Author: Car Jack

Title: A Learning Experience
Chapter: 3 - Daijoobu Desu Ka
Pairings: Hakkai/Gojyo
Rating: NC-17
Status: In Progress

Disclosure: Do I own these dudes? Not on your life!

Daijoobu Desu Ka?

Dinner was its normal chaotic brawl with Gojyo and Goku fighting over food and Sanzo laying about with his fan and yelling at the two. Hakkai laughed and mediated and apologized (this last part to the waitresses and other customers). Before long, all the food was gone and the last of the tea and coffee were being poured.

"Sanzo," Hakkai's quiet voice broke the momentary peace as the group basked in the afterglow of a good meal. "Would it be alright if we stayed an extra day? It would give us a chance to do laundry and gather supplies, let alone a bit of rest. We had no chance to wash our clothes at the last place and we needed it then."

Sanzo huffed, "We have a mission to complete. The sooner we get it done, the sooner we can return home. Stopping at every town with a laundry mat does not hurry things along."

"Sanzo, I'm on my last set of clean clothes. I'm sure the rest of us are just as bad or worse," a side look to Goku who tried to cover the new duck sauce stain on his shirt with his hand.

"Obviously, hoshi sama seems to think his shit, I mean his clothes, don't stink." Leaning forward to throw a smirk at the blonde across from him, Gojyo gave his two cents, "Believe me, Sanzo. It, and they, do."

Narrowed and cold, the priest's eyes bored into the halfbreed. "I could shoot you another asshole so all the shit you're full of could get out all the easier. It might help you smell better."

"Maa, maa," Hakkai interceded between the two men. "We all need to refresh ourselves. Please, Sanzo allow me go to the laundry tomorrow. Afterward, I could gather supplies. I believe the next town shown on the map will take several days to reach." Lifting his cup, he drained the last of his tea.

"Ch'. Fine. One day. Early the next morning we're on the road. And don't draw unwanted attention!" This last was directed straight at Gojyo.

"Hey, can I help it if all the beautiful ladies just naturally flock to me?"

"Ha ha ha! As if!" Goku seemed to think this would be a good place to join in, "It's not as if you've gotten any lately. You losing your touch?"

"What did you say?" Gojyo swung around to face the idiot money. "Baka saru!"

Whatever Goku was going to say in retort was cut off from Hakkai again interceding, "Why not order desert, Goku? I'm sure you're not yet full."

"Don't encourage him, Hakkai. He eats enough as it is." Sanzo's eyes slid over to Hakkai, unreadable. Goku was already waving to the waitress to place his order for desert and she tentatively walked over, not able to believe she would have to bring even more food to this table.

"It will keep him happy and occupied. Shall we go check out the bar the inn also offers? We do not need to get up early in the morning, how about we some of the local sake?" Smiling equally towards Sanzo and Gojyo, Hakkai looked expectantly eager.

"Ch'," Sanzo stood as the waitress finished writing down Goku's hefty desert order, her eyes saucers. Hakkai quickly stood also and turned to look at Gojyo.

"I've had to look at your faces for too long. As pretty as they are, I'm going looking for something more feminine to drink with." Hakkai felt his smile freeze on his face as the redhead's words until their eyes met. A long lashed lid slowly closed over one ruby eye in a blatant wink. "Don't worry," Gojyo said looking at the monk but Hakkai knew he was talking to him. "I won't 'draw unwanted attention'. My attention is always wanted," he said with a self-confident smile.

Sanzo was already making his way to the bar, "Whatever. Just remember, don't get into trouble. That goes for you too, Saru."

Goku tilted his chair back, rocking on its back legs and grinning in anticipation at the foods to come as the waitress walked away, "You don't have to worry about me, Sanzo. I'm just going to have desert. Gojyo's the one trying to rile all the fathers and husbands. Not that any woman would even want such a pervy cockroach."

Gojyo hooked his foot around one of the balancing chair legs the monkey was rocking on and gave it a jerk, sending the boy to the floor in a noisy crash that almost toppled the table also. "Baka saru!"

