Title: Heart of a Monkey King
Chapter: 4 - Pucker Up, Monkey Boy!
Author: Car Jack
Beta(s): ditch_gospel, guanyin_kun
Series/Pairing(s): Saiyuki, Sanzo/Goku
Rating: NC-17 overall, this chapter R
Status: WIP

Summary: I think the title of the chapter pretty much sums it up ^_^.

Disclaimer: Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya

Chapter 4 – Pucker Up, Monkey Boy!

A pounding at the door woke Hakkai while the room was still dark. Coming instantly awake, he sat up, noticing how Gojyo jerked awake over on the other side of the room. The redhead scrambled from his bed, summoning his shakujou and pointing it towards the door.

Calmer, Hakkai climbed out of his own bed and walked barefoot across the floor to the door, glad of his pajamas in the cold air. He sometimes envied Gojyo's ability to ignore the cold as he was now only wearing boxers and a tank.

"Watch yourself, Hakkai," Gojyo warned.

"Thank you for your concern, Gojyo, but I hardly think gods or youkai assassins would knock before attacking us."

Gojyo had the grace to look abashed as he lowered his weapon and grumbled, "I wouldn't call that a knock. It was more like pounding. Pretty aggressive pounding."

Hakkai smiled and fitted his monocle over his eye. Regardless of his words to Gojyo, he was still cautious about opening the door and glad that Gojyo hadn't yet dispersed his weapon but he only found Sanzo on the other side. He opened the door fully and looked up and down the hall, checking for danger, "Sanzo, is there a problem?"

"No. But I want to be on the road within the hour, so get your things together." Sanzo didn't meet his eyes and Hakkai found this odd, but agreed to the monk's demand.

"Oh, sure. Within the hour. We'll meet you and Goku downstairs." At the mention of Goku's name, Sanzo backed away and acquired a hunted look, strangely looking up and down the hall himself, as if worried the boy would suddenly appear.

"Yes. In one hour." With that, Sanzo strode down the hall, heading back in the direction of his own room, and Hakkai thoughtfully closed the door.

"Leaving in an hour?" Gojyo rubbed his hands over his face, finally having banished his weapon, and sat down on his bed, "It's still the middle of the night. What's his rush?"

Hakkai recalled the conversation he'd had with Sanzo the day before and opened his mouth, only to close it again, remembering Sanzo's earlier order to not let Gojyo know the blond wished to visit a brothel. However, this also reminded him that Sanzo had suggested speaking with Gojyo about finding the 'best brothel'.

"Um, well, Sanzo seems to be in a hurry to get to the next town." Hakkai reached for his duffel and started to pack it, leaving out the clothes he planned to wear that day, glad Sanzo stayed long enough for him to get the laundry done. Gojyo sighed, obviously wanting to go back to sleep. Hakkai knew he had been out very late, probably only getting about two to three hours sleep.

"Fuckin' monk."

The muttered curse caused Hakkai to turn and he witnessed a look of righteous anger cross over Gojyo's face.

"What happened earlier, Gojyo? Before lunch," he asked as he watched the redhead pick up last night's discarded pants and search through the pockets, likely looking for his cigarettes.

"How the hell should I know? I was outside with Shinrei, the laundry gal. You know, the one with the white apron and blue ribbons, when suddenly Sanzo shows up and starts beating on me with his fan. The man's psychotic. I'm lucky Shinrei would even still have anything to do with me after that."

"He just showed up? You weren't fighting with him before?"

"No. He just came out of nowhere. Him and that gods damned fan of his. I swear, I'm gonna shove that thing up his ass one of these days." He found his pack of cigarettes and tapped one out, placing it between his lips. "I have no idea what's gotten him all worked up." He lit the cigarette with a flick of his lighter, reclining on his bed making no special effort to get dressed yet.

Hakkai bowed his head, thinking.

"Hakkai?" Hakkai cut his eyes toward Gojyo for a split second before jerking them guiltily away. "Do you know something?"

