Author: Car Jack

Title: A Learning Experience
Chapter: 2 - Reminiscing
Pairings: Hakkai/Gojyo
Rating: NC-17
Status: In Progress

Disclosure: I own so little, it's pathetic. And what do I own does not include Saiyuki.


Four days.

Gojyo stared blindly at the passing scenery as they continued on their journey.

It had been four days since he and Hakkai had expressed their desire to further their friendship into something more.

Four days since he had last touched and kissed his green-eyed man.

Four days since he had watched him jerk off and come before him. As he had done several times over the last few days, he let him mind drift back to that last night they had stayed overnight in town.

He pressed his body hard against Hakkai, crowding the healer against the wall and he could feel the hard length of his arousal through the terry robe he wore. "Hakkai," he breathed into said man's throat, the clean smell of the shampoo and soap coming from Hakkai's damp skin and wet hair flooding his senses. "I have to confess, … I'm really not … sure … how to go about this."

Hakkai's softly whispered reply raised the hairs over Gojyo's back and arms, "Well, I'm confident we'll be able to figure it out."

Moaning low in his throat, Gojyo leaned down to once again capture Hakkai's mouth in a hard hungry kiss. He couldn't seem to decide if he wanted to continue to grind the smaller man into the wall or pull him away from the hard flat surface and mold him tight along his own frame. He could feel Hakkai's hands clutching the back of his shirt.

He pulled his lips and tongue away from the addictive mouth they were tasting and began a careful exploration of the jaw line and neck finally finding an object of interest in Hakkai's ear. He nipped and licked the lobe, sucking gently on the soft skin. The throaty groan dragged out of his lover pulled a string directly connected to his cock, making it scream in pain at still being confined in his jeans. Jeans that were way too tight at this point.

He bent his knees just enough. Just enough to bring their dicks at an equal level and he thrust forward, rubbing their erections over each other. They moaned. It seemed in harmony.

Gojyo grabbed the terry cloth covered hips and circled them around his own, their cocks catching and releasing. The only sound to be heard in their room for the next several minutes were sounds of passion and need.

Shaking, aching, Gojyo pulled away, "Hakkai … Hakkai …" He stroked himself against Hakkai, "I want … I don't …" deep breath, "Gods, Hakkai! Feels so good!"

"Yes. Yes," Hakkai's hands clutched at him and buried themselves in his hair. "Hai!"

He rocked himself against the shorter man he held, a bump and grind that had the both of them moaning.

"Hakkai," he whispered. "I want …"

"Tell me," Hakkai whispered.

"I want …" Speech was difficult when most of his breath was being used to pant, "Fuck, Hakkai! My dick HURTS!" He ground it hard into Hakkai's hardness to emphasize his words.

Hakkai thrust back just as forceful. "Ah, ah, then perhaps we should give it some relief," and Gojyo forgot how to breathe as the brunette slowly caressed his hands down from his hair, over his shoulders and chest, his stomach where they hesitated a brief moment before one moved to his hip and the other gently cupped his cock over the straining fabric of his jeans. Gojyo was a bit embarrassed at the shudder that ripped through him.

Hakkai smiled. "Yes, you do seem to be in some discomfort. Does this help?" He squeezed slightly.

"Hardly," his voice rasped raw as he rocked into the warmth of Hakkai's palm.

"No? Then how about …" and he pressed and rubbed against the raging hard-on he held. His smile grew at Gojyo's guttural groan and sharp buck forward.

"FUCK, Hakkai!" Gojyo slapped his palms against the wall on either side of the brunette and shoved him back against the hard surface with his own body driving into him. He couldn't believe how turned on he was. "Shit!"

Hakkai reached up and caught Gojyo's mouth in a kiss. A hungry, demanding, controlling kiss. A hand was back up buried into his long hair, pulling his head down so Hakkai could deepen the kiss, his tongue exploring, it seemed searching, his mouth. He sunk himself deeper into the body moving against his.

