Title: Heart of a Monkey King
Chapter: Two - Good Eats
Author: Car Jack
Betas: ditch_gospel, guanyin_kun
Series/Characters/Pairing(s): Saiyuki-Sanzo/Goku, Gojyo/OC
Rating: NC-17
Status: WIP

Summary: It's lunchtime and Goku wants dessert.

Disclosure: Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya

Chapter Two – Good Eats

Lunch was a curious ordeal. Sanzo was quiet, sending strange intimidating looks towards Gojyo. Gojyo, in turn, was sending hateful looks right back towards the monk. Hakkai kept his genial smile in place although his eyes gave away confused wariness as they flitted back and forth between Sanzo and Gojyo. Goku was pretty much ignored. Which was a good thing as he was preoccupied.

Goku was nearing the end of his lunch and looking forward to dessert. He'd taken a lot of consideration in his dessert. For the longest time, while he ate, he had debated between ordering the mango with sticky rice or the apples and raspberries in rose pouching syrup, both of which were listed on the menu. And they both sounded delicious, spread over and eaten off of Sanzo.

This was a game he had been playing for months now. What food would be best eaten off of his priest?

Goku alternated each week. Some weeks he imagined appetizers, some weeks sauces, and some main dishes. This week it was dessert. And this was the first time this week that the group was eating in a restaurant. The first time this week he'd had a chance to have dessert. He almost squirmed in his chair, his anticipation was so high.

His interest in food had always been apparent and when he'd asked Hakkai to teach him a little about cooking, the healer was quite pleased that he was showing an interest in preparing food, not just eating it. He didn't bother to tell Hakkai that his interest was because he wanted to find the perfect dish to compliment Sanzo. He didn't think Hakkai would understand.

At the moment, he was finishing off his beef curry in sweet peanut sauce. He'd started off with wonton soup, spring rolls with chili dipping sauce, and seared scallops with wonton crisps for his appetizers. Then he'd moved on to fried monkfish coated with rice noodles (Goku had smiled all throughout this dish), sweet and sour pork, duck and ginger chop suey, and now the beef curry. This last was quite good; he might want to remember it for when his week was for main dishes.

"What would you like for dessert?" The women taking their order had appeared at their table smiling, holding her order pad ready. She smiled as she looked down at Goku and her eyes were laughing, like she somehow knew about his game. Goku opened his mouth to order when Sanzo spoke before him.

"We're finished here. No dessert is needed."

"Wha-? Sanzo! I need dessert!" No dessert? How could this be?

"No. You've eaten enough."

"But I'm staaarrrving!"

"No. Just leave the bill."

"But, Saanzoooo…!"

"Oi, I wouldn't mind a little dessert, Sweetheart. What would you recommend?" Gojyo tilted his head to the side, giving one of his sexy smiles to the woman, and Goku watched a rosy blush spread across her cheeks. It was cute and he wondered if Sanzo ever blushed and how it would look. The only time that ivory face became flushed was either when the priest was drunk, or when he was angry – like now.


"Are you deaf as well as debased? I said no dessert!" Sanzo growled, pointing the harisen at the redhead as he stood looming over the table, the folded sheet of paper quivering with a crackling, rustling sound.

"Goddammit, Monk! I swear I'm gonna take that thing and shove it up your corrupt ass!"

Her smile gone, the woman quickly tore off their tab and left it on the table before hurrying away to take refuge in the kitchen. Sanzo grabbed up the paper tab and stalked up to the restaurant proprietor, loudly declaring he was paying the bill and that any other charges made could be paid for by selling Gojyo's body for scientific research, seeing as he's the missing link between stupidity and idiocy.

"What the hell, Priest?" Gojyo shouted the question at the priest then swung around to Hakkai and Goku, who were still sitting, stunned, in their chairs, "Just what the hell is with that depraved lunatic?" He turned back to Sanzo, who was leaving the building, "You're psychotic, do you know that?!"

Sanzo flipped him off over his shoulder as he walked out the door.


