Author: Car Jack

Title: Ecstasy of Torment
Pairings: Hakkai/Sanzo
Rating: NC-17
Status: One Shot - Complete

Disclosure: I do not own Saiyuki

Summary: There are no spoilers in this story but it is based on what Hakkai and Sanzo may have done to occupy themselves after Gojyo and Goku wander off in the Brotherhood, Crimson Flower episode in the anime. Remember? The episode where Gojyo meets his brother in that mine … like … place. Was that a mine?

Ecstasy of Torment

Refolding the map, Hakkai put it away in disguised frustration. It shouldn't have taken more than an hour to get through the forest. He knew it. Gojyo accusing him of being lost was hurtful and, well, just not true. The fog was heavy but not so thick as to get him turned around and lost.

He just wasn't absolutely sure about their exact location.

Hiding his irritation with a smile and a laugh, he refrained from replying to Gojyo's accusation. His accusation of being lost. Now, in his mind, Sanzo deciding that they should stay here and wait out the fog for as long as it takes seemed to back Gojyo up. Apparently Sanzo thinks I've gotten us lost/ also.

As usual, Gojyo couldn't agree or side with Sanzo even when they seemed to be in agreement. However, jumping out of the jeep to wander off on his own in unknown terrain was not usual for the redhead. Even more unusual, was Goku deciding to go with him. This left Sanzo and him on their own.

Hakkai turned around and watched Gojyo and Goku run off down the road from the jeep into the fog. His body was twisted as he sat in the front seat of Hakaru in jeep form to look deep over his right shoulder. "Do you think it's ok to let them go?" he asked the blonde priest next to him.

"Let them go," Sanzo commanded. His abrupt tone of voice brought Hakkai untwisting and swinging back around. The youkai's gaze slammed into a pair of amethyst eyes centered intently on him only inches away. He couldn't help the surprised jerk back at the monk's proximity.


Dark, hungry, purple eyes drew even closer, "They'll be fine. Let them do what they want."

His thought processes deadened as arousal surged within him. He found himself agreeing with Sanzo, "Uh, hai." The demon's voice was breathless as he watched those eyes come closer. He fell within their depths, almost feeling the sharp pain of those sharp gems tear his soul and he was witness to their darkening even further. They became hotter, sharper and starved. Lost, Hakkai whispered, "Sanzo…?"

A firm mouth met his own and a wet tongue wriggled between his lips to coax his tongue to play. His response was immediate as he reached up to cup that blonde head and hold it still, sighing into the monk's mouth. He sucked on the tasty muscle loving the soft flexible texture of it. A low purr reverberated through the priest's chest.


Neither of the two men heard the tentative whine of the dragon/jeep, too intent on each other. Sanzo had slightly risen from his seat in order to lean forward closer into the man pressed back into the driver's seat and he looked like he was about to leave his seat entirely to join Hakkai in his.

"Kyuuuu! Kyuuu! KYUUUUU!"

It took Hakaryu revving his engine before the two men took notice of him. Sanzo finally pulled back and sat back down in his seat, breathing heavily. Hakkai was little better.

"Ha – Hakaryu!"

"KYUUU! Kyu, Kyu!"

Hakkai laughed shakily, running a hand over his face and savoring the tingle left by Sanzo's mouth hungrily covering his own lingering on his lips. "He objects to us 'getting it on' with him right here."

"Ah, hai." The monk frowned blearily at the dragon-turned-jeep. He then stared at the trees around them and jumped out of his seat. "Follow me."

Hakkai blinked as he slowly climbed from his seat. "Sanzo? We really shouldn't wander off too far." The blonde monk was already moving off into the trees, his robe blending into the fog and Hakkai stepped faster to catch up. "Sanzo?"

The monk walked only as far as the closest tree. He turned back around to face Hakkai with his back against the trunk of the tree and reached out to the healer when he came close enough. Pulling him tight to his body, he locked his lips back onto the brunette's.

Sanzo wanted to control his lust, to make his kisses soft and enticing, but restraint was long gone. All he knew was hunger and impatience, sexual frustration rampaging through him. How was it that the slightest touch from this man could enflame him like this?