By the time Goku had righted himself and regained his feet, Gojyo was gone and Sanzo was sitting up at the bar, Hakkai next to him. Disgruntled, he sat back down at their table but his frown was quickly wiped away as the desert dishes began to arrive.


Balancing the bottles of sake in his arms, Hakkai worked his key into the lock of his room door, surprised at how difficult it was to smuggle the extra cup into his pocket without Sanzo noticing. He at first had worried that the priest would wonder why he was taking several bottles with him instead of one until he remembered there was a time or two he would indulge in several bottles when they would stay over for more than a single evening. And the sake was quite good here.

Perhaps he should have taken more.

Well, he could always run down for another bottle or two before Gojyo returned. Sanzo might not think that odd if he was still down stairs. Or even notice as he seemed inclined to tie one on himself.

However, there was no reason he could think of as to why he would need more than one drinking cup. He shouldered open the door and stepped into the room, immediately spotting a tall sexy redhead sprawled in one of the chairs around the room's table.

"Gojyo! How did you get in? I didn't see you." Hakkai quickly looked back down the hallway to make sure Sanzo hadn't followed behind him to hear his exclamation. Seeing the area thankfully empty, he closed and locked the door behind him, still juggling bottles. "And the door was still locked."

The smile the redhead flashed at him was proud and mischievous, "The window." Gojyo stood to face him as he walked to the table and deposited the bottles in his arms and took the two cups from his pockets. Gojyo's smiles were so enchanting. Hakkai placed the white porcelain cups next to the bottles and stood next to Gojyo, tilting his head back far enough to look him in his devastating eyes.

"The window, hmm? That can't be very secure. Some evil-doer could sneak in and attack me in my sleep." He reached up and trailed his fingers over Gojyo's unmarred cheek, "Or perhaps a pervy water sprite." He could feel Gojyo's fingers sinking into his hair.

"Yes. You must be careful of pervy water sprites." Gojyo dipped his smiling face down very close his own, "They are, after all … pervy." And their lips met in a soft gentle kiss.

It was a mutual exploration. A reintroduction to each other. Slowly, tenderly, their mouths joined and separated, only to join again. Eventually, tongues entered in. Tasting, entwining. Breathing became more strained. Hands clutched at clothes, drawing bodies closer, tighter and hips started to rock against each other. Hungry, restless.

Gojyo pulled away, taking a shuddering breath and he ran his hands over the back and hips of the man in his arms. He could feel lips and a tongue sucking and licking along his jaw and down his throat, where the sharp gentle nips of teeth could be felt. One of his hands reached around and cupped a firm cheek and pressed the hips of his green-eyed youkei firmly to his hips and his quickly thickening sex. Hakkai moaned and pressed harder.

Red eyes fell on a wrinkled paper bag that Gojyo had brought with him and, forcing himself to calm down, he pushed at Hakkai's shoulders to bring a little distance between them and looked down into the inquisitive eyes staring into his own.

"I have something for you," Gojyo said and regretfully disentangled himself from Hakkai's arms as he picked up the bag he had stashed behind the table and handed it to his lover, a … shy? … bashful? … smile on his face and eyes eager - watching - as the bag was carefully taken.

"What's this?" Hakkai held the object in his hands, feeling the shape through the bag while his thoughts were still engaged in the body of his taller companion. The object felt like a book.

Gojyo continued to watch him, his smile growing more playful, "Just something I saw and thought about you. You gonna open it?"

"Oh! Hai." Opening the bag, he reached in and pulled out what he was sure was a book wrapped in cloth. Placing the now empty bag on the table, he slowly unwrapped the cloth to expose the book he felt inside. The cloth quickly joined the discarded bag and he read the hard cover of the book, "'Around the World in Eighty Days' by Jules Verne." He didn't realize how powerful his smile was as he grinned in pleasure at Gojyo. "Oh, Gojyo. This is wonderful! Where did you find this?"

"I found a bookstore open late as I was walking around town. You haven't already read it, have you?" Gojyo's grin threatened to slip his face in two.

"Yes, I have," he missed how the red head lost his smile since he was opening the book and flipping through the pages. "It's a wonderful story. Thank you!"

