Title: A Learning Experience
Chapter: Five- A Good Book Is the Best of Friends
Pairings: Hakkai/Gojyo
Rating: NC-17
Status - Complete
Betas: Ditch Gospel and Rroselavy

Disclaimer:  Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya.  'The Joy of Gay Sex' is authored by Dr. Charles Silverstein and Felice Picano.


Chapter Five - A Good Book is The Best of Friends


Gojyo couldn't keep the amused smile from his face as he walked into the laundromat.  He could hear the small group of people gathered outside the door to the facility, gossiping about the recent robbery at the bookstore.  He just couldn't believe Hakkai had actually stolen those books.  He was torn between sympathy for Hakkai over finding himself in such an embarrassing situation, and tickled amusement over the thought of the polite, unassuming man finding himself in such an embarrassing situation.  He chuckled as he scanned the interior of the building, looking for the dryers Hakkai said should have their clothes.

He spotted the duffle bags they used on a table by the last three dryers at the back of the room.  Walking over, he noticed a couple of young girls sitting on the floor under the table playing some game involving a small ball and a handful of thin sticks.  They looked up at him as he approached and he gave them his best charming grin.

The dryers were done so he opened the first one and pulled out the warm clothes inside.  As he turned back to the table to dump them, he came face to face with the two girls who had been under the table but were now standing, facing him with identical frowns on their faces.

He blinked at them and side stepped, maintaining his smile.  "Good morning to you, ladies.  Are you here with your mother?"  Since old habits died hard, his eyes did a quick scan of the room but didn't see anyone except himself and his two companions - no young attractive mother.  He dropped his armload onto the surface of the table and opened the first duffle.


Gojyo swung around and stumbled away from the suddenly screaming kids, his head whipping around to find the source of their cries.

A young woman with a young boy hanging onto her skirt ran into the Laundromat, her eyes frantically locking onto the two girls.  The girls went running to the woman, their fingers pointing back towards Gojyo, "Mom!  This guy is stealing that man's clothes!"

"Wha- huh?"  Gojyo took another step back.

The mother took one look at him and turned to her son, "Run and get Officer Li, Shen!  Quickly!"  Eyes wide, the boy sprinted out the door.

"Wha- huh?"

"Girls, stay behind me," the woman ordered, glaring menacingly at Gojyo.  A couple of the town's men came into the facility and quickly gathered protectively around her.  One man, an older burly guy, approached Gojyo.

Gojyo held up his hands and stepped away from the duffel bags.  "Look.  You people have the wrong idea."

"Well, how 'bout you take a seat and we'll just see what Officer Li has to say."  Burly planted himself right in front of Gojyo, attempting to stare him down. 

Gojyo stood his ground and stared right back.  "I'm not a thief."

Burly also stood there, staring hard at the half-breed.  "We'll let the law decide that, won't we, punk?"

"Punk?"  Gojyo hadn't been a punk since he'd turned legal, and he took exception to being called one now.  He stepped closer to Burly and the two men stood nose-to-nose, staring daggers into each others eyes.  The sound of the door opening again failed to break the staring match.

"That's him over there, Officer Li.  The redhead."  A boy's voice directed the newcomer to Gojyo and the hanyou slowly relaxed his stance but still waited for Burly to look away before he did.  Burly slowly slid his eyes away and Gojyo did the same, his eyes finally centering on the lawman.

"I'm not causing any trouble," Gojyo stated.

"Is that so?" was the answer Officer Li gave.  He was a small man, slim in build, with thin mustaches just at the corners of his mouth.  He gazed up at Gojyo and frowned, standing straighter as if to make himself taller than he was.  "Witnesses claim you are attempting to steal laundry that belongs to another man."

"Well, I'm not."

"Yes, he is!"  The voices of the little girls once again rose in unison before the older of the two stepped forward.  'Those clothes belong to some other man.  He had to leave and asked we keep an eye on his stuff."

"Yeah!" her sister piped up.

"That's correct, Officer Li.  My daughters are telling the truth.  It was a different man who was here earlier with this laundry."  The mother donated her statement, also.  Gojyo decided he wouldn't have been interested in dating her in any case - even if he wasn't currently starting a relationship with Hakkai.

"Now look, I know the man you're talking about.  He was here doing laundry but had to return to our rooms because he was … uh … was feeling ill."  Gojyo hoped the hesitation over his lie was overlooked.  "He asked me to come and collect them when they were done.  Look.  These are some of my clothes.  Look!"  He pointed to his vest and pants, then pulled an exact match to them from the pile of clothes on the table.  Then another match, thanking the gods he'd happened to grab the load with his stuff first.

The door to the Laundromat opened, announcing the arrival of another man.  From the excited jabbering the crowd was making, Gojyo realized this must be the owner of the bookstore Hakkai had been at.