Goku closed the door to his and Sanzo's room and crossed to his bed. After being denied his dessert, he just didn't feel like walking around town. Maybe he could find something sweet in town but Goku didn't have any money and he doubted Sanzo would be willing to buy him anything, not after the scene the man had made downstairs. He sat on the bed, recalling the crazed anger Sanzo was simmering in. Too bad for Gojyo, but better him than Goku.

Goku smirked.

Sanzo normally would have retired to their room to rest and get away from the town's people who annoyed him but, right now, Goku could tell Sanzo was avoiding him. The boy had seen Sanzo's reflection in the mirror at the top of the stairs, at first following behind him. Goku watched, then, as Sanzo suddenly stopped and turned around when the priest noticed Goku up ahead of him, heading to their room.

He felt a bit bad about that, keeping Sanzo from their room. But there was no good reason why Sanzo should deny him dessert. Sanzo knew he was starving to death, even if he didn't know about his game, how could the priest deny him food? So, Goku wasn't feeling so very bad that he would be willing to leave the room so that Sanzo could have it.

He kicked off his shoes and reclined on top of the blankets of his narrow bed, his fingers interlaced behind his head. He hadn't meant for Sanzo to know of his … desires? He smirked at himself for thinking of such a romantic-like term but, yes, 'desires'. He hadn't meant for Sanzo to know quite yet, anyway, but his curiosity had gotten he better of him. Just what was so great about kissing? It looked to be no more than a pressing of lips together and, sometimes, a sticking of tongues into mouths. Just why would someone what to taste someone else's mouth? It must have to do with flavors and flavors had to do with food. Tasty food. Like dessert.

Dammit, he'd really wanted that mango rice thing.

He frowned and pouted, imagining the taste of mango in his mouth. Sweet and sour, just like his Sanzo.

Did Sanzo like mangos? He wasn't sure if he'd ever seen Sanzo eat a mango. But Goku sure liked them. He liked them very ripe, so the flesh was soft and juicy, the skin peeling easily away. Tilting his head to the side, he wondered what Sanzo's mouth would taste like if Goku were to lick inside it after Sanzo ate a mango. He found the thought caused his dick to stir slightly to life, as if it, too, were interested in what Sanzo's mouth would taste like after eating the fruit.

Were his thoughts perverted? He suspected they probably were. But was that bad? It didn't seem bad to him, it seemed fun. And tasty.

He was tempted to jack off. Although he hadn't gotten dessert, he could fantasize about it just the same. He pulled one hand from behind his head and lightly cupped himself, caressing his thumb over the softened head of his cock through his jeans. What were the chances of Sanzo coming up to the room? Unlikely, but there were still Hakkai and Gojyo. He turned to look at the door. Should he go lock it? He never locked his door, normally. It might seem strange if he did it now.

He needed a plan. He knew he had to go about seducing the priest just right. After all, Sanzo was more skittish than a mouse being stalked by a lion - not that Sanzo was in any way mouse-like - and Goku knew absolutely nothing about seduction. Sanzo was right; Gojyo was the expert on that. However, he didn't want to talk to Gojyo. Gojyo was more likely to laugh and tease him than he was to coach him. Probably tease Sanzo, too, and that would ruin any chance Goku had with the monk.

Suddenly Goku smiled, realizing just how predictable Sanzo's reaction was to realizing just what he, Goku, wanted from him. He was grateful Gojyo had been around to receive Sanzo's wrath – he knew how easily it could have turned on him. In fact, he had thought it would have turned on him. In any case, it was hysterical, watching Sanzo chase Gojyo around, hitting him with his fan. He chuckled at the memory.

His stomach growled. Thinking up a plan sure is hungry work, he thought. Sighing, he got up and went looking to see if he could convince the kitchen staff into giving him something for dessert. How was he expected to come up with a plan on an empty stomach?


Goku smiled and bowed low to the wonderful woman scooping up the rice into the bowl, "Thank you! It smells delicious! Are you the one who made this?"

"Well, yes, I cooked the rice." She smiled and ruffled his hair affectionately.