Gasping, he jerked his head back, drawing in air like a man drowning. Feeling as if he had gained back some control, he took a step back. Then another, peeling his shirt off over his head and tossing it away. Hakkai followed him, pulling the tie to his robe open and letting the terrycloth slide from his shoulders and drop to the floor. It was the sexiest thing he'd seen in a long time, in as long as he could remember. The state of the healer's arousal was clearly outlined through the fabric of his pajama bottoms, the light cotton cloth profiling an impressive cock standing at attention. Gojyo suddenly had to quell the ridiculous urge to salute it.

Before he could take a third step, Hakkai was back on him.

"Hey cockroach!" Goku's yell, right in his left ear, jarred him from his reminiscing. In fact, he jumped in his seat in startlement, looking franticly around for the enemy. Seeing nothing threatening them, his eyes landed on Goku, who was currently laughing his stupid ass off.

"Damnit, Goku! What the hell was that for?" He stuck his finger in his ear to try to clean out the ringing.

"Ero Kappa! Are you sleeping with your eyes open? Or was your brain just shut off?"

"I'll shut your brain off!" Gods damn it! He was almost to the best part!

The resulting course of insult trading escaladed into a wrestling match that threatened to tip over the whole jeep bringing Hakkai into the fray. "Children, children. Do I need to pull over?"

Properly chastised, the two sitting in the back quieted down.

Gojyo settled back in his seat to resume the mental playback of his memory.

Gojyo was acquainted with the extent of Hakkai's feelings of guilt and an undeserving of happiness. How could he not be? Living together for three years and being witness to bouts of depression and the creation of a cheerful gentle face to hide himself behind, he would have to be self-centered and shallow to not be keen to Hakkai's pain and self-hate.

Now, as the man ran his hands over the bared skin of his chest, and his mouth worked on the hardened nub of his nipple, he couldn't help but worry if this was what Hakkai truly wanted. Even as encouraging words spilled softly from his lips interspersed with quiet moans, concerns for his friend wriggled through his conscience. Hakkai wasn't doing this simply because he felt this to be just another form of taking care of his friend, was he?

The backs of his calves came in contact with the bed he had chosen as his own in their small room and he allowed Hakkai to gently push him to sit back on the mattress. He opened his mouth to give voice to his concerns only to find his mouth occupied with another pair of lips and a tongue frolicking around with it. Instantly distracted, he reached up to cup his palms around the still damp head, diverted away from the thoughts generated by his brain to focus once again on the thoughts generated by his groin.

He leaned back, hauling the smaller man up on top of him. His hips rocked up in response to feeling pressure pressed down on them and he gasped hearing the desperate whine drawn out of Hakkai. His mouth was suddenly abandoned and he looked up to see the healer settle himself with his knees braced on either side of Gojyo's thighs. A brief smile was flashed at him before Hakkai pulled off his pajama top and tossed it aside.

"Hakkai …" Gojyo needed to know he wasn't making a horrible mistake. He needed to know that his friend wanted this as much as he did. He locked his eyes on passion filled green ones.

"Gojyo." His name spoken in such an excited tone seethed in his blood. Hakkai smiled again and Gojyo marveled at his expression and had to smile back. Hakkai's face, his smile, his eyes were so open and ecstatic. Granted, they were also avid, voracious and sensual but so very open. This was one of those very rare times his friend wasn't hiding behind his mask of politeness. Gojyo's doubts were washed away. "I believe we were trying to relieve your discomfort."

Soft hands pressing lightly into his waist drew his attention downward to the view of nimble fingers grazing over his skin then toying with the button on his jeans. He reflexively sucked his stomach in and watched those fingers slip the button through its hole. He groaned at the thoughts the sight of simply unbuttoning his jeans created. His hands gripped Hakkai's knees to stabilize himself as the zipper was slowly drawn down and the opened waistband pulled apart exposing his dark blue cotton boxers.