Everyone with the exception of Gojyo converged on the man, all of them yammering at the same time.  Officer Li pushed his way through the small crowd to face the owner of the bookstore as Gojyo stood impatiently off to the side, his arms crossed.  "Thank you for taking time to come here, Luan-san.  In lieu of your recent tragic attack-"

Tragic attack? Gojyo thought to himself.

"-where you managed to get a good look at your grave assailant."


"So I ask of you now, is this man here the same that ravaged your humble establishment?"


Gojyo was appalled at the way Hakkai's activities were being described.  There was no attack or ravaging!  Hakkai wasn't some assailant!   Gojyo realized his stance was becoming more and more aggressive as the officer continued and he forced himself to relax, reminded that he couldn't give away any indication that he knew anything about the theft or he would endanger Hakkai.

And now everyone was looking at him.

He tried to look as innocent and bored as possible.

The bookseller, Luan-san, took one look at him and shook his head.  "That's not him.  The man who robbed my store was unassuming, not so colorful in looks. I would know at a glance if this was the man, and it's not."

Gojyo stood straighter and couldn't help the bit of preen at being called colorful.  There was a reason why the ladies always flocked to him; he was attractive, after all.

The bookseller left and Officer Li strode back over to Gojyo, seeming disappointed that he hadn't been able to nab the so-called ravaging assailant.  "It appears that you are not the villain we are currently searching for.  And as it seems that some of the clothing contained here does belong to you, you are free to go about your business."

Gojyo simply grunted and turned to the piles of clothes, finally able to gather up the party's laundry as the crowd dispersed.  Watching as the last of the gawkers left, he caught sight of Sanzo just inside the door, smirking at him.  Gojyo's jaw dropped and he actually felt his eyes pop.  "Dammit, monk!  How long have you been standing here?"

Sanzo's hands were tucked inside his robes, his arms crossed in front of himself, and was leaning comfortably against the inside wall next to the vending machine.  "Long enough to have fun at your expense."

"Oh, I see.  You were enjoying yourself too much to step in and vouch for me.  What would have happened if they'd arrested me, huh?"

"I'm sure our mission would be far more peaceful without your annoying self."  The blond uncrossed his arms, showing a pack of cigarettes in one hand as he proceeded to tap one out.  "Where's Hakkai?"

"He's back at the inn.  I told him I'd collect our clothes.  You gonna help?"

Sanzo gave him a look that said Gojyo was an idiot to even ask and walked out the door.

"Fuckin' prick," Gojyo grumbled to himself.  Opening the last dryer he reached in and pulled out the bulk of Sanzo's extra robes.  A vindictive smile on his face, Gojyo took great care in bunching the heavy fabric into as tight a wrinkled ball as he could, even tying in a few knots, before cramming them into Sanzo's duffle.


Hakkai chose one of the books he'd brought back to the inn and made himself comfortable after Gojyo left to collect their clothes, sitting in bed with his shoes off and propped against the headboard.  He felt warm, thinking about sleeping here with Gojyo last night.  He crossed his ankles and looked at his new book, 'The Joy of Gay Sex'.

The front cover, showing a photograph of two men kissing in diffused brown and white, dominated most of the book jacket.  The claim, 'The bestselling guide for gay men' was printed at the top.

'Gay men'.  Was he gay now?  He hadn't met any women who'd re-sparked his interest in any sort of relationship – even casual ones.  He felt something for Yaone, but that was no more than a strange sense of friendship and – even stranger – camaraderie.  But he wasn't really attracted to any men, other than Gojyo, either.  Gojyo was different.  Gojyo was special.  Gojyo was everything.

And Gojyo was sexy as hell.

Sexy as hell.  He smiled impishly as he thought of himself thinking thoughts that he imagined Gojyo probably thought.

He turned the book over to read the back cover.  He'd read it earlier, of course, at the bookstore, but still re-read it.  He frowned briefly at the memory of the store owner trying to keep him from Gojyo's gift, then felt immediately better as he realized that, not only did he get that book back, but that he'd also acquired several other books, too.  Including this one.  He felt fully justified in his actions.  He centered his thoughts on the book in his hands.

'Fully revised, expanded, and newly illustrated'.  He smiled again as he remembered Gojyo being caught up in the illustrations earlier.  He wondered what he had seen that caught his eye – Hakkai hadn't looked inside the book at all yet, so now he flipped through the pages.

He hoped the books were helpful.  It was strange, how he felt split between intense excitement at the thought of having full-blown intercourse with Gojyo, to stomach clenching fear at what could be a very painful experience.  Especially after this morning's failed attempt.  What if they actually managed to do it and –

Oh!  Look at that!

