Title: Battle Lust
Author: Car Jack
Beta: ditch_gospel
Series/Characters: Saiyuki - Homura/Zenon
Rating: NC-17 for m/m sex and violence

Disclaimer:  Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya


Battle Lust


The smell of blood and death hung heavy in the air, bodies littering the celestial floor of the Heavenly Hall.  Gods who were immortal, who thought themselves invulnerable, lay dead cut down by three of their own.

"Oi, Homura.  We should leave."  Zenon broke the silence, his voice strained with an undercurrent of residual aggression, his lit cigarette bobbing with the motion of his lips and waving a stream of smoke before his face.

"Not yet," the war prince answered from his position sprawled in the large throne at the head of the hall,  "It would be a shame to let such a sight be wasted.  Enjoy it."  Homura smiled over at the soldier.

"Enjoy it," Zenon repeated to himself as he stepped between bodies.  He refused to look at the faces of the dead, not wanting to see the visages of those he knew.  Homura watched him.

The third person of the three stood slightly off to the side, seemingly somewhat detached from the other two.  But he was still one of them.  "It has begun," Shien stated.  The willowy god seemed to make a point of studying each and every face of each and every god lying dead on the marbled tiles.

"Yes.  The wheels are now in motion."  Homura stood from the throne, his sword still blazing and his bi-colored eyes still trained on Zenon.  He watched as the god bent and picked up a rifle that a guard had tried to use to defend himself, but of course a weapon like that was no good against another god.  Zenon ran his hands over the barrel, as if exploring it, then slung it over his shoulder.  "It is time to descend to the world below where my brother, Son Goku, now roams."  He surveyed the destruction he and his comrades had wrought.  Holy blood and gore covered his cape and was spattered on his hands and face, painting him in the color of the start of his revenge.  "Then let us go.  We are done here."

"Hai," Shien responded, phasing out.

"Hai," Zenon agreed, sharing a brief look with Homura before he, too, phased out.

Homura took one last look at the carnage, a smile of satisfaction and anticipation softening his mismatched eyes.  Giving a last look over the hall, he, too, phased out.


He had chosen an old, ruined manor at the edge of an encroaching forest.  The building and grounds had been abandoned a scant decade or two a blink of an eye to a god but still stood secure.  Homura walked the empty rooms, waiting, unwashed from his massacre.  His adrenaline still surged not just from the recent carnage, but also for what was to come.

He didn't have to wait long.  A minor disturbance of energy announced the arrival of whom he was waiting for and he turned toward the entrance of the room he stood in, seeing Zenon stride through the doorway.  He studied his soldier, looking for signs of injury or distress.  Blood still covered the ginger-haired man and Homura's heart sped up in anticipation of smelling it on Zenon.  The rifle was still slung over his shoulder and he stood just inside the room, starring hard at his prince.

"How do you fair, Zenon?  Were you injured at all?" Homura inquired as he approached his battle-scarred comrade.

"No, I didn't take a single hit.  It was too easy compared to subjecting youkai."  He swung his new rifle off his shoulder and left it leaning against the wall, as he faced his prince.

"Was it?  You found it so easy to kill?"  Homura strode close enough to see the rapid rise and fall of Zenon's chest and hear his excited breathing.  His own wasn't much better.  "You had seemed disturbed earlier."

"Not disturbed so much as unsettled.  Surprised it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be," Zenon replied.

Homura reached out and rubbed some of the dried, flaking blood off Zenon's cheek and touched an area where it had caked into his hair.  "You have been baptized in the blood of your brethren.  How do you feel?"

"I feel strange."  Zenon's own hands were fingering the stains of blood covering Homura, many still damp.  His uncovered eye was dilated and intense.  "My heart is-"

"-pounding," Homura finished for Zenon, his palm pressed against the hard beat in his soldier's chest.  "And adrenaline is still rushing through your veins.  Your muscles are still tensed in anticipation of another attack.  Your whole being is exhilarated over being alive and having vanquished your enemies."