Gojyo was dejected. He'd already read It? Damn. "You've read it?"

His tone of voice finally brought the other man's eyes up to meet his and Hakkai belatedly realized that Gojyo was less than pleased at the knowledge that the story wasn't new to him, "Oh, Gojyo! It doesn't matter that I've read it before. It's been a long time and I enjoy re-reading books that I love. And this is a very good book." He quickly stepped up to the taller man and kissed him, which went quite far in bringing his smile back. He pulled the red head over to the table, "Come and sit. Let's enjoy a drink. This town's sake is also quite good."

Gojyo slowly dropped back down into the chair he had been waiting in and reached for the first bottle, "Well, if the guy in the book could go around the world in only eighty days, we should be able to get to India in no time, right?" He poured the sake into the drinking cups Hakkai had pulled from his pockets - he wasn't about to ask why he had them stuffed there.

"The story is fictional, Gojyo. Hardly a manual on travel."

"Yea, ok. I can accept that, but it would be nice to finish this trip and get back to a normal life. Don't you miss when it was just us? Without living in the pockets of the monk and monkey, too?" Gojyo had slipped off his boots when he first entered Hakkai's room through the window and now he trailed a toe over the fabric of Hakkai's pants. "Tell me, Hakkai," Gojyo tried his best to be as tactful with his friend as he could, "how experienced are you?"

Hakkai looked at him askance as he picked up his drinking cup, "Experienced? As in sex?"

The redhead couldn't stop the lifting of his mouth's right corner in wry humor any more than he could stop the lewd thoughts about what Hakkai's body would look like in the throws of passion from flooding his mind. "Well, yea. About sex." He tilted his head back drinking down the smooth liquor as he stalled his discussion with his best friend. "I don't want to tread in forbidden ground but I've never known you to seek female companionship." The right corner of his mouth crept up once again, "Or male companionship for that matter."

"Ah, well," Hakkai hesitated in drinking, simply staring at the clear liquid swirling around in its dish as he twirled it around, embarrassed to admit his woefully limited encounters with intimacy. "Well, obviously, there was Kanan," her name only caused a minor rip in his heart as his eyes slid away from Gojyo's, "and, well, before her, there were only a few girls I was with. After – Kanan," after I met you, "I just didn't have much interest in relationships. And, well, as a result, I'm sure you are by far more knowledgeable in the area than I am. But I am aware of the basics."

Hakkai's voice rapidly decreased in volume as he reached the end of his reply and the words just sort of became mashed together as his healer actually mumbled. The last sentence, however, was stated more boldly in defense. Gojyo felt bad about Hakkai being embarrassed but the feeling was overshadowed by watching yet another wash of color flooding the cheeks of the man across from him.

"With all that reading you do, are you saying you've never checked out any porn?" Gojyo refused to believe it.

Hakkai was refilling his cup, "Don't be ridiculous, Gojyo. Of course I've seen porn. You tend to leave it strewn all over the place. One of the first things I remember seeing after waking up at your place three years ago were your girlie magazines." Hakkai was actually a bit surprised at how easy it was to make reference to that time. There was still pain, and he knew the bad times were not over about it, but the ache was becoming bearable. "And beer cans. And dirty dishes. And dirty clothes."

Laughing, Gojyo conceded, "Ok, ok. I realize that you've seen porn. But have you done any of it? I mean besides the basics."

"Oh, well. Umm." Hakkai ran a finger along the edge of the table, as if testing for dust. Running his thumb along the pad of said finger, he looked intently at it, "Uh, well." He was mumbling again.

"No way," red hair falling forward, Gojyo leaned over to try to look into the man's eyes. "Surely oral sex, right?"

The silence and the refusal to look at him had Gojyo's jaw dropping.

"You're kidding," Gojyo's voice perfectly expressed his disbelief. "Never? Not once?"

Hakkai squirmed and refused to look up from the table, "Well, I didn't know how to ask. And besides, it didn't feel like I needed it. Regular sex felt plenty good, how could I miss something I've never had?"

"Yea, maybe, but …" Gojyo's long strands of red hair swayed sinuously as he shook his head, "Never? What about doing it for your lady? Have you never done that either?"