He had just opened the book to one of the illustrations.  After staring for a quick second, he cut his eyes away, embarrassed.  He could feel his face warm and knew he was flushed.  He hated how he could so easily become nonplussed when it came to sex.  Sighing, he deliberately looked back at the illustration and studied it.

Two men were depicted with one of them on his back.  His knees were drawn up to his chest, his feet in the air.  The other man looked like he was helping to balance the man on his back, his one hand gripping his ankle.  His other hand was gripping the man's … ah … sex while he was … um … doing him.

No, no, no.  That's not how Gojyo would voice it.  He would say something like … um … The one guy was flat on his back getting … um …fucked (yes, Gojyo would definitely say 'fucked') by that other guy.  And the other guy was … ah … fucking? pounding? pumping? Yes, pumping into him as he jerked him off at the same time. 

Satisfied that he'd managed to think along the lines Gojyo would, Hakkai flipped forward to the table of contents, shifting slightly as his body reacted to the illustration and his thoughts.  He wondered where he should start.  The list of chapters was long, a couple of pages worth.  Usually he would start at the beginning and just read on from there, but he felt a bit rushed.  He wanted to be able to offer something to Gojyo – who Hakkai thought to be way more experienced than him – and he only had a few hours to educate himself.

He spotted a chapter titled 'First Time' and he decided to start there.  Resting comfortably on the bed, he began to read.


Gojyo returned to their inn and distributed the duffels, now filled with clean clothes, to the respective rooms of the ikkou and popped in to chat with Hakkai when he brought him his share of the clothes.  He found him reading one of his stolen books.

"You didn't tell me you had set the midget brigade to guard over our stuff," Gojyo accused.

"What do you mean?" Hakkai asked, placing the book on the bed next to him.

Gojyo explained the events that had occurred earlier, his voice growing affronted on Hakkai's behalf as he told of Officer Li's assessment of his friend, then irritated as he told of Sanzo just standing by, watching.  His irritation changed to consternation as the quiet chuckles issuing from Hakkai floated through the room.  Taking an aggrieved expression, he muttered, "I don't see what's so funny about it.  I could have been arrested!  For doing nothing wrong!  Unlike you, you sneaky thief."

Still chuckling, Hakkai stood and walked up, embracing Gojyo.  "Not very sneaky, since I was seen."

"Well, true," Gojyo conceded, wrapping his arms around his friend.

"We make quite the pair," Hakkai giggled, rubbing his nose along Gojyo's collarbone.

Gojyo tightened his arms, a slow smile brightening his face.  "That we do," he agreed, kissing the brunet as his hands wandered along the shorter form in his arms.  His eyes lit on the book, lying open but face down on the bed.  "What have you been reading?"  He could see the title, 'The Joy of Gay Sex'.

"Um … uh … stuff," Hakkai answered, trying to turn Gojyo away from the bed.

"I want to see," Gojyo insisted, resisting the move.

"Gojyo…" Hakkai objected.  Gojyo could see Hakkai was becoming all flustered.  Embarrassed even.  He loved how his friend's face would flush with color and try to cover up the fact that he was embarrassed, but the green-eyed man refused to let him see what he was reading, actually stuffing the book under the mattress of the bed and holding Gojyo off from grabbing it out.

Gojyo really did tend to forget just how strong the human-made-demon really was.

Pouting, he conceded defeat and left Hakkai to his studying, promising to return later.

As there was over an hour or so until dinner, Gojyo wandered the town, picking up bits of gossip along with news about the bookstore robbery.  Each time he heard it, the act became more violent and tragic; the perpetrator had stolen the man's life savings, the perpetrator had wrecked the place, there was a gang of men who had terrorized several shops, the bookseller had been beaten to a pulp and was currently in a coma.

Gojyo eventually became disgusted with the gossip and headed back to the inn, just in time for dinner.  Sanzo and Goku were already seated so Gojyo joined them.

"Where's Hakkai?" Gojyo asked as he sat down at the table.

"I'm not sure if he'll be down," Goku answered.  "We've just ordered.  Hopefully the food will be here soon."  The youth twisted in his chair to stare towards the doorway that must lead to the kitchen, eager for the meal.

Gojyo blinked, wondering if Hakkai was still poring over those books.  A stir of anticipation rolled through his belly and he was tempted to skip dinner himself, wanting to go up and join his lover.  A smile curved his mouth as he thought the phrase.

His lover.

Hakkai was his lover.  Or, at least, soon will be.  As soon as tonight.  Perhaps he didn't need to eat dinner first.  In fact, he wasn't even feeling hungry, at least not for food.  And he wanted to look through those books, too.

"Hey, Sprite!  What's up?  Are you sleeping with your eyes open?"

