Title: Heart of a Monkey King
Chapter: 3-A Monk's Decision
Author: Car Jack
Beta(s): ditch-gospel
Series/Characters/Pairing(s): Saiyuki - Sanzo/Goku/Sanzo
Rating: NC-17
Status: WIP

Summary: Sanzo makes a decision and dreams of disturbing things.

Disclosure: Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya

Chapter Three – A Monk's Decision

"W-w-would you like m-me to bring another p-pot of tea?"

The waitress hesitantly approached the table where Sanzo had joined Hakkai. The healer was drinking tea with the map laid open on the table, perusing the roads and symbols for the coming terrain. It was to Hakkai that the woman directed her question as her eyes warily studied Sanzo. From the way she was stuttering nervously, she likely expected him to suddenly erupt into violence once again. Her body was even leaned slightly away from the monk, as if poised to flee at the first outburst, her hands clasped in front of her. She was the same waitress who had served them earlier so Hakkai figured she couldn't be blamed for her nervousness. Sanzo thankfully ignored her and Hakkai gave her a reassuring smile.

"Another pot would be very nice, thank you."

She tried to smile back at him but her face showed more fear than anything. As she hurried away, Sanzo pulled the map towards himself. "How far to the next larger town?"

"Well, that depends on how large you want. There's a town that should be about this size … oh, I'd say, just under two day's drive." Hakkai pointed out the symbol for the town on the map. "Just over a day away, and still on our route, appears to be a slightly smaller town but one that should still have a good inn."

"I said larger town. As in, larger than this one." Sanzo interrupted Hakkai's recital of upcoming towns and ran his fingers over the map, "Where are we now?"

Hakkai blinked at the monk and carefully drew the map back towards himself, feeling suddenly protective of the creased length of paper. "Ah, well, we're here," and he pointed out the town they were currently staying in, situated at the west end of the map. Less than a week and he would have to get a new map.

Neither man noticed Goku suddenly stop from entering the dining room and quietly back away, so absorbed they were with the map.

Earlier, Hakkai had immediately picked up on the fact that Sanzo was out of sorts and irritated over something when the party had sat down for lunch. Gojyo had also been short tempered and sulking and Hakkai wondered what had happened in the short time after they had arrived until they'd sat down to eat. He'd been tempted to inquire about the problem but Sanzo was apparently in one of his unpredictable moods and so he'd hesitated. Sanzo rarely confided his issues or problems with any of them unless the issue directly affected them, and then the priest would just state the issue without prompting. He decided to stay quiet about that for now and ask Gojyo later.

"Just how large of a town are you looking for?" He poured himself more tea.

"A town large enough to house a brothel."

"A … what?" Tea spilled over onto the table and Hakkai quickly gabbed a napkin to wipe it up before the map could get damaged, stunned at what he had just heard.

"A brothel. And a good one. No!" Sanzo cut himself off with a jerk of his head to the side and his hand slicing the air, "The best brothel around. Which town or city has the best one?"

"The … uh … best one? Um, well, I … ah … don't really … know. Um." Sanzo wants to go to a brothel??

"Well, find out. The place with the best brothel around." Sanzo paused to think a moment, "The cockroach tends to frequent that kind of place, although his tastes run far too cheap, I'm sure. However, perhaps he would have an idea. You could ask him." Sanzo looked up and impaled Hakkai with his sharp gaze, "But you are not to tell him that I'm the one inquiring. Do you understand?"

"Oh! Ah … yes! Of course! Um." At this point, Hakkai saw the waitress returning with a second teapot and flashed her a relieved smile. He made a production of taking and setting the pot down, making sure Sanzo had his tea poured in just the right way, his mind buzzing over this new bit of information. Sanzo waited impatiently for the pouring to be done and when the waitress again left them alone, the priest continued with his instructions.

"I want someplace tasteful, where the women aren't riddled with disease. Someplace that will be able to take the care needed in introducing someone to sex for the first time." Sanzo paused to take a drink from his cup of tea. Hakkai felt like his face was frozen in his congenial smile. "When you find this town or city you will let me know immediately."

"Oh! Yes, um … of course."

The two men talked about travel and routes while Sanzo drank his tea. When the monk finished his pot, he stood and faced the stairs leading up to their rooms. Hakkai watched, dumfounded, as Sanzo seemed to hesitate, rare indecision bringing a frown to the blond's face. Mumbling something about finding a paper, Sanzo turned around and strode out the inn and into the street. Hakkai grew even more confused as he was certain Sanzo had already acquired a newspaper before lunch.