Hakkai could just feel his face burning and he once again wondered if he would need to go get another bottle of sake from downstairs. Or two. Or more. "They never asked, either. Damn, Gojyo. This is such personal talk."

"Well, you're lucky you have such a great friend. Do you know why?" Hakkai recognized the look in the redhead's eyes. That mischievous roguish grin. It forced his own mouth to pull into it's own playful smile.

"No, why? Why are you such a good friend?"

"Becaaauuse -" Gojyo's lanky frame pulled itself up to it's feet and he reached down to Hakkai and lifted him up also to his feet. "Because, I want to show you what you've been missing."

A quiver of nervousness fluttered through his abdomen as he was wrapped again in the taller man's arms. Or was that anticipation? "You want to show me oral sex?"

"Oral sex. Head. Blow job. Suck you off. Eat your meat –"

"Gojyo, stop!" The healer buried his face in his friend's throat, giggling. Giggling? "I get the idea!" Oh, gods. Tell me I wasn't just giggling. "Are you saying you're going to find me a lady to 'suck me off' and teach me how to do it for her?"

"Actually, no, although the thought definitely has merit. I meant that I want to show you. And blow you." He brought his hands up and began unwrapping the headband holding back the chestnut hair before gently removing the glass monocle, still smiling at Hakkai's embarrassment and blinking eyes. "Perhaps in the future we could find a lady for a fun threesome. Would you be willing to try that?" He placed the object carefully on the table and turned back to his flustered friend.

"Ah, ha ha ha. A threesome. Um, well, perhaps we should get more comfortable with each other first before we try branching out. Hmm?" Hakkai wondered if he would permanently wear the heat of a blush all over him when he was around Gojyo. Tugs at his shoulder distracted him from his thoughts and he realized he was being slowly undressed. His heart rate kicked into gear and his body suddenly leaned forward as he was pulled magnetically toward the tall man. He reached up and sunk his hands into the long red hair and pulled Gojyo's head down to his.

Gojyo finally got Hakkai's jacket opened and wrapped his arms around the slim waist underneath feeling the warmth of his skin through his undershirt as Hakkai closed his mouth over Gojyo's and demanded entrance to his mouth. He willingly opened for him and he reached one hand down to grip a firm ass and press it forward hard into his own growing erection. It still astounded Gojyo how badly he wanted this man.

Hakkai pressed back just as hard, rising up on his toes to get closer to the mouth he was currently feasting on. Gojyo decided that even if Hakkai was not very experienced in sex, he definitely had kissing down to perfection. He tasted so good.

Hakkai had to let go of Gojyo's head to allow the hanyou to pull his jacket off but their mouths didn't pull away. The kiss was still soft, not yet to a hungry desperate need. As soon as the fabric of the jacket hit the floor, Hakkai's hands were right back where they were pulled from and Gojyo's arms wrapped back around him. Hakkai felt the warm callused surface of Gojyo's palms slide under his shirt and caress his bare back. He moaned and arched up into him and rocked his hips forward insistently, his cock now fighting the constraints of his pants and feeling the erotically foreign sensation of another cock growing and hardening against his.

Finally gasping for breath, the redhead pulled away, his lips moist and swollen, and pulled Hakkai's undershirt over the brunette's head and tossed it to the floor to join the jacket. His own vest and shirt rapidly followed and he wasted no time in pulling the healer back to him, sighing at the feel of their skin touching. Dipping his head, he continued kissing him, this time stabbing his tongue into the smaller man's mouth and walked him backward toward the bed.

Stopping at the mattress, he reached one hand up to cup around Hakkai's neck and jaw. Looking down at him, he marveled at how open and vulnerable he looked without his monocle and the easygoing mask he usually hid behind.

A couple fingers dipped into the waistband of Gojyo's jeans and he looked down in surprise to find Hakkai undoing his button. As those same fingers pulled his zipper down, he looked back at the youkai to find a playful look cross his face.

"You seemed to hesitate at my pants," he explained, "and I thought perhaps you were unsure how to undo them. So I decided to show you."