Goku's voice broke through his thoughts and he turned his head, seeing the saru gazing at him, his eyes impossibly large.  And full of mirthful curiosity.

"No, I'm not sleeping, bakazaru!  You're the only one who sleeps with his eyes open."

"I do not!  Never once do I remember sleeping with my eyes open!"

"Like you would remember such a thing!  You'd be sleeping at the time, idiot!"  Gojyo bonked him on the head, only to have a paper fan smack his own head.


"Stop hitting people.  It's rude."  Sanzo conveniently ignored the fact he had just been rude himself as he tucked the fan back up his sleeve. 

"What the hell?"


Scowling at the other two, Gojyo stood up from his chair.  "I think Hakkai has the right idea of getting some rest.  I'll go eat in my room."  Ignoring Goku's declaration of 'all the more for me' and Sanzo's 'just be ready to leave first thing in the morning', Gojyo stalked over to the kitchen area and managed to sweet talk some dinner for both himself and Hakkai.

Carrying the parcels up the stairs to Hakkai's room, he knocked on the door.  "Hakkai, it's me."  He waited for a few seconds then knocked again when he received no answer.  Frowning, he debated whether he should just go on in, but turning the doorknob, he found it locked.  Kneeling on the floor, he set the food down next to him and examined the lock.  The door handle was one of the old fashioned kind that needed a regular key to unlock.  Fishing around in his jacket, he searched for something to use as a lock pick, but besides a few coins, his cigarettes, and his lighter, he had nothing on him.  Frustrated, he pressed his ear to the door, seeing if there was anything he could hear.

It was quiet at first, but then he thought he could perhaps hear someone moving around, followed by the distinct sound of the lock being turned.  Before he had a chance to stand up, the door swung open, showing Hakkai in a robe and wet hair.  A flash of that first night, not so long ago, when he'd first told Hakkai of his desire, flashed through his mind and he just knelt on the floor with a goofy smile on his face.

"Gojyo!"  Hakkai exclaimed, surprised.  "What are you doing?"  His eyes narrowed playfully and he tried to frown at his friend.  "Were you trying to spy on me through the keyhole?"

"Well, that depends.  Would I have seen anything good?"

"Ah ha ha ha.  Not right now, no."  He pulled the door completely open and motioned for Gojyo to get to his feet and enter.

Gojyo gathered up the parcels of food and scrambled inside, taking note of how Hakkai relocked the door after him.  Placing the containers on the table, he asked, "What would I have seen if I'd come sooner?"  All sorts of possible scenarios chased each other around in his mind, each one hotter then the previous ones.

Perhaps the food would still taste ok if they were to eat it later, cold.

Turning back to his friend and lover, Gojyo caught another one of those adorable blushes adorning Hakkai's face.  Grinning, he strode up to the man and enveloped him in a hug.  "You don't need to be embarrassed with me, Hakkai.  As attractive as it looks on you, I don't want you to feel self-conscious."

"Ah ha ha ha."  Hakkai tried to act nonchalant like Gojyo, but he just couldn't pull it off.  He leaned into the larger man and buried his face in his long hair.

"I've brought you something to eat," Gojyo murmured in Hakkai's hair.  "Are you hungry?"

"Starved," Hakkai replied, placing kisses along Gojyo's jaw and throat.  "Tastes delicious, thank you."

This wasn't what Gojyo meant, but the redhead liked this idea and let Hakkai have free rein.  At the first tug on his shirt, Gojyo also began pulling at Hakkai's tunic, spreading his own kisses on bared flesh as more skin became available.

Yes, the food could definitely wait.

Neither man was in any particular hurry, savoring the experience of bare skin on each other.   They took their time in touching, kissing, and exploring each other's bodies. They whispered endearments to each other, encouragement, and pleasure.

Eventually, Gojyo pulled Hakkai with him to the bed and he crawled back to lie on the blankets, slightly rumpled from Hakkai reclining on the bed earlier.

Hakkai crawled up his body, pausing now and then to swipe his tongue or nip his teeth over some tempting part of Gojyo, until he'd sprawled himself over the redhead.  Breathing hot air into Gojyo's ear, Hakkai whispered, "I want you."

Gojyo ran his hands up and down Hakkai's back, his fingertips lightly prowling along his skin and fingering the nubs of his spine.  "That so?  Then I'm yours."

"Yes.  You are."  Hakkai ran just the tip of his tongue slowly along the outside curve of Gojyo's ear, picking up strands of red hair – like spun rubies – as he went along.  He heard Gojyo's soft, shuddering breath flutter past his ear and he smiled, pressing his erection firmly into Gojyo's abdomen.  Gojyo lifted his hips, pressing back.

"You were missed at dinner.  Were you reading your books?"

