Title: Heart of a Monkey King
Chapter: One - Discovered Longing
Author: Car Jack
Betas: ditch_gospel, guanyin_kun
Series/Characters/Pairing(s): Saiyuki-Sanzo/Goku
Rating: This chapter - fairly worksafe, overall - NC-17
Status: WIP

Summary: Sanzo realizes Goku's hunger goes beyond food.

Disclosure: Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya.

Chapter One – Discovered Longing

"Do mouths taste good?"

It took several moments for the question to get through to Sanzo. He was sitting in one of the room's two chairs at the only table, reading the local paper. His mind was on the article describing the alleged sighting of three apparent gods who were supposedly creating havoc in the neighboring towns. The paper's reporter, who had written the article, obviously didn't believe the rumors, as his words belittled the so-called witnesses…

'It's well known that the local youkai have all gone mad and some people even claim the demons are simply showing their true selves, that they are not being affected by some disease that has spread to their race. There are even those who believe it's some form of conspiracy. Whatever the cause, the youkai in all of Shangri-La are rebelling against us humans. I have faith that the gods above will put a stop to the youkai rebellion but would they not give most of their attention and assistance to the large cities and temples? These three so-called 'gods' have been systematically killing these mad youkai and, yes, I am grateful for the help but why would gods be here instead of a location of more importance? The world needs a hero or three and obviously, these three vigilantes are simply helping out humanity in the smaller villages and towns by eradicating the youkai problem. The thought that gods have descended from heaven to help our endangered little town is as believable as the Sanzo Ikkou coming for a visit.'

Sanzo read the words and huffed.

When Goku's question finally registered he had to replay it in his mind, convinced he had heard wrong. When he couldn't reform the words into anything that made more sense, he lowered the paper to look at his charge through the lenses of his reading glasses, "What?"

"Mouths. Do they taste good?" Goku was leaning against the open window looking down at something outside, his body propped comfortably against the sill. Their room was on the second floor over looking the back courtyard. Sanzo refused to let his eyes travel along the compact strength of his charge's frame.

"What kind of question is that? You've got a mouth. Taste it."

"I can't taste my own mouth. I tried."

"Where is this coming from? Stop asking creepy questions," he snapped the paper back up.

Goku was quiet for a moment or two and Sanzo was just starting to get back into reading the article when… "Do some people eat first before kissing?"

"What?" He lowered the paper back down and focused again on his charge. Goku was still watching whatever it was that had his attention. "What the fuck, Goku? Just what the hell's going through your brain?"

Goku sighed, his eyes briefly looking his way before shying back to the window, "Kissing. What's so great about it?"

"Kissing?" He closed the paper and concentrated on his charge.

"I've seen Gojyo kissing and it looks like he sometimes sticks his tongue in the woman's mouth. Is he tasting her mouth? The only time I can taste anything in my mouth is when I eat something. Is eating, then kissing, a sex thing?" It was as if the saru was deliberately not looking at him as he spoke, "Except when I eat something, my mouth doesn't taste like anything. Then, after I eat, my mouth tastes of food, which tastes good. I figured maybe Gojyo and his women ate tasty things before kissing."

Sanzo huffed and set his paper down, "Eating?" The monk rolled his eyes, "You've been watching the kappa? You know he's a pervert, why are you watching him?"

Goku was quiet for a while and Sanzo picked his paper back up. Then –

"So it is a sex thing. A perverted sex thing?"

He lowed the paper again with a disgusted sigh, "Dammit, Goku, I'm trying to read the paper." He exhaled heavily and tried to explain, "I don't think Gojyo eats anything before kissing, but if it were perverted I'm sure he would do it. Hakkai taught you about sex with your lessons, did you forget? You couldn't stop talking about it for two days until I had to smack you to shut you up!" Sanzo remembered Hakkai's lessons clearly; for weeks after Goku finally shut up his dreams were filled with disturbing images about the stupid saru.

"No, I didn't forget. I understand about sex. Sort of. I don't understand why kissing is suppose to be so great."

"Then go kiss Gojyo. I'm sure he could tell you all you need to know to be an over-hormonal pervert like him." He opened the paper back up and placed it as a shield between him and his strangely acting charge. If he ever found out that Goku and that horny sprite ever did kiss, he'd kill them both.

"I don't want to kiss Gojyo."

"Well, whoever then. Just stop bugging me and don't cause any trouble – we have enough with that redheaded whore I'm forced to travel with." He gave the paper a slight decisive snap to indicate the end of the conversation.

