Holding the man's gaze, he swiped his tongue across the head of Sanzo's dick again.  Sanzo's body tightened, hardened further, but he didn't buck up this time.  Breaking his gaze, Goku centered back on the flesh he held in his hand, sliding his palm over the hard, velvety length of it.

Goku went slow – excruciatingly slow.  He was studying Sanzo's reactions to what he was doing and thinking hard to remember what he'd seen Gojyo's laundress do, along with Sanzo's brief teachings.

As each bead of moisture formed, Goku swiped it up with his tongue, rapidly acquiring a taste for the salty flavor.  He discovered that the saliva left by his tongue moistened the head enough that it eased the slide of his palm.  He shot another quick look up and found that Sanzo had his head laid back, his eyes shut and his lips slightly parted.  His body was slowly writhing under Goku's hands and Goku could only assume the priest was enjoying what was being done to him.

As another drop formed – and they were forming faster, their flavor becoming more pronounced – Goku licked it up then closed his mouth over the soft head.  A low, quiet moan sounded from Sanzo and Goku grew even bolder.  He loved the taste of Sanzo.  He thought of the rumor that eating a priest would extend a lifetime and he wondered if this was what was meant, rather than actually eating him. 

He then ignored that thought as he tried to remember what that woman had done to Gojyo.  He wished he had paid better attention.

He tried moving his mouth up and down like he had seen, but he became paranoid he would hurt Sanzo with his teeth.  He pulled back and replaced his mouth with his hand again and pumped at the cock, checking to see if Sanzo still looked like he was enjoying it.  Lifting his head up, he saw the monk watching him again.  His eyes were still passion dark but now looked dazed, too.  The hand in his hair nudged his head back to what he was doing, and obeying the unspoken command, Goku went back to Sanzo's cock, again closing his mouth over it.

The flavor of pre-cum filled his mouth and he heard a sighing moan above him as Sanzo squirmed.  Goku wondered if the priest was close to cumming, and his heart beat faster at what his priest's cum was going to taste like.  Eagerness had him sucking at the flesh in his mouth and Sanzo whispered an expletive, his hand fisting in Goku's hair as the man started to pant.  A distinct change in the taste of Sanzo had him sucking again, anticipating getting him off, but Sanzo's reaction was far different than Goku thought it would be.

The hand in his hair abruptly pulled him back and the priest's other hand appeared in front of his face, wrapping slim fingers around the cock he had been mouthing.  A protesting noise escaped Goku – surprised at being wrenched suddenly away.  His protest was cut short by Sanzo swiping at his own cock fast and then by streams of cum spurting from the end.  The milky fluid striped the priest's pale skin and smeared over his cock and fingers.  Sanzo's hand was painfully tight in his hair above his coronet but Goku barely paid it any mind, mesmerized by Sanzo's orgasm and the music of the priest moaning low in his throat.

Sanzo's body slowly relaxed and his hand suddenly eased up on the punishing grip he had of Goku's hair.  His other hand slowly smeared the spent cum over his cock and Goku felt slightly cheated at not being allowed to finish him like he had wanted.  Sanzo had his eyes closed and his head angled towards him, his expression peaceful.  Goku reached out and gripped the monk's wrist, pulling it away from the messiness of his dick and bringing it up to his mouth, determined.  Sanzo stiffened, pulling his hand back, and Goku paused and looked up at the priest to find his eyes open and watching him again.

"I wanna taste," Goku whispered and tightened his grip.  "Just a taste."  Sanzo hesitated, but then didn't resist further, and Goku brought the blond's coated fingers to his mouth.  Like he had first tasted Sanzo's cock, Goku licked his tongue along the side of a finger – tasting the slightly salty-sweet taste of his guardian's essence, so similar yet different from the clear fluid from before.  He savored the thick stuff a moment before licking up more, holding the monk's smoky violet eyes.  Sanzo stayed silent as he watched Goku clean all trace of his cum from his fingers. 

When he was done, Sanzo pulled his hand back and sighed, defeated.  "What am I going to do with you, saru?" he whispered and slowly disentangled himself from Goku's naked form.

"Just teach me," he whispered back, his eyes glowing.  "Show me what you know."

Sanzo stood and cleaned himself with Goku's towel, then refastened his jeans.  He looked down at Goku, his gaze soft.  "Alright, saru.  I'll show you what I know.  But enough for now, go to sleep; I'll want to leave early tomorrow."

A huge grin spread over Goku's face.  "Thanks, Sanzo!"  Even after the priest left for his own room, Goku's grin stayed in place.  He stretched out naked on his bed, his arms crossed behind his head, replaying the evening's events in his mind.  He could still smell the scents of his and Sanzo's orgasms, and even though he suspected there was still something missing in his lesson, he held close to the thought that he'd just had sex.  They had both gotten off by pleasuring each other – how else did men do it?  And Sanzo was willing to show him more. 

He felt victorious, like he had just won a battle.


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