"Yes, I was."  Hakkai felt a pair of large hands cup his ass and he was pressed even harder into Gojyo.  As the hands relaxed, they caressed the rounded globes they held, trailing up to the waist of his pants then and down to his upper thighs.  He parted his legs further to allow for exploring fingers.  "They were very informative."

"Your informative, stolen, sex books."

Hakkai smiled again, sheepish but not in any way remorseful.  He lifted his head and rested his forehead against Gojyo's, gazing into his lover's garnet-red eyes.  "Yes.  My sex books."

"With illustrations."

"Illustrations of sex."

"Man sex."

"Lots of man sex."

"Between men."

"Just men." 

They were whispering their words a hair's breadth from each other's mouths and Hakkai pressed down in an attempt to touch their lips, but Gojyo turned his head just enough so Hakkai kissed his cheek instead.  "Gojyo," Hakkai pleaded, "kiss me."

"Kiss you?  Is that what you want?" Gojyo teased.

"Yes.  Kiss me, Gojyo.  I want to feel you lips on mine."  Hakkai searched out his mouth once again, but Gojyo still eluded him.

"But don't you like this?"

"What do you mean?  You're teasing me."

"Yes, but I'm relishing the kiss, too."

Hakkai gave him a confused look, growing impatient.  "But we're not kissing."

"Not yet.  This is the part before the kiss, before our lips actually touch." Gojyo moved his mouth to brush ever so gently against the skin next to the corner of Hakkai's lips, his breath puffing against the fine hairs there.  "I like to relish the part just before the kiss.  When our mouths are so close, when we know it's about to happen." 


Gojyo could feel the rapid tempo of Hakkai's breath and how his body hardened further with excitement.  "I can almost feel it – taste it," he continued, loving how he was arousing the healer.  "I like that bit to last forever.  Don't you just love to make it last?  Forev-?!"

Hakkai cut Gojyo off by grabbing his head and smashing their lips together, replacing the redhead's words with his tongue.  "Enough!" he gasped, as the two of them broke apart.  "Enough, Gojyo!  I've waited too long already."

A slow sultry grin spread over Gojyo's face, "Then show me what you've learned from your books, Hakkai."

An answering grin appeared on Hakkai's face, a smile only for Gojyo to see, "I will."

Gojyo lifted his head and claimed another kiss.  Hakkai immediately responded, sliding his tongue along Gojyo's, savoring the wet taste of his friend.  He rocked his body against the taller man, rubbing his clothed erection against Gojyo's, loving the heated friction.

Gojyo reached down and cupped his hands over Hakkai's ass, rocking and rubbing the two of them together.  His hips jerked up and Hakkai gasped.  Gojyo caught a look at their shirts, dropped randomly on the floor.  The thought of the normally neat man stripping him and tossing his clothes all over the room was a kinky thrill, and Gojyo moaned at the charge that went through him from Hakkai's abandon.

Hakkai pressed a hand on Gojyo's chest as he leaned down to cover his toned abdomen with open-mouthed kisses, his teeth scraping skin and sucking here and there.  Gojyo sucked in a gasp of breath, his hips jerking up in surprise as a throb pulsed through his cock.

But Hakkai didn't stop with that.

Working his way up, Hakkai followed a line up to Gojyo's sternum, between his ribs, and to the soft skin between his collarbones, again crawling up his body until he was sitting astride him.  He sat back, his bum sitting squarely over the hard ridge of Gojyo's erection – a place Gojyo was quite happy for Hakkai's bum to be.  The healer gave him a burning look before pressing both his palms against Gojyo's stomach and sliding them over his chest.

"I'm pretty worked up, Gojyo.  I can hardly believe we're actually going to do this," Hakkai declared.  The smile he gave his friend had a feral touch to it.

"I can see that.  I think I need to have a look at those books myself, as soon as possible," Gojyo replied.

"Yes, Gojyo, but not right now."

"No.  Not right now.  Right now, I want you to keep doing what you're doing."  Gojyo was in heaven.  Seeing Hakkai so unhindered from his normal mask of geniality - actually showing true emotion - was almost as arousing as having him sitting so comfortably on his cock.

He wished that their pants were where their shirts were right now – on the floor and not on them.  Hakkai seemed to agree.

Hakkai leaned over when he dragged the palms of his hand back down Gojyo's chest, sliding his open mouth along Gojyo's collarbone, his tongue leaving a moist trail in his wake.  Gojyo arched up slightly, undulating his whole body as Hakkai proceeded to get him also quite worked up, not that he wasn't already.  By the time hands reached the waistband of Gojyo's jeans, the pants had become unbearably tight.  He sucked his stomach in to make it easier for the button to be slipped through its hole.