He reached up and sunk his slim fingers deep into soft silky brown hair and drank deep from this fountain of carnal sin. Hakkai's clean flavorful saliva coated Sanzo's tongue as the two muscles danced and caressed against each other in a fleshly tango. He could feel the demon's hands grip his hips and their dicks attempted to mimic the dance of their tongues through all the layers of fabric separating the two of them.

Sanzo was having thoughts to be gentle but Hakkai apparently had other thoughts. Right now, it was the demon that tried to devour the monk. When Sanzo's tongue was in his mouth, he sucked hungrily on it and when he grew tired of that, he invaded Sanzo's mouth. It was the demon whose hands frantically pulled at the monk's robes until they found where they opened so he could now attack the monk's jeans, pulling at the waistband and the button keeping them closed until he finally got them open. Pulling the zipper down took some coordination but the denim was finally parted and he eagerly reached in to cup the monk's warm hardness.

Hakkai swallowed the low moan pulled from the priest he caressed.

"Hakkai. Suck me. Suck me off." The monk pressed down on the youkai's shoulder, pressing him down onto his knees before him. The healer got his first look at the priest's cock, hot and engorged and already starting to drip. "Suck me off."

Quietly, a soft drizzle started, rapidly forming to a steady rain but the two men were too engrossed in each other to pay it the mind it deserved they normally would.

Hakkai reached up and gripped Sanzo at the base and slowly pumped his hand up and down as the blonde pulled his robes out of the way and braced himself back against the tree. Green eyes glanced upward and met vivid purple eyes watching him. Holding the monk's gaze, Hakkai flicked out his tongue and fluttered it at the very tip of the organ he held, tasting and gathering up the salty beads gathered there. Sanzo's breath caught and his cock jerked involuntarily in the demon's grip. Hakkai smiled a tiny smirk and swiped his tongue completely over the spongy head before closing his mouth over it, sucking gently.

"Ahhhhhhh!" This second moan came clearly to the youkai's ears in a beautiful baritone and the hard cock in his mouth pumped gently as the priest shifted his legs, changing his stance to something braced better. Bedroom eyes drifted closed a brief moment then snapped back open, burning in ardent force. Even wrapped around a hard cock, Hakkai could feel the corners of his mouth arch upward, pleased at the monk's response. He pulled off just enough to still swirl his tongue along the sensitive slit and take a deep breath then dived back down, swallowing the priest's dick deep in his throat.

Sanzo's hands slapped back to grip the rough bark of the tree, "Ah, fuck! Yes!"

The healer grabbed Sanzo's hips tight and pressed them against the tree to hold him still as his head bobbed and he sucked greedily on the monk's organ.

"Oh, shit!" Sanzo could feel a tightening in his balls and a tingling at the base of his skull indicating he was rapidly racing to finish. With a great effort he held himself back wanting to enjoy this as long as possible and he grabbed the healer's shoulder. "Oh, gods, Hakkai, hold it! Not so fast. The idiots will be gone for a while. Let me enjoy it before I cum."

An evil mischievous smile touched Hakkai's lips, "Your wish is my command, Sanzo sama."

Hakkai shifted slightly, getting comfortable on his knees, before reaching again for the pale flesh before him. Sanzo stared down, watching the thick shaft of his prick disappear between Hakkai's sensual lips. He gasped with pleasure. Pure illicit pleasure. He groaned, again with pleasure, as he watched a wet pink tongue begin flicking every inch of his bulging cock.

"That's good. That's good." He reached out a hand and sunk his fingers onto the dark brown locks, not to control the healer's movements over his flesh but simply to touch the silky strands. Hakkai worked his tongue from the base of his prick to the tip, where he traced the sensitive slit with the very tip of his tongue to catch more salty drops forming there. Green eyes looked up to stare into his violet ones and white teeth gently scraped over the purple head of his cock.

He gasped and his body stiffened. Hakkai quickly backed off from him and watched his rod bob and jerk. Sanzo's breath rasped through his throat and he struggled to contain his climax.

Slowly he calmed down enough and Hakkai once again reached out and gripped the monk's pale shaft.

Sanzo dragged the back of his left hand across his mouth, "Damn, you're good."