He read a full paragraph and realized that Goku was still in the room. After another paragraph he risked a look by folding the corner of the paper down with his fingers and tilting his head to the side.

Goku quickly looked away but Sanzo still caught the look of longing and want in his golden eyes.

"Oh, shit!" He stood and threw the paper onto the table, ignoring how the loose sheets slithered off and onto the floor, and removed his glasses. "Fuck. You've got to be kidding me!" Now that he was standing, he was able to see what the monkey was looking at before, when he was staring out the window. Gojyo was outside making out with some woman, apparently the laundress judging by the sheets hanging on the lines and the baskets of more bedding. He huffed and, pulling his robe back up over his shoulders, stalked out the door.

His feet took him outside where he stalked straight up to that horny kappa and whapped him good and hard over the head with his fan. "Dammit, Sprite! You don't need to be broadcasting your disgusting habits for all to see. Get a room!"

Gojyo squawked and tried to protect the woman he was with from Sanzo's swings. Sanzo, however, had deadly aim and each swing hit its mark, which was Gojyo. "Shit, Sanzo! What the fuck?" He ducked the swings as best he could.

"You're sick, do you know that? You're right here out in the open! Can't you be at all discrete?" Thwack thwack.

"Dammit! Stop it! You know we're sharing rooms." He had to briefly stop talking to unsuccessfully duck more swings. "And Hakkai's resting in ours! I'm not doing anything wrong!" At this point, Sanzo was practically chasing him through the hanging sheets. "Stop taking your own frustrations out on me, asshole!"

Sanzo stopped short of drawing his gun. He realized that before long he'd start to look ridiculous and glared at the hanyou instead, "Do your shit somewhere else!"

Laughter caused Sanzo to turn around. He saw Goku leaning out the open window of their room upstairs, his hands braced on the sill, watching and laughing. Glaring at his charge, and glaring at Gojyo, he stomped off with a huff around the corner of the building to have a cigarette.

He walked along the side of the building to stand at the corner, overlooking the street in front. He stuck a cigarette in his mouth and lit it, drawing the smoke deep into his lungs.

It was approaching the noon hour and the streets were bustling with people. Most of the people were walking on foot but, now and then, a cart would amble by, some pulled by oxen, some by the people themselves. Sanzo narrowed his eyes against the dust kicked up by the wheels of the carts but he wasn't actually watching the streams of bodies passing. His forbidding expression deterred anyone from approaching to ask for blessings, words of wisdom, or any other time wasting irritants.

Absently smoking his Marlboro, his mind strayed to his charge.


Why was he never prepared for shit like this? And now, in retrospect, he thought perhaps he should have been. He knew something was seriously bothering the saru. For the last several months he'd 'hear' the monkey calling to him. He'd wake up in the middle of the night hearing the call. The first several times he had gone bursting into Goku's room in alarm, only to either find the boy sleeping or awake but simply staring off into the night. The boy had denied that he was calling for anything, let alone Sanzo. Then he started hearing him during the day, as they were traveling. The back of the jeep would grow blessedly quiet and, after a time, the call would come. Quiet, dim, insistent.

How did it never occur to him that this was what the idiot was calling about?

The last thing he needed was for Goku to start thinking about sex. Didn't he have enough of a problem keeping the kappa in line? Not that he was very successful at it. Pervert.

And he was not, in any way, considering Goku's unspoken offer.

His eyes landed on a young girl who looked to be about Goku's age. To be honest, Sanzo was surprised that the boy hadn't yet been kissed. He wasn't shy around the opposite sex and Gojyo abounded with pick-up lines meant to seduce women.

Gojyo. He must be the one giving Goku ideas, the fucking kappa. He had to be a bad influence, with all his sleeping around in every town they stayed the night in. Besides, Sanzo suspected that not all Gojyo's bed partners were women. Goku was just a kid and impressionable. Was that where Goku's questions originated from? If Goku had been watching the kappa, had he spied Gojyo doing more than just kissing? Or had-?

Sanzo dropped his spent smoke in the dirt and ground it under his sandal, a bit savagely, as a new thought jumped into his brain. Had Gojyo made inappropriate overtures at Goku? The possibility started a hot burn of anger to grow within him. The kappa was always wresting around with Goku in the jeep. Were his motives something other than just being an ass?

He didn't notice the old man that had finally worked up his nerve to approach an actual Sanzo priest. But he did frown curiously when the man squeaked and scrambled away, apparently for no reason. Freakin' idiot. Are all people in these towns insanely stupid? Sanzo was clueless as to the savage grimace currently covering his face. As soon as the man was out of sight, he was forgotten about as his thoughts immediately returned to Goku and Gojyo.