He leaned into the caress, smiling broader, "I can't wait to eat it! Sankyuu!" He watched as she laid thin slices of mango over the top and eagerly took the bowl from her when she handed it to him, along with a pair of chopsticks. Thanking her again, he exited the kitchen and walked down the short hall to the dining room.

Taking one step into the dinning room, Goku stopped in the doorway, having spied Sanzo. The priest apparently had returned during the short time Goku was in the kitchen and had joined Hakkai in drinking tea. Sanzo hadn't yet noticed him but Goku hesitated to cross the floor toward the stairs going back up to their room. Sanzo hadn't actually forbidden him from having dessert but he had denied letting him order any. The man was currently unpredictable and Goku really didn't want to piss him off further.

He backed up and retreated into the kitchen. Walking between the stoves, ovens, and tables, he smiled a second thanks at the young woman who'd taken pity on his wasted and starving self. She returned his smile as she stirred something that smelled really good in a pot. There was a door in the kitchen that exited to the back courtyard and he went in that direction.

He was glad Sanzo had agreed to stay a full day and night in town after they'd been traveling almost non-stop for over a week. They all needed the rest and the afternoon was turning into as nice a day as the morning had been. He thought he'd find himself someplace quiet to eat his rice and fantasize about Sanzo.

He raised the bowl and inhaled the coconut and fruity scent of the rice in his hands as he walked. Taking his chopsticks, he cut off a chunk of the rice and scooped it into his mouth. Quickly snatching a slice of mango, he popped that, into his mouth too, so he could savor all the flavors together.

He held the food in his mouth a moment before chewing, tasting the flavors, analyzing. The mangos were firmer than he normally liked to eat them but still tasted good. Did it fit Sanzo? Desserts were challenging. Sanzo's sharp personality and biting anger made sweet dishes difficult. Then again, they were opposites and should complement each other, like Sanzo's orange paper airplanes and blue skies, right? So Sanzo should have that perfect compliment in some dessert.

Slicing again through the sticky rice, he lifted the grains up to his mouth, wondering how he would spread this over Sanzo. The idea of searching out each and every grain was appealing but the sticky rice didn't seem appropriate for spreading. Not like sauces that could be drizzled over pale skin and licked off.

Passing a door to one of the storage sheds, he heard Gojyo's voice, "Oh, baby, you're beautiful."

Goku paused. Curiosity peeking his interest, he drew closer to the shed.

Could this be a way he could learn about sex and seduction without actually talking to the kappa? He looked around and, seeing no one in sight, he slunk closer to the door to watch. The sun was behind the building, casting the area around the doorway in deep shadow.

He recognized the same woman Gojyo was kissing earlier – the one hanging sheets. Gojyo was leaning back against the wall and the woman was leaning into him. Goku sat down on the ground, cradling his dessert and staying out of sight. From his vantage point, to the side of the couple, he had a clear view.

"Will you be missed?" Gojyo's voice had that low sultry sound it got around women. If the sprite was the resident sex guru of the group, then perhaps Goku could learn a thing or two by watching the kappa more often. He wondered if there was some way he could watch Gojyo doing the things that weren't allowed in public. How else was he to learn what he needed to know?

"I have a few minutes before the boss lady comes looking for me."

"A few minutes, hmm? What do you think we can do in that amount of time?"

"Oh, I can think of something."

Goku quietly continued to stuff rice and mango slices into his mouth as he watched the couple kiss. Their bodies moved together in a subtle rocking motion and Gojyo slid his hands down the woman's back and cupped her rump, lifting her and pressing her body closer to his own. The woman's hands reached up and sank into the long strands of Gojyo's hair, pulling it up and away from their faces.

Neither of them left their hands in any one place for long, moving them to touch shoulders and backs and arms. The woman even trailed hers down Gojyo's chest to his waistband, efficiently working at the fastenings. Goku didn't pay it much mind at first; right now, his attention was on the kiss.

It was difficult to see much of the kiss, just that their mouths were pressing together and pulling apart. Their heads turned and they kissed at different angles. Finally, Gojyo pulled the woman tight to him and bent her back over his arm slightly, kissing her more energetically and Goku could plainly see that tongues were definitely in use. Aha!