"Yes.  Yes, yes, and yes!  I had no idea!"  He cupped his hands behind Homura's head and drew him close enough to speak his words into the war god's mouth.  "This is what you feel every time you return from a battle?  Do you feel this power that comes from the knowledge that you actually do hold another's life in your hands?"

"Yes, every time," Homura breathed, then their mouths were too occupied to talk as they joined them together in a hungry, desperate kiss.  Zenon devoured his prince's mouth, sinking his tongue inside to slide full length against Homura's, their teeth scraping together.

"I want more," Zenon rasped as he pulled his mouth away from Homura's.   "I want to smell more blood and hear the screams of my foes.  I want to obliterate an army and fuck you amongst the remaining carnage."  He grabbed Homura's hips and ground them into his own, showing his prince how aroused he was.  Homura's own erection was just as pronounced.

"Then come, Zenon.  A band of youkai is settled a small distance from here do you feel their aura?  They are crazed from the minus wave and unpredictable slaughtering everything in their path.  Come."

"Yes.  Yes, Homura.  Let us go find them."

In a blur of air, the two traveled the short distance to where the band of forty or fifty youkai caroused around several small campfires.  They were in the throes of a feast from their latest village massacre, obviously still filled with their own blood lust as they fought amongst themselves and passed around those few humans still alive for their carnal pleasures.  

Homura looked down at the corrupt revelries and grinned, the anticipation of the coming fight sending endorphins flooding through him as he and Zenon alighted on the ground just outside the youkai line.  Zenon, eager for the rush of power, strode forward and un-slung his new rifle.  Homura reached out and stopped him long enough to devour his mouth in another hard, ravishing kiss.  He shoved the soldier up against a tree and pressed himself against him, rocking.  Sinking his fingers into ginger-orange locks, he fisted Zenon's hair. 

"Let yourself loose, Zenon.  Go all out.  I'll be right by your side."

Zenon grinned a fierce smile, more a baring of teeth, and the two moved toward the encampment.  With little effort, they mowed their way through their opponents; the sound of gunfire and the roaring flames of a sword intermingling with screams and enraged battle cries.  It wasn't until they reached the center of the encampment that one of the tents exploded out into the transformation of a huge lizard-like creature, feet crushing the tents around them and tongue flicking at the air around it.

Homura smiled, his sword flaring in a burst of fire.

He rushed the demon, meeting it halfway as the two of them clashed.  More blood and gore rained down on him as he cut through the leathery hide of the creature.  A scream of pain and rage deafened him and he stabbed upward, aiming for its throat and felt the satisfying thunk of hitting bone.  He shoved harder, the smell of burned flesh rancid in his nose as the flames of his sword cauterized the flesh he was carving up, and felt the blade sever through the vertebrate of the youkai's neck, defeating the demon.  As it fell, he became aware that a second lizard demon had appeared and was battling with Zenon.  He turned in time to witness his soldier get swiped by the demon's tail, throwing him several yards into the trees. 

Snarling, Homura prepared to unleash the dragon from his sword when in a streak of orange and sea-blue, Zenon shot by him back towards the huge creature, a long-bladed knife in his hand.  The other god scrambled up the back of the giant youkai and plunged the knife into its neck, severing the spinal cord and spraying dark blood all over himself and the surrounding trees.

The dying monster thrashed, screaming loud enough for Homura's ears to ring, and fell to the ground, still writhing in its death throes.  Zenon held on to the hilt of his knife, his body bucking and tossing about in all directions, but he managed to maintain his grip until, with one final, plaintive mew, the youkai went still.

Zenon maneuvered his knees under him and knelt on the dead creature's neck, and with a vicious heave, pulled his weapon free.  Homura stayed standing where he was, his eyes still glowing burning with an anticipatory hunger, and he watched as his soldier and lover got to his feet.  Even in the low light of the night Homura could see that Zenon was literally covered in blood and gore.