"Oh, no! No, of course not. Um, why would I know anything?" He tried to busy himself with his packing so as not to look at his friend. "You'd better get dressed, Gojyo, if you want breakfast before we leave." He grabbed his map and stopped, wondering how he was to ask Gojyo about brothels.

"Hakkai." Gojyo's voice turned suspicious, "You do know something!"

Hakkai looked up and stared at Gojyo, the map clenched tight in his hand. He allowed his eyes to drift down at the map then back again at Gojyo, his indecision naked on his face. Hakkai really had no idea how to inquire of Gojyo about brothels without telling him it was Sanzo wanting to know. Did the monk think that he, Hakkai, should let Gojyo think the information was for himself? Gojyo would believe that as much as he would believe Sanzo was asking for Goku's sake. Besides, this little bit of gossip was churning around inside him, just demanding to be told.

"Come on, Hakkai," Gojyo wheedled. "You can tell me. I'm trustworthy." The hanyou's smile exuded pure persuasion.

"Ah ha ha ha," Hakkai laughed, knowing how untrue Gojyo's statement was. A flash of exasperation towards Sanzo burst out from him. Just how was he supposed to do what the monk demanded? His friendly smile grew a touch hard and he offered the map he held to his friend, "Tell me, Gojyo. Could you find a town or city on this map that would hold the best brothel?"

"Wha … whaaaatt?" Gojyo's eyes grew large and he stepped close to Hakkai. "What did you just say?"

Hakkai simply smiled, the grin just a tad malicious, as he continued to hold out the map. Gojyo slowly reached out and took the folded paper, "Why would you want to -. Hakkai! Do you mean to say that Sanzo wants to go to a brothel?" Gojyo's cigarette bobbed up and down from its place between the hanyou's lips as he spoke. "Is that what you're saying?"

"Now, I never said that. I simply asked a question. However, you are not to say anything to Sanzo about this."

Gojyo stared a moment, then a huge grin slowly spread across his face and he pulled the burning stick out from between his lips, "Ha! Ha! That corrupt monk! That horny corrupt monk!" He turned away, laughing, and strode around the room in his boxers. "I knew he didn't hold that vow, either! Our dirty little monk isn't as untouched as he would have us think! The hypocrite!"

At Gojyo's show of spiteful delight, Hakkai began to regret letting his friend in on this bit of news. Dismayed, Hakkai could see that Gojyo was working himself into quite the frenzy. "Ah, Gojyo."

"I've heard stories about life in those monasteries. I'll just bet that every time we'd stopped at one, for all the bitching he'd done, when he would go give his hated 'sermons'," Gojyo lifted his hands to either side of his head and crooked his first two fingers in the quote/unquote sign, "he was, in reality, off 'blessing'," he crooked his fingers again, "some bald headed monk or acolyte. Oh, yeah."

"Gojyo." Hakkai was now also pacing around the room, keeping in stride with the hanyou, growing more and more alarmed as he watched Gojyo going off on his tangent.

"Oh, just wait until I see him. Just wait! Now that it's all out in the open –"

"Gojyo, no! Please! You can't say anything!" Hakkai put himself right into Gojyo's path, forcing the tall man to stop. "Promise me."

Gojyo stopped with Hakkai standing firm in his path. "What? No! Are you nuts? Our corrupt priest -"

"No!" Hakkai rarely showed himself deadly serious since he was uncomfortable over how most people reacted to the expression, but he knew people almost always gave in to him when he did, so now he let himself grow very serious. "Not a word. Besides, he specifically stated he wanted someplace that catered to one's first time having sex."

This last statement gave Gojyo pause, even more so than Hakkai's expression, "His first time?" A slow grin pulled at his mouth, "Really?"

Hakkai sighed, "Yes, really."

"Well." A low chuckle rumbled from the redhead, "Well. I don't know why he'd want to go to a brothel. I could find him some experienced lady who knows how to teach cherries like him how to do the down and dirty."