Hakkai's lips had reached Gojyo's nipples, but Gojyo was barely paying attention to anything other than the healer's hands as they were carefully lowering his zipper.  The sharp bite of teeth quickly reminded him that Hakkai was doing more than just torturing him with the slow opening of his remaining garment and Gojyo sucked in another harsh breath.

Gojyo's hands had been resting idle on Hakkai's hips, but now he decided he wanted to get the other man out of his pants, too.  However, by the time he moved out to release Hakkai from his own confinement, Hakkai's hips had slid out of reach as the man moved farther down Gojyo's body.  Having reached the edge of the mattress, Hakkai slipped down off the bed to kneel onto the floor.

Gojyo lifted his head to look at his friend.  Hakkai's hands were still at his open zipper and were slowly pulling the opened fabric apart, revealing the hardened ridge of flesh that showed part of Gojyo's cock.

"Not wearing boxers, Gojyo?" Hakkai asked, considering.  "Isn't that uncomfortable against your skin?  I'd think you would chafe."

"It was fine until the last few minutes," Gojyo answered.  "It feels kinky otherwise.  You should try it sometime."  Gojyo usually liked to go commando.  He liked to do it as a way to give himself a thrill, feeling his bare flesh rubbing on the inside of his trousers without proper under clothes and knowing no one was the wiser except him.  He suspected Hakkai could get off on the same feeling.

Hakkai simply smiled at him, an enigmatic grin that made Gojyo harder than he already was.

Gojyo expected Hakkai to finish removing his pants, fully exposing his dick, but the man left him only partially open with his body begging to be touched more.  Hakkai lifted one of Gojyo's feet and began removing his boot.  Gojyo blinked, a feeling of being denied only slightly pacified by the knowledge that the removal of his boots was pretty necessary in order to remove his pants.  He leaned up on his elbows to watch Hakkai.  Gojyo had had several people kneel before him to undress him, but Hakkai was by far the sexiest.  His heart was threatening to beat itself right out of his chest.

Before long, Gojyo was naked and Hakkai crawled back up to lay full length along him, still wearing his trousers, and rubbed himself against him.

"Ah, Hakkai?"  Gojyo ventured.


"You still have pants on."

"Yes, Gojyo."


"I thought you liked to feel fabric rubbing against you.  Didn't you say it felt 'kinky'?

It did feel kinky.  But it also made him feel vulnerable, exposed.  Almost submissive.  He wasn't sure how he felt about that.  He always thought of himself being the one in control, rather than the other way around.  After all, wasn't he the more experienced one here?  But this was Hakkai.  Anything with Hakkai would be all right. 


Yes.  Of course it would be alright.


And right now he wanted to feel skin on skin.  "As you said before, haven't we waited long enough?"  Gojyo ran his hands over Hakkai's bared chest, mapping his muscles.  "We've played long enough for now."

Hakkai took a pause from rubbing himself against Gojyo, staring down at his friend and new lover.  After a moment he smiled.  "Yes, Gojyo.  We've played long enough."  With that, he stood and removed the rest of his clothes, the hesitant and bashful motions of their earlier times gone.  Again, Gojyo vowed to get his hands on those books Hakkai had been reading.  His cock throbbed in anticipation of finally sinking into the healer.

Hakkai reached over to his bag and pulled out a tube of what appeared to be lubricant and carried it with him to the bed.  Gojyo saw that the tube looked as if it may have been used once already and he smiled, thoughts of what Hakkai may have been doing with it flooding his mind.

"I wouldn't hurt you, Gojyo.  I trust you will tell me if I do anything wrong."

Gojyo blinked.  Huh?  Oh.  Oh!  Hakkai meant to…  His ardor dimmed somewhat when he realized Hakkai meant to top, and apprehension swept through him.  This wasn't the way he had fantasized their love making to go.  But then he thought that he would rather suffer any discomfort than inflict it.  If he got off on this, perhaps Hakkai would let him top next time and he could do the same for his green-eyed lover.  He tried to concentrate on what Hakkai was doing as he swept over his body, sucking and biting his nipples, the line of his rib cage (which tickled slightly), his abdomen, and finally getting to the head of his cock.  By now, most of the apprehension had faded, to be replaced by expectation over what he hoped was a blow job.

And it was.

Hakkai palmed Gojyo's cock and started at the bottom, closing his mouth over the rounded base and sucking on the root.  Gojyo gasped and writhed, moaning low in his throat.  Hakkai's lips turned up at the sound as he slowly sucked his way up the length.  When he reached the head, he swiped his tongue over it, collecting some of the pre-cum leaking there and eliciting another gasp from the redhead.  Hakkai paused a moment, rubbing his tongue against the roof of his mouth, deciding if he liked the taste.