Gojyo, at this point, pulled back slightly and Goku realized that the woman had the redhead's pants opened and had one hand inside. Goku began to grow uncomfortable and wondered if perhaps he should leave and give the couple the privacy they thought they had. However, he needed instruction and besides, curiosity made him stay.

Gojyo's cock had looked half hard when the woman first pulled it from its confinement but, after a few strokes, Goku was granted his first sight of a hard cock other than his own. He felt himself grow warm in embarrassment. He almost got up to leave then, suddenly feeling like he was doing something very wrong, but he made himself stay, resolute.

The woman suddenly dropped to her knees and closed her mouth around Gojyo's cock.

Goku froze, his mouth open and ready to receive a mouthful of rice, the chopsticks poised to deliver said rice to his mouth.

Wha- wha- what the-?

"Ooohhhh, baby…" Gojyo's long, drawn out, groaned words rumbled through the shed and told Goku that he was enjoying the woman putting her mouth over his cock. Goku knew how good it felt stroking his hand over his dick but he'd never dreamed of a mouth. He wondered if he should be disgusted – this must be one of the sick, perverted things the kappa does.

A wet plop sound faintly reached his ears and looking down, he saw his rice had dropped off his chopsticks and back into his bowl. He inwardly cursed and scooped it back up, stuffing it into his mouth.

Gojyo's voice brought his attention back to the couple, "Oh, fuck, baby. You're good." The kappa's breathing was growing harsh by now. "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Shit, suck on that. Oh, baby."

Fascinated, Goku finished off the rice dessert. Why would a woman even want to do that? We pee from there, doesn't she find that gross? He would consider asking Sanzo if the monk hadn't reacted the way he had just from a question on kissing. How would he react if Goku were to ask about this?

Gojyo was moaning continuously now. How would Sanzo sound, moaning in pleasure? Goku wanted to hear the monk, moaning like that. He imagined the sound to be low and rough, almost a growl. Thinking about Sanzo while watching a woman run her mouth up and down Gojyo's cock was turning him on and he reached down to adjust himself.

Over Gojyo's moans he could hear the wet sucking sound her mouth was made as it slid over the kappa's cock. Now and then she would pull off and pump her hand up and down the long length, smiling up at Gojyo. Goku figured her hand must feel similar to his soap coated hand in the shower. What a mouth might feel like, he couldn't even imagine.

This pattern continued for several minutes until Gojyo suddenly spoke once again, his voice guttural and shaking, "Oh, fuck. Oh, Baby, I'm gonna come. Here it comes."

The woman pulled back but kept Gojyo's cock in line with her open mouth. When the first spurt erupted, she seemed to taste it before sheathing Gojyo's length back in her mouth for the rest of the kappa's coming. Oh, no way! Gojyo gasped out a sob and his knees seemed to almost give way, from the way he grabbed at the wall behind him. The kappa grinned stupidly over his panting, expressing his approval and pleasure in what was just done. As Goku looked on, the different emotions currently spinning through mind and body confused him.

His dessert finished and the show looking like it was done, Goku backed up and away from the shed. He was a confused, curious, shocked, and aroused. He wanted to talk about what he'd seen, and get some answers, but there was no one he could talk to. Thinking back to what Hakkai had explained in his lessons, he wondered if the healer had told him anything helpful when it came to sex. After all, Hakkai had covered reproduction and the mechanics of sex between a man and a woman. Men couldn't get pregnant and they didn't have … what women had … for sex parts. He knew some men had sex with each other but Hakkai hadn't covered that and he was at a loss as to how it was managed.

He mulled the thought around as he walked back to the kitchen to return his bowl and chopsticks. Well, perhaps it was all hand jobs and kissing. He didn't know about kissing yet, but hand jobs sure felt real good. A visual image of that woman running her mouth over Gojyo's dick rose in his mind and he suddenly wondered what doing that would taste like. Did he dare even wonder if Sanzo would ever let him try a taste? He grinned and snorted out a laugh.

Yeah, as if.


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