Homura watched as Zenon climbed down from the corpse.  The soldier slowly turned his head to look at his prince, taking a step towards him.  Another step and the war prince dispersed his sword, his heart racing and his breathing changing rhythm.  Zenon's stride was slow and cat like stalking him.  Homura shifted and planted his feet, preparing himself.  The urge to kill was satisfied but another urge just as strong took its place.

The closer Zenon got to him, the faster the soldier strode until, about 10 yards away, Zenon phased out.  Homura had time to blink, surprised, when Zenon phased back in again, right in front of him, bowling him over and tackling the two of them to the ground.  Homura grunted, bucking up and fisting both his hands into Zenon's ginger locks, forcing the soldier's head up into position for a kiss, savage and raw.  Zenon was just as brutal, his hands ripping at Homura's clothes and carelessly tossing the chain spanning Homura's wrists over their heads.

The coppery, metallic smell of blood was almost all Homura could smell and here and there the pained sounds of dying youkai could still be heard, if he were listening for such things.  But he wasn't.  All he was hearing was the harsh breathing and desperate gasps coming from his lover.  He wrestled Zenon's jacket off his shoulders and over his arms, flipping the two of them and onto the discarded jacket as Zenon was distracted.

Zenon resisted the change in position.  A savage grimace twisted his face and a fist grabbed Homura's hair jerking his head aside and throwing the war prince off balance just enough to enable Zenon to buck him off.  Homura fought back and the two rolled and thrashed in the blood soaked dirt.  A hard fist connected with the war prince's jaw, snapping his head to the side, and his own fist swung in a backhanded punch to connect to Zenon's cheekbone.  Homura paused, briefly worrying he may have injured his lover, but the soldier only shook it off and jerked the prince forward for another kiss.

Hands yanked at waistbands and tore at shirts, the two gods trying to strip each other of what they were wearing, needing to feel and touch and devour.  In a matter of a few scant minutes, both gods were naked and covered in dirt and blood and sweat, their skin coated in slippery grit.

Zenon's hands slipped on Homura's shoulders, so he again grabbed hold of the shaggy black hair at his disposal, and forced Homura face first into the ground.  The war prince sputtered, his mouth full of dirt, and he felt the hard length of Zenon's cock press into the crease of his ass.  He tried to lift his head up to gasp in some air but Zenon kept his face down, his cock seeking entrance.  Growling, Homura jabbed an elbow into Zenon's ribs, hard and solid, and the other god jerked back, allowing Homura to crawl out from under him.

"Damn it, Homura!" Zenon rasped, a hand covering the injured area as he backed off, self-preservation momentarily breaking through his haze of lust.

Whirling on his soldier, Homura shoved him down, pinning his back to the ground and straddling him, one hand closed over his throat.  He eased up on his grip, allowing Zenon some air, and the soldier rose up in another attempt to dislodge his commander, but Homura simply slammed him back down.  The war prince swiped his forearm across his face in an attempt to wipe away some of the dirt but only accomplished smearing it in a muddy streak.  Mismatched eyes scanned the prone god before a slow, lazy smile spread across the war god's face.  One hand pressed against Zenon's chest, holding him down, as Homura rose to his knees.  Reaching back with his other hand, he gripped his soldier's cock, lifting it up and guiding himself down on top of it.  He winced slightly as his unprepared passage was stretched by the invading flesh.

Once he was fully seated, Homura paused, adjusting.  Zenon's hands ran restlessly over his prince's thighs and hips, also adjusting to the heat and constriction of being forced into the other god.  "Fuck, Homura.  Don't" Zenon's objection dwindled away as the war god lifted up and settled back down, grimacing at the tug and pull on the skin of his unlubricated ass.  "Don't want to hurt you, Homura," Zenon whispered, almost contrary to his previous actions. And he was unable to stop himself from arching into the movement.