It was slightly bitter, but no worse than some of the alcohol he'd drunk.  And he decided he could get quite used to it.

Wrapping his mouth around the head, he hollowed his cheeks and sucked more as he coated his fingers with the lube.  Reaching one hand down, he touched Gojyo's opening, noticing how the area around it seemed to create a hollow, drawing him to it.  The skin was puckered and he circled his finger around, bobbing his head at the same time in an attempt to keep Gojyo distracted, but the redhead still tensed slightly, before stilling and relaxing.  Being as gentle as he could, he sank a finger in.

He'd tried this on himself while in the shower, and he'd found it uncomfortable at first, just as he did when Gojyo had done it to him before, but he remembered that he quickly adjusted and he hoped his friend would, too.

Sure enough, Gojyo's muscles stopped clenching around him and he was able to move about easier.  His finger found that spot, that area that was supposed to give such pleasure, and he watched Gojyo's face as he rubbed over it.  Dazed pleasure spread over his lover's face, replacing the discomfort that was shown before.

"This is your prostate, Gojyo.  It's a pleasure point for men hidden within their bodies.  In fact, it's supposed to be very healthful to have it massaged regularly."  He demonstrated by pressing his finger against it.  Gojyo moaned and relaxed further.  Much better.  "If I can hit that with my, umm, ah –.  When we're … umm-"

"When we're actually doing it.  I get the picture, Hakkai," Gojyo interrupted him, put further at ease at hearing some of the trepidation return to Hakkai.  He smiled to let Hakkai know he didn't mean anything bad by his statement.

Hakkai smiled back and carefully introduced a second finger, feeling Gojyo tense up once again.  But this time, he relaxed quicker and even moved slightly on his hand.  The muscles encasing his fingers were strong and tight, and didn't want to give, but Hakkai was patient.  He wasn't about to rush this.

Dipping his head down, he mouthed at one side of the sac containing Gojyo's balls.  He had to suck on it to get it in, and even then he had to open wide and suck hard.  Suddenly, one nut popped into his mouth and Gojyo jumped.  Hakkai nearly spat the thing out, afraid he had hurt Gojyo, until he heard the redhead's words.  "Fuck, Hakkai!  Oh, fuck!  You're going to make me cum doing that."

Hakkai released Gojyo's ball from his mouth and eased up on the massaging he was doing to his prostate, not wanting Gojyo to cum yet.  He wanted to be encased within him when that time came. 

Gojyo wiggled at the disruption and Hakkai soothed him by again running sucking kisses up the underside of his cock.  At the tip, he ran the pointed end of his tongue along the slit and probed at the tiny hole.  Gojyo growled and Hakkai spared a glance up to see Gojyo had his head lifted up and was watching him, an awed look on his face.  Hakkai smiled up at him then opened up to take the shaft into his mouth as he spread his two fingers inside Gojyo apart, stretching him.

Gojyo was too entranced to pay much attention to what Hakkai was doing, so Hakkai added a third finger and tried stretching him further.  He eased up when a wince marred his friend's face, concern once again giving Hakkai pause.  But the grimace softened and Gojyo wiggled some more, indicating he wanted more, so Hakkai continued.

He wanted to take Gojyo as deep into his throat as he could, but each time he tried, he threatened to gag.  Gojyo didn't seem to notice Hakkai's efforts, as he was soon pawing at Hakkai's hair and shoulders, urging him up, "Hakkai.  Hakkai.  Now, do it now," so Hakkai left off what he was doing and rose up over his friend.

"Roll over, Gojyo," Hakkai instructed.  There was still some trepidation in Gojyo's eyes, put he complied.  Hakkai spread Gojyo's legs far enough apart to kneel between them.  He couldn't help but notice how the man's legs were so much larger than a woman's were; heavier, hairier, and even larger around than his own.  He pressed his cheek tight between Gojyo's shoulder blades, breathing in the scent of his hair and nearly overwhelmed at the feeling of intimacy and love he was experiencing.  He'd never thought he would feel such things again.

But he refused to let himself think too deeply about that.  Right now, he wanted all his attention centered on Gojyo and his reactions to what he was doing to him.  He let himself settle over his friend's larger form and whispered soft words meant to calm and reassure the redhead.  The length of his cock was pressed against the rounded globes of Gojyo's ass and Hakkai shifted so it nestled between the cheeks.  His heart was racing, and as much as he was trying to calm Gojyo, he was trying just as hard to calm himself.

Placing a kiss on the back of Gojyo's neck, Hakkai lifted up enough to position himself.  He rubbed the head of his cock over the indented opening of Gojyo's ass and was about to press in when he the thought that he may need more lubrication stopped him.