"No, no, Gojyo! If you offer to do that then he'll know you know. He specifically said I wasn't to tell you, so you can't say anything! Please!" Hakkai beseeched his friend.

"But … but … Hakkai! I have to say something! It's Sanzo!"

"No! Definitely not, Gojyo! He'd make my life a living hell!" Again, he allowed his face to be serious, "Then I'd make your life a living hell."

Gojyo's smile slowly faded and a look of stricken denial took its place. "But … but …"

Hakkai stood firm. Slowly, Gojyo's playful exotic eyes closed and his head flew back, "It's so unfair!"

"If it makes you feel any better, he did say that I could consult with you on locating the best brothel around. I just couldn't tell you that I was asking for him."

Resigned, Gojyo opened out the map, "Fine. Let's take a look." Hakkai stood next to his friend and together they perused the marked paper, Gojyo mumbling, "So unfair."



Sanzo's voice purred seductively in his ear and he clutched the priest closer. He ran his fingers down over denim-covered hips and murmured endearments.


He rolled over to pin the blond under him and he pressed himself into Sanzo's cushiony soft body. A low moan rumbled from him as he buried his face into Sanzo's neck, seeking his smoky, spiced scent.

"Dammit, Saru! Wake the fuck up!" Thwack!

Sanzo's fan brought Goku rudely awake and he found himself clutching his pillow in a most embarrassing way. Guiltily, he pushed off of the pillow, ignoring the large wet drool mark marring his cotton pillowcase as he looked up at the priest.

"Wha-. Sanzo? Is breakfast ready?" He sat up, unaware of how his boxers tented out or how Sanzo, after a brief look down, determinedly kept his eyes on Goku's face. "It looks like it's still dark outside."

"It is still dark. We're leaving early. Get dressed and get your stuff together." Sanzo grabbed his own pack and dropped it on his bed, unzipping it.

Slowly, Goku stood up and looked to where he'd dropped his own pack, on the floor at the foot of his bed. The direction of his eyes – at a slight downward angle – also brought him aware of the state of his erection. He quickly grabbed his pack and pulled out a pair pants, slipping them on and closing them, hiding his arousal the best he could until it went away, before turning back to the priest. He was glad Sanzo didn't notice how his boxers showed his arousal. "Sanzo…"

Sanzo paused for a very brief second then made a show of going through his shaving kit, "What is it?"

Goku swallowed, unsure of himself, "About last night…" He waited for Sanzo to tell him to shut up or to interrupt him or something but, other than another pause, the priest stayed quiet. He also kept his back to him as he continued to pack. Goku swallowed again. "Um, I don't … ah … really see why I have to go to some … ah … place … to learn about … stuff."

Apparently Sanzo's shaving kit was in place as he finally closed it up and placed it in his pack before replying. "It's for the best."

When the priest didn't continue, Goku took a step toward him, "But why? I'm not asking to learn about sex." Not yet, anyway. "Just kissing. You've taught me almost everything I know so far, why can't you teach me that? You don't have to sleep with me."

At the mention of sleeping with him, Sanzo's head swung around to pin him with a stare and Goku took his step forward back. But all the priest did was look at him, his violet eyes looking a bit cornered, before turning back to his packing.

"I … ah … mean, I'm …well … Oh, come on, Sanzo, why not? It's just a kiss!"

"Dammit, Goku! At what point had you forgotten I'm a monk?" Sanzo finally turned to face him, waving his robed arms at him, emphasizing off the long sleeves.

"So? That's never stopped you in the past!" Goku knew how to be stubborn, too. And he also had a reputation of getting his way with Sanzo. Given enough time, he was sure he could wear the priest down but he wasn't sure arguing with him like this was the way.