Sanzo wasn't jealous, just protective.

Pulling another cigarette out of his pack and placing it between his lips, he considered the possibility of Gojyo harassing Goku.

As much as he wanted to deny it, Goku was … attractive. Annoying, perhaps, but his strength, his energy, his compact body and glowing, warm eyes, his wide, sensuous mouth that seemed designed to suck-

He cut off his trail of thought. His breathing had sped up and he was growing uncomfortably warm. He could tell himself it was anger, and almost believe it, except he couldn't blame anger for the stirrings of life that were occurring below his waist.

Goku was an idiot. Didn't he realize that he, Sanzo, would make a poor lover to introduce him to sex? Thinking about it, perhaps the monkey didn't know. Sanzo was always careful when he sought out companionship, those times when it just wasn't enough to take care of his desires himself. The men he chose to go with were never any that Goku had any contact with, only those that were able to accept his cold need to just have sex, with absolutely no attachments. If he thought any of his partners were getting too attached, he immediately put them straight. And left them on the wayside.

He didn't know how to be gentle or – here he couldn't help the sneer entering his thoughts - tender. He was a man and didn't need to be treated like some fragile doll. Besides, Goku wanted to find out about kissing and Sanzo didn't like kissing. Not on the mouth. It was wet and sloppy and … sickening. Having a disgusting tongue stuck in his mouth was repulsive and would almost guarantee someone getting a fist to the face if not their tongue bitten off.

He could just imagine how Goku would kiss, all mouth and tongue and teeth, uncontrolled and enthusiastic. Just like how he ate. Sanzo didn't want that mouth trying to devour his own, it would do better working over other parts of his body, like-

He huffed sharply and paced back and forth as he again had to cut off forbidden thoughts about his ward.

Gentleness and tenderness were traits that were needed for someone untouched, undergoing their first sexual experience. And he didn't have them. Goku was totally wrong. He, Sanzo, only knew how to take, nothing about how to give.

He should explain this to Goku. Somehow. Make it so the monkey understood that he wasn't interested in being more than his guardian. That he wasn't interested in feeling his body pressed tight against him, writhing, sweating, moaning…

He wasn't about to start thinking about those golden eyes turning molten, and that mouth parted and slack in a long, drawn-out moan. He wasn't imagining how Goku would look naked, his tanned defined body looming over him.

Breathing deep, his eyes closed, he tried to center himself, to bring his mind back to the issue at hand. And unobtrusively adjust himself. He also realized he had already smoked down his second cigarette, so he tossed it to the ground and stepped on it.

No, he didn't think Gojyo had tried anything. And if he had, he hadn't gotten very far or Goku wouldn't be asking him about kissing. But then, Goku may be unaware of any inappropriate actions by Gojyo.

The anger started to return.

Gojyo had better not have tried anything. He turned his head back towards the back of the building where he'd left the kappa, wishing he'd beaten the moron harder. If that redheaded whore tried to touch Goku-. His hand slipped into his sleeve and gripped the handle of his gun.

He acknowledged that Goku had matured since they had started this journey. Mentally, he had aged greatly from the trials and heartaches Sanzo knew he had suffered from. For some reason, the monkey had a pure heart and Sanzo didn't like to see Goku suffer when the 'good guys' didn't always win. Or turned out to be the 'bad guys'. And the idiot never listened when he was told that their party wasn't one of the 'good guys' – they were simply on a mission.

Goku may have become older, but he was still young. Too young for Sanzo to take Goku's interest seriously. He was simply at that age where he was becoming interested in … things. More frequently, girls had been noticing his young ward in the many towns they stayed in. Some men also, the sick bastards. Sanzo had had to show a couple of the men the error of their ways – which he was more than willing to do. A small smile, cruel and satisfied, touched lightly at his mouth. He'd be more than glad to show Gojyo, too, if need be.

A stern, disapproving frown was generally enough to discourage the loose sluts that attempted to get too close to his ward.

Goku could have sex with whom ever he wanted, so long as he, Sanzo, approved. And so far, there hadn't been anyone he'd approved of. Especially not the fucking kappa.

Feeling the need to do some damage to someone, he swung back toward the rear courtyard. His hand once again had a tight grip on his harisen as he strode out to put the fear of retribution into the kappa further, only to find him gone, the woman hanging laundry alone.


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