"I wasn't hesitating," he defended, "I was relishing. Its not everyday I get to undress a beautiful man." He gasped from the healer's warm hand slipping inside and cupping his hard length, "I think you were just getting impatient." His voice became breathy as he quickly popped the button on Hakkai's pants when Hakkai's hand, buried in his jeans, tightened slightly making him throb. He was growing a bit impatient, too.

Hakkai moaned as his pants were opened and his prick felt itself released from its confinement. His own fingers were teasing along the waistband of Gojyo's boxers tantalizing him a bit, his fingers slipping a little inside to caress the soft skin of his abdomen only to slip back out and run lightly over the rigid rod hidden inside and trailing his fingers along the opening in front.

Gojyo was easily distracted by the actions of his friend's hand, especially when the other hand joined the first. Having Hakkai delve into his pants with both his hands was making his job of dispensing the youkai of his tight pants difficult. He finally had to grab the man's soft hands and pull them away from his.

"Shit, Hakkai! You're making it hard to stay focused," he pushed Hakkai's hands behind him, still clasped in his fists, and pulled his hips into him. He liked doing the bump and grind with him, rubbing their two dicks together. "You almost make me think you're a tease."

Hakkai bent slightly backward, pressing forward at the hip and held onto Gojyo's hands, "Is it not to your liking? Should I stop?"

"Yes. No. Yes. Fuck, Hakkai!" He bent forward over Hakkai in response to his brunette's movements, "I'm suppose to be doing the work here, and you're distracting me too much. Tease me later, ok?"

The smile that flashed across the youkai's face was pure unadulterated promise and he relented all control to the hanyou, letting the redhead lay him back onto the bed and remove his pants and boxers completely. Finally getting him naked, Gojyo stood and stared, his molten eyes flowing over his bared body long enough to make him uncomfortable. And now that damned flush was spreading over his face, neck and chest again.

He began sitting up when Gojyo smiled and knelt down on the bed over him, pressing him back against the mattress, "Do you have any idea just how hot you look?" The redhead didn't give him a chance to answer before he was being kissed by the lanky man. Glad the close scrutiny was over, Hakkai sank his fingers into the long crimson strands hanging over him, massaging the soft scalp beneath. Hungry for the smoky taste of Gojyo's mouth, he angled up and fought for control of the kiss.

Gojyo's body dropped the rest of the way down on top of his naked body and Hakkai gripped him tighter, entangling his legs with the clothed, longer ones of Gojyo's. The contact of their groins again coming in contact was enough to make both men groan, even with Gojyo's opened pants and boxers, keeping them from touching skin on skin.

Gojyo ripped his mouth away, panting, "Oh, yea. You are such a turn on." He trailed the tip of his tongue from Hakkai's lips along his jaw to his ear, where he flicked it over the lobe. Hakkai shivered and slid his hands down the bare skin of Gojyo's back. "I want you, Hakkai. Do you know how much?" He breathed warmly into his ear canal then ran careful bites up and down his neck.

"Gojyo…" Hakkai's voice was low and breathy.

"I want to make love to you," he interrupted. "I want to make love to you with my hands, with my mouth, with by body. Do you know what that entails?"

"Um, hai, I think so."

Gojyo brought his head back up to stare into his eyes, "Do you?"

His intensity was unnerving but he held the gaze, "You're not talking about just oral sex."

"No, I'm not."

"You're talking about anal sex."

"Yes, I am."

"Um, ah," here his gaze couldn't help but slide away, "I, ah, I've never –"

Gojyo's hand gently turned his head back to him, "It's all right. I'm not going to do anything you don't want. Anything, ok? Ever. And right now, it's just oral sex."

They stared at each other for several moments until Gojyo finally smiled his roguish sultry grin, "So, is that alright? Can I give you oral sex?"

"I thought I had already agreed to that, Gojyo," he smiled back. "So … suck me off, lover."

A quiet throaty laugh preceded another thirsty kiss.

Gojyo broke away, flicking his moist tongue over Hakkai's lips and down to his chin, where he gently bit down. He soothed the area with his lips and dragged his heated mouth down over the demon's throat, closing briefly over his adam's apple and flicking his tongue into the hollow below. The vibration from Hakkai's soundless rumble agitated along his tongue and into his own throat.