A stunned look traveled over Sanzo's face and he crossed his arms in front of him, his hands hidden within the sleeves. "What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

Goku stopped, realizing that Sanzo hadn't known that Goku knew about his 'interactions' with a few of the monks at some of the temples they stopped at. Definitely not all of the temples, not even most of them, but sometimes his guardian would go off with one of the other monks and when he came back, he smelled like Gojyo smelled after sex. Sex with men. Goku knew that Gojyo didn't always pick up women and he knew that Sanzo had sex. Not so often as Gojyo, but sometimes.

Sanzo strode up to him, "You will explain that remark, Goku."

"It's just that-" he cut himself off, at a loss over what to say and how to say it. He swung his head around, searching for a reply before finally deciding to just come out and say it. "I know what you do when you sometimes go off with the monks. I'm not talking about giving sermons or anything. I mean the sex stuff." He paused as he observed his guardian's face frozen in a look of shocked horror.

Sanzo turned stiffly away without saying a word and continued with his packing. Goku waited for a few minutes and, when Sanzo continued to ignore him and pretend the conversation they'd been having hadn't happened, he went to finish dressing and packing, balked. He'd just zipped up his duffel, his armor laid out on the bed, when Sanzo finally spoke up.

"I don't like kissing."

"What?" Had he just heard right?

"You heard me. I don't like kissing."

Goku was floored. This possibility hadn't crossed his mind. He turned, facing Sanzo, his mouth hanging open as he tried to think of something, anything, to say in reply. Finally, he sputtered, "For real? Not at all?"

"No. Not on the mouth." The blond was finished with his own packing and stood by his bed, facing Goku.

"So, you mean I really will have to go to someone like Gojyo or some whorehouse or something to learn?" As soon as he voiced the thought, he immediately thought he would rather never learn about kissing than be razzed by the kappa about it.

Sanzo was silent and not looking at Goku. He stood several feet away, his arms crossed like a barrier holding Goku's affections at bay. Or his own contained.

Goku stared at him, his eyes pleading, for several seconds before he finally sighed heavily, dejected. He turned away from Sanzo and reached to pick up one of his shoulder spikes, "Ok, fine. I get it. I'll just go and, ah-"

Just as his hand gripped the armor, Sanzo suddenly moved and grabbed his arm, swinging him back around.


"You will not go kissing that pervert." The priest's eyes, when they locked on Goku's, smoldered with a banked emotion Goku didn't recognize and found a bit frightening. "I forbid it."


"You heard me. I won't have you offering yourself to that sick bastard." Sanzo had his face right up into his own, less than an inch away. Goku could feel the warm puffs of air from his breath waft over his cheek. Staring into the vibrant purple eyes boring into his own, Goku watched Sanzo's pupils change, dilate slightly, and the priest's eyes dipped down to look at his mouth before the blond pulled away and stepped back.

Suddenly, the priest refused to meet his eyes as he moved away. Flabbergasted, Goku witnessed Sanzo at a loss for the first time Goku could remember. He watched as Sanzo's eyes went from him to the man's pack to the door and back to him. He couldn't read the strange expressions flying across the priest's face or within his eyes but instinct told him to stay still and wait.

Finally, Sanzo's eyes focused on his, a decision made, and searching for something hidden within his golden orbs. "Just a kiss," the blond stated as he took a small step toward Goku. "It means nothing and it will not become anything more than that. Just a kiss."

Goku's eyes widened as he realized that Sanzo meant to kiss him now. Finding himself immediately faced with the act of kissing Sanzo, his heart kicked into hyper drive and his mouth went dry. He backed up against the dresser by his bed as Sanzo walked over to him and he suddenly found himself unable to stay quiet any longer.

"I don't know what to do!" Shocked at how panicked his voice sounded, Goku tried to steady himself, grabbing onto the ledge at the top of the dresser. "How will we know what -"

Sanzo rolled his eyes in the way that said, 'Don't be stupid.' "Baka, just because I don't like it, doesn't mean I've never done it." Sanzo continued to draw closer to Goku, slow and predatory. When he drew as close as he could without touching, his eyes once again locked with Goku's own and a hand reached up and cupped his cheek.