"Forgive me, Gojyo," he murmured as he leaned over to snatch up the tube.  "Almost forgot this."  Red eyes watched him as he pressed a line of the clear lube onto his fingers, the gaze spreading liquid fire through Hakkai's veins.  He spread the gel over his erection, unaware of the fierce gaze he sent back at Gojyo.  Resuming his former position, he placed himself and pressed.

There was resistance.  Hakkai had thought he had prepared Gojyo enough, but perhaps he was wrong.  Was Gojyo tightening back up again?  He pressed again, and with a sudden pop, he sank in past the ring of muscles around Gojyo's entrance.

He was in.  Hakkai exerted an impressive amount of control in holding himself still and not letting his body take over in its lusts.  But GODS he wanted to move.  It was so tight and hot, and the fluttering constrictions of Gojyo's muscles as the redhead adjusted to him threatened to make him lose it right then and there.  He forced himself to hold still and wait, panting and shivering.

He waited.

And waited.

 "Hakkai?"  Gojyo's hips shifted slightly.

"No!" Hakkai gasped.  "Don't move!  Don't move."  It was bad enough that he had lost control enough to cum unexpectedly while Gojyo was giving him head, he didn't want the same thing to happen now, now that they were finally consummating their relationship.

He breathed slowly and reached around to wrap his hand around Gojyo's cock, feeling that it had again lost some of its hardness.  He knew that it must be extremely uncomfortable for Gojyo at the moment.  But unless what he had read wasn't true, it should get better once Gojyo adjusts. 

And he needed this to be good for Gojyo.  Gojyo's pleasure took precedence over his own.

So Hakkai forced himself to relax as best as he could and began stroking Gojyo's flagging erection.  The strong muscles clamping down on him slowly began to loosen further, and before long the cock in his hand began to harden once again.  Gojyo began squirming, moving his butt in a way that had Hakkai gasping.

"Gojyo?" he gasped.  "Is it alright?"

"Yeah," Gojyo muttered back.  "It's better now.  I think … I think you can move now.  If … if you want."

If I want? Hakkai thought to himself.  Hell yes, I want!  He had managed to calm himself down enough to where he thought he could hold himself off, so he slowly … carefully … gently … started to move.

He almost had to stop again, the friction caused by sliding in and out of Gojyo nearly undoing him so he took a steadying breath and kept a careful pace.  As much as Hakkai wanted to just get lost in the feelings, he forced himself to remember what he had read.  He had to aim for that area. That spot.

But it was difficult to think.

Gojyo was moving against him, moaning and writhing.  Did he have the right angle?  He hoped so as now he couldn't change what he was doing.  Pleasure bombarded him.  Pleasure so great it obliterated everything else.  His body was moving on its own, reaching, striving, hungering for that perfect nirvana.  He clutched Gojyo close to him, needing the physical contact.

He hoped Gojyo wouldn't be disappointed.  He'd tried to contain himself.  To hold off.


This was the world.  Everything that was promised with meditation and prayer.  Right here within his grasp, all he had to do was reach out.  Reach out and take hold of it.

He cried out, his voice in perfect harmony with the tenor of Gojyo's cry, the two of them shuddering together.

Later, as they lay snuggled against each other, Gojyo commented, "Those must have been some pretty good books you stole."

"A famous man once said, 'A good book is the best of friends,'" Hakkai responded, smiling and curling comfortably around his lover.

"Oh, yeah?" Gojyo replied.  "A better best friend than me?"

"Never, Gojyo.  Not in over five hundred years."




Seething, Sanzo ran his hand down the front of his robes, trying to smooth the wrinkled creases out, but they stubbornly sprung right back.  Goddamn kappa.  I'm shooting his fucking antenna off the next time I see him.  Resigned, he wrapped the horrendously wrinkled fabric around himself and tied his sash around his waist.  There wasn't much he could do about the wrinkles now.  Grumbling under his breath, he grabbed up his last pack of cigarettes only to find it empty.

SonofaBITCH!  Disgusted, Sanzo crumpled the empty pack and tossed it in the wastebasket.  He'd forgotten he'd finished his last smoke.  Huffing, he seethed further.

Walking to the window, he looked out at the three idiots he had to travel with.  Reassured that they were all there, he picked up Gojyo's duffle.   The kappa maybe smoked horrid tasting cigs but they were better than nothing.  Determined, he opened the duffle and did a quick search, deciding that not only was he going to steal a cigarette from the sprite, he was going to throw out all the rest of the long-haired idiot's smokes just out of spite.

Surprised, his hand closed over what felt like a book and, curious, he pulled it out.  What the hell?  He found his eyes widening in shock as he read the title.  What the HELL?  After giving a quick, furtive look around to make sure he was alone, he slowly opened the cover and started to read….


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