Pulling back just long enough to pull in a few gasping breaths, Gojyo continued on.

He ran his hands down Hakkai's arms, spreading them out from his body, and he nipped gently at his youkai's collarbone. Licking and nipping, he continued down to the smooth skin covering Hakkai's chest and his tongue stabbed rapidly against the nipple presented to him. The shudder ripping through the body he held fueled his hunger for this man.

He must have spent a good ten minutes sucking and playing with Hakkai's nipples and absorbing the moans emitting from the demon killer before trailed his mouth down to his soft abdomen. He spent just as much time exploring Hakkai's navel as he did his nipples. The kisses he splayed across the ribbed scar there showed nothing but tender love.

Embarrassed to watch but physically unable to turn away, Hakkai found himself levered up on his hands staring at Gojyo, waiting for that first touch. And Gojyo seemed to revel in the knowledge of his timid anticipation. Mesmerized, Hakkai gazed down at his lap and the man currently residing there, slowly – very very slowly – reaching for his throbbing organ demanding attention.

That first touch sent a jolt through his prick straight to his balls and his stomach muscles clenched at his gasp of breath.

Gojyo grinned up at him, pure smug lustfulness as he leisurely began to pump. Hakkai moaned and rocked up in response, trying to rush the redhead's slow pace.

"Nice, huh?" Gojyo's voice drew his eyes from the hand pleasuring him to look up into his garnet eyes. Hakkai had no idea how his own look of wonderment was driving the hanyou's lust, "You drove me mad that night, doing this to me. I thought it almost as erotic as watching you jack off over me, knowing I was going to feel your cum shoot all over me."

Hakkai had a hard time believing that as he was simply doing what his own impulse impelled him to. He felt selfish for rushing their night to such a rapid conclusion but all he could think of was finishing what he had started by himself in the shower.

His thoughts were abruptly cut off at the feel of hot humid breath bathing the base of his cock.

He had watched Gojyo dip his head down to his pole but so lost in the man's absorbing gaze, he hadn't registered what he was doing. Now he watched, captivated, as soft wet lips closed over the hard corded root of his penis and travel up to the ridge to the spongy head.

"Gojyo …"

"Even better? Than how about –" and he trailed his tongue along the same path his mouth had taken, this time continuing along the slit in the head. He bucked up.

"Oh, gods, Gojyo!"

He could no longer keep himself upright as a warm mouth closed over the tip of his cock and he felt himself engulfed in Gojyo's mouth. He dropped down to his elbows then, grabbing a pillow and stuffing it under his head as he lay back fully. "Sweet Merciful Goddess."

Gojyo would have grinned if his mouth wasn't already busy and he figured his mouth's current job was more important than smiling. Concentrating on what he was doing, he commenced with seeing how far he could take Hakkai's erect cock.

He carefully breathed through his nose. Exhaling, he relaxed his chest and did his best to relax his throat, gently moving forward and allowing Hakkai's cock to slide further back toward his throat.

A low smooth rumble sounded from his brown-haired companion. Hakkai's body writhed in slow motion while Gojyo heard the restless scraping of his fingernails scrambling along the sheet. He suspected Hakkai was doing his utmost to not loose total control of his body while Gojyo's mouth was wrapped around him. He appreciated it as he really wasn't sure what he was doing, trying to remember everything that was done to him by women. The problem was, he'd been too busy enjoying it to pay much attention to what they were actually doing.

Creating a soft suction, Gojyo slowly, excruciatingly, pulled off the burning cock. He gripped the base in his right palm, holding his lover in place as he pulled Hakkai's foreskin slightly over the head of his dick with his suction. He followed his mouth with his hand, drawing his grip up to the softer head before pushing it back down to the base. He slid his jaw to the right and left, trying to ease his cramped muscles without Hakkai noticing. How did chicks keep this up?

"Gooodddss, Gooojjyoo… "

Crimson eyes flicked up and were caught by a pair of emeralds. No, not emeralds. Not now. The eyes staring down at him now more closely resembled a deep lush forest, dark before a coming storm. For a moment he was unnerved by the look in his lover's eyes, watching him with an intensity he'd only seen in Hakkai when fighting Chin Yisou.