"Are you afraid? You look frightened."

"No! I'm not frigh–!" His words were cut off by Sanzo's mouth closing over his own. His eyes were wide open as Sanzo's mouth, his lips, slid over his own. His body froze; sudden shock leaving him paralyzed as the priest played his mouth over his. His senses were filled with the scent, the taste of Sanzo. His Sanzo.

His vision was suddenly filled with the colorful purple of Sanzo's eyes as the priest pulled back to again search his own orbs for whatever it was he was looking for. Goku hazily gazed back, his mind blank and lacking the ability to function at all. He could only stare deep into his guardian's eyes.

Sanzo's mouth closed over his own again and he felt the wet trail of the priest's tongue swipe along the seam of his lips. His hands reached up to clutch at the priest, afraid he would do something wrong. Another probing swipe of the tongue and Goku was gripping the priest to hold himself upright, his knees shaking badly. His eyes drifted closed.

"Goku." Sanzo's voice, rough and sharp, hardened his body, "Open your mouth."

His mouth obediently parted and Sanzo's tongue slipped in, tapping against his own before tentatively exploring his warm cavern, running over his teeth and the roof of his mouth. Sanzo's tongue felt – good. Oddly exciting. Little, rippling thrills chased each other up and down his spine and he could taste toothpaste and tobacco. He found the contrast in flavors unique.

Goku's knees finally gave out as a low purring moan vibrated from the monk. Unaware of the answering moan he gave, his body slowly, literally melted against his keeper's.

The priest's hands held Goku against him, holding him up and pressing him back against the dresser. He explored the monkey's mouth, a slow, sensuous exploration. The length of the priest's tongue caressed along Goku's, encouraging him to respond in kind. Hesitantly at first, then with more confidence, Goku joined in the play, thrilling to hear his guardian rumble sounds of pleasure.

That sound, that hungry needy sound, drew him to take more control, to push his own tongue into Sanzo's mouth, touching and stroking against Sanzo's inside the priest's mouth. A soft defenseless sound from the monk caused his body to buck up and his hands clutched tight into Sanzo's robes, unconsciously wrinkling them in his grip.

Finally, Sanzo jerked his head up and away, allowing Goku to breathe. His eyes were glued to his priest, unable to look away. He realized his lips were tingling; trembling to a pressure suddenly gone and wishing it back.

Sanzo's voice drifted breathily past his ears and he realized he'd missed what was said. He blinked, bewildered, as Sanzo grabbed his arms and walked him to stand at the window once again, facing outward. As the monk moved away back to the table he heard Hakkai and Gojyo talking outside their door moments before a knock sounded and the door opened. Goku reached up and touched his lips, marveling at the prickling he could still feel there. He licked at the taste of Sanzo that still lingered.

"We're all packed, Sanzo. The restaurant isn't yet open for breakfast but they say they should be ready to serve in another twenty minutes. Will we wait?" He heard Hakkai move into the room, followed by Gojyo's longer stride.

Goku turned to watch Sanzo as he picked his pack up.

"I have no intention of staying that long. If the kitchen isn't open, we'll eat on the road. Let's go."

Hearing Sanzo say that they were leaving before breakfast broke Goku out of his trance, "But, Sanzo! We have to eat first! I haven't eaten since last night! I'll starve! I'm starving right now!" The sound of his stomach growling was easily heard in the small room.

"Urusai! This is wasting time. We're leaving now. Let's go." The monk picked up his bag and headed for the door.

"But, Sanzo-!" Goku's call bounced off the back of the priest as his robed body walked out the door.

The room was silent for a moment until, "He carried out his own bag. Damn! He must really be worked up."

"Gojyo!" Hakkai spun around and glared at the redhead who had the grace to look just a little sheepish. Goku ignored this as his mind replayed the kiss. If that was how good something felt with Sanzo when the monk didn't like doing it, how good would things Sanzo did enjoy feel?


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