Mulling the conversation over in his mind, Hakkai ordered more tea and pulled the map close, trying to work out a route towards the closest city. One that held the best brothel around. Um.


Sanzo was finally able to retire alone to the room he shared with Goku after the group finished with dinner. Goku and Gojyo had fought over food throughout the meal and Sanzo hadn't been able to eat even the little bit he'd chosen for himself, as he was busy laying about the two with his fan. He didn't intend to let Gojyo get overly physical with his charge; no way was that sick pervert going to cop any cheap feels.


By the end of the meal, Gojyo had finally left, claiming an engagement with a local slut. Those weren't the kappa's exact words but Sanzo knew that's what he meant. At least, if the sprite was off whoring after some woman, then Sanzo didn't have to worry about Goku.

Entering the room he shared with the saru, he stripped off his robe, armbands, and shirt. Bare from the waist up, he walked into the bathroom and proceeded to wash up for the evening. Drying his face, he stared at himself in the mirror.

Why were people so attracted to him? He looked so … different … from everyone else. His skin was so pale, even with all the sun exposure from riding in Jeep all day long. His hair wasn't much darker than his skin and he had never seen anyone else with eyes his color. Even the shape of his eyes was odd – his lids drooping so far he looked like he was half asleep. No, he didn't see why admirers, both male and female, constantly bothered him.

Goku was another matter. Obviously, Sanzo was going to have a hell of a time keeping his ward safe from the sick perverts in the world. After all, Goku was beautiful. Enchanting.


Yes, sexy.

He was able to admit it to himself that he found Goku sexy. But that didn't mean he was going to do anything about it. He would help Goku find himself a young woman to discover intimacy with. He, Sanzo, would take him to a place designed for such things. As soon as Hakkai found the best brothel with the best prostitutes-

His face frowned in the mirror and he watched his eyes darken. He didn't like the idea of Goku going to a prostitute. A bawdy whore. But he couldn't think of any other way for Goku to gain knowledge with sexual intercourse while still staying within Sanzo's control.

Sighing, he left the bathroom and took residence back at the table he was at when this whole fiasco started earlier that day, opening a new pack of cigarettes and tapping one out. Placing it between his lips, he sat there for several long minutes, his lighter in his hand yet his cigarette unlit, lost in thought. Had he still been staring at himself in a mirror, he may have noticed how his colorful eyes had grown vague, unfocused on external things but instead looking inward. Just as his thoughts were focused inward.

He stayed that way, almost in a meditative state, turning over the problem of Goku becoming sexually aware and active, as the room slowly darkened.

Well over an hour had passed by the time the opening of his door broke him from his reverie.

"Huh? Sanzo, why are you sitting here in the dark?" Goku snapped on the overhead light and Sanzo blinked his eyes at the sudden brightness, feeling slightly disoriented.

Opening his mouth to reply, he found his lips stuck to the filter of his cigarette, the tender skin dried out by the paper. He reached up to gently work off the stick, and his lighter clattered to the floor as he had also forgotten about its presence in his hand. Dammit.


Goku's puzzled voice sounded strangely loud in the room as Sanzo reached down and picked up his lighter. He found himself at a loss as to what to say to the monkey, having managed to avoid speaking with him all day. Even now after spending all day, let alone the past hour, in deep thought he was still at a loss.

Finally pulling the cigarette from his mouth, he turned to face the boy, his tongue unconsciously making an appearance to touch soothingly at the light sting left behind from pulling the stuck filter away. He caught how Goku's eyes dropped to his mouth and a light flush spread across the tanned face of his ward. Sanzo frowned, not liking how his own face warmed slightly at the sight. He'd been feeling slightly chilled when Goku first entered the room but now he was growing warm. For the first time ever he became self-conscious of his unclothed state in front of the monkey and it irritated him.

"Goku." He waited until those blindingly bright eyes met his before he continued, "When we get to a large enough town or city, I'll see to it that you get the experience and instruction you're looking for." Those bright eyes opened wide and a look of shocked hope bloomed within the golden depths.

Goku took several quick steps towards him, grinning in excitement. "R – really? Really? But why wait until the next town? We're here right now and-"

"Goku!" Sanzo cut off Goku and stopped the boy's advancement towards him. "We aren't going to be doing anything, right now or later. When we reach the right town, I will take you to a place where you can learn about intimacy and sex."

"Huh? Take me to some place? What kind of place?" Goku's look of glowing anticipation faded away and was replaced by perplexity. Sanzo refused to be disappointed to see the glow in the saru's eyes dim slightly.