He pulled his eyes away from Hakkai's painfully. Centering his pupils on the hard organ in front of him, his hand wrapped around the base, he truly looked at it glistening with his saliva. The thickest part of it was three quarters up from the base. Should he let go of it, he knew it would spring up to lay flat against Hakkai's stomach whereas Gojyo's own would drop in whichever direction gravity dictated. If he were standing, it would point straight out from his body whereas Hakkai's would still likely point straight up.

Thinking about something a lady had done to him, and encouraged by the demon's response so far, he slid the fingers of his left hand from the heavy sack they were toying with to a spot located somewhere between the balls and that small puckered spot he intended to explore later. He heard Hakkai's breath catch and he leaned forward to drum his tongue along the corded slit on the underside of the head. A shudder ripped through his brown-haired angel.

"Oh, GODS, Gojyo!" The words were gasped out and followed by a low guttural groan. Gojyo realized that the thighs he was braced between were trembling. He pressed his finger along the smooth skin behind Hakkai's balls again, delighting in another shudder and gasping groan. Gojyo loved the sounds he seemed able to pull from his lover's body.

Looking back to those bottomless eyes, he asked, "Too much?"

"Iie." The answer burst out of him. He took a couple of deep breaths, trying to calm himself. "Iie. Don't stop." Those green eyes were narrowed dangerously at him but his voice had a slight pleading quality to it, "I – I'm fine. Close but … fine"

He again wrapped his mouth around the prick he held, now even hotter and harder than before. He slowly lowered his head down, continuing his attempts at relaxing his throat enough to take in all of his angel. A low purring rumble reached his ears and he pulled his right hand away from the base of Hakkai's cock to continue playing with his lover's soft sack as he gently pumped his mouth up and down on the youkai. He slid his middle finger on his left hand further back to brush against the tiny opening hidden between warm cheeks.

Hakkai tensed up slightly before relaxing again. Gojyo just left his finger resting against the tight puncture, letting the youkkai get used to the feel of his finger. He continued to slowly pump his head up and down on Hakkai's pole and before long the brown-haired man resumed his writhing, circling his hips and gently thrusting up, low quiet rumbles vibrating through the air. He let Hakkai set the rhythm.

He didn't see one hand reach back and grip the headboard as Hakkai slowly allowed himself to become impaled on the redhead's finger. Gojyo could feel his digit being slowly encased in the tightest ass he'd ever fingered. He wasn't aware of the low moan that quivered through his throat but he felt the shudder that raked his lover's frame in response to it.

"Oh, yesss. Oh, yesss. Hai! Hai!" The breathy gasps bursting from Hakkai only fueled Gojyo's lust and his own neglected cock throbbed in answer. Sneaking a peek upward, he saw that the green eyes were closed and his head was slightly tilted back, his mouth slack from the moans growing in intensity from his throat. Each of those moans throbbed through his body and settled in the base of his cock and vibrated through his balls.

Ignoring the screaming muscles of his jaw, the hanyou sucked the youkai's cock trying to keep his teeth from scraping the tender flesh in his care. His finger was suddenly completely encased within Hakkai and he thought this may be a good time to ease up on the sausage he was sucking on and give his jaw a break when his finger suddenly pressed on a strangely textured area in the hole he was fingering.

Hakkai's whole body suddenly locked up and he bucked upward, a harsh – and loud – shout exploding out. Gojyo choked as he found a hard prick abruptly thrust down his throat and a flood of hot cum filling his mouth. Gagging, he pulled off only to receive the next spurt in his face as his mouth let go of the jerking cock. His finger pulled out as he jerked back in alarm, afraid he had hurt Hakkai and shocked at the force of his demon lover ejaculating in his face.

The last spurts of cum splattered over Hakkai's stomach as his cock bobbed upward away from the mouth holding it.