A hand reached in cupped over the throbbing shaft encased within.

"So hot." Hakkai's whispered comment brought Gojyo's eyes back to the healer's face. "How do you not ignite on fire? You're burning."

"I am on fire. Sweet kami, Hakkai, do you want to hear me beg? Do something." The soft laugh floated in the air as those wonderful hands pulled open his boxers and gripped his cock, skin to skin, and pulled it out. He bucked up.

"Do something? Hai," and Hakkai's hand started to stroke him.

His grip was tight. Gojyo thought that perhaps since Hakkai was a man, he must know how hard he could fist a cock because he needed no instruction. Gojyo plunged into the clenching hand stroking him, knowing he wouldn't last long.

"Yes, yes," he was panting the word out, his balls already tightening. Vaguely he could hear himself moan. He was aware of Hakkai leaning down to kiss him, to nip at his throat, to suck hard on his nipples. When he bit down, closing his teeth over the nub, Gojyo's body stiffened and he choked on his breath as he came, a kaleidoscope of colors bursting behind his eyes.

When he was finally able to uncross his eyes, he saw Hakkai swirling his fingers through streams of cum splattered over his abdomen and chest and pull his own manhood out from his pajamas. Using his spunk as lube, Hakkai began jerking himself off over his stomach.

Hakkai intended to cum on him. Cum on him using his own sperm. The thought was so hot. His hands were still gripping Hakkai's knees and he relaxed his fingers, caressing the tips over the fine hairs on the brunette's legs. He could feel Hakkai begin to bounce lightly, quickly gaining in force and momentum as he thrust into his fist. Gojyo realized his healer was pretty close to the edge.

"Cum, Hakkai." His whispered command seemed to lash through the brunette. His breath hissed out of him and his hips bucked up in a couple of sharp jabs. "Cum for me." Hakkai's eyes locked on his own, desperate. "Cum for me, Hakkai. Cum on me." A low whine was emitting from the man thrusting above him, growing louder. "Cum!"

"Ha! Ah! Ha! AHH!" Their eye contact was broken when green eyes shut and a brunette head was thrown back. Gojyo looked down just in time to see the streams of white pulsing out across his belly and chest. "Oh, oh, Gojyo …"

"Harahetta …" The monkey's voice was again penetrated Gojyo's thoughts as the saru voiced his need for food. "Sanzo … harahetta …"

He never knew how much torture it would be to spend so much time within a few feet from an object of desire and be unable to touch, kiss, or in any way show his interest and affection as he rode behind Hakkai in the jeep. A few times he caught Hakkai's eyes staring hungrily at him in the rearview mirror, darkening even further as they stared into his own. Knowing the healer was feeling just as frustrated wasn't helping him.

"Sanzo …"

"Urusai." Sanzo's voice seemed to have no force behind it and Gojyo realized the holy man was half asleep, slumped down in his seat.

"Ne, Sanzo…" Goku whined. Stupid monkey. Gojyo got so far as to open his mouth in a scathing comeback before Hakkai's voice stopped him.

"We should be coming up to a town in the next couple of hours, Goku. Please be patient. I believe it should be large enough to hold several restaurants and inns. We'll sleep indoors tonight." Gojyo felt the grin stretch his mouth in an eager smile and his eyes snapped to the rearview mirror to catch green ones. After a second, Hakkai's eyes met his only to slide away, demurely. But not before he witnessed another hungry look in their depths.

"Yea! A town! Food, food, food," Goku's voice went into a sing-song lilt as he repeated the word 'food' over and over, intermingled now and then with the names of his favorite dishes. He began bouncing in his seat with his excitement as Gojyo rolled his eyes and again opened his mouth to yell at the stupid saru.

"URUSAI!" A flurry of cream robes, blonde hair, and a white harrisen followed by a couple of loud cracks of impact brought a stop to Goku's excitement and bitter swearing from Gojyo.

"God damn it, you fucking monk! What the hell was that for?!"