Sanzo replaced the cigarette that had earlier glued itself to his lips back in his mouth, clicking the lighter and lighting the end, ignoring how the heated filter felt sensitive to the abused flesh. He inhaled, the intake of nicotine helping to center him, and pulled the stick away to explain, "To a place that is designed for…" he waved his cigarette off to the side, at a momentary loss for words as to how to explain a brothel to Goku, "for, ah…"

A strange look slowly traveled over Goku's face and a disbelieving smile crooked a corner of his mouth, "What are you talking about? I'd almost think you mean to take me to a whorehouse, Sanzo." The monkey laughed until he looked closer at Sanzo and realized that he wasn't being corrected about his comment. "What? No way! Sanzo, you can't be serious!"

Sanzo stayed silent, sprawled in his jeans at the table. He continued to smoke although it was no longer helping him relax.

"Sanzo! Sanzo!" Goku was suddenly right in front of him and in his face. "Is that what you meant?"

"Yes, it's what I meant." He stabbed out the rest of his smoke and stood up, not liking the defensive feel he got with Goku's head higher than his own.

"No!" In his agitation, Goku practically danced around him, "Sanzo, no! I don't want to go to some whorehouse. Gojyo goes to places like that!"

"Nevertheless! It's the best thing I could think of for you to get experience. There, a woman can show you what kissing is like, along with the other stuff." He clenched his teeth to stop the low growl that wanted to rumble out of him at the sudden image of Goku writhing over a faceless woman that burst into his mind. "I'll find someplace tasteful, not like the kind of place Gojyo frequents."

"Sanzo, Sanzo, no! Please!" Goku's eyes were beginning to glow again, but this time it was from the gathering of excess moisture. Sanzo was in no way disturbed by the prospect of making Goku shed tears. Not at all. "I don't just want to find out what kissing … and stuff … is like." Goku's tanned fists were clenched tight and held in front of him, "Well, ok, so maybe I do want to know what that's like, but not only that! I want to know what it's like with you-"


Goku ducked and backed away, likely expecting the strike of Sanzo's fan, but the monk kept the folded paper tucked away. Breathing deeply, Sanzo calmed himself down and turned away, suddenly tired. After a moment, he turned back to the saru, "Go to bed, Goku. We'll be leaving early tomorrow. We'll talk about this later." He knew he was taking the coward's way out in not dealing with this right now but he didn't care. "Go to bed."

"Sa – Sanzo?"

Tired, Sanzo turned to his bed and walked to its side, "Just go to bed, Goku. We'll talk later." Pulling the blankets back, Sanzo slid between them and turned away from his charge. He ignored the sounds of Goku changing, cleaning up, and sliding between his own sheets. He didn't think about Goku wearing nothing but a shirt and boxers, settling comfortably in bed just a few feet from him.

For the longest time, Sanzo just lay in bed, listening to Goku breathing. He envied the boy's ability to fall asleep so easily, murmuring in his sleep. His dreams were interspersed with thoughts of, strangely, mangos and sticky rice. From what Sanzo could gather from the mumbled mutterings, the monkey seemed to be dreaming about trying to spread the stuff over something, then trying to eat it. Sanzo didn't want to know anything further about Goku's dream.

Finally, letting Goku's muttering and breathing lull him, Sanzo drifted off to sleep. His dreams jumped around, fragments of images and emotions, until he finally settled on one scene.

He had a mango in his hand, the waxy skin half green with the other half a blushed red. He ran his hands over the fruit, caressing it and weighing it in his palm.

"Sanzo Sanzo Sanzo!" Goku's voice echoed off the walls and Sanzo turned his head to look at his young charge, falling into a pair of wide blindingly bright eyes that took up over half his face. His grin took up the other half, his long hair a tangled mess hanging below his waist. "I'm so hungry, Sanzo! Are you gonna eat that?"

Sanzo stared at his ward for a moment, absorbing his grin and glowing eyes before he set the mango down on the table and picked up the knife lying there. He made quick work of cutting up the mango in wedges and, picking up one wedge, he held it out to Goku. Rather than taking it from him, the boy ate it out of his fingers. Mesmerized by the point of the tongue that came out to lick at Goku's sensuous lips, Sanzo held out another slice.

Goku leaned forward and ate this piece, also, but instead of pulling his hand away, Sanzo traced his fingers over Goku's wide lips then slipped a finger inside. Goku grabbed his wrist and sucked on his finger, cupping his tongue along the length. Sanzo breathed in deep and stepped closer, resting his other hand on top of Goku's head, caressing the now short spikes sticking up above his coronet. The still glowing eyes washed him in a warm bath of comfort.