"Ummmm, do you really think so?"


"Ah, well. Thank you. I try to please."

Twice more Hakkai brought him to the very edge of completion only to pull back, not touching him, leaving him unsatisfied. He gasped, moaned, and cried out. His body shuddered and quaked. It was torture, agony. He hated it. He loved it. Fuck but the man could suck cock.

He watched as Hakkai would again get nearly his entire large prick in his mouth and down his throat. Then he would slowly let it out again nipping his swollen head with his lips and teeth making Sanzo gag with lust. The youkai pumped the shaft with one hand rapidly and swirled his tongue around the head of his cock until it began to twitch violently and Sanzo just knew now he was going to cum.

So, it seemed, did Hakkai.

Quickly, once again, the healer backed off, letting him go before he exploded. Sanzo was shaking so bad he worried he would not be able to remain standing even with the support of the tree. Together they watched his frantically jumping cock.

"Ah, you almost did it that time, Sanzo!"

*pant pant*, "Yes. Yes. So close." *gasp* "Enough, Hakkai. No more," *pant*, "Finish it." He swore his balls were going to rupture.

"You want to cum? Can't stand it any longer?" Hakkai reached out again and pumped gently at his throbbing dick.

"Yes! No! Fuck! Just let me cum!" He grabbed Hakkai's brunette head and pulled him into his cock. The soft pats of raindrops splattered against the leaves of the tree but neither men were listening. The canopy over them protected them from most of the wet beads falling from the sky.

"Oh, well then," the youkai closed his mouth around his dick. With infinite skill, Hakkai clasped the bursting head of his cock with his wet sultry lips. Sanzo cried out and his hips bucked in anticipation of the coming release. Hakkai sucked him in a way that made his whole body ripple with fire. The healer's fingers squeezed his balls gently and his other hand milked the rigid shaft of his prick. Every muscle in Sanzo's body clenched. He was right there. He was righ-


Sanzo's muscles almost seized up and his head suddenly jerked to the side as his name was shouted from someplace not too far away. Hakkai froze.


"Oh no. Fuck no. No no no. Fuck. Oh fuck." He whispered his cursing as he swayed where he stood, torn between ignoring the call and pulling away. "Shit."

The monkey's voice sounded again in the rain, "Sanzo!" This time it sounded so much closer. Rapidly he pulled out from the hot wet cavern of Hakkai's mouth, a groan of pain and loss escaping him. Hakkai's sweet, pleasure giving mouth. He was going to kill that monkey. His breathing had an almost sobbing quality to it.

"Shit!" The monk whipped his robes around his hard prick, covering up the evidence of his arousal. Hakkai stood as he turned his back to where the monkey's shape appeared on the road they left jeep parked on. "Fuck!" He didn't seem capable to form anything more coherent than curses as he stalked painfully off deeper into the trees.

Hakkai readjusted himself before he turned to face Goku as the monkey broke through the forest next to him. He hoped that Goku wouldn't notice the wet patches on his knees.

"Hey, Hakkai! Where's Sanzo going?"

"Oh, he should be right back, Goku. Where's Gojyo?"

"I don't know. We got separated. I thought maybe he made his way back here."

Sanzo marched off into the trees trying to listen if Goku was following as the voices faded behind him, ready to order him off if need be. His pants were still open and the slide of his robes against his turgid, screaming cock made it next to impossible to keep his back straight as he walked.

When he felt he had traveled far enough away from the road, he stopped, one hand resting on the bark of a tree. The lids of his eyes slowly closed as he listened to the sounds of the surrounding forest, only then realizing that the rain had stopped.

No alarming sounds reached his ears. No sounds of a monkey's annoying voice calling his name from right behind him. No sounds of small stupid monkey feet crashing through the wet underbrush tracking him down. He opened his eyes and looked behind him and found himself definitely alone. Hakkai would understand, right? He would keep Goku occupied long enough for him, right? The youkai had better if he wanted to survive the day.

Nothing but trees.

Fine. It just made for better cover right now.

Hesitantly, still paranoid about being found by the soon-to-be-dead saru, Sanzo leaned his lower back up against the tree next to him, his eyes darting guiltily around, and reopened his robes.