Homura paused again and looked down at Zenon, sprawled under him.  The slow smile he gave him had a savage touch to it, his eyes bright in anticipation.  "You can't hurt me, Zenon.  Not really," he drawled.  Reaching down, Homura grabbed a fist full of orange hair and dragged the soldier into a half sitting position.  Staring him hard in the eyes, he lifted his chain and deliberately dropped it behind the other god, getting it out of the way.  "Kiss me," he ordered, pulling Zenon's head to his own and devouring the soldier's mouth without waiting for a reply.  As Zenon responded, Homura again began to move.

Homura's cock was trapped between them, smearing both their bellies with his leaking essence.  It could almost be surprising how quickly the urge to kill had been replaced with the urge to fuck.  Watching Zenon massacre the enemy, then come at him drenched in blood made Homura's own blood burn with a need to feel his soldier driving into him with the same uncontrolled ferocity.  He sunk both hands into unruly, spiky hair as he kissed Zenon, then attempted to hold him closer by wrapping one arm around the other's shoulders and burying his face into Zenon's neck, pouring bites and sucking kisses all over the side of Zenon's neck and the top of his shoulder.

Zenon had stopped objecting and grabbed Homura's hips, increasing their pace by moving the heretic's hips faster and harder in his lap.  The sound of the war prince's moans and heavy breathing drowned out all other sound and Zenon was unaware his own voice was making sounds that were driving the war god just as mad.  Homura jerked his head up and managed to grasp Zenon's bottom lip between his teeth and bit down, hard enough to break the skin.  Zenon gave a shocked grunt and tried to jerk back until he felt his lip pulled and held tight between Homura's teeth.  He drew up short, but Homura was already letting up on his bite and was now suckling on his lip, licking and sucking on his blood, savoring its rich flavor.

Zenon fisted a handful of Homura's hair and jerked his head back, tearing his mouth away and shuddering at the surge of adrenaline and lust the pain caused.  The trail of new blood leaking from his lip was lost amongst all the other blood smeared over him.  He swore Homura was going to be the death of him.

Needing more, Homura leaned back, one hand grasping Zenon's shoulder, and he undulated his hips, bringing Zenon's cock even deeper into him.  His head rolling back, he groaned, loud and long as his fingers dug painfully into the muscle of his soldier.  His other hand wrapped around his cock and squeezed, holding off his orgasm as long as he could as Zenon snarled before him.

Homura didn't feel the movement; he only felt the cold earth under his back to tell him that Zenon had rolled them so that Homura now lay under him.  His legs were hoisted over the soldier's shoulders and Homura curled up into himself, Zenon driving wildly into him.  Homura could feel his orgasm continue to build, gaining strength, and he didn't know how long he could hold it off.  He didn't know how long he wanted to hold it off.

Zenon jerked forward, slapping his hand into the blood soaked earth under his prince and his uncovered eye glaring possessively at the god under him.  Homura grinned a challenge back at him, having no breath to voice it.  Growling, Zenon snapped his head down and sank his teeth into Homura's neck, where it joined to his shoulder.  Homura bucked up and shouted.  Zenon would have backed off but for the fact that Homura threw up a hand and grabbed that back of his head, preventing him from moving away from the spot.  So he dug his teeth in deeper and tasted a spurt of the war god's own blood on his tongue.

Homura jerked, a pained cry bursting from his lips.  His body locked up and a burst of energy an eerily familiar energy burst out from the war god, just as a burst of warm cum shot out to coat both their bodies.  Zenon rode out his lover's orgasm, waiting until Homura began to settle before he let his own peak wash over him. 

When he was finally able to peel himself away from where he was plastered on top of his prince, he looked around.  The grass and shrubs that had survived the battle were flattened out in a seventy-five foot radius, radiating out from them.  The bodies of the youkai were gone.

Yes, one day, Homura was going to be the death of him.


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