"Ooowww, Sanzo…"

"I'm sick of listening to you whine about being hungry. Shut the fuck up or we'll completely bypass this town! And you, you horny water sprite, quite grinning like a stoned whore just because you think you have an opportunity to get diseased." Callus purple orbs stabbed into the two in the backseat of the jeep. Satisfied he had cowed the two troublemakers, he swung back around to face front.

Grinning like a stoned whore? Think I have an opportunity to get - ?!


"Sanzo," Hakkai's soft voice played erotically over the hairs covering Gojyo's body and dragged his eyes back to the healer. His new love interest didn't sound pleased although Gojyo wasn't sure if anyone other than himself could tell that. "I'm sure Goku meant no harm and didn't mean to disturb you. And I doubt Gojyo runs the risk of getting 'diseased'."

"Sanzo sama is starting to show his jealousy over his own lack of any form of a sex life, right monk?" Gojyo had leaned forward enough to make sure said monk could easily hear his malicious comment. He grinned spitefully at the throbbing vein pulsing under the priest's blond bangs. However, he suddenly jerked back into his seat at the appearance of a loaded Smith and Wesson pointed at his forehead. The hard animosity shooting from the monk's eyes stopped Gojyo's next comment like no bullet would have and he finally settled back with a smirk.

"I don't get it." All eyes were turned to Goku as he spoke up, "Why would throwing rocks at a whore make her smile?" Gojyo snorted in amusement as Sanzo turned back to face front. The muffled laugh from Hakkai was almost lost in the wind and engine of the jeep driving along. Goku frowned, annoyed. "What's so funny? Just because I don't get it? It makes no sense! And what does it have to do with sex?"

Peels of laughter were left behind in the jeep's dust overshadowing Goku's complaints and demands for an explanation. Just before the group disappeared over the next hill, gun shots were heard punctuated with a shouted, "URUSAI!"


"Not only does this inn have four available rooms, but they also have what they claim as a very good restaurant, Goku. As soon as we are settled, we can go eat." Hakkai began unpacking the bags from Hakuryu and Goku jumped out the back with an enthusiastic yell.

"Yeah! Hurry up, everyone! I'm STARVING!" Goku grabbed his and Sanzo's bags before following the monk into the inn, telling anyone who would listen (not that anyone was) just what it was he would eat at dinner. Hakkai laughed as he and Gojyo finished unpacking their supplies so Hakuryu could transform back to his natural form.

Gojyo leaned in close to Hakkai, shielding his eyes from the blinding light of the dragon's change and murmured, "Four rooms, eh? We both know one of those rooms isn't likely to get used."

"Ah, ha ha ha," Hakkai looked down and a rosy blush crept over his cheeks. Gojyo grinned, surprised he could cause the other man embarrassment so easily. The fleeting glimpse of his green eyes assured the red head that, though nonplussed, he was also delighted. "Nevertheless, unless we wish to risk discovery of our activities, we should continue to behave as we would have before. Right?"

"Understood. In public, we will behave just as we did before."

Hakuryu circled the pair a few times before settling around Hakkai's shoulders and cooed quietly with its face pressed against its owner's. Hakkai reached up to gently scratch it's head absently, his eyes focused on Gojyo.

Several seconds go by.

Almost a minute.



"Well, this decision to act normally in public …"

"Hmm hmm."

"I don't think I ever noticed you staring at me like this before. Especially with that look in your eyes."

Green eyes widened and color again flooded into his cheeks, "Oh! Gomen, Gojyo!" His head swung around, looking to see if Sanzo or Goku had witnessed him.

"Not to worry. They're already inside." The smile splitting his face in two was purely delighted in the color staining the other man's face. Twice he had gotten Hakkai to blush. This could be fun. Picking up his share of the supplies, he winked at Hakkai who was rushing to gather up his share. "Come on, let's get cleaned up before dinner."

"Ah ha ha ha. Hai."


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