"Ah, ah, Gojyo. Gomen, Gojyo." The words were gasped out painfully, "Gomen nasai. Gomen nasai." Tremors still rode through his body. Gojyo was trying to wipe the thick sticky stuff off with his hands but still spared a smile for his shaking youkai. He opened his mouth to tell Hakkai to not worry about it when a pounding at the door swung both their heads toward the sound in panicked alarm.

"Hakkai! Daijoobu desu ka?" Goku's voice penetrated through the locked door. "Hakkai!"

"Oh shit," Hakkai's voice continued to shake in a whisper as if that shout stole his ability to speak. His hand rose up to cover his eyes as he tried to get his breathing under control. The doorknob rattled and the door was shaken in its frame. Then more pounding, even harder.


Goyjo could see that Hakkai was still having trouble so he thought perhaps he should answer but Hakkai shook his head no. The demon sat up straighter.

"Goku." His voice was better though still a bit shaky. "Daijoobu desu, Goku. I just hit my toe on the table leg." A red eyebrow raised and Hakkai helplessly shrugged his shoulders. "I'm fine. Go back to bed."

"Oh. Are you sure? Do you need anything?"

"Iie. It just hurt like hell but I'm fine."

"Well, ok then. Oyasumi nasai."

"Oyasumi nasai."

The two men sitting naked on the bed looked at each other and finally had to burst out laughing, Hakkai covering his face with his hand while Gojyo leaned forward to butt up against the youkai, his body shaking. Eventually they calmed enough that Gojyo encircled Hakkai in his arms and pulled him against his body. Hakkai wrapped his arms around the redhead's waist and relaxed.

"I really am so sorry about that, Gojyo. I didn't mean to just – do - that. I don't know what happened." He tried to hide his face in Gojyo's chest.

"Hey, don't worry about it," he drew his fingers through Hakkai's short dark chocolate hair. "Um, did I hurt you?"

"No! No, not at all. In fact, it was felt quite pleasurable. I was very much enjoying what you were doing." He peeked up briefly, giving Gojyo a glimpse of his embarrassed eyes and flushed cheeks, "I fully intended to warn you when I was going to – ah – you know. Do what I did." He was starting to mumble again.

Gojyo's chuckle echoed through Hakkai's head from having his face and ear pressed again to Gojyo's chest. His voice rumbled through his head, also. "Hey, I said don't worry. It gave me a taste, no pun intended, of what it would be like." He pulled his beautiful green eyed man closer, "And you know what? It tasted fine."

"Really?" Hakkai didn't know whether to believe his friend on this.

"Really. If you don't believe me, then kiss me and judge for yourself. You should be still be able to taste yourself on my tongue."

Green eyes widened and dropped to Gojyo's lips, studying the gentle smile they were curved into. Slowly Hakkai straightened up and leaned in. The anticipation that rippled though the redhead almost rivaled what he felt waiting for Hakkai to cum as he jacked off over him last week. He tried to keep his breathing under better reign when Hakkai's hesitant touch of his lips caused sparks.

Gojyo felt Hakkai's moist tongue tentatively lick its way between his lips and slowly slide between his teeth to find his own tongue. His cock throbbed at the cautious touches and throbbed harder when Hakkai grew bolder and more confident, sliding his tongue around and over his. Gojyo mouth filled with saliva and he swallowed as Hakkai thoroughly kissed him.

No, not kissed. Thoroughly tasted him. Hakkai licked and probed and drank in everything he could find and when that was gone, went looking for more. Gojyo was firmly pressed onto his back as the healer settled himself over him.

Hakkai finally broke the kiss and leaned up and away from Gojyo, a satisfied smile twinkling in his eyes. Breathless, Gojyo smiled back.


Hakkai smirked, "I guess it was ok."

"Ok?" Gojyo's voice rose a bit, indignant. "Ok? You practically frenched my tonsils and say it was just 'ok'? You so lie."

Hakkai shifted slightly, "Hmm. Perhaps I do lie. A bit."

"A bit. Well, I think you need to try another taste."

"Another taste? I think I got all there was."

"Well, I know somewhere where you could find more."

"So desu ka? I think you may be right." Hakkai started kissing his way down the chest of the man under him, making his way to a destination below Gojyo's waist.


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