One hand holding his robes to the side, the other gripped his throbbing dick, not at all lessened by the interruption. He just stood there for a moment squeezing the base of his poor tortured prick. The monk's eyes wanted to drift closed again and imagine Hakkai's mouth still sliding over his hardness but he didn't dare. So, his eyes wide open and continually scanning the area, he started to pump.

Immediately, his screaming cock changed its tune to eager throbbing. He was so hard, had been at the precipice so many times already, that this should only take seconds. He dragged his fist over the hot flesh covering his prick, picking up speed.

He got closer to that desired edge, that edge he has been denied of falling over. At first, in an exciting torturous way. Then in an excruciatingly painful way. He forgot about scanning the woods, forgot about the threat of Goku coming upon him. His complete attention was totally focused on coming. His eyes watched his hand jerking over his burning hard shaft, the purple head appearing and disappearing from inside his fist.

"Hakkai. Fuck, Hakkai," he whispered, panting, feeling his balls tighten painfully. He wanted the man here. Now. With him. He wanted him on his knees before him, his wet delectable mouth wrapped around his dick. Sucking, licking.

A low drawn out moan of anticipation was drowned out by the soft rain. He tried to close his mouth to muffle the sounds he knew he tended to make as he came but he couldn't stay focused. Panting through his nose took too much effort and finally he thought, screw it. He allowed the groans to make themselves heard.

He jerked and pulled at his cock so fast he was unable to keep track of it, the rhythm building to a harsh crescendo. He tried to imagine the green-eyed man kneeling before him, looking up at him with his stunning eyes, waiting. Waiting.

Another moan. Deeper, louder. His hips were pumping and jerking into his pre-cum slicked hand and in his mind he saw Hakkai before him, looking up at him with his lips slightly parted waiting for the feel of cum spraying *gasp* over his *moan* face. Another couple pulls and his whole body jerked and shuddered, his feet shuffling on the wet ground.

His throat closed up stopping the cry he almost made as thick long streams of milky white fluid shot out from his pulsing dick, splattering the leaves of the straggly shrub in front of him and dripping a bit from his fingers.

Slowly, his breath slowed and he once again became aware of his surroundings. Looking around, he pulled a rag from his sleeve and wiped his hand and cum slicked cock, now a bit sensitive, and debated what to do with the soiled cloth. He worried Goku would be able to smell his semen if he kept it but he would likely be able to smell it anyway. After a brief debate with himself, he refolded it and tucked it back into his sleeve. It's not like this would be the first time the saru would have picked up this scent anyhow.

Tucking himself back into his jeans and smoothing his robes, he made his way back to the jeep, seeing the rain begin to dissipate just as he reached the road.

Hakkai and Goku were standing in the road waiting, Hakaru curled around Hakkai's shoulders. He marched straight over to the two and whapped Goku across the head with his fan.

"Baka saru!"

"Oww, Sanzo! What was that for?"



Glaring at the boy sitting on the ground at his feet, he pulled a couple of meat buns out of his robe and handed them to Goku, who eagerly grabbed and devoured them. The rain finally petered off leaving the ground wet and aromatic but the fog immediately took back the terrain.

Hakkai looked at Sanzo and his charge, wondering how Goku was able to decipher the mixed signals the monks was constantly casting out.

"Here I had thought the rain had let up, but now we have fog again," he observed.

Sanzo's smooth low voice answered, "It seems someone doesn't want to let us out of the forest, no matter what."

Alarmed, Hakkai turned to the priest, "Then, this rain and fog are –" Sanzo huffed in agreement.

"Who cares?" Goku joined in the conversation, "We've got plenty of food."


Goku really shouldn't have reminded Sanzo he was around and within reach. Hakkai turned to stare back into the fog.

"Use your brain for other things a little, too!"

"Owww! Don't hit me!"

Worried, Hakkai again turned to face the other two, ignoring any saru abuse going on. "Do you suppose Gojyo's alright?"

"Who knows?" Sanzo tucked the fan back into his sleeves. "As soon as this fog breaks, we'll go look for him. For now, conserve your energy."

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