He pulled the teenager closer to him and the dream shifted. Suddenly, he found himself flat on his back, naked, with the hard naked body of Goku sprawled over him. Lust erupted through him, a volcano of heat and hunger that he was as helpless to stop as a real volcanic eruption. And just as intense. There was no build-up, no slow boil, just a sudden blast of need taking control of his body. He arched up into the monkey, a low moan purring from his throat.

He writhed under the weight of his ward, half formed words of pleasure stuttering from his mouth. He ran his hands over the saru's velvety skin and rubbed his erection along Goku's hard length. A harder moan was dragged out of him from the hot contact.


He threw his head back and arched up again, thrusting against the heat of his ward. His moans were becoming rough, abandoned groans.

Goku moved downward, his mouth trailing lava over his chest, his nipples, his abdomen.


He felt Goku's hands slide over his ass and part his cheeks. His erection pulsed as he felt Goku's humid breath bathe his cock, promising what Sanzo wouldn't let himself want while he was awake.

Yes, Goku…

The monkey breathed damp air over the head of his dick, burning through his foreskin while a nimble finger teased at his puckered opening. He felt a hand reach down and grab the base of his cock, lifting it up to bump against soft lips. He lifted his head to watch, his breathing coming in excited pants, his body straining for Goku to suck him. He wanted that mouth swallowing his cock and he wanted that finger sinking deep into him. He bucked up, getting closer to Goku's mouth but farther away from his finger. Thrusting back to the finger only accomplished moving away from the heat of Goku's mouth. He ignored the choked whimper he heard come from his own mouth.

He twisted, contorted, confused as to how to get the monkey to stop teasing him. He knew the sounds he was making sounded needy but he couldn't be bothered by that. If begging was what was needed, then he would pay that price.

Goku! Plea-

Sanzo jerked awake, his body shaking and drawn tight, his breathing harsh and erratic. He didn't understand why he felt so bereft and alone, when just seconds ago Goku was about to suck him off. A little awareness trickled in as he recognized the inn room he shared with the saru. His jeans were excruciatingly tight as the erection from his dream obviously carried over into his waking world. Still struggling to fully wake, he sat up and swung his legs around, placing his feet on the floor.

The dim light from the moon was enough to see Goku, sleeping in only his boxers, on the other bed. The blankets were twisted around him, evidence to the amount of moving around the boy typically did in his sleep. Sanzo stood and took several stumbling steps towards the slumbering demon, only to finally come fully awake realizing he was about to fall on his charge and continue his dream.

Sanzo froze, immobile, while his body still throbbed, starved for the boy currently sleeping. Goku was on his back, his upper body bare. His chest rose and fell rhythmically, raising and lowering the one hand resting there, one finger a bare inch from a naked, brown nipple. Sanzo's eyes traveled lower, over tight abs and an alluring navel.

His paralysis almost broke as a desire to dip his tongue into that dimple almost drove the little bit of sane thought from his mind.

Forcing himself to back away from Goku's slumbering form, he stumbled into the bathroom and quietly shut the door behind him. He again found himself leaning against the sink, now in the pitch black of the room.

Fuck. Oh, fuck. He leaned there, breathing heavy and aching with arousal. Fuck.

Needing relief, he opened his jeans and wrapped his fist around his erection, squeezing hard before slowly sliding his hand up and down the length. The only light showing in the tiny room was a strip under the door that wasn't as black as the rest of the room.

His dream still fairly fresh in his mind and blanketed in the black void of the room, Sanzo let himself fantasize. He let himself imagine Goku's hungry mouth sliding down his cock. His hand was dry rather than the wet suction of a mouth but a shudder still racked his frame from the touch. He pumped his hips into his clenched fist, his other hand gripping the sink, his knuckles white.

Towards the end he didn't really know if his eyes were opened or closed, but a blinding white explosion rocked the floor under his feet and ripped the strength from his knees. He was gasping, his breathing harsh from the most intense orgasm he'd ever given himself as he barely stood, holding on to the sink with his body shaking.

Oh, fuck.

He let his body slowly sink to his knees, his hand still gripping the sink and his head lowered, his breath still ragged. He didn't know how long he knelt like that but he didn't think it was more than five or six minutes. As his breathing evened out, he finally stood back up, only now wondering about the mess he must have made.

Dammit. Fuck.

He couldn't seem to form anything more complex than curses as he realized he had to turn on the light and face the glaring reality of what he had done, in order to clean the evidence so Goku wouldn't